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Yemin (The Promise) 4. Bölüm Season 1 Episode 4 (English) with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

Mrs. Reyhan. Do you accept to marry Emir Tarhun?

Do you take Emir Tarhun as your husband?

By the power vested in me by the municipali­ty...

I now pronounce you husband and wife...

in the presence of our witness and guests.

I hand the marriage certificat­e to the bride...

as the foundation of the marriage.

You are now responsibl­e for what will happen next.

It's a kid! She will get sick, or high fever!

After eating, you'll take a bath.

No. I already organised it. I'm working from home.

She never lets go off the hairpin of her mom...

I'll prepare right away. Are you hungry too?

Not needed. That's all I will buy today.

Why are you always buying the same things Leyla?

You must really love olive and cheese.

I'm on a cheese diet. I don't eat anything else.

shouldn't content with just these.

She should buy anything. My store is at your service.

You can take whatever you want.

Yes Mrs. Cavidan. I shall leave.

You don't have to hurry. Sit for a while, we could chat.

Another time. I need to go to the the clinic.

I had to cancel some of my client's appointmen­ts...

To be honest, the sudden marriage of Emir is a surprise for me.

It was a surprise for me too.

But, I had much different dreams for Emir.

Thank you very much for coming.

May you be protected from the evil...

Did you finish it? I'll take the drawing.

I'll pin hang it to the fridge. Then I'll go home.

My sweet little child. You know what you can do now?

You can draw a house. And a pool...

You draw a nice one... Come on.

Masal drew it. I was gonna hang it to the fridge.

I forgot it, I almost left with it.

She's so talented. Look how beautiful she drew.

Who did she draw my beautiful child?

Finally you came! Where have you been?

I was curious when you didn't answer!

You thought I was arrested? Don't worry my dear father!

Nothing will ever happen to me.

These are yours and the books are mine!

You are the only thief who steals books from houses!

If you get caught because of this...

If I ever get caught, I hope it would be because of this.

We also need to feed our souls from time to time.

Let's get to the main question.

What's this big break you told over the phone?

Tomorrow we're breaking into a rich man's house.

That's not important. It's just a rich snob.

So he deserves what he's about to face?

But you're not gonna be alone this time. Taci is coming with you.

This snob dandy, is a highly obsessive guy. His house is packed

Dad! You're really hurting me now.

I can even break into Louvre alone if you want!

You can do it. I know. But we'll be cautious..­.

Why? What are you waiting for?

I really don't feel like skiing to be honest.

Fine. But we still have to leave.

The newlyweds will stay home and we have to leave?

They should have gone to a honeymoon.

and neither Reyhan. So to leave the young couple alone...

Well I'm sorry about that! I don't want to go anywhere!

I don't care if they stay alone or not!

I'm trying to find a reasonable solution.

Why are you acting like this?

You wanna leave the youn couple alone...

Emir and Reyhan are husband and wife.

No I will not! I can't accept this!

A village girl who doesn't even know any customs, what to wear,

how to talk... is now the wife of my son?

I can't accept this as a mother.

Prepare your luggage immediatel­y Cavidan.

You can go anywhere you want. I'm not going.

I told you to get your luggages.

No! I will not leave my son with that girl!

Cavidan, I'm warning you for the last time.

You either get your luggages..­.

Oh, Sefer. You start the car. First we'll drop Mrs. Esma to the

Don't worry dear, I'll visit your mom oftenly.

You take care of your own house and family now.

May god protect you and your husband.

You call me when you get there. Don't keep me waiting.

You'll go by yourself in the mountain honey.

Don't you think it's over just because you signed some papers.

A village girl like you, will never deserve to be the wife of my

or the bride of this mansion.

When I get back, I will put you through the hell...

You will face such things that...

you will get the hell out of here running!

Have a nice trip. Take care of yourself.

Are you sure? I can stay. Maybe you'll need something.

Not necessary. We can handle it.

What? Let's have a coffee first.

Even if your dad fires you from the company...

you can find a job as a barista.

aren't you supposed to be with someone else...

but in the end you accepted this.

Maybe you should accept this and give Reyhan a chance.

What will change when I give it a chance?

Is she immediatel­y going to turn...

Goodbye! Have a nice day at work.

It has to be not overcooked or undercooke­d.

If it's undercooke­d there can be bacteria.

If it's overcooked it can lose its nutrients.

At 12 there's lunch: soup, 3 meatballs, 3 broccolis.

1.30, she has her shower. 2, she'll sleep.

Come on! that's what you call high security?

I thought there were high walls...

or bullet proof windows or something.

Don't worry. This is very easy.

It looks like a simple house.

It's protected with high technology security systems.

There are night vision, high resolution cameras...

So what? It's my job to take care of them.

It's not over. There's an alarm system.

The illuminate­d siren you see over there...

sends a signal to the main station when you get closer.

It's also my job to deactivate sirens and hack passwords!

I do all this with my eyes closed!

I'll go take a look around the house and take pictures.

This is gonna be done tonigh! Understood­?

We might now have another chance.

I realize that but... Would it be fair to Leyla if...

Enough! We talked about this.

So this is how the marriage is gonna be.

And I'm gonna be like an employee waiting for the end of the

Why aren't you celebratin­g your victory?

Why do you look like a victim who is forced?

What am I gonna do? I don't even know where to put my hands.

This situation is not my fault.

But why doesn it feel like something is wrong?

Think of something else Reyhan.

5 minutes is taking forever. How am I gonna spend my life like

I'll tell Sevgi to prepare you a breakfast.

You won't accept it for a while.

Then you will have a battle with yourself.

It will take time to adjust to the fact...

that Emir is not in your life anymore.

But in the end you'll make it.

You don't feel well I know. But it will pass.

Yes. Go to England for a while.

This is the best for you right now.

You just got married yesterday. I mean...

wouldn't it be weird to hang out with me?

Well... Why is it weird to hang out with my bro?

Sister Melike told me you drink coffee everyday..­.

Well sister Melike missed out something.

I drink coffee every morning, yes.

Strong, black, filtered coffee...

You don't have to make me coffee.

There's nobody else in the house.

I didn't know which one you would wear.

I'm not talking about the ties! Why did you chose me clothes?

I decide what to wear since I was 8!

You don't have to do anything.

We met only two days ago! We became husband and...

And she acts like everything is normal!

Um... Anything you want for lunch?

You eat whenever you want. Don't wait for me.

Dad's right. It's like a fortress.

There are 3 front and 2 back cameras.

Then I have to hack the password of 2 internal security systems.

People managed to escape Alcatraz. That's nothing!

A prison in the middle of the sea.

There's no security system you can't crack with a good plan.

Promising that you will protect your marriage..­.

even when you have difficulti­es.

There's money enough for a year in this envelope.

If it's not enough, just give me a call.

Let's settle now and go our ways.

I'll talk to dad. I'll tell him you didn't like me, and that I

The driver can take you home safely.

I don't want to see you again.

We're both fine my dear. How are you?

God bless you honey. I had a dream about you last night.

You were sitting in a large dinner table.

You were both very fond of each other.

I hope you will be a happy bride, just like in my dream.

Why didn't we stay at the café, it's cold!

My father made a wrong decision Zafer.

Fine, make him face it. But...

it didn't go as you thought right?

It went exactly as I thought.

I woke up in the morning and breakfast was ready!

Then my coffee in a fancy cup. She even chose my outfit.

Come on! She's acting like she's my wife.

She's your wife. She signed yesterday.

You're too hard on her. She's not doing anything bad.

You're just not used to it. That's all.

She's the one acting like everything is normal.

Three months maximum! We'll play house for three house.

Then she'll go willingly to dad for a divorce.

That day, I will look into my father's eyes.

I don't understand­. Why three months?

The first month she'll try to understand what I'm doing.

Second month, she'll try to be patient.

Because the elderly taught her to be patient.

The third month, she'll forget everyting she knows.

She'll go running to her village.

Not to break you amazing plan but...

what if you don't want to get divorced in three months?

You start talking full nonsense now.

Three months is a long time to know someone.

You can't know if your feelings will change or not.

The sun can switch place with the moon...

Why the hell are you yelling? Caveman!

I said, why are you yelling! Like an animal!

Getting away will be so good for you.

You have school friends in London.

You'll think clearly there and come back.

I don't want to be apart too long.

You know what you have to say.

Hikmet forced me to go to the mountains.

I'm going to England tomorrow.

Well... I mean... I'm surprised.

But I can say it's not gonna be short.

Before you leave, we should...

There has been a misunderst­anding. Let's talk it out.

I want to file a complaint. Look at my face officer! I want him

You can't beat up a man for an insult.

Just because you're rich you think you can do anything!

Did you know I was rich when you insulted me?

You can't just say anything you want!

And you can't do your snobbery!

Officer. Please make him shut up.

Do you want to file a complaint?

You're both gonna be taken to the hospital for a health check.

Mr. Emir. You'll see the prosecutor tomorrow morning.

Tonight, he will be under custody. The officer will take care of

It's easy to love beautiful things.

But somethings beautiful things can be hidden inside...

I'll find a blind spot for the cameras.

Until then, you have my back. Open your eyes.

No way. Boss will kill me. You can't go alone.

I will first deactivate the sensors. Then we'll go together.

I'll also jam the camera signals by mixing up their signals.

We have to be sure. There might be other systems indoors.

We'll just cut up some cables. And whoop! We're inside.

There must be a fortune inside...

with all this security system.

The lawyer talked to the guy. But he's doesn't back down.

He even offered money! But he doesn't change his mind!

Your lawyer thinks you will be punished for pounding.

The lawyer is working hard. He'll find a way.

He'll be more pissed if we get caught.

I need to get out before dad finds out.

Calm down, you have fifteen seconds.

He didn't seem to give up on his complaint.

You owe your freedom to your wife.


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