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(with ENG SUB) ครเพญศรสอนภาษาองกฤษ คำนมนจก.. Learning English with Teacher Phensri with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

looks like you're unwilling to learn

did you come to teach instead of teacher Orawan again?

I teach instead of every teacher in this school

someone has punctured her tire this morning at this building

actually I have to teach about agricultur­e

but now I have to devote myself for this class

it's better for you to teach that class

only me who can help you have a skill

it is pronouced 'awesome' isn't it ?

teacher but this word 'k' is a silent letter

if it is silent why do we have to write 'k' ?

we have to respect it by reading 'k'

don't mess with me if you don't know

if you are better than me, be my teacher !

I see this word in front of the school everyday

even the principal also say 'we should have a good education'

the so-called principal has enrolled my course

I think we are having a poor education

I know that..cats and lions are in the same species

so how to pronounce this word ?

but the pronunciat­ion is not sound like a 'key'

I cannot say this word\n

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