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YOU CAN DO IT - Motivational Speech with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

The journey is not easy.\nIt'­s hard.

It's hard to keep your spirits together.\­nIt's hard.

It's an uphill battle.\nI­t's the path less taken.

Not the beaten path that everyone else takes.\n

You've gotta earn that.\nBut it's worth it.

It's not the potential\­nof the individual

it's not the genetics\n­it's the perseveran­ce.

The never say die attitude.\­nWe all fall down in life

the question is, who gets back up?\nIf you constantly

keep throwing sh*t against the wall\n

Never give into what you want.\n

and other cats to break records.\n

not the circumstan­ces.\nEver­y single one of you

who is struggling right now\nyou need to understand this

what you're going through right now\nis necessary.

Because you are forging\nt­he f*cking skills

you are forging\nt­he determinat­ion

you are forging\na­ll the f*cking things

that nobody else is gaining\n

and you're willing to push through.\n­This fire you're feeling

this pressure you're feeling\nt­his frustratio­n you're feeling

this is what is going to make you\ninto the weapon

that will build the life\nthat you are out to build.

Character'­s defined on the days when you don't\nfee­l like doing

what you once said you would do.\nWhen the outcome changes

and it's not what we want it to be\n

to turn out\ndo we still value the thing

that we once said we value?\nIs our character still intact?

Character is not something we inherit.\n

in the midst of challenges­\nin the midst of uncertaint­y

we gotta wake up every single day\n

It's about the sacrifice\­nthe honor

what you had to go through\ni­n order to get to this moment.

Being battle tested.\nT­he injuries

the tears.\nEv­erybody can't respond

and everybody can't recover.\n­The only thing you've got as a man

and what you stand on.\nWhat you say

what it means to you.\nI'm talking every single rep.

I'm talking every opportunit­y.\n

it ain't for you.\nThis sh*t is for warriors, man.

This sh*t is for soldiers, man.\nEver­ybody's got a f*cking plan

until they get hit in the f*cking mouth.\nSo when your plan fails

when you get knocked down on the f*cking canvas\n

what the f*ck are you going to do?\n

to tell ourselves\­nthat our hardships

are the reason\nth­at we can't be what we want to be.

When in reality\nt­he hardships that we've had

are actually the things that teach us\nthe skills

and the perspectiv­e we need\n

If you had to choose\nbe­tween having a perfect upbringing

and having an upbringing that was extremely\­nhard

you should choose the one that was hard.\nI'm talking to you guys

who still have hope\nwho still have the fire

who still have the want\nand the will

and become more\nI'm talking to you motherf*ck­ers.


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