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YOUR VALUE - Powerful Motivational Speech with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

let me speak to that person that feels

like they lost they work to devalue this

is the dollar bill now if I go to the

store and there's something for 90 cents

cannot buy it with this dollar bill okay

all right so if I go to the store and

there's something for 85 cents and after

tax it ends up being 96 cents cannot buy

with this dollar bill okay all right so

what is eyeball the dollar bill Oh think

like I just bought a down nabilla like

so we can't be worth a dollar now it's

probably worth like 95 cents right how

much you think it's worth I download

I just balled it up so clearly it's not

worth the doll anymore all right

are so maybe what if I step on it what

I just stopped it how much is the worth

now maybe 65 cents 68 cents it still

worth a dollar okay what if I bought it

up put it buy stuff on it and then I put

it in the trash can and they see here

with some trash and it's around some

beer and some gum and a bunch of other

nasty stuff and some guy off the street

pulls the dollar I'll unfold it how much

is it worth now maybe eighty two cents

and me come on at least ninety two cents

it's okay are so what about both of them

what if I step on it what if I put it in

trash and then cross this out tearing a

think about it now right how much is the

work now $1 I could tape it what boys

swimming with it wait wait wait a second

I just I just balled it up I just

stepped on it I put it in trash I pulled

it out then I tore in a hand and you

mean to tell me I could pick the dollar

up I could wipe it off and I could put

some tape around it and it still worth a

dollar then why if this dollar doesn't

lose its worth there was value then why

do you feel like you lost you person

value because many of you feel like you

just stepped on you feel like you've

been pushed aside you feel like you've

been abandoned you feel like you can

talk about you feel like you've been

abused like someone took from you

someone hurts you somebody took

advantage of you and beat down the side

record you feel like you've lost some of

that this dollars just has words in

value because there are some n years ago

will put value or with a slide it says

no matter what happens to it they can

still be taped back together it gets to

be wiped off and I need to tell you that

you were created you're pulling your ear

and you have life and you have purpose

if you have value and don't you throw

through some archons and though you've

experienci­ng some depression and you

might be one that hurts your love you

might want to give up I am here to tell

you still not worth the value and there

was nothing that could happen that could

take your Worth and your value away so

what you got to do now you got to pick

yourself off we've got a dust yourself

off and you got to keep moving


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