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sette uomini d oro 1965 english language. with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

all 20 our gas main seventh angle of

incline is what we expected the time is

exactly 10:35 confirming operation will

be completed in an hour waiting for the

coordinate­s over I'll get back to you in

as madam wished open our deposit box

here I'm sorry you'll have to be patient

for a little while we can't allow anyone

to enter the safety deposit vault until

our men finish their weekly inspection

Blayne you're quite right madam

the most modern in the world the only

volt with electronic controls an

electromag­netic locking device what you

see there madam is our gold reserve it

couldn't be in a safer place than this

twenty-fiv­e notes above a signal case

just as you figure it my life it's the

most beautiful world you've ever seen

and the safest has you heard it's right

the signal coming through clear why

don't you answer me it's dangerous to

stay here and beside the guard is giving

me the eye the passport to the next

we are entering now professor these are

the coordinate­s 72 degrees west 167 East

the intersecti­on is at the North corner

of the building check it on your maps

and fix the positioner well thank you

your calculatio­ns are correct as always

professor the gas main vents parallel to

the pipeline and crosses the lower shaft

at the level of 14 feet very well as all

the equipment in godown yeah and also

minutes ahead of schedule there's no

over and out I was looking at you before

as he walked down the street and I

rather enjoyed knowing that under your

fur coat you were practicall­y naked

and that I was the only one I knew it I

think all of your colleagues knew it too

don't spoil their chance to make good

night in after mocking my job in England

it wasn't all their fault if they'd

followed my instructio­ns strictly to the

we wouldn't be taking chances here today

three million pounds in England which

can't be spent or smuggled out I wonder

Albin what you would have done if you

had been born with the virtues of a

thing well it might have precluded my

ever meeting someone like you my dear

absolutely sure what you wouldn't do for

little gold this time at least I'm going

to have enough money to last for the

you might even be able to buy me oh here

the new passport with a serial number

change the important thing is that they

be the original photograph­s and the

original first name is that will you

professor I wouldn't be so superstiti­ous

about the number seven names beginning

with a can I help it of the names of the

six best in all of Europe begin with an

A like mine besides which they're all

Adolph Kruger Germany orbit relative

Portugal Alfred bets on Fran Antony

O'Connell Ireland other easy Italy and

Alfonso to get Spain and what else do

you know only that their passports of

each has a number change what I don't

know is how are we to find out where

they are that's hard to say it seems it

was a girl who picked up the passport

who she passports were forged by someone

who neglected to ask for her identity

what do you think they're here for yeah

this could be a big one chief what and

it could even happen today considerin­g

the rush they were in to get their

tonight a tomorrow they'll be out of

Switzerlan­d you think so Coffman contact

the authoritie­s where these people come

from and get back to me before they have

100 500 no thousand copies of these

photograph­s and get them out to all

border controls all police stations and

old patrol cars get to a min out to

every bank in jewelry store throughout

the city right with me yes of lodging

here professor we are applying the

clucking system flood control

buzzer Irish very positive in exactly

one minute you can give the order to go

whenever you're ready professor tell me

you may begin now with operation silence

professor yours now daughter

the motor can go no higher over

I'll do at what point are you telephone

isolation hello hello hello what's going

what's the matter with this line here

the lines been cut off I can't hear a

thing now operator operator hello send

it right off the noises run it isn't

well it's gonna do 10 did you send off

those quotations to Lloyd's of London

the teletype isn't working sir and all

the telephone lines are out of order

what's all that noise a horn is duck

call up to have them repair the

telephone aisle did it one fit yeah look

this is rod tan the island I would

advise view it's only about an hour's

flight from Tahiti and it's much more

primitive I hear you can see it better

any hotels there only one but it has

every convenienc­e it's in a forest near

a peaceful Bay may I make reservatio­ns

for you sir and if so for how many for

me alone prepare my ticket in the

itinerary I'm leaving in two days

Swiss telephone company why certainly

we'll have our man in your area check on

the failure at once yes we know the

advance it's our duty to know good day

there it is has it been out of all the

long just a short while laughs we'll see

is it in the right position now yes

almost turn it exactly one inch more to

the right facing the gate I got you

exposing our we're leaving will it take

long a couple of minutes they're

changing a defective fuse box but if you

have to grouse I can come back in an

hour and the bank opens again may I

leave this here certainly no one will

touch it are you sure hope not they're

very delicate instrument­s they are the

apple of my boss's eye in fact both eyes

I'd have to work the rest of my life to

hurry up professor the police er forcing

put your mask on again there's a lot of

Oh ha ha glenda proceed according to

plan you still have 45 minutes keep your

Fernando and the valley full of five

all right up there shut up you idiot

excuse me you have been drilling quest

yo P blabbermou­th of all Italians the

professor had to pick you for this job

if you blast out like that everyone in

Geneva wouldn't know what we're up to

keep your mind on your work everything­'s

okay but I don't like those cops hanging

all just increase the loading speed

people might worry about it who's

getting worried August the Portuguese

fellow he's worried about the police of

the bank I can't blame him you can't

expect him to have your typical English

sorry you find sis professor but what's

professor be never make it in time

before the bank reopen I said shut up

35 minutes left the bank is all yours

typically mama I think something'­s the

matter mama what don't you know I'm

feeling fine but I think I should call

the precinct station what do you say

hello chief uh please there's a robbery

going on where is it tell me where it is

ah that's Bellaire yes in my own area

commission­er no I'm a radio ham embassy

cannot you tell me your name not your

code number hello hello hello

yeah idiot taste the cold immediatel­y

that was the radio Amity says the

intercept of the message giving orders

to rob a bank right here in our city his

code numbers DK 9 which I don't know but

it's somewhere in this neighborho­od is

it live if I knew that I wouldn't have

to trace the call would I have your men

check every single Bank around plac

bionaire one by one get moving but

is this a time to be working and making

all this racket we have to finish in a

hurry by whose orders the mayor I mean

the mayor's office said we have to

finish fast I work for the mayor - natsu

and my orders have to see to it that

things are quiet at lunchtime huh one of

us is wrong show me your orders I want

to take a look at them and see what

hours you're supposed to be working

are you deaf so that's why the noise

doesn't bother you huh hey that's why

hey well let me look at your orders okay

okay yeah I'll go get them right away

No Oh what definitely got down

here you are it says also during lunch

all right your head hey what is the

matter bounty of the gold I am in the

cold it's unbearable how are you

she's one of my helpers who's cleaning

the mud from the gas mains the pipes are

old and we have to change them now what

a dirty joke sorry is let's have a look

I've never seen the inside of a sewer no

time will it take 10 minutes don't worry

we'll make it that we won't leave one

what was it we were talking about our

getaway is will just disappear

as simple as that where do you plan to

go I want it to be a surprise for you

I'll tell you at the last moment but how

can you be sure that we'll talk us am

never pleased I bought us from

headquarte­rs to investigat­e a complaint

received a phone call a while ago yes a

complaint by the Dominican fathers in

the monastery across the street you see

the father superior saw a woman

wandering about the house completely

naked almost naked I mean him undressed

what I mean to say almost undressed

today's my birthday people in Italy in

my town a girl cliff the first man she

sees on her birthday they see hurts you

and even if I go around the house naked

tell that to the father superior you see

it has absolutely no importance for me I

mean you this so much no I'm sorry if I

annoyed you in the line of duty on the

contrary if you should ever be in need

officer Toshi truth Russia vice squad

section emergency Bashar I won't forget

how much to go the safe is empty now we

are showing up the coal one more minute

we still don't agree salvini still have

to please hold everything the police are

you see no one's tested commission­er I

tell you it's absolutely impossible in

addition to this vault the bank is

equipped with photoelect­ric cells and

the system for flooding the undergroun­d

which we can turn on anytime we want

see that button in case of emergency

who's not present and within 35 seconds

the water from the river rushing through

a series of pipes and flooded the tunnel

below as you can see Commission­er our

precious gold here is more than secure

and your worries are unfounded it's

physically impossible to penetrate this

vault you can take my word for it take

every precaution to protect the

interests of our client a pristine

I'm sure of that Hoffman arrested radio

Manager will teach them to play stupid

I don't balford you can go ahead your

tanks have enough air for five more

this is the last Bank inspector yes I

and this thing what's it for the

repairmen from the telephone company

must have left it here our phones were

I'm sorry sir to have disturbed you this

way for nothing well that's quite all

right commission­er what's happened down

Anthony maybe they could be pop of

return is about coming here to return

there was a cave-in in the mind well we

are feeling the valleys it's a shame to

leave the rest of this glorious stuff

you've used up all the air and your

take it easy there's a nut laughs

did you see we've done it again

say something excuse me madam anything I

can do for you had come to take

something from my safe deposit box I'll

have someone accompany you have you been

a client of ours very long not long

just yesterday rented the box form a

jury I'm sorry I wasn't here yesterday

to receive you I was certain excuse me

thanks I was certain I hadn't seen you

before I've been head of this Bank for

five years and by now I know practicall­y

every one of our clients you sure they

have the God open the gate for the lady

I'll take care of it sir you're probably

one of my last clients here today the

Board of Directors finally accepted my

resignatio­n and so tonight I'm leaving

the bank to take a much-neede­d vacation

well I don't know after all my years

here but you know it's quite a strange

what did when I left the National Credit

Bank of Zurich five years ago my last

client was a very elegant and very

beautiful lady like yourself anyway

thank you for choosing us our bank will

bring you the best of luck everything

shipshape professor we establish the

okay finished everything is completely

the workmen are turning on the gas said

who do you think could have turned it

off but oh I know some boys guys some

professor that Portuguese idiot must

have turned on the gas ahead of time

the Portuguese idiot has already turned

you can come up and get the luggage it

will conduct our boy time they know

can you stop traffic we gotta leave

how'd it happen he knock your heads

together that's how let's get me through

us down into this manhole we weren't

doing anything wrong officer ordered to

turn on the gas but you could recognize

sure I could get a big fat head with the

wild eyes of a madman big fat head and

wild eyes of a madman will nab him come

it's the receipt to get the shipment

through customs a copy goes to you and

the original here is for us excuse me

here's one more if you don't mind right

seven tons of brass to go to the

embroidery foundries and make that

rights that's right oh yes there's still

the customs charge would you mind

putting your signature here as well

if the genius everything wonderful just

thank you some punk Lemieux de Malaga is

I promised I'll buy you another church

isn't it the 24 karat gold ads we are

now oh by the way sir did your firm take

care of the theft insurance here in

Geneva yes of course I'm not finished

yet sir one more signature on the bottom

with this you can pick up the

merchandis­e even in Rome as you

requested however don't worry even if

you don't pick it up in Rome the Italian

Railway will in any case you have the

brass directly to the foundry no what I

mean to say is engineered with rebate if

it remains secondly Rome to avoid any

delay or mistake oh but that's what

what's the shipment of merchandis­e near

Switzerlan­d it must be picked up in Rome

as indicated otherwise it sent directly

to the consignee in Naples but the

foundry don't worry about it young lady

well here we are at the last lap I must

request your maximum cooperatio­n to make

sure that our job will become quickly

successful first point put the cars back

in exactly the same condition they were

in when you rented they have to be

returned no later than this evening

second point tomorrow you cross the

frontier all of you together in the same

car at the frontier you will use your

new passports that's to avoid having a

real passport stamped with an exit visa

Third Point George and I will leave

together on the 9:45 train tonight and

in Rome tomorrow the gold is ours

we will meet day after tomorrow the

Hilton hotel at 3 o clock that is all

seven don'ts divided bait what share

will each of us get three and a half

7/8 makes three and a half tons when you

move between a half tons for me in the

others nothing but day after tomorrow

they would be in Rome why do you think I

had false passports made tomorrow the

police will detain them long enough for

us to make our getaway with the gold

naturally inactive would afterwards what

but if they are set free they'll be able

to find us quite easily they are the

best men in Europe Reza said besides I

don't think they'll give up what's

coming to them that's where you can be

useful if they find us you can testify

that the gold accidental­ly ended up in

the farm as brass my that's wonderful

and what if they found out that the

golden hammer righted the foundry

they'll never know I figured it out

I thought you'd never get here my dear

I'm always on time you should know it

better let's get going where are the

bills of lading I get in dear sorry

darling here the gold arrives in Rome

tomorrow and we'll be there to receive

and what are we going to do with him

have you thought of something well we

could throw him out of the window no

it's too much travel he'll make himself

scarce prettiest only six boyfriends

we'll be looking for him all of them

convinced he ran off with the gold and

what if they find him the professor will

say the gold ended up accidental in the

foundry fueled into 300 tons of brass

I'll be ready to testify to it and if he

doesn't do it if he doesn't my lawyer in

Geneva will send out seven registered

letters thick will be sent to the

professor'­s accomplice­s in the seventh

to the Geneva please of course

these letters will be sent out all in

case you try to give us any trouble oh I

forgot to tell you the first six letters

contain the story with double cross

and guess what's in the seventh later

here this will make him sleep for a week

I tell the train conductor not to wake

hello this is the Rome freight station

what can I do for you good morning we

are here to get this merchandis­e all

hey you roll wasn't 686 the one that

I'm sorry madam your merchandis­e is

already in Naples it passed through here

yesterday the bill of lading says we

were to pick up the merchandis­e in Rome

this morning no no madam read right here

deliver merchandis­e to consign II that's

all it says it's perfectly clear and the

consign he is the Umbro chief ound

reason Naples but there must be some

take this it's for you call the Emoji

foundries the phone numbers on the bill

of lading tell them not to touch the

metal until we get to Naples call

I haven't come down here to listen to a

if you six thieves haven't pulled

anything why did you want to leave

Switzerlan­d with forged passport already

explained that to you inspector

it must have been some kind of a joke

someone who thought it would be funny to

sure just to be funny but tell me who's

the comedian if I knew I'd sit down

they'd tell you in my own interest the

first time I have anything to do with

the policia me too that we know already

what we'd like to know though is just

what made you all decide to pick this

time to have something must have been a

joke of course I know lock them all up

in one cell and leave them there until

that's where we are now being more than

ten minutes I was told about the wait

until they got mrs. Li that's why I

didn't bring any copy you can bring it

someone has cost us up and I also know

who who was it you won't find him among

us the one we want is already safe

somewhere with a load it is not possible

top esse for me he is kaput first let's

see where the ball is gone to and then

we know to thank for getting us arrested

in seven hours they will have to let us

they have no proof to arrest us and they

I just can't believe it could be the

it's too late Sir it's already fused

it's fused with nickel and iron 20 tons

of nickel 200 tons of iron and the 7

and it'd be separated what they're

separating from all arrests impossible

the brass no longer exists it's now part

of the iron and nickel it makes it

excellent alloy they use it to make

safes it couldn't have been a mistake

this shipment of brass arrives from

Switzerlan­d regularly every month it's

used to make sage that are extra strong

there being other arrivals of his title

this morning someone came to withdraw

consignmen­t of brass with Bill of Lading

686 for delivery to Naples same as every

month was he consigned no the bill of

lading didn't specify stopover in Rome

so the shipment continued directly on

the Naples most likely it was a mistake

in Switzerlan­d this was a substituti­on

it was without doubt a substituti­on

all I meant to you were just a means for

getting the gold and now that the gold

is gone I don't want to see you again

you would only remind me of the years

I've waited for nothing I want to forget

the whole thing as soon as I possibly

that wasn't your opinion after the last

job in Zurich and what about the years I

wasted because I'd faith in you better

a quad thing it ended up at the founder

rate was fused with 200 tons of brass

and over 20 tons of nickel the state

makes an excellent alloy it used to make

safe that are extra strong for Swiss

why didn't you get it before it was

fused because we arrived too late a

mistake in Switzerlan­d the Bill of

Lading ordered me to go direct to the

foundry Naples reporter he was so mad he

never again he said I should have met

but there must be a logical reason for

such a mistake and they were having

doubt about him suppose but it would be

better to speak directly to the

professor what's the good of that we all

know the professor is good at solving

things he might think of a way out we

could pull up something new considerin­g

the goal is lost yeah it sounds like a

if the professor wants he can arrange a

new job in a couple of days I just said

it won't work with you any more he said

perhaps we can convince him even beg him

to change his mind and come back to us

he doesn't want us knees dead right we

bring him bad luck this is the second

time it's happened I think but you

Georgia could make a meeting for us with

the professor don't count on it it's

if you want to know my opinion fellow I

well there you are I'd almost given up

hope and hysteria alone alone without

the golden completely yours forever

after if you what say you being ditched

did you expect it yeah I enjoy it

for a moment I thought you intended to

not in my style I've come here to take

you back after all I've done for you but

if you don't want to just say so I'd

understand now the gold is on you think

I care that much for the gold no come

along the boys are down in the lobby

my Queens initiative in the care of

now comes the explanatio­n dant one is

got the gold stage beyond the door let's

go and look no it's better to wait well

I'll just the power to that bar

I found the candy right but it's made of

as you see the girl was in no danger

perfectly plenty yes unless the

unpredicta­ble happens that he's that

elusive something that can send the best

of plans to the devil aren't you the day

you're wrong Georgia what is about to

happen is what the great masters of

crime usually designate with the term

the imponderab­le which is guess who's

our six playmates larger life will have

well is here we are all together again

add of Alfred Alfred so Antony Aldo and

well I'm the loser so I pay before you

come to any decision I want all of you

to know that my attorney in Switzerlan­d

vamos Romeo well my friends whatever may

be your decision you'll find the gold

don't touch - it doesn't belong you

thank the national the Swiss 24 hey

called the right spot get moving

come and do something they are stealing

it must not end in this way you got to

help its professor you must do something

it's for my parish we have so many

popped em lieutenant is the gold yours

no what am i we thought we can help yes

we were just trying to stop the truck

you will remain at our disposal as

witnesses you go and find the driver

camera professor you might come in handy

another time there won't be another time

I'm greasing in order profession­al fear

over the catacomb of st. Vitus the

incline is just essentiall­y the in

detection is exactly at the southwest

corner of the Abednego and thirty five

degrees of an agent will be completed in


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