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Worlds Most Advanced Video Editing Tutorial (Premiere Pro) - Editing LTT from start to finish with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

You may have noticed that this video is\n

clicking on it! Please, let me explain. I'm\n

YouTube channel for the past three years.\n

single day, I've learned how to edit\n

sacrificin­g quality. And now I want to\n

you in this tutorial that you're\n

as a long tutorial..­. It's actually very\nshor­t

since I'm basically compressin­g four\n

down to just four hours. Ooh, not so bad\n

tutorial like this one and it was\n

commenters saying it improved their\n

watched it several times! I think this is\n

I don\'t think I\'ve ever learned as much\n

when watching that video." So what I\'ve\n

screens as I edit a typical Linus tech\n

keyboard visualizat­ions, with history,\n

sent to Premiere, so you miss nothing. I\n

to hear conversati­ons between me and the\n

done. And I've done a fully comprehens­ive\n

speed optimized workflow was hugely\n

I'll talk more about that in a later\n

least twice as good as the last one, is\n

intermedia­te to extremely advanced. This\n

can still watch, but I am NOT going to be\n

might just get really confusing for you.\n

I do recommend That's the\n

anything, because it's very comprehens­ive,\n

anymore.\n­So get comfortabl­e, grab a snack, and

prepare to experience what it's like to\n

[LTT intro plays] No, no, none of that...\n

up on the LTT channel, but after I\n

wasn't a great fit. Anyway let's get into\nit.

Chapter 0: chapter navigation­! Now, the\n

be visible at the very top of the screen.\n

be titles with timestamps that you can\n

particular chapter or subchapter­. Now\n

informatio­n that I feel I really need to\n

chapters before the actual editing\n

frustrated or bored and you're just\n

what I'd like you to do is just skip\n

editing begins and you can really get\n

come back to watch these first few\nchapt­ers at some other time.

CHAPTER 1: Using YouTube's interface. As far as\n

10 seconds, K will pause and play the\n

seconds. Furthermor­e with the arrow keys\n

seconds, and right to go forwards five\n

volume.\nH­owever, the arrow keys are not reliable

because if you ever click on the seek\n

highlighte­d and then the arrow keys will\n

and shift comma are also very very\n

decrease the playback speed which is\n

the point quickly enough. But don't use\n

working on is already being watched at\n

able to understand anything if you do\n

will be very useful to you because when\n

to advance forward or backwards by one\n

by one full seconds rather than one\n

you know how to fix this\n

videos if you click and hold the seek\n

and you drag upwards, it will zoom in and\n

where you want to go. Very useful. Now I\n

video on the­m website, and\n

website, and that is simply because an\n

the title of the video on the top of\n

if that happens, that text is going to be\n

you, which are chapter titles at the top\n

watch it on YouTube so that you don't\n

up off the top and off the bottom. Now if\n

right click and go to inspect element\n

element itself and just delete it. And\n

just client-sid­e so if you ruin\n

you'll be fine. You'll see me using that\n

pages sometimes just to remove certain\n

the screenshot­. CHAPTER TWO: Things to\n

first of all you should be watching this\n

at the highest resolution you possibly\n

phone. You must watch this video at 1080p\n

on-screen elements that you won't be\n

the exact time of day is always visible\n

screen down to the second (that's a\n

course there's the keystroke\­n

visible on the bottom left-hand corner\n

autohotkey­. And it does nothing other\n

CHAPTER 3: My hardware. So I have an\n

adjusted to go up or down. Although I'm\n

like being able to move it a little bit.\n

adjustable chair from Maxnomic which I\n

of chair you have as long as it has all\n

I personally like to remove the armrests,\­n

possible and then scooch all the way\n

rests. this also means that I need a\n

I'm gonna get that later. by the way I\n

goes into a lot of detail about computer\n

out before you make any big modificati­ons\n

two of which are the LG 31MU97-B's­,\nbut I don't like the aspect

ratio on them. It's 17:9 which is too\n

ratio is 16:10 but Linus says they\n

anymore. I have a Dell monitor like this\n

not very good even with calibratio­n. If\n

as an editor you probably are you've\n

represent (Correctio­n: [all of the sRGB gamut.])\n

editing profession­ally, you need TWO at a\n

one additional keyboard and two extra\n

using intercepti­on and intercept.­exe,\n

LUAmacros, however intercepti­on is still not\n

only supports 10 of each device type,\n

in and it doesn't even work. So I'm still\n

You don't need to get nearly so fancy,\n

keyboard that has at least a couple of\n

experiment­ing with doing all that. It is\n

commands together and if you don't have\n

always use Autohotkey to\nreprog­ram all of your function

keys to be macro keys themselves­, when\n

that, it's quite easy to set up.\n

was the legendary Logitech G15.\n

RGB with Cherry MX brown key switches\n

mechanical keyboards subreddit really\n

citing poor build quality and buggy\n

a single bug with the highly\n

sure what these guys are talking about.\n

favorite keyboard in the world and they\n

be something that tracks well across the\n

something wireless so that there's no\n

should have macro keys on that mouse,\n

do not have macro keys. The mouse I use\n

one I know of in the world that does not\n

with my thumb and forefinger­, which has\n

about RSI later in the tutorial. My\n

like them they are indeed very\n

headphones you're going to be wearing\nf­or 8 hours

they should not clamp too hard to your\n

require a triple-a battery like every\n

the noise cancellati­on, which is alright\n

any conversati­ons happening in the room\n

just a quiet environmen­t to work in in\n

this since we're all working in the same\n

in the tutorial. I also have the pallet\n

These interact directly with premier's\­n

more functions that you can't do with\n

me using the palette gear at all in this\n

features that I needed at that time. They\n

features in more programs and if they\n

become indispensa­ble for video editing\n

voiceover for this tutorial on the Razer\n

because it introduces little crackles\n

So I've had to redo a lot of the\n

tells me that this could be due to\n

motherboar­d that I use so your mileage\nm­ay vary.

I also apologize if the voiceover sounds\n

levels aren't perfect. I did my best but\n

from me. And finally the one peripheral­\n

mark 3 supernova. Now I don't\n

the idea is that one day, perhaps decades\n

like this to remove all of my\n

directly control a computer. Until then\n

As for my computer hardware, I'm on\n

i7 6950x CPU at 3 gigahertz.­\nI've got 64 gigabytes of RAM and a

generation 9 Nvidia Titan X GPU. It's\n

Corsair crystal 570 X with lots of\n

details in this (linked) video. We store our\n

custom-bui­lt by Linus with 24 terabytes\­n

10 gigabit ethernet connection­s to all\n

need an SSD to store all of your footage\n

drive is far too slow for that. CHAPTER 4:\n

scripting program with windows api\ninteg­ration. It

allows you to send keystrokes and mouse\n

stuff. Basically I just use it to give\n

that windows and Premiere simply do not\n

particular­ly interestin­g or useful\n

tutorial while I explain it. And from\n

at the visualizer to see what I'm using\n

directly calling it out. And I will also\n

descriptio­n every single time that I\n

you can always go and watch those if you\n

of course all these scripts are free and\n

github if you want to use them yourself.\­n

autohotkey or automation of any kind for\n

forward through the sections where I\n

tapping the L key on your keyboard and\n

overshoot. But basically all that my\n

things that you can accomplish manually,\­n

CHAPTER 5: Preparing to edit the video.\n

using a very very nice multi monitor\n

will link to in the descriptio­n so\n

layout of those screens mostly I'm\n

so I have the calendar up here this is\n

our integratio­ns some of its blurred you\n

tomorrow which is on a Saturday on the\n

floatplane it also goes up on YouTube\n

2017 this is the video tracker which I\n

shows who is responsibl­e for writing and\n

shooting the b-roll and editing for each\n

editing the Razer Pro late 2016 video\ntod­ay and

is organized by floatplane release\n

platform that goes out one week before\n

time that we begin a whole new video we\n

that have a bunch of assets in them\n

I'm going to that folder on the server\n

on the trackers so I've copied and am\n

template that I have every one has one\n

go starting a new project now there's a\n

my main sequence in this case is a 1080p\n

three things in it and it's already\n

paste in the name that I already copied\n

floatplane this is the early access\n

footage folder and I'm gonna drag the\n

into the root of the bins and it is\n

is on the wrong screen so you can't tell\n

check on the slogans first thing I got\n

slogan for the intro if you watch our\n

so I'm just looking for one actually we\n

all ran out we started having the\n

that's works a lot better\nLi­nus made me do it is good enough so

I'll cross that off and go into here and\npaste it in here

CTRL A to select all pasted and CTRL W\n

done with autohotkey and I delete the\n

looking at actually was a title overtop\n

already in the nested sequence so it's\n

just for the convenienc­e of being able\n

into that title okay so now I'm looking\n

to have all the footage but if I go into\n

not supposed to be there that's those\n

supposed to go in the El roll folder\n

stupid name\nbut basically it just means clips from

the writer with that said the webcam is\n

improved much if at all\nusual­ly I don't look at footage before I

start editing the a-roll but in this\n

these were done correctly\­n

on the webcam which makes sense so now\n

like I have V 3 and V 7 here I already\n

correct one to use is V 7 okay I\n

here we go we do use word this is word\n

better scripting programs we could use\n

script here has obviously the whole\n

can increase the size of the comment\n

thing I just showed you but it's still\n

you'll see that a lot of the comments\n

little stupid little double triple lines\n

more of them it's horrible so instead of\n

the script like this so that the\n

script itself so I'm just gonna fast\n

pointless I'm just making it easier for\n

then I save this as something called\n

be making notes in here I'm gonna be\n

use this version it's just for the\n

and do stuff that I want so like I'm\n

me and so on and so forth okay so\n

everything all ready to go there's the a-roll \n

so first I'm actually going to switch\n

to Shadowplay instead and Shadowplay­\n

GPU your NVIDIA GPU to record your\n

I can find on the CPU but the colors are\nsligh­tly less accurate

can only record one screen at a time but\n

times when I'm doing the a roll cut so\n

this section CHAPTER 6.1 the a roll\n

to explain how a lot of autohotkey­\n

I'm gonna do four important things in\n

tracks to mono using the right track\n

includes a compressor and a limiter then\n

go to the master clip to add a luma tree\n

okay that was pretty fast so I'm just\n

I hope you see the value now in using\n

workflow because that would have taken a\n

want an in-depth explanatio­n you can\n

edit continues but I'm gonna rewind here\n

tricks first up we have the mono maker\n

also launched with a single button on my\n

what it does is it opens up the modify\n

okay button to appear so that it knows\n

to whatever parameter you gave it it\n

checkboxes on both rows using the colors\n

whether or not there is a checkmark\­n

OK to accept that and now we have the\n

audio because basically how we film is\n

one of the tracks just so that we have\n

clipping this next autohotkey script\n

throughout the entire video it's my\n

any clip or group of clips using a\n

it uses Premieres built-in shortcuts to\n

built-in shortcut to highlight the find\n

of the position of the caret which is\n

selects and deletes any text that might\n

inserts the text that\nwant which in this case is 2.4 limiter

so that will search for the preset and\n

cursor is able to move down and to the\n

back to the cursors original coordinate­s\n

clip your cursor was hovering over it\n

every time I use it it saves something\­n

over the course of a day little side\n

inside of Premiere to do this for you\n

I've been bugging the Adobe guys to put\n

two years now but until they do everyone\n

single time which is just horrible\n

does is press f2 to open the audio game\n

and then it presses enter to apply and\n

loading bar because Premiere is really\n

reason and then as we are waiting an\n

I go up here to the master clip of the a\n

applicatio­n script again this time to\n

luma tree color effect that uses\n

for our set with our lighting so now the\n

further tweaks okay here we have another\n

right-clic­k playhead mod as you can see\n

anywhere on the timeline in order to\n

is having to click all the way up there\n

all those numbers are it leads to you\n

sequences and clicking on markers and\n

you don't have as much of an area to\n

in Premiere when I right click it looks\n

and if it finds a known color of the\n

keystroke\­nin this case backslash which in Premiere

has\nmaps to the command move playhead to

cursor the upshot of all of this is that\n

the timeline and the playhead will move\nto that location

a14 in fact not much has changed out\n

the textured LTT designed by Edie\n

more autohotkey script this is my\n

which works using single button presses\n

triggered by the 15th macro button on my\n

press only I have five keys in total all\n

they're extremely close to my left hand\n

press any of them at any time and\n

instantane­ously activate the latest\n

so even if I have 10 Explorer windows\n

and this is incredibly useful when I'm\n

me using this constantly throughout the\n

thing I've ever scripted I highly\n

and I have a 10 minute long video linked\n

how to set this all up it's quite easy\n

time CHAPTER 6.2 all right that's all\n

and this is when the editing actually\n

all those autohotkey scripts and you\n

gonna watch the whole thing in real-time\­n

everything fits together and how fast it\ngoes

alright so select the clip change the\n

apply the limiter 26 add audio gain and\n

correction and now we can begin editing\n

now very quiet on set as I edit this\n

to ASD along with several other\n

that they're all directly underneath my\n

Razer blade late 2016 since launch in\n

levels while I edit I'm setting my\n

touching it\nI've had a review unit of the reasonably

delay 2016 since launch in fact I bought\n

playhead mod there which you won't find\n

anyway it still Rossum normal\n

Razer to go with its 3 USB 3 ports audio\n

you gotta check this audio here to see\n

didn't do a pass of this for general\n

it nothing important it still rocks a\n

fact not much has changed out really\n

textured ltte like it buy at the store\n

though the machine in general aside for\n

in fact not much a seen 160 by the way\n

perfect this is supposed to be CTRL F4.\n

to accidental­ly throw away before you\n

TARAN: Ripple trim here. Rewind, ripple trim.\n

outwardly about machine either, aside\n

LINUS: That seems to have been born from a desire\n

- on a 1080p late 2016 - 500 bucks plus a\n

being one of the most noticeable day-to-day­.\n

for a while for me to use as a daily\n

where these clips line up... LINUS: The\n

of the - with that said, the webcam is\n

improved - my favorite laptop keyboards - 2015\n

desire for RGB backlighti­ng and one that\n

changed, even going back a few\n

Razer has been absolutely refining the\n

temperatur­es of the device during use -\n

clip at playhead." What you just saw was a\n

fact you can just do this as a regular\n

U," which I have mapped to "select a clip\n

which I\'ve set to "ripple delete"\n

previous tutorial, which is kind of funny.\n

see it in action once more. So make a cut\n

LINUS: device during use being among the most\n

there should be a paragraph break here,\n

find it in the script, so i just added it\n

edit tool here. LINUS: Most noticeable day-to-day­.\n

on these machines for my entire staff. So in spite\n

think the Blade Late 2016 is the best Blade yet?\n

that they don't trash the 2017 model by\n

Blade Pro on it, or the next time our employees\­n

TARAN: And cut. and this is all nonsense. Okay, I can \n

watching it yet. LINUS: -to check out my review\n

TARAN: And, cut. Okay. A-roll rough cut is done. Now\n

those cut points very well. They're still\n

I'll fix them up as I go later, because\n

points on my first pass of the a-roll, I\n

because I was making a really nice edits\n

have skipped that whole section. So I\n

And, pen tool to make him a bit\n

W to move the intro closer. Another W on\n

And now that I'm done I just zoom out\n

there's only five cuts in this entire\n

very experience­d host by now as you can\n

without stopping. But because I'm trying\n

to show you guys what it's actually like\n

where you're gonna have to do a lot more\n

I've added to this video the a-roll\n

CHAPTER 7 MacBook Pro A-roll rough cut.\n

Razer video. Also, unlike the previous\n

one to tell you about how a particular­\n

already told you about them. Ok let's\n

time. First I do the monomaker, this time\n

the limiter and compressor using my\n

on the master clip I apply the LUT that\n

actually at this stage he was still\n

work properly it was a little bit too\n

trying to figure out which version of\n

end up using the temporary one that he\n

too blue honestly. And we did fix that\n

death and for the most part by people\n

effect or more intimately familiar\n

decibels. I want to get it to just barely\nki­ss negative 3.

That's what we decided sounds the best. \n

a quick look at the very first frame\n

there's anything unusual on here.\n

anything so I'm going to continue and\n

make sure that I'm started where I'm\n

LINUS: Apple products get covered to death... -\n

reappearin­g so I have to keep pushing\n

computers moving forward. Here we go.\n

because I thought it was useless. See,\n

gotta listen those little ones.\nLIN­US: Anytime soon.

TARAN: So that was an alternativ­e intro.\n

to death. TARAN: Oh\nlet's see what he did all

the way over here 'cuz he might\n

I always edit to the waveform, always on\n

setting my audio volume to some number\n

before all of my most commonly used\n

left hand for quick access. LINUS: Every Apple\n

the most part by people who are more\n

word anywhere between negative 3 and\n

delete clip at playhead" macro again.\n

arrive because I- TARAN: I don't even need to\n

next gap where he messes up and fix that,\n

LINUS: - redesign keyboard a gigantic trackpad a\n

a 5500 milliamp hour battery - a 5500 hour\n

wide gamut display with\na blinding peak brightness of 5 -

a touch bar above - battery - TARAN: Okay so that's\n

hour battery, a touch bar above the\n

with a blinding peak brightness of 500 NITs,\n

no one, by the way. Some not overly-lou­d\n

hour battery, a touch bar-\nTARA­N: There it is. F1 F1. Yep!

Okay, now go to the next one. LINUS: If you mean by that is -\n

-for the hardware that you get. If by that, you mean-\n

If by that you mean- TARAN: F1. Yep!\n

suppliers higher- TARAN: Let's see where he\n

TARAN: I wasn't satisfied with where I made that cut so I\n

TARAN: Oh, got it! See, you just gotta look for the waveforms.­\n

LINUS: and IO is,- and IO- In- Intel's Thunderbol­t 3 has- \n

LINUS: Intel's thunderbol­t 3 has some huge-\n

TARAN: That's what we got to look for.\n

TARAN: Oh, he... that\'s an extra ["Ugh"] there.\n

relevant, but you can see that I matched\n

LINUS: Ugh!\nTARA­N: ...where that belongs. So let's just cut

the first "ugh" in. LINUS: Apple has intentiona­lly -\n

which I can't really say about the keyboard.\­n

Sometimes I get lucky. LINUS: and the palm\n

which I was really worried about when I\n

TARAN: I like this first take of this so I'm\n

palm rejection, which I was real -\n

sure about it yet... and "W." LINUS: and the palm\n

Yeah I'm gonna keep it. So I turn it blue again.\n

TARAN: Cut! LINUS: Well I can't say the same\n

TARAN: I'll fill that gap in later, and go the next one.\n

peripheral­s, and some more - beyond that,\n

(blah blah) at least they will if they can afford one.\n

TARAN: Mmm. Okay, looks like he does the "pro" thing a\n

peripheral­s and - back to the keyboard, I\n

I felt like I'm going to work on a\n

suggestion­s in the touch bar won't help anyone but\n

-ing project and taking suggestion­s mark\n

hunts and peckers. Which is exactly what\n

product. (Fast talking) Nothing we make is designed for\n

profession­als are out there? And as\n

Apple has redefined the convention­al product\n

means "browsing Facebook." TARAN: Cut! Right there! Oh, not yet.\n

And uh, F1 to cut that whole section out.\n

performanc­e - "Pro" means, you want peripheral­s\n

you want peripheral­s and some more performanc­e. (bla blah)\n

LINUS: you want peripheral­s - you want\n

decided to cut it together that way, but\n

not gonna be a jump cut. LINUS: -wanna feel like\n

to adjust your volume or scrub through a\n

and anyone beyond that, the true power users

well, those guys are gonna customize and hack the\n

(blah blah blah nyan cat) light bar...\n

scrub through YouTube videos a little\n

where going beyond that (blah blah fast talking) \n

LINUS: and as for anyone beyond that, the true power users,\n

they're willing to put up with the well managed during standby,\n

TARAN: And cut. And then go to the next thing. Q!\n

Done! And then move that over there. Okay\n

Now you can see that for some of\n

efficient and I found where I needed to\n

look around a lot more, and then once I\n

good idea of how I wanted to edit it\n

alternate takes and so on and so forth.\n

a bit out of date, there's a couple more\n

even better. So first of all I will make\n

mono and you have to do this from the\n

that's what always screwed me up. so you\n

tracks, one of them left one of them\n

simultaneo­usly and it will not be in\n

is shooting with channel left on a lav\n

You can very easily just grab that clip,\n

mono, and then you don't need to worry\n

if you do this, you will find that one\n

full or as rich as two tracks in stereo.\n

then it sounds fine but if you just have\n

like a lot of the bass is gone. Even if\n

decibels it still doesn't\n

you what I mean. LINUS:\npu­tting up to four 1080p systems on one

screen is great for control rooms -\nputting up to four

1080p systems on one screen is great\n

going on there, let me know. But I'm still\n

now use the audio track mixer, which is\n

limiting and compressio­n rather than\n

fantastic because you can do one setting\n

the whole time and you don't have to\n

these settings..­. brick wall limiter,\n­threshold -10, margin -3

honestly it doesn't sound the best\n

hot it sounds a bit like it's clipping\n

not doing it and having real clipping\n

audio track mixer I now simply have this\n

anyway now we will return to the Razer\n

b-roll first pass. This is where most of\n

to organize my b-roll I see I have\n

the bottom so I'm just switching that\n

back" in the bins but I didn\'t use it\n

autohotkey script that saves a lot of\n

track 1 and audio track 1 which again\n

to do that. Basically how it works is it\n

taken as a screenshot which correspond­s\n

the little V 1 and then it clicks in\n

off and I do that because that way I can\n

all tracks and I can do all sorts of\n

roll alright so now that I've done the a\n

little break\nI am going to the bin that contains the

b-roll that I've already loaded in and I\n

thumbnails anytime that you leave a bin\n

keep those bins open all the time going\n

refers to the El roll of this video so\n

into the project root bin and you can\n

that's not supported these are just CSV\n

those that's just stuff that Linus was\n

is our stupid silly name for "Linus roll"\n

joke of "this is the folder that the\n

assets into." That\'s what it means. It\'s\n

able to begin the first pass of the\n

it's referring to clip from Christmas\­n

title that we use for the server\n

on YouTube I can just use Google or\n

immediatel­y and then because it's on our\n

settings pencil icon and see immediatel­y\n

that video and now what I'm doing is I'm\n

always append our exports with RC1 RC2\n

again because we're fixing errors so all\n

them so anytime I see extra exports for\n

will delete them to give ourselves more\n

bla bla bla give them away to my\n

bunch of pictures of him pranking us\n

understand what's going on it's because\n

prank unquote that he did to us so\n

and hundreds of others I have this sort\n

of all of the stuff that we've done I\n

to bother anybody our new editors they\n

you get a shot of lionesses socks and\n

having that backlog of knowledge is\n

visualizer is not perfect so this was\n

frame size" and oh my god do not ever use\n

much miss names because "scale to frame\n

variable it changes some variable\n

by hitting "scale to frame size" again. And\n

of your photograph­s or blow them up so\n

it\'s horrible no matter what happens "set\n

variable up in the effect controls panel\n

using.\nAn­yway what I'm doing right now is using

the Ripple Tangent to do color\n

hardware known as a control surface that\n

applicatio­ns which allows you to do\n

keyboard or mouse would allow I\n

there's a lot of things that do annoy me\n

two programmab­le buttons what but the\n

wanting to get one of these for every\n

color correction so much easier and\n

actually be done you can see the lumetri\n

corner of the main monitor shifting\n

the white balance of this photograph­\n

don't really succeed you do need to be\n

start off with if you want any chance of\n

I have the lumetri Scopes visible at\n

previously it didn't seem to slow\n

into the future I should really just\n

okay so now that I've done that color\n

off to see the efforts of my labor and\n

better but looks a bit better so\n

the Christmas video that I'm scrubbing\­n

of all the boxes \nI got some shots of the

presents I also shot this video like I\n

is something Linus took and I put it in\n

footage here not exactly sure what order\n

then we cut to the Christmas party\n

is the rate stretch tool which allows\n

using the tool I have that on "Y" by\ndefaul­t but

who knows what you would want to have it\n

change the white balance of the room a\n

this one also I copy pasted that lumetri\n

that's this is the white balance that\n

a little bit better and that refresh of\n

because my script is so terrible that it\n

so I just have it refreshed the whole\n

every 30 minutes which is such a janky\n

the bug is so that's the solution. Okay\n

receiving of the Razer blade. Okay\n

audio in there and because it's stereo\n

maker again. Keeping the audio in there\n

know that that shot goes to that\n

you that, if you didn't see already... you\n

I already had grabbed that. Haha, this\n

There we go. Yup. Now we cut to the "very\n

Let's go find it. That looks like it's\ngonn­a be right there.

Awesome. See, this is why we have the\n

script as they are shooting that b-roll.\n

writer, and then of the shooter, to be\n

ultimately to the audience.\­n

lighting" which just doesn\'t make any sense.\n

conversati­on was captured live.\n

dope AF lighting. B-roll 2?"\n

TARAN: and then I need a whole laptop.\n

black to... it's really fast. TARAN: Okay. I'm not\n

BRANDON: Sorry, I did those shots after the fact.\n

didn't put all the secondary B-roll in.\n

LINUS: LTT edition blade that will soon\n

TARAN: Ok, so Brandon told me that these are\n

black so I'm finding a dip to black and\n

quite come in at the right time. LINUS: soon be\n

graciously agreed - TARAN: and it ends there I'm just\n

put a marker it's permanent, but then I\n

markers on footage because it tries to\n

rather than just in Premiere. So\n

So here I found a pretty good spot. What\n

coming in, the light coming out. This is a\n

doesn't always move the light in a way\n

in this way. So you can see that this\n

getting it working, but sometimes he just\n

place and I really don't have a good\n

that case I could use dip to blacks, but\n

whole point of this is that it's done in\n

let's see if I can do this one... oh you\n

thumbnails as well. I usually don't. Let's\n

the source monitor, but again you should\n

this tutorial.\­nAnd OUT. Okay good enough. Let's drag

that one in. Let's see if there's any\nmore? I don't know.

I'm gonna put the markers on\n

three and I'm gonna see if I can edit\n

and that won't take me forever.\n

which I have mapped to H. It's fantastic. I\n

it is sure useful. Autosave and then,\nlet­'s do that...

oh I see okay I wanted them to go faster\n

if I use this and I line up the\nmarke­rs with each other...

yep there we go see that goes together\n­really well.

Oh perfect, perfect timing, okay and now\n

let's start it there. No right there. Come\non

and does it hold? yes it does. okay. there\n

It actually begins a little later so I\nactuall­y could have used

Q right there to move\nthat clip and trim at the same time

because I have [tracks] V1 and A1 already\n

and notice I did a J cut right there\n

J cuts are more natural because you're\n

which is very similar to the way that\n

something and then you turn your head\n

for you I learned that from I forget who\n

opposite of that is called an L cut\n

it. Anyway what I'm doing now is I'm\n

move the logo so your eye is drawn right\n

you're probably looking at the logo. Also\n

kind of terrible. The logo is not nearly\n

am I going to change the color\ncor­rection? let's find out.

That was a little fast so I changed\n

I'm going to once again just make sure\n

begins gradually. You can see from the\n

backwards. you don't want that. So from\n

horizontal line it won't move backwards\­n

have never done that before.\n

be for the next shot is always a nice\n

the hell not.\nOh what I'm doing here is I'm just

coloring the footage. So one of the\n

one I'm coloring red. And then because I\n

back and do that on the timeline as well.\n

just when cutting, to just differenti­ate\n

because sometimes they get\n

for that and you might see that later\n

very particular way, I might have to move\n

ever do. So at this point let's see\n

the next shot, and I just read it, I'm\n

taking it out. Okay so now that I'm\n

a note to myself: "taking a break" now that\n

that's really actually really important.­\n

important when editing. It's not just\n

about being in the right sort of frame\n

right frame of mind you're going to be\n

walk away. Also it's good for your body\n

all day. So there it is. And break over\n...n­ow.

LINUS: The unboxing experience really hasn't changed a lot -\n

Glam done 0085, find that here, I\n

but it's actually faster for me to just\n

of the time. But that ooh that's a long\n

hasn't changed a lot since the original\n

character - the unboxing experience really\n

see I'm just trying to sync up what\n

on-screen which is kind of hard cuz it's\n

going on. So I actually have to cut the\n

do jump cuts. It's basically my only option\n

angles. Notice of course while I'm doing\n

to use "add edit to all tracks" and other\n

with video track 1 and audio track 1. But\n

affecting them. And I used the lock\n

autohotkey script to do it with a\n

important to know is that I have\n

If I had it on then you'd see more than one\n

monitor and also Premiere would be\n

feature is bugged right now. LINUS: Get a laptop\n

watt power adapter \nit really hasn't

changed a lot since the original Razer\nbla­de 14 -

Razer blade 14 - you get a lot - TARAN: some video\n

or you look at the same\nshot and listen to the same words over

and over again trying to get the timing\n

important. You can expand time, you can\n

sometimes you've got to expand that out\n

to cut down one shot or if you have a\n

squish it all together or just don't use\n

TARAN: So Linus has a list of words he likes to\n

included. It's kind of funny though; he\n

out of this, so he used some strong\n

strong language should be censored. Which\n

this tutorial. So you'll see that. So one\n

actually dragged from the little video\n

using the insert and overwrite commands\n

associated with them. And a lot of people\n

three-poin­t editing. But I don't like\n

the features that I need and the track\n

not nearly controllab­le enough for me to\n

effectivel­y. The source patching always\n

actually presets that you can use to\n

but there's no shortcut to disable only\n

source patching. There's also no shortcut\n

Same with overwrite. and when I drag it\n

see exactly how long the clip is gonna\n

it doesn't move the playhead when I drag\n

targeting but they're all toggles making\nth­em useless to me

because there's no guarantee of if a\ntracks gonna be on or off

because it's always based upon its last\n

papers oh so here what I'm doing is I am\n

sometimes your b-roll clips have audio\n

Foley and if you forget to bring the\n

the clip and have the playhead over that\n

M for match frame and then it'll appear\nin the source monitor

and then you can drag it from their back\n

included now I wish that Premiere had a\n

and the audio would just appear but of\n

the earth and shit in fact\n

yet another autohotkey fancy-pant­s\n

script I guess I have lots and lots of\n

which is a beep for purposes of\n

is there's a bin on my leftmost monitor\n

common sound effects that I use, and\n

will highlight that panel because that's\n

highlight the find box then it'll type\n

caret, it will move the mouse down and\n

as it appears in the bin. Then it left\n

previously it had used a shortcut to\n

that's right, those exist, and those you\n

the timeline) if you want to make those\n

shortcut panel and that puts the source\n

presses CTRL / which I\nhave set up to the command "Overwrite­.

Now you might be familiar with period as\n

sending keystrokes like that using\n

might accidental­ly type something in\n

CTRL modifier to ensure that a\n

anywhere that you don't want it to be.\n

command directly but I can't do that so\n

that include a lot of modifier keys. And\n

have been inserted into the timeline\n

wrong (which it often does) and I really\n

particular script.\nS­o anyway now that I have

that little beep noise, the easiest way I\n

put the beep directly on top of the\n

it's intentiona­lly destructiv­e, and then\n

I don't remember because it's all muscle\n

also the rolling edit tool. Using both of\n

the position of the of the beep thus\n

little as you desire. If you want to go\n

the hamburger (the triple line thingy) and\n

smaller units and zoom in a lot further.

Or you can do it the quick and dirty way\n

cross-diss­olve transition which is what I\n

much has changed outwardly" I try to have\n

So it looks like I don't actually have\n

it's not labeled, so I don't know where\n

you can extend that marker either in the\n

then dragging it. But the first time you\n

right, not the left. Probably a bug. Keep\n

marker accidental­ly it'll move the\n

marker which can be very annoying. LINUS:\n

about the machine either aside from the\n

won't find on the one that you buy at\n

TARAN: And I wasted a few seconds here doing \n

So right here you see that I'm\nrecol­oring one of the shots.

that's called a Label Color and what's\n

you can't find these very easily in the\n

put up a little thing right here. I'm\ngonna show you.

look this is how you get to them. Oh\nscratc­h that... in 2017.1

I believe you actually can get to\n

the word "label" so they did fix that\nwhic­h is fantastic.

So you can see here\nthat the laptop actually does have a

sticker on it and the entire point of\n

a Dbrand skinned or a stickered laptop,\n

close enough attention to the script.\n

store anyway at the store or anyway it\n

adding little sound effects to the\n

little beep to simulate Colton swearing.\­n

and it'll sound like a swear but I think\n

like it was coming from Colton, so I\n

shooting has actually improved quite a\nbit...

we now have meetings between the writer,\n

shooter. And they go over the script\n

which is an even more informatio­n rich\n

intend to get, and not have to have the\n

shooting because we've already looked it\n

better results because the writer is\n

exactly what is necessary. LINUS: Rocks a normal non-magnet­ized

power cord, hint-hint Razer! TARAN: However as you will see

in this video tutorial it has also led\n

glam, if any glam, because everything­\n

However, LATELY lately, we've put an extra\n

three to five glam shots and that's been\n

two takes in here \nhere. We've got

ourselves an insane clown posse joke\n

just because of the "how do magnets work"\n

censoring linus... LINUS: hint-hint\­n

mono rather than weird stereo. I'm gonna\n

I would usually alt click drag to\n

there in the first place so I can just\n

LINUS: hint, Razer - to go with it, hint hint\n

happened here is around this time NVIDIA was forcing everyone to

GeForce experience version 3 and it\n

requires a sign-in and junk so I was\n

version 2. These days version 3 is\n

to help someone else because I'm a nice\n

tried to get the Linus in B-roll [to be]\n

a-roll and I decide that's not working\n

same\ntime so I'm scooching it over and then

I'm messing with the timings in the\n

the background I'm gonna talk about\n

this is boring hint raiser let's just\n

editing a video the number one greatest\n

effects and music being too loud\n

know what I'm talking about go watch the\nvideo

what exactly is one second by James May\n

to what he's saying\nth­e video is very profession­ally done

otherwise but the sound effects and\n

12 decibels maybe more and this is just\n

examples\n­I know audio mixing is not always easy

but it is very important another amateur\n

either no motion or no sound in the\n

motion at all is especially bad because\n

they'll keep the audio playing even if\n

you want to use a freeze-fra­me or\n

what you're doing otherwise it'll look\n

image on screen it's usually nice to\n

something that keeps things more dynamic\n

not a slideshow so you might as well\n

so once I have the timing of this\n

Brandon what the heck the next thing is\n

any sense to me\nso you'll hear that conversati­on is

starting now\nBrand­on and lattices playing shot we've

got cleared things done yeah okay yes so\n

it two ways you can do it this is the\n

holder yes what's what are you guys\ntalk­ing about

was like so yeah so look at this this is\n

the same laptop yes blade which is two\n

so I just a rack for kiss or you could\n

anything yeah from nothing today yeah so\n

as a safety but like I think you want\n

him this idea of like having a let go\n

across that way\nbut I didn't have hard enough White's in

the oil using stuff so I just did it\n

use whichever you prefer I did both to\n

some brighter all of it yeah I think\n

is not perfect if you look down on the\n

button il button o L button and that's\n

mouse button as I am hitting its certain\n

that's what that meant so anyway I found\n

because you know well he was there\ntel­ling me what was going on

looks like I just grabbed a dip to black\n

don't have a shortcut to apply the dip\n

you cannot save any of Premier's\­n

that is yet one more feature that I have\n

please add in but it's been a year or\n

save transition presets if they are\n

got to do is select it go up to the\n

save preset that works with all\nthird­-party

and interestin­gly enough it also works\n

all and this will save all of the custom\n

transition as well as the duration if\n

workaround­s for applying transition­s and\n

clipboard' states but it really is not\n

feature in the program for real anyway\n

that this shot was not done with a pink\n

corner because it kind of knocks off the\n

so unbalanced towards that laptop like\n

then sure yeah totally go for it but in\n

crashed there's a lot of things that\n

video done not having the footage\n

being disruptive but when Premiere is\n

of time in a day Oh\noh this is so funny okay I'm looking

through manually to find the latest\n

see that was 1137 whereas this one was\n

it looks like the autosave stopped\n

these days I actually now have a script\n

saved file for me in any particular­\n

however I did not have that script when\n

jack so I had to do it manually anyway\n

find where the camera moves pumped that\n

Thunderbol­t 3 port and HDMI port and\n

damn computer still with the black\n

you see that he does specifical­ly call\n

so using the pink laptop not the best\n

really nice still with the rubber feet\n

happens sometimes is Brandon will do a\n

messed up that move let's do it again\n

move that he probably wanted me to use\n

feet for that one he held the shot still\nwit­h the rubber feet

it starts about here so he went okay\n

rubber feet and holding the shot but I\n

I'm going to abort this shot move\n

it was an accident because I think it'll\n

let's go see what the next shot is\n

that the b-roll needs to kind of keep up\n

actually a pan back out of that shot\n

here ah so he goes from he goes down and\n

could do a match cut right here so I'm\njust lining it up

bill with\nyou can see that I've got snapping

enabled which kind of screws with your\n

turn it on and off with a keyboard\n

thickness but look at that the die haha\n

cut what kind of a cut is that I don't\n

cuz it's like you pan up and there's\n

if you're trying to maintain the dime\n

relations you wouldn't do it this way\n

would be with a top to bottom wipe\n

be a feathered wipe rather than a\n

shot I thought that last one was pretty\nsu­ccessful

well with the bright green Razer logo on\n

[Music]\nt­here okay so what happened here is that

hella one of our new editors called me a\n

with aspect ratio problems I don't mind\n

that because it means ultimately less\n

let's get back to the Edit so what I had\n

was I went over to my various assets\n

that has embedded inside of it the\n

just loading in some sound effects as\n

that causes gamers to rush this the\n

that transition is because if you do it\n

this transition across two clips that\n

the same layer and it doesn't work for\n

works perfectly well for this one so in\n

basically just kind of an invisible\­n

affect everything below it with the\n

causes gamers to rush the stands and\n

meetings with their laptops because\n

key specs are the same ok so right now\n

cheering sound effect but that's a\n

to talk about something completely­\n

have dead air so there's this concept\n

where basically the editor has put\n

the presenter is talking about with mr.\nWilso­n

where mr. Douglass Houghton the Minister\n­without portfolio

and lord longford the Lord privy see the\n

they contain no informatio­nal value they\n

use them but like anything there's a\n

don't like using them and I think that\n

out there now you might not have access\n

certain photograph­s or videos or pieces\n

there really is nothing that you can\n

bunch of Lord privy seal but at that\n

you making this a video if you really\n

writing an article anyway what am I\n

searching for some other sound effects\n

really call it that\n[App­lause]

something that I try to avoid is using\n

heard a million times like this one see\n

anyway I'm finding a nice crowd noise\n

will represent a bunch of fanboys\n

stuff and I guess I went with this one\n

me this photo and fricking non editors\n

the highest resolution possible of\n

doing a reverse image search for this\n

and it will sort them by the largest\n

it is that uploaded it now sometimes you\n

resolution but really somebody just\n

file size and it's all blurry and crappy\n

the resolution actually looks pretty\n

it's maybe marginally better anyway\n

by Razer themselves so I did grab it\n

photograph­er was one of theirs and they\n

are using it\nso this just goes in with a joke about

on the back actually I'm not sure you\n

am just putting on some scale keyframes\­n

menu in order to get to the on the back\n

on the back that causes that's what this\n

you should already know that what is\n

amateur hour over here mm-hmm\nbu­t the reverse image search not

everybody knows about that\n

there you go that's a kind of a dramatic\n

learned that from watching cartoons\n­this is gamers trash day

ozs game just reusing one of the woosh\n

stands and profession­als looks like I\n

that's very very very important is I\n

don't have to I will disable them on the\n

mentioned that yet no I haven't but I'm\n

for that is shift e and I have never\n

pretty easy to do it's right on your\n

way and I use it all the time all the\n

watch out for is that even a disabled\n

your way so if you're somewhere and you\n

will still highlight the disabled clip\n

not disabled and that's really annoying\n

Premiere that I have a big little\n

I put it in my Premiere Pro problems\n

go into meetings with their laptops\n

profession­al bands and prep but my\n

Adobe's priorities profession­als to\n

lap\nadobe has fixed several of the bugs and

put in some of the features that i've\n

admit it the best way to get stuff fixed\n

google it and you'll find it\n

this is ridiculous we've got this fake\n

there to embarrass a m-- to his laptop\n

that I used to go into meetings with\n

embarrasse­d yes very funny okay and then\n

supposed to cut too according to the\n

this is pretty funny I want to add some\n

it's an orchestral hit I was oh hang on\n

dragging this stop it okay it's an\n

the warner/cha­ppell library that's our\n

stumbled upon these and I thought they\n

funny that I just just listen\n[M­usic]

but there's so many of these in this\n

method of viewing waveforms in either\n

they are in an icon view so I'm\n

or two I'm googling a whole bunch and I\n

there's like a third-part­y applicatio­n\n

to have to do that\nso eventually I figure out that it's not

going to happen today but I still took\n

basically every day I'll learn one new\n

work and sometimes it does work and\n

right here you can see we do in fact\n

warner/cha­ppell music library itself\n[M­usic]

[Laughter]­\nokay so from my laughs there it sounds

like I've found the one that I wanted\n

didn't I didn't know which ones were the\n

is excellent okay a lot of time wasted\n

trying to learn a few new skills failed\n

something by the way you see me sort of\n

clips on the timeline the reason I do\n

in/out points are for any clip of usable\n

okay so you saw me reduce the gain of\n

making sure both audio tracks are on\n

the beginning because this extra super\n

to be real careful don't make them too\n

this that bin of orchestral hits is\n

where it belongs okay so I've got two\n

the right I'm supposed to make them\n

in sequence now here's the thing I\n

quite a while I try all sorts of\n

I'm just trying to do it because I read\n

and this is what I was told to do\n

shot in a way that is conducive to doing\n

window is cutting off the bottom of the\n

second shot so I will round with this\n

fast-forwa­rd through some of that but\n

called killing your darlings which is\n

first off notice that I've already\n

this because they're too embarrasse­d\n

and then it pointlessl­y cuts to the\nsecon­d shot again I

don't need to use that shot and I spend\n

killing your darlings is a concept where\n

for has gone and they've spent like a\n

they're these crane shots of a city\n

don't know choreograp­hed dance it cost\n

movie isn't even a musical and such a\n

in this movie and not in a good way\n

cut that scene do not use it and you\n

people who worked really hard on that\n

movie it shouldn't go in the movie and\n

deliberate­ly not used a very nice shot\n

they simply do not work I do have one\n

this video what was it called aa project\n

piece Brandon and Linus spent all night\n

filmed all of these really nice shots of\n

know thirty percent of the shots were\n

I used four of those shots four because\n

don't need to keep seeing it right so I\n

how it had been shot when you're in the\n

what is needed and what is not and on\n

did not get enough footage of Linus\n

have footage of like three games and I\n

other things around to kind of\n

I see a lot of is if you're editing a\n

temptation to keep cutting to a\n

so many cameras you might as well use\n

them when absolutely­\nevery cut must be done with purpose and

if it's better to hold on the wire then\n

minutes later you can see the fruit of\n

shot being matched up here and it just\n

deleted all the stuff that didn't work\n

looking like to refuse to go into\n

too embarrasse­d even most of the keys\n

is actually kind of funny I don't know\n

amusing okey dokey\nnex­t shot here looks like we've got shot

70 and I'm supposed to label it with\n

do it again no Oh what I I don't know\n

to stuff I don't think I ended up using\n

really long am I supposed to cut it up I\n

just don't know what the original intent\n

this point I could have asked him but he\n

unfortunat­ely sometimes they shoot for\n

being in the script so sometimes I get\n

because the plan has changed\n

some points but it isn't now and right\n

bin maybe looking for an alternativ­e\n

only take that I have yeah like look at\n

what's he guessed during - am I supposed\n

because there's not enough time at all\n

mention anything about hands pointing to\n

doubled to one terabyte and the gtx 970m\n

the next shot is 71 so let's go just\n

this is just static it's not moving at\n

shots to have a bit of motion in them\n

later battery same though the maximum\n

terabyte and the GTX 970 okay back to\n

coming up here I don't know why the\n

is obs/xsplit­/whatever\­n[Music]

says use the best take\nsome­times there's little notes obviously

yeah it's pretty good just messing\n

to him yeah yeah it's a good shot plop\n

a very capable little VR machine and\n

is the ideal kind of b-roll yeah my port\n

that okay next one shot 91 plug 2\n

found it already fantastic\­n

here\nokay now here's the trouble with doing

all the actions in one shot lack of\n

one monitor and then another monitor\n

it's a one-er and the trouble with doing\n

be perfect so that the actions will\n

pretty sure that he's plugging in the\n

says in the script so they probably\n

they shot this which is why they got the\n

and that the Thunderbol­t Thunderbol­t and\n

so I got to do HDMI and then the trouble\n

hold that shot for as long as I need it\n

and then I can swap over to the other\n

be creative like this this is more\n

Hertz now more recently everyone's been\n

like this where if we have a shot like\n

someone does in fact read through the\n

handle 4k a 60 Hertz now so you see I\n

these are transition­s that you can get\n

they're free for the first pack I bought\n

would also have to buy them for every\n

open up a project on someone else's\n

experiment­ing with this flip over\n

tried to use it before and boy I will\n

looks awful let's see if I can change\nth­e background

here to something that's not gray why\n

okay so that didn't work so many of the\n

completely cheesy nonsense that looks\n

oh yeah\nwell Premiere crashed this is

unfortunat­ely a very common site\n

me usually more and if you edit in\n

friendly with the autosave function and\n

your autosave function needs to be set\n

minutes with 70 versions every two\n

every three minutes\ni­t doesn't even save every three minutes

that's just like a suggestion to it so\n

just presses CTRL s for me every now and\n

that okay well let's open this back up\n

potential recovery project it does that\n

automatic recovery project safe thingy\n

you've got to be reliant upon your own\n

load these and it crashes immediatel­y\n

this works\nwhe­never you're loading an autosave or a

recovery project never save over your\n

something cuz it might be in a broken\n

just say it crashed as soon as I opened\n

project file I might have a completely­\n

happened before and the only way that I\n

to load an autosave and that's what I\n

first one is going to work and if not\n

or the one\nfor that or the one before that so let's

see you know you don't want to lose work\n

let's see\nokay still gray background let's delete

that transition as quickly as we can\n

it loads it won't crash because well\n

good old impact push because we know\n

see me do sometimes is hit CTRL S and\n

with all of my little tricks it's just\n

will save in the background while I do\n

my second anyway which is where my\n

comes in the blade is now available with\n

a matte 1920 by 1080 non-touch means\n

with poor resolution scan windows and\n

in games obviously you can turn down the\n

dealing with interpolat­ion instead of a\n

script here two models side-by-si­de\n

that one of them is a touch screen and\nthe other isn't

and the framerate difference \nokay it's

very convenient when b-roll has talking\ni­n it

that explains what's going on cuz like I\n

extreme closeup\nw­hich is where my favorite difference

for the last gen comes so Thank You\nLinus

the blade is now top or a matte 95 1080\nnon-­touchscree­n

that's cheaper SATA little battery point\n

windows and translates not to double the\n

turn down the touch screen model to\n1080p

okay that's obviously the wrong spot for\n

consulting the script here again to see\n

into Premiere and oh no I accidental­ly\n

windowed mode which because I have four\n

UI scaling Premiere can get really\n

really hold against them because UI\n

anyway let's continue here and fix our\n

I might as well save a v3 I don't know I\n

strangely and I prefer to ensure that I\n

on 300 touch mean or little battery okay\n

screen of the matte screen versus the\n

showing that the framerate is different\­n

however this is kind of boring because\n

scaling it and using the crop effect and\n

take this time to talk about something a\n

just crashed and I had to recover from\nthat

now Etzel and Pella do not use a\n

video instead they just start off\n

say a new project and they go from there\n

on the reason why they do this is\n

stability problems right so Premiere\n

not giving GPU render errors as often\n

but it also means more busy work now if\n

template is basically I just create a\n

that I think I'll need for editing I\n

I'll put all\n- sound effects in there I'll organize

it really cleanly I'll make sure my\n

I save that and then I will use that\n

that I use so it's just a pre saved sort\n

open it back up again and make some\n

that'll be my new template I've done\n

using a template is a good idea but it\n

more bugs and instabilit­y so it's\n

do or do not want to work with a pre\n

what I will do is with each new version\n

will create a brand new template from\n

version to another and I'll really\n

then that'll be my brand new template so\n

weird thing about this is I thought that\n

to do it through Windows there's a\n

that however it looks like in this shot\n

game itself and I'm not sure if that\n

basically the shooter in this case\n

what Linus's intent is although actually\n

yeah that's linus you can see his watch\n

it has been the case where the shooter\n

out to be completely wrong where it\n

that conclusion but it's just completely­\n

some of those educated guesses as well.\n

proven wrong in my guesses over and over\n

to make an assumption­. And sometimes it's\n

editing a video where Linus talks about\n

first keyboard with 18 macro keys on it.\n

Logitech G15 keyboard with 6 macro keys\n

directly above M1 M2 M3 so I think, 'Oh\n

total of 18 possible macro keys even if\n

well, I was wrong. There's ANOTHER Logitech G15 keyboard that DOES

macro keys. So I made an assumption based\n

turned out to be wrong. It is so so easy\n

situation and I'm infamous around here I\n

way that I process informatio­n and\n

perfect transmissi­on of knowledge where\n

misunderst­anding, and I believe it was\n

in the scripts where there's comments\n

supposed to be, here's what that's\n

thing" because we weren\'t really doing\n

see that I'm attempting to search my\n

showing results from the comments and\n

tries to go back to the top and you have\n

or down... but anyway I found it myself.\n

works. I wish that it was pretty much the\n

That works a lot better. Anyway back to\n

as a part of our review process to have\n

review the video before it goes up\n

details that it's easy to get wrong. And\n

well, because they don't know! Okay so, oh\n

they're only kind of labeled in a way\nthat makes sense!

Sometimes I've put the graphs in the\n

CPU and GPU temperatur­es." there might be more\n

temperatur­es. And in this case there were\n

could have put here. So I don't know what\n

probably these ones but I just don't\n

timeline. See. here I'm doing it ...which\n

heck goes here and if you'll notice I\ncreated that orange marker

instantane­ously because I have some\n

secondary keyboard where I press shift\n

orange marker straight up. So any orange\n

will go through the whole edit all the\n

Linus and I'll ask him all of the orange\n

of Linus's color and that way I don't\n

day with all my little questions. I can\n

And again you can use ALT and click+drag­\n

can be very valuable because you can\n

already have them, (but you can only alt\n

at least the first time you do it.)\n

fortunatel­y because the camera is not\n

nothingnes­s where it is\nwaitin­g to boot up. Now this is somewhat

disingenuo­us because it makes it seem as\n

really is, because it's not obvious that\n

doesn't really matter because we did a\n

talk about how it works and this video\n

passing. so in this case maintainin­g\n

LINUS: performanc­e or core upgrade would boost\n

like 500 bucks plus a video card. TARAN: I used the\n

go just a little bit faster and I do\n

valuable.\­nThat's called speed ramping if you don't

know, and there are tools for doing it\n

it and that\'s called "time remapping,­" but\n

2,000% speed, which is not nearly\n

ass to set the whole thing up in the\n

and the rate stretch tool. And the rate\n

to the clip menu. For me it's CTRL R to\n

to get something very precisely from\n

choose the beginning and the end and\n

time that you need to take, and there it is. \n

notebook. With that said the webcam is\n

improved much if at all. The trackpad\n

responsive­ness edits without said to my\n

much if at all so for this section the\n

roll and replace it with this webcam and\n

the guidance in the script but because\n

know that this is how he likes to do it\n

that I've decided the whole thing is a\n

seven decibels quite a bit it's tough\n

thankfully bears no resemblanc­e\n

it takes one second for the audio gain\n

another second or two or three or more\n

adjusted the second part I can\nunder­stand but

opening a panel should not take one\n

brackets to adjust audio gain on Clips\n

of any panels or anything so sometimes\­n

with the nonsense of the audio game\n

need next decibel meter shot of blade 14\n

is it ah okay this is the noise test and\n

the laptop and then the device itself is\n

blends together perfectly it should\n

the black on top of something that's\n

on top of something that's black now\n

what should have been done I actually\n

told me yes he knows it's not great yes\n

was on a very tight deadline because\n

more tests and two it was actually quite\n

any where to put the camera of the\n

insist that we shoot b roll with the\n

that's because the environmen­t is\n

audio in it and especially in this case\n

pushing them okay fun fact mono maker\n

tooltip in the way of the okay button\n

very specific color to know that the\n

an eternity to load lag on the Mears\n60-­hertz

okay yeah so you can hear the fan\n

shot is about how noisy the laptop can\n

what the host is talking about Golden\n

that I pressed the key on my secondary\­n

an explorer location which in this case\n

server that's got so many terabytes and\n

immediatel­y went to the video that I was\n

folder and I see that we have some\n

so I delete those right away because we\n

and greatest one so this is a cineform\n

scrub through its timeline really really\n

first place because the script calls for\n

video now I don't think that I edited\n

so I have to scrub through here notice\n

my gosh if this was h.264 mp4 this would\n

for something to do with input lag oh\n[Laugh­ter]

that's a ugly graphic oh that's what I'm\n

correctly I ended up fixing this image\n

to stream movement response not here but\n

60 Hertz is far from the worst I've seen\n

millisecon­ds a full-scree­n refresh\n

processing time the pixel times\n

clarity and responsive­ness of the\n

looking crisp even during fast camera\nhe­ads

okay let's put that clip down there\n

input lag on the mere sixth card and the\n

intact so I know how long each clip\n

around but in this case I'll need to cut\n

it so that we don't have fan noise where\n

the best I've seen on what is\n

look pretty similar so I need to label\n

attention you'll know that the one with\n

let's not let's not tempt fate here so\n

er to to fix up this graphic just make\n

put a border somewhere in there the\n

a lot now which sucks but you can make\n

this I could also change the background­\n

thought it was okay so I could totally\n

more pretty but the title er is quick\n

worked perfectly with that said the\n

hasn't improved much if at all now I\n

my script that removes the lost\n

with that said the webcam is still\n

webcam shot yeah I did that okay\n

using trackpad done\noh the done must mean that he got that

shot but it doesn't say which shot it is\n

by side shot from Razer or whatever so\n

in this case the normal server the Wanek\n

automatica­lly go to the folder that I\n

because searching on the server is\norally slow our server is not

windows-ba­sed it's something else\n

right well I don't really know but Linus\n

tells me that there's no possible way to\n

fortunatel­y though if you know the first\n

can just type it in in Explorer and\nit'll go straight there

so on the mic\nyou'v­e heard conversati­ons between me

and Brandon and you can currently hear a\n

the editing it's an important\­n

quite distractin­g to anyone who is not\n

a video it's very important to have\n

the noise on set you can't have people\n

shadows or reflection­s into your shots\n

camera is rolling similarly it is also\n

noise isolation while editing the video\n

audio levels of dialogue sound effects\n

that video in a noisy environmen­t\n

talking\ni­t can become very difficult to

distinguis­h the talking in the video\n

because we have up to six editors in the\n

courteous to one another by keeping our\n

one solution another solution is for the\n

but anything above 85 decibels can cause\n

another solution is noise cancelling­\n

the noise and they don't always really\n

good pair of IEMs in-ear monitors now my\n

solution which is to simply have a\n

for each editor with a door that can be\n

but it was deemed too expensive and\n

space of the current editing room so\n

importance of audio isolation in your\nown work environmen­ts.

LINUS: keyboard\n­and the keyboard thankfully bears no

resemblanc­e whatsoever to the one\ninher­ently

TARAN: So fortunatel­y I had already made this\n

the Razer Blade Pro video so I was able\n

convenient­. And here as usual before I\n

save Premiere in the background­. You know\n

anymore.\n­Premiere can sometimes really hog

resources. So I'm looking at the script...\­n

quick zoom-in shot. This shot does not\n

zoom in on it but it's not as close as\n

is quite dark yeah it's I really can't I\n

Brandon that he needs to get this as a\n

did not get the shots. Yeah. Here I am\n

continue slipping this clip because\n

to be over there even though the part of\n

line. I have to go and move the end of\n

clip as I would like to. People disagree\n

feel very strongly about it, since it\n

is just a thing that I do when I find a\n

I will take a short maybe one or\n

and then I'll make notes to myself in\n

just send those all over to Adobe or put\n

majority of my bug reports I have used\n

where I hit\nALT F10 and it retroactiv­ely ly saves

the last X number of minutes of what has\n

might imagine that's incredibly valuable\n

that happen once in a blue moon then you\n

and see exactly the context that led up\n

on whether or not having that instant\n

actually effects stability of Premiere\n

it does because shadowplay is all done\n

you do have to have the right NVIDIA GPU\nfor that

however oh there's one more autohotkey­\n

mentioned yet one that I use in every\n

program this one it is the accelerate­d\n

basically just adds additional scroll up\n

wheel the more you scroll it and it's\n

scrolling through premiers timeline has\n

I made a whole video dedicated to this\n

for yourself so I'm just looking for a\n

here's just a shot of Linus typing on\nthis laptop

I think I'm considerin­g it for like\n

backwards and I think now it's gonna\n

b-roll shot and it looks totally fine\n

the shot of Linus having to look really\n

the secondary functions of the function\n

the way just because this is a tutorial\n

what's going on on the computer just so\nthat you can hear me

narrating overtop of it and when I stop\n

of the stuff going on on the computer in\n

backlighti­ng and one that bothers me I'm\n

get confused with the audio changing all\n

I do in order to move through the\n

that'll do it\nand also pausing and then playing the

video if the timeline playhead has\n

tell Premiere to do scrolling the\n

cannot stand that it's horrible Thank\n

option to not have that happen and one\n

every day so on the surface then you\n

your left ear if you're wearing\n

time to time in playback in Premiere I\n

sure that the little pops weren't\n

they're not but you know you need to\n

I'm not really sure what I'm doing here\n

transition­s if you move a clip with the\n

clip it will not necessaril­y merge that\n

delete the transition and put it back on\n

sometimes your transition­s can get\n

enough attention so on the surface then\n

few generation­s but when you look\n

okay quickly recoloring that shot saving\n

just going to google look closely err\n

referring to some kind of meme or\n

that's not proper grammar and I'm not\n

this sort of meme of a guy peering very\n

don't remember what it's called so I\n

was looking for and I didn't find it but\n

video\naha there it is found it okay so this is

really stupid I'm going to screenshot­\n

reverse image search in order to find\n

it works right yeah okay so I find the\n

because this is a photoshopp­ing\n

tutorial so I'm just gonna fast-forwa­rd\n

Shuttersto­ck I grab a art gallery from\n

frame and I put this guy into the frame\n

drop shadow to make it appear as though\n

on the wall out it just even just looks\n

replace the book with the Razer left\n

eye I could I could change the texture\n

more of a painting but this is good\n

Photoshop is because the image itself\n

zoom in really far and not have to worry\n

would with a 1080 or even a\nor k image that just wouldn't be big

enough for me to be able to do such an\n

this with after-effe­cts but I am not as\n

so I don't know if you've seen this\nauto­hotkey script yet

I probably used it earlier this is one\n

of\nit's my instant VFX hot text selector

mod basically what it does is inside the\n

given variables hot text and then move\n

mouse button virtually so that I can\n

change that hot text without me having\n

over there manually and then when I let\n

to where it was to begin with so I'm\n

you real quick here so that you\n

to modify it for your own setup which\n

out of the box it's called instant VFX\nit's got one parameter

but first the VFX key global variable\n

look for during the function at the very\n

mouse and keyboard so that it doesn't\n

few variables we save the x and y\n

gets the position of drover lord window\n

identifier for what I know the effects\n

version of Premiere so you can use\n

that is\nbut keep in mind that that number can

and will change if you change your\n

moves the cursor to an extremely precise\n

I know that the anti-alias­ing on the\n

be a different color based upon whether\n

if the effect controls are untoward so\n

statements and looks at colors to figure\n

normal panel color it means that nothing\n

panel and so it'll hit control P which\nis my shortcut force

election follows playhead in order to\n

the playhead and then it'll hit CTRL P\n

option off most of the time and then it\n

function and does everything again\n

available and assuming that you have an\n

goes on to find a V FX which is another\n

with one single parameter and then it\n

carefully taken PNG screenshot­s using\n

of that image whether it be scale or\nrotati­on or Anchor Point or

what-have-­you this is a kind of a derpy\n

assuming that it finds those little\n

on top of that text and then it searches\n

which is the color that these scrub\n

always to the right you see it searches\n

it'll stop it'll put the cursor there\n

mouse button for you so right here it\n

still being held down if not then it\n

rotation to zero that's just a little\n

just have the key it'll reset that value\n

assuming that you're still holding that\n

you're given control back of the mouse\n

hold down the left mouse button for you\n

around in order to change the value of\n

in which case it will run one last\n

way that it was and it puts your mouse\n

there's one last thing that you might\n

basically the hot text in Premiere is\n

change if you really go quickly with\n

another autohotkey script that you\n

you have that bug just to ensure that\nthat

is fixed and once again this is another\n

Premiere okay so what I'm going to do\n

Premiere to do a funny thing now you may\n

versions of this image one where he has\n

where he has the Razer blade laptop so\n

and then I'll take that entire clip on\n

replace image using the image that has\n

cross dissolve between the two or do\n

quick dirty way to accomplish what I\n

the process of that happening or because\n

just going to use this opportunit­y to\n

don't have any other place in the\n

Premiere is obviously not the most\n

have bugs and slowness and lag and stuff\n

of Premiere and reopen it and if that\n

you restart your entire computer and\n

it'll fix most things closed however\n

I've done a bit of experiment­ation to\n

this and there's still a couple of\n

lag slowness and stuttering you can try\n

somewhere else on the timeline\n­unrendered audio can still slow

everything down also if you have some\n

and stuff just render some video\n

lookout for graphics that have had their\n

able to do that but you can accidental­ly\n

you find those use the rate stretch tool\n

thing you can do is literally create a\n

settings but\nwhich matches the settings of your

current sequence and then use control a\n

sequence and paste it over into that new\n

a couple of times with big ol projects\n

constantly being slow there's something\­n

sequence where I think maybe because\n

unrendered audio or maybe conformed\­n

doing that will potentiall­y fix your\n

still plenty of other troublesho­oting\n

absolutely fantastic post on the Adobe\n

about every single possible thing that\n

link to that you can read that at your\n

the entire thing here just in case the\n

read it here if absolutely necessary but\nthere you go

Laer Razer has been absolutely okay I\n

was see 102 this is a really beautiful\­nshot here

nice blurred out background Linus\n

good the focus is good and I'm gonna\n

actually because yeah it's nice to be\n

on the subject of sequences oh this one\n

a 4k sequence that is 3840 by 2160\n

a 1920 by 1080 video all the footage\n

titles will look like pixely garbage\n

cut in half which is nonsense so you\n

is resolution there's no way around it\n

happened but I was thinking that I\n

of my script so I'm looking back through\n

what can happen sometimes is if a b-roll\n

think is the latest version of a script\n

stuff but in fact the writer had\n

and then they do save their latest\n

scripts that each contain not all the\n

happens you just have to copy paste the\n

that's not what happened here,\n

half with the Enter key. Anyway back to\n

tutorial and I'll mention it again.\n

I believe the default shortcut for that\n

a bunch of clips, hit CTRL N and all\n

you can\ndo whatever you like with that one

single clip and all of those things will\nmove together.

It's the after-effe­cts equivalent of\n

how to do something complex with a whole\n

answer. Just, you know, experiment with it\n

keep in mind that it will limit the\n

because it will set the resolution of\n

whatever the resolution is of the parent\n

alternativ­e to nesting is to render a\n

re-import it. These thermal shots are\n

then have their values overlaid in\n

first but now I do know and that's quite\n

this is not a tutorial for Photoshop I'm\n

this and you'll see the final result.\n

photoshopp­ing these thermal shots\n

suddenly full so I have to clear that.\n

something or other, I don't remember what.\n

back from the meeting suddenly we've\n

only have two hours minus nine minutes to\n

we spend another couple of minutes\n

how much longer that takes me. Okay so\n

meaning that it took me 27 minutes just\n

that's more time than I would like. I'm\n

don't know a lot of the keyboard\n

macro setup I don't have any actions set\nup inside of Photoshop.

I should probably learn more about it\n

would become worthwhile to learn that\n

title unsafe zone. I think I end up\n

LINUS: and while the Blade has been good enough\n

Photoshop from some University course\n

thing was that the teacher just told us\n

and learn Photoshop that way, and she\n

herself. She just kind of assigned us\n

just use in the first place?"\n

years ago and I could probably use a\n

things in Photoshop, because I'm sure\n

about. LINUS: There has been - absolutely refining\n

surface temperatur­es of the device\ndu­ring use being -

as a work first game\nseco­nd kind of person - let's lock those

tracks down so we can put more b-roll on\n

money on it dropping 25,000 US dollars\n

okay he's asking for either the making\n

shot of him passing out laptops to\n

so I'm looking through here looking\n

but you know what? I think it's actually\n

there. Ok\nit's even in its own special fancy

folders. So here's all the making it\n

familiarit­y with our backlog of videos\n

of footage quite quickly and in fact I\n

things in such\nway where it's easy for me to search for

them later. For some reason it always makes\n

gonna go look to see if I can find a\n

as well all of the guest containers

and\nnow I've found it, it's this dolly shot

of all the laptops at once. The issue is\n

to find the original shot and\n

every single piece of footage that we've\n

this shot. I have the original and I can\n

slightly mislabeled bin of all my\n

just gonna look through here for the\n

that you're hearing all the audio in the\n

because probably there was a shotgun\n

not anything on the left.\n

they do that again. Come on. Really I\n

time. Whatever, we're just gonna have to\n

original video. And now I'm just looking\n

to find the one where Linus is making it\n

Let's find a good moment there. Set in and out\n

LINUS: it wasn't until this generation that it\nwas good enough

for me to spend real money on it,\ndropp­ing over -

or 25,000 US dollars on these machines\n­for my entire staff.

TARAN: So with this horrificly yellow shot\n

correction­. So I'm using the Tangent\nR­ipple and it looks better

already. But I can't get rid of that\n

the background­. One thing I find useful\n

color correction and then dial it back.\n

back to the script here. let's see, glam\ndone 107 to find that

Oh!" I let out an audible "Oh" when I\n

Brandon does me proud sometimes.­\n

Oh, it does go at the end, how lovely.\n

something like this.\nLIN­US: Do I think the Blade

late 2016 is the best Blade yet?\n

that they don't trash the 2017 model by\n

TARAN: Okay next shot is 112 or 113 but before\n

shot from a previous video, the Razer\n

the keyboard being terrible now. ...Boy this\n

I've mentioned this yet, but we have kind\n

footage and labeling other people's\n

shots of products that may or may not\n

Razer Blade Pro 2016 and I have to label\n

video and you don't know these products\n

that you're looking at a different\­n

the kerning on the "1" of the font\n

designed this font they screwed up the\n

a few other problems that I want to get\nfixed­.

-awful keyboard from the - trash the 2017\nmode­l by putting that

awful keyboard from the Blade Pro on it,\n

sentence begins I "add edit to all tracks"\n

and delete them, then switch to Word to\n

the next shot, in Premiere and now I'm\n

So this shot unfortunat­ely is really\n

reasons which I will get into.\n

computers, they might be from Apple. So\n

just didn't time it out properly. Someone\n

and they should have just been reading\n

(Linus and Luke in this case) could get\n

spoken word. And the shot that they got\n

what it should be. So I have to do jump\n

some speed ramping which is what I'm\n

you can ease sort of the ends there pull\n

a double move it goes to him and then it\n

then it has to pan back up I want to\n

don't think there's enough time in here\n

yeah that's it that's a pretty harsh\n

that stuff and try something else\n

it's actually still okay maybe I can\n

hide the actual chain straight cut no I\ncould use

Rastas mm it's not great maybe a push\nimpa­ct push that's better

it's still not great trimming ripple\n

bit see if that helps yeah you can see\n

Apple it's okay he's getting new\n

know I'm deleting some things moving\n

at the beginning of this shot save what\n

not enough lead-in\nt­his looks like an alternativ­e take when

Elana starts walking forward\no­h he's out of focus this is so

frustratin­g to me as an editor like this\n

both times the movement of the camera is\n

mark as it should or the next time my\n

be from Apple so really each aspect of\n

shot you know\nLinu­s walking up with lots of lead in

Lana's handing the laptop to Luke Luke\n

reaction that would make this a lot\n

too many shots because we're working\n

and that's just not enough time to fit\nall of this in

I could choose to cut out Linus reacting\n

cut it I could call for a reshoot\n

all gonna be upset I've had to do that\n

they'll say yeah that's fine just here's\nwh­at we got

and this is what this is why I'll always\n

please in the future would you do\nwhatev­er okay we're just gonna

fast-forwa­rd through the next few\n

and miserable and I don't succeed in\n

decide that I'm going to use some music\n

end the whole segment and that'll also\n

that joke work first of all I need to\n

watch one of their videos and finding\n

see here I keep going back to the video\n

so start listening to it from there but\n

the ending of the song so I'm clicking\n

whole bunch of hip-hop and I just I\n

enormous amount of time so I'm just\n

really what the only solution that I\n

whatever music library you have take a\n

all the music and and organize it's in\n

able to find some really good music just\n

because no matter what tags you search\n

together probably use different tags\n

get songs that are not cheerful at all\n

so I figured this one's good enough he\n

so this is just me fiddling with the\n

Apple and now I'm just trying the mono\n

so thanks for watching guys if this\n

if it was awesome okay now we are at the\n

it on the music here that was the end of\n

what to watch next so click so I'm just\n

then paste in the ending assets\n

1 the bottom most targeted track by\ndefaul­t

I wish it would paste into the top\n

change that and now once again I'm\n

video just trying to figure out like\n

maybe I need more\nand I just fiddle around with this 4 way

way too long so I could just\n

the photoshopp­ing adventure but because\n

chapter I'm just gonna say you can do\n

really not gonna miss much because it's\n

but I'm gonna leave it in the tutorial\n

aware of this phenomenon where you're\n

and really not making much progress and\n

this and maybe you as well to know what\n

probably happens to me more often than I\n

I have found from doing these tutorials\­n

workflow and I'm being made more aware\n

and the the dumb things that I do like\nwith the last tutorial

Brandon actually happened to be\n

recorded me working on my computer and I\n

over the keyboard to get to various\n

have all of the most commonly used ones\n

where my left hand sits on home row\n

don't notice them as you're doing them\n

look back on yourself I don't know you\n

screen hmm\nyou become more aware and another way to

do this is to watch other people work\n

stupid and you'll realize oh I do that\n

which of course is why I'm leaving this\n

place so while this is going I might as\n

a few more problems that I see with\n

else one of the big difference­s between\n

have noticed is that the pros pay a lot\n

trace where you're just aware of where\n

on the screen at any given moment oh and\n

photograph of the MacBook Pro so I'm\n

Walter Murch actually puts I trace as\n

things to keep in mind when making it\n

importance rating but I really do feel\n

consider where your eye is gonna be\n

this great video on YouTube titled how\n

film theorists and it goes into this in\n

leave it at that and say that it is far\n

place to place and have your eye already\n

it really does make the viewing\n

have to be constantly searching for the\n

looking at and this is another mistake\n

one thing that you're looking at only\n

have two eyes which must converge on a\n

a time and we move our eyes very rapidly\n

spiders then maybe we'd be able to look\n

not\nand lately I've really been cracking

down on the use of quotes in our videos\n

website that's just got a solid\n

puts that up on screen and doesn't\n

is that you were supposed to have read\n

informatio­n while the host is talking\nt­hat's ridiculous

the human brain really can't split its\n

something and also simultaneo­usly having\n

different even if those two things are\n

host either has to be reading out\n

like six maybe eight words that a viewer\n

head while listening to other words now\n

lot of our graphs for example we design\n

while the host is talking without having\n

one important bit of informatio­n per\n

implicatio­n is that you can pause the\n

necessary to understand the video and\n

see in other people's videos sometimes\­n

effect of bit rates or low bit rates on\n

days we shot on film stock which was\n

photograph­ic negatives and you didn't\n

that's film video is very different\­n

streaming it must be compressed because\n

ulis Lee huge but certain things do not\n

compressio­n things like confetti and\n

lots of birds random static like on a TV\n

ever and gradients a really smooth\n

banding you'll notice and the more\n

banding effect becomes and that's the\n

the background for fast as possible with\n

it okay and at this point I think I'm\n

up on the very end of the video the\n

you'll notice that I am editing as he's\n

video is playing I do this all the time\n

sometimes because the Adobe guys don't\n

designed this part to be scalable just\n

out and the rest of it will stay good\n

that because we decided not to put text\n

has its own text and now I need to find\n

representa­tive of the Blade Pro so I\n

gonna find those at the very beginning\­n

video the Razer Blade Pro video and I\n

through the whole thing that in fact\n

the laptop with just the desktop showing\n

playing on it but then the video itself\n

laptop as a whole so the footage that I\n

right corner to check out my review of\n

glitch you just heard in your left ear\n

scrubbing through and\nliste­ning through in Premiere used to be

so much worse there would be this really\n

fortunatel­y so I keep scrubbing through\n

eventually for whatever stupid reason I\n

really doesn't show the whole laptop and\n

although there really wasn't much to\nchoose from anyway

continuing on great corner to check out\n

badder brother alright so it took me too\n

now I am truly and totally done with the\n

break and then go back through and\n

else that alarm you just heard was the\n

programmed with llama just a sort of a\n

me so it's five o'clock and I need the\n

on the when show on Fridays after 4:30\n

so this is from the wind show this\n

before but just just watch yeah so\n

story is that Edie is one of those nerds\n

is one of those nerds that sits and\n

when all of his friends come over he can\n

weak justificat­ion that I wanted to\n

all he's done is create an environmen­t\n

playing with him\nso Linus got mad at me there because

whenever I sit in the chair I always\n

it when I do that and it's just one\n

it's severely unprofessi­onal of me to\n

but in fact if you know about the win\n

time that's how I cleverly\n

what can I do for you talk louder the\n

for the RazerBlade Prolate 2016 for the\n

have a graph for it and John has no data\n

wind show I'm sorry ladies and gentlemen\­n

are they in the folder John says he\n

place for it to go yeah you say it in\n

thermals of GPU and CPU ah and that's\n

gentlemen so that's a great question and\n

is that I will use my Razer blade late\n

and I will run a stress test right now\n

folks you are seeing live drinking\n

video you are seeing us live create a\n

going on this is how Jenkins things get\n

working on it\nholy actual balls are you coming back to

the show okay boy Oh everyone it's not\n

were never known anything yeah cuz it\n

mostly cool watch the review like what I\n

are being created so while I wait for\n

everything up a Danny glam or anything\n

the markers then we'll be done late 2016\n

the first one main or a matte 1920 by\n

blade late fast-forwa­rding this so right\n

laptop open with the desktop visible now\n

that have that but that is a specific\n­shot for the GPU

attachment­s and so that doesn't work\n

deleting those are in the wrong spot but\n

single shot of the front of the laptop\n

him to go shoot another shot but it's\n

something else so instead what I'm going\n

the product now I do this sometimes\­n

stats or specs of the product I don't\n

fact I'm at the end now and I'm only\n

actually just scrolling through here\n

something important that I should have\n

there's not so I'm expanding the page a\n

CTRL + one or two times and that's something\­n

valuable when you're taking screenshot­s\n

increase the size of all of the text and\n

vector based it will always look really\n

e text when you zoom in on it now the\n

Firefox is called screen grab with an\n

gloriously wonderful because somehow\n

of a page in order to take a multi-page­\n

however in this case I only needed to\n

I didn't need the entire page this time\n

forced an update that involves web\n

everything anymore\na­nd now the screen grab plug-in is

worthless and doesn't work\n

forgets where you saved and has a lot of\nother problems

I hate updates oh I hate them this\n

you know of any program that can take\n

screen grab used to be able to please\n

those two screenshot­s and I'm putting\n

entire video which was the biggest\n

you need to begin a video with your best\n

your second best shot and this graphic\n

because the text Paragon is very\n

looking at the laptop you're looking at\n

that one shot had the dbrand skin on it\n

and back in October so I could box them\n

Christmas party so why then did it take\n

was waiting for a very now I remember\n

opening her laptop box in this video\n

in cineform it allows for extremely\­n

insist that we always have a\n

there's going to be like a hundred shots\n

easier to find one\nall right that's what I'm looking for in

and out points plot that on the timeline\n

my staff\nChr­istmas party. So why then did it take

me so long to do this review?" Okay so\n

b-roll there's three shots to show in a\n

out the best way to put that all\n

then did it take me so long by then did\n

I seem satisfied with that and now\n

you fine and taking part along with\n

operator do's and they also have Trebek\n

a deer oh well good thing I didn't have\n

the Razer blade of the frontier death\n

Taking a moment here to\n

easy to say that I should have gotten\n

pretty screwed for time as well. We are\n

just heard I was busy with this all day\n

this whole video was being edited just\n

ideal and it's in this frantic\n

the video done immediatel­y as quickly as\n

tomorrow that I have developed this\n

monitors 100 macros 200 autohotkey­\n

tangent that I'm currently using to do\n

from the GUI on the top right all of my\n

born from necessity because if a video\n

that night then whoever's working\n

otherwise we don't have a video and\n

audience that we do a video every single\n

get done so more importance than editing\n

edit that video and this is absolutely­\n

in one day\nLinus would write it in the morning and

then shoot the a roll and b-roll around\n

o'clock and I'd have like maybe 4 hours\n

often I'd have to stay late and we did\nthat way way too much

and this is why from the beginning I've\n

buffer between each of those stages and\n

great it is rare that we will have to\n

on the same day unless there's a product\n

what I really want for us to have is a\n

go up at any time and it's really\n

not days but weeks ahead while we're\n

ahead so I've always been pushing for us\n

his beautiful prize in mine but it's not\n

bottleneck at the scripting stage\n

very time intensive process there's a\n

very impressed by how quickly Linus is\n

extremely fancy tricks and speed\n

videos by the way what I'm doing here is\n

was a duplicate oops\nBran­don had shot that twice and I

accidental­ly used both of them but Linus\nis

just one man and it's it's impossible­\n

also do all the other stuff he has to do\n

known about the bottleneck at the\n

the reason why we don't have nearly\n

and that is why we recently hired three\n

the buffer problems to get stuff done to\n

have Linus be less busy because he's the\n

very hard so I don't think you guys\n

why I started writing my own videos like\n

that script writing bottleneck because\n

I was never hired to be a writer I am a\n

writing or so I hear and I think my\n

first few ones were pretty bad I'm not a\n

host learn by doing trial by fire that\n

and in fact now that we have the new\n

do indeed go a lot more smoothly around\n

script review with those writers rather\n

I'm just gonna fast-forwa­rd through this\n

at color correction I really need to\n

making them right now while his laptop\n

a test oh I don't know well he's really\n

he'll have to make the graphs because\n

his fault he didn't do it there's color\n

I'm not great at either but I don't know\n

I'll plop a premade look on top of\n

nose because it was terrible and I'll\n

need to learn this stuff and then I\nnever do

hint hint\nRaze­r just fiddling with the timing of

this thingy here you see me do this a\n

hint\nRaze­r to go with its three USB 3 port

power cord so I get to this point and I\n

already found over here and it'll add\n

so I\ndon't know if I've mentioned this yet

but I always put the audio gain on music\n

from there I just play it by ear to try\n

a bit too quiet. And if it gets louder\n

up or down or something. This part\n

little bit more and then doing some\n

get a vignette, you get a vignette, you\n

vignettes! Speaking of things are not\n

the script here and it says dual shot\n

previous and current models. This calls\n

with Adobe After Effects. And that's kind\n

program you can do scripting inside the\n

to learn some more After Effects.\n

this one. I don't know why, but I had to\n

miserable. Whatever. It's it's it's done.\n

tutorial so if you want advice on that I\nam NOT your man.

Here I'm just adjusting the framing\n

is why I like wider shots. They're more\n

though the maximum nvme SSDs eme SSD\n

bit of motion to these upcoming shots.\n

watching a video and the screen is\n

video is frozen or not. \nLINUS: And the gtx 970m from last - and

the gtx 970m from last gen has been\n

newest blade gtx 1060 - which means the\n

TARAN: Everyone gets vignettes! You know what I\n

that you can color correct while the\n

a title but you've already seen me do\nthat

so I'm fast-forwa­rding to save your\n

double the frame rate in games now\n

IRL TARAN: Can you guys all have your discussion elsewhere, \n

LINUS: on the touchscree­n model to 1080p but then you're \n

resolution image and for me personally­\n

my song need your help with this \nI think

I just needed his help with the\n

and I'll consult with whoever wrote the\n

massive difference in frame rates that\n

TARAN: With graphs, things can get really weird\n

show this graph at this point even\n

that would imply that it belongs here" in\n

where a graph is just kind of shown and\n

it, even though it's not\ndirec­tly talked about. And that's

something that I need to encourage Linus\n

can't split their attention between two\n

So if I'm having to show a graph on\n

the host is talking about, people aren't\n

because it doesn't make any sense. Anyway\n

pasting the transition that I just\n

points but, like I said before you can't\n

with the ones you can save, you can only\n

one of the reasons, aside from the waste\n

lack of certain features in Premiere, is\n

that's my hands. And because we have\n

that whole thing. And by the way, again,\n

through the video. So I'm taking the time\n

I'm making fixes, right. So for this\n

human brain can only focus on one thing\n

listen to me talking about RSI, or you\n

I'm doing in Premiere, because those\nspe­ak for themselves­.

so, anyway, time to talk about RSI. And\n

not want to get RSI. A lot of people\n

leave of absence from Linus Media Group\n

hands was really bad. So that's a\n

from using a mouse and a keyboard\n

But the stress of the new job probably\n

different thing by the way. That has to\n

repetitive strain. So don't get it\nconfus­ed. Anyway

the pain in both of my hands and arms\n

computer. And I was also having trouble\n

toothbrush for that purpose)\n

doing dishes... like things that people\n

for me. Very painful. And I tried so many\n

anti-infla­mmatories in pill form and as\n

to treat the symptoms, temporaril­y.\n

I tried stretches, I tried the thera-band­\nflex bar, wraps

and braces, and massage, ultrasonic and\n

circumin. I tried using my hands a lot, I\n

I read John E Sarno\'s book "The mind-body\­n

this is psychosoma­tic in origin and\n

exercises to fix it... and shockingly that\n

then it stopped working. And ultimately­\n

or lasting effect. So I was afraid that\n

had begun, and that I'd have painful\n

disabled. But fortunatel­y I found\n

for my version of RSI. And that is to go\n

That's it.\nSo I started on a program called Strong

Lifts 5x5, which I highly recommend by\n

weightlift­ing. And this was and continues\­n

to the gym, the pain diminishes­. Two days\n

later, it starts to come back. Which is\n

week at a minimum. This solution might\n

but I do advocate physical fitness for\n

exercise. And back to the edit for a\n

versatile sound effects there's a lot of\n

here I'm just kind of messing with\n

of whooshes in different places and the\n

quite work. It sounded more like an\n

rather than the camera itself moving\n

why if it wasn't the big enough sounding\n­whoosh. I don't know.

You know, something to be aware of. You\n

right thing. and obviously don't make\n

fitness for a moment. If you do start\n

sure you do not hyperexten­d your limbs!\n

degrees... at least as far as I can tell.\n

frustratin­g part. I didn't want to hurt\n

proper form for all the big exercises:­\n

squatting, and deadliftin­g. And in all of\n

that were saying you should be "locking"\­n

the term "locking" was never defined. And I\n

definition for it. So what I think it\n

joint, but no further." Going beyond 180\n

pretty sure that that's the reason why\n

sorry for the massive tangent right\n

important, but only if you do it the\n

yourself.\­nSpeaking of which, also for my RSI I use

a powerball on the days I don't go to\n

think it does help quite a bit.\n

Blade Pro on it, or the next time my\n

be from Apple. So thanks for watching, guys.\nTAR­AN: Oh by the

way, in addition to noise isolation in\n

have light isolation in the sense that\n

you because then they would be\n

a matte screen, (and it should be a matte\n

behind the monitor should be a neutral\n

color correction to be that much more\n

want to make a tweak to the color\n

very easily because I used a master clip.\nOka­y.

So I'm done with the third pass of the\n

finished with the whole video, and so\n

in this case for some reason I'm not\n

benchmarks into the video, and even after\n

still some more things that I have\n

fourth and final pass. So I'm just gonna\n

CHAPTER 12: The final pass!\nSo as I'm

putting in the GPU and CPU temperatur­es\n

I'm gonna talk about the theory for why\n

kids. Right here I have one of the files\n

the other one\nI'm just doing some color correction

because why not make the video look a\n

recording of IADA64. I always insist that\n

applicatio­n in windowed mode, not in\n

of the little temperatur­es and tiny\n

closer together in windowed mode. So now\n

show the audience. ... And right there we've\n

had a conversati­on with Linus there but\n

temperatur­es. So we're gonna go grab\nthos­e. They're right here.

import that, double-cli­ck on it, get it in\n

a minute. Okay oh right there at the end.\n

temperatur­e. And the little annoying\n

Linus has to move around in order to get\n

frame it when it's not present.\n

oh okay that was audio captured from\n

recording for the GPU temperatur­es where\n

scripts and Brandon sounds upset which\n

some more a-roll... even after it is now\n

some more videos to shoot, because it's\n

Monday. Obviously. as you just saw\n

most latest and greatest version\no­f this video. Because I

have the "date modified" informatio­n, I can\n

and I think I said this before but I now\n

one button and I've already told it the\n

find the latest Premiere project file\n

see once more Premiere has crashed. Now on\n

Premiere bugs and slowness is near or at\n

for some conforming to finish you can\n

right, because I want that to finish\n

people ask why do you still use Premiere,\­n

all the time and it has all these bugs\n

Well it's kind of like democracy.­\nDemocrac­y is the worst form of

government­, except for all the others.\n

between the lesser of a few evils here.\n

makes me mad but it also does a lot of\n

focus on those as much because I\n

used Final Cut 7. I've used Avid. I've\nused DaVinci Resolve 14.

But I don't have nearly as much\n

Premiere. So I'd have to of course re-train\n

but that's not really the problem. The\n

worth switching to. It's a really old\n

particular workflow (and I hate being\n

being very frustratin­g to work with. But\n

Cut X is supposed to be amazing but it\n

to give up everything else wonderful\­n

one single program. Like I have\n

like it, and then to have to change\n

worth it. And DaVinci Resolve 14 is\n

still is not nearly at the level that\n

assign multiple shortcuts to one single\n

panel in DaVinci Resolve 14. And that's\n

non-negoti­able. I have to have that.\n

of my autohotkey scripts. which I use of\n

that will almost certainly exist.\n

recommend Premiere Pro and honestly\n­sometimes I just don't know.

I'd say it's great for beginners. It's\n

like myself there are just far too many\n

can come up with is, imagine that Adobe\n

stockpot that only has one handle on it.\n

but with only one handle it's\n

be. It feels to me like the designers\­n

additional handle or even what a chef\n

explain all of this I do have a 200+\n

Premiere, ranked in order of what I think\n

how often I encounter these problems. And\n

Pro problems playlist that explains\n

if you really want to watch that you can.\n

of this stuff to the Premiere\n

sent two employees to our studio to\n

other people here use Premiere and media\n

doing that. That was very nice of them to\n

program have still gone un-address­ed. So\n

about improving the thermal properties­\n

here telling them that the cracks in the\n

should be fixed first. That's why I get\n

endorse or recommend Premiere Pro until\n

you've encountere­d any of these, there's\n

out, and by all means tell me if I'm\n

love to hear your thoughts. But you\n

these items have affected you, please\n

maybe one day we'll get some of these\n

beat them to the punch. ...\nSo at the beginning of this video I

mentioned that my workflow has been\n

speedrunni­ng so I'm going to explain\nt­hat right now.

the first speedrun I ever saw was of\n

and I was amazed at the crazy things\n

clever manipulati­on of glitches in the\n

bunny and so on and so forth. And ever\n

idea of this kind of extremely high\nstra­tegy

it looks like cheating. But speedrunni­ng\n

would be modifying the hardware or the\n

what speedrunni­ng is, is working inside\n

allowed to exploit anything you possibly\n

every decision that you make is\n

need to save as much time as possible.\­n

doesn't matter how many lives you have.\n

how much ammo you have, or where you are.\n

insane strategies­. For example in Final\n

the number of steps they are taking from\n

the end of the game several hours later,\n

what the game's pseudo-ran­dom number\n

the "random" battles that they find themselves in.\n

the bottom of the crater, hold on a second...\­n

once I've reached the bottom of the\n

the game to make it think I've\n

disk 3, and this results in hours of\n

own speedrun of Spider-man 2, and I had\n

PAST TARAN: Watch for the most epic boss fight\n

TARAN: It was a whole lot of fun but, I'll never do it\n

with the things that I learned from my\n

speedruns, especially those with\n

up with "strats" for adobe Premiere. Now\n

applicatio­n speedrunni­ng there are\n

the hardware. You can manipulate the\n

was a button that I could put in\n

would edit the whole video for me, I\n

then tell no one about it because I'd be\n

intelligen­ce is going to do, isn't it?\n

whole idea behind this tutorial can be\n

think of something that you want to do,\n

as possible." or, "every millisecon­d counts."\n

mind, everything becomes crystal clear\n

I don\'t care what anything is designed\n

To quote Apollo 13, my favorite movie. So\n

I'm showing you here today, it's much\n

what's valuable here is the method of\n

that method of thinking from watching\n­video game speedruns.

Okay, and with that we have made it to\n

explained this yet, but I'm editing in a\n

set that all up in your sequence\n

that I do is I always have my video\n

the sequence's frame size. And like I said\n

resolution as whatever the sequence is.\n

Premiere screws it up. And most of the\n

had been converted to cineform from\nwhat­ever they were before...

probably .mp4s that came off of the A7SII's\n

and the reason for that is, cineform is\n

buttery wonderfull­y smooth timeline. I\n

it bears repeating. Now one of the\n

it allows you to do a "smart render," which\n

saved all of us just hours and hours and\n

you that right now. There. You just have to\n

says "match sequence settings." That\'s\n

settings correctly in the first place! So\n

the first time that you render to\n

you know, rendering. But the second time,\n

completely different project that I'm\n

do is take that rendered video put it on\n

only cut out the sections that you need\n

second time you render most of the video\n

UPDATE: It works way better to just "Render in to out," \n

-it's incredibly fast. Okay, now back to the\n

have a problem with the rendering. If you\n

changed for a while, and that the\n

going up, or that it's frozen,\n

kind of rendering bug. And you might as\n

different.­\nNow one thing you could do is render out

previews on the timeline so turn all of\n

already rendered the very beginning of\n

done but I really wasn't so I'm just\n

everything and it doesn't even turn\n

it's like super duper already rendered.\­n

video on anything beyond that point\n

little changes to clips and to the color\n

render most of the video. So here we see\n

rendered that beginning parts it's able\n

what render problem it was encounteri­ng\n

the first time, and we may never know. And\n

thing very very quickly because all of\n

to cineform before I even brought it\n

and of course now that it has rendered I\n

are no problems at all that might have\n

been introduced during the render. This\n

must watch a video that will go up on\n

fix. You pretty much have to watch the\n

there are a thousand and one things that\n

its very last render. You just have to\n

automatica­lly moves it into our transcode\­n

not going to explain how this script\n

works. I entered a trance for an hour and\n

finished in all of its absurd\n

want. Anyway once the file is moved over\n

location and there it is that's actually\n

media encoder running on some machine\n

transcoded files into this big delivery\n

different resolution­\nthat is used on floatplane­. So these

would all have to be individual­ly\n

process by Luke or someone else who knew\n

days for floatplane back then. And I\n

saying that the files were available.­\n

mp4 file and that can just go right\n

also upload a thumbnail and then send\n

now available. CHAPTER 14: YouTube version.\n

hand corner you can see that it is now\n

to the video before it goes up on\n

platform, had this video for 20 days\n

the video and I thought "what the heck is\n

filming the a-roll they should have\n

to get rid of that horrible glare." So I\n

color correction­. And I'm using a lumetri\n

affects the screen and that will be\n

do that right now because the ripple\n

that's a feature request I've had for a\n

doing this because ideally the YouTube\n

should be exactly the same, except that\n

floatplane one does not. Speaking of\n

that I've already put the integratio­n\n

FreshBooks integratio­n - oh wait Linus\n

b-roll on top of it right there at the\n

with it. So anyway once I do my color\n

better it's not perfect) but once I do\n

that's it. That video goes up on YouTube.\n

steps in place. We have the writer review\n

Linus (Now Nick L) review every video before they go out,\n

video as well. With all those steps\n

single error before the video even goes\n

many changes around here since this\ntuto­rial was recorded.

We now shoot on red cameras and we're\n

now working in 4k timelines and we also\n

four times as long. Now most people still\n

if they have a 4k screen, YouTube's\­n

it in all of its glory.\nBu­t Linus says that as one of the top

tech channels we need to stay on the\n

bleeding edge. I've had a lot of issues\n

done. I rendered that thing out using the\n

whole thing to check for problems, and\n

to render it as a 4k mp4 to be uploaded\n

sitting at 1.7 million views. That's\n

seem to like it. It's a good video. The\n

thermal issues which i hear is not all\n

like to edit a video at Linus Media\n

whole thing! But we're not done yet. I've\n

the end of the tutorial.\­nThese are all extra credit chapters and

if any of it bores you just skip\n

official conclusion­/sign-off/­whatever it is.\n

personal career story. not my life story,\n

here because I've found it very very\n

about other people. And if you are just\n

try to find as many of these stories as\n

will become increasing­ly reasonable­. As a\n

in television and cartoons and movies\n

brother would always play computer games\n

together which eventually started\n

we created Bobcomics.­com which is\n

all the comics we published to the\n

made using Macromedia flash 5.\nnewgro­

was a really big deal, so I would submit\n

I was very active in the flash forums.\n

that I applied to an arts magnet school\n

got in to the video cinema arts\n

until this point and never touched a\n

actually didn't learn much about video\n

definitely a great experience to be\n

people who understood this stuff. I won a\n

back on them they're really not that\n

pretty good. Before I graduated from\nDenv­er School of the Arts

I got a $25,000 scholarshi­p offer from\n

was a four-year program that would have\n

tuition, unless I'm rememberin­g this\n

offering could not be put all on the\n

Institute didn't seem like a\n

I turned down that scholarshi­p. I also\n

animation schools and courses and so on.\n

the mail so I checked that out. And, I\n

animators, and it's it's such a wonderful\­n

part of... but it really seems like you're\n

kind of got the impression that I would\n

skills were never\nrea­lly that good so I probably would

have become a 3d animator if anything. So\n

a few years, I eventually ended up in\n

here.\nI had no better plan, so I decided that I

wanted to go to BCIT for either\n

I chose the latter, because I already had\n

television stuff. So, long story short, I\n

graduated, I made the fatal mistake of\n

don't make that mistake. Because I bummed\n

to job, basically just freelancin­g. I\n

worked at the back tower at Hastings\n

in contact with me (I'd gone to school\n

videos edited for them on a contract\n

group because he watched the channel on\n

did his internship with Linus. PAST EDZEL: "The restraints­\n

good place... to work." TARAN: And he actually never\n

like call him and say 'ED, where's your\n

been to school in a while!\' He\'s like "yeah, \nwhatever

The first NCIX tech tips video i ever\n

because I had no idea what any of this\n

Linus would say. And he was talking so\n

And I had no script, so I just I had no\n

were. No one had ever explained this to\n

But eventually I got better and faster\n

full-time. It was actually between Linus\n

Linus Media Group even though they were\n

there was a lot of potential there. And I\n

so hard for the first three weeks. It was\n

because there was just so much work to\n

There was nobody to train me. It was\n

just was so unfamiliar with all this\nstuf­f.

I was trying to figure out how can i\n

days just to get everything done. I was\n

tech tips, fast as possible, and\n

fun. The edits weren't nearly as good as\n

rush them out as quickly as I could. And\n

or high quantity?" and he said "both." and\n

it\'s got to be quantity." So what I did\n

the video and then if I have time I will\n

I'll improve the quality. But I have to\n

worked Decently well. Eventually we moved\n

got more and more employees and the\n

than I ever imagined. Back when I joined\n

here we are today. I can safely say that\n

hardest job I've ever had, and also the\n

some of the latest and greatest\n

really cool. I get to ride around on\ne-bike­s for my job.

I got really lucky. The only reason I\n

networked when I was at BCIT. So that's\n

important.­\n(Young Taran: "Well I had a great time!")

so that's the past. Let's talk about the\n

saw here today is what I like to call\n

require all that much creativity­, because\n

basically what shots should go where, and\n

flow of the entire thing. and your job as\n

this is very different from the kind of\n

story. you have to figure out the story.\n

like that. We just film a whole bunch of\n

afterwards­. Here's the thing though...\­n

into the script, and we use comments in\n

script a particular shot belongs to, it\n

written to simply look at the edited\n

the transcript­ion to what's on the\n

comments to see the b-roll numbers match\n

and just like that put all of the b-roll\n

belongs. This process would take I don't\n

save us potentiall­y hours. So it would be\nmagnif­icent

if such a program existed. But it doesn't.\n

me know in the comments, thank you.\n

able to make any creative decisions.­\nObviousl­y you'd have to

slip each piece of b-roll and move it\n

work you'd have to do all the graphics\n

music all the sound effects you know\n

except for the initial admittedly­\n

clips to a roll Clips right by the way\n

feature called automate to sequence you\n

and you saw have to put markers on the\n

from one place to the other for you it's\n

what else I'll tell you about a few\n

important for everyone to continue to\n

want to learn more art and animation\­n

last sketch when pirates and my\n

much further since then and it's\n

to do even though I don't want it to be\n

crap ton of After Effects and I'll\n

the 3d capabiliti­es of that program have\n

brain computer interface that I\n

I still haven't really made any progress\n­with that thing

programmin­g is another skill that I do\n

so much time in the day to learn new\n

mental energy you know some days I come\n

couch and do nothing but watch Netflix\n

perpetuall­y dissatisfi­ed with your own\n

the more you know you don't know CHAPTER\n

my YouTube followers told me about the\n

roostertee­th and apparently was just as\n

probably more so I'm going to show you\n

documentar­y talking about him and you'll\n

is probably one of the hardest-wo­rking\n

life I need to be fast fast is something\­n

most efficient worker possible and all\n

every minute of the day I'm not sleeping\n

nearly as hard of a worker as Monty was\n

as possible so apparently he used nine\n

any info as to exactly what each of them\n

the shortcut for brightness­/contrast on\n

brings brightness­/contrast down it's\n

sense Oh Monty you could have done that\n

don't think he ever knew about it he\n

him down\nshor­tcuts will save your life because I

literally work with millions upon\n

same thing\nan accidental key press will only slow

you down so you might as well just get\nrid of it

I hate updates and I can see shortcuts\­n

new version of his software that he uses\n

because I need this menu option and now\n

clicks I want to go back to two clicks\n

but I share his disdain for software\n

365 are absolutely horrible basically\­n

they're less functional so I'm back to\n

they fix the comments which might never\n

learned a lot from each other but\n

only been able to piece together\n

just imagine if Monty somehow had the\n

about all of the crazy stuff that he\n

fantastic resource for upcoming 3d\n

you have any more info on\n

a comment and furthermor­e if you work in\n

graphic design or whatever and you're at\n

doing this for years and you do crazy\n

to pass on that knowledge by all means\n

where you go through the process of\n

with every step in between and if you've\n

understand why that context is so\n

kind of mortar that holds all of the\nskill­s together CHAPTER 18

all the best preference­s to use in\n

a boring chapter you should skip it I\n

so sometimes Premiere is misbehavin­g or\n

can try to do to fix it is to reset your\n

you right now and I'm also going to take\n

preference­s I use for my editing in\n

are actually really stupid so to reset\n

program looks like that worked this is\n

should be appearing so I'll have to\n

looks like it reset all of my keyboard\n

do that you should really save the most\n

you've set up because I did this and I\n

made darn okay so now I've got your\n

the Preference­s panel okay so at startup\n

project show up in dialog sure the\n

12 frames 30 is too long so that's what\n

use sometimes I want a lot shorter or\n

default image duration 5 seconds is fine\n

the projects but you can easily change\n

if you select them in the bin using ctrl\n

timeline playback auto scrolling I hate\n

is the answer for me you do not want the\n

trying to do stuff timeline now\n

sex I don't really use insert overwrite\­n

snap playhead in timeline but snap is\n

shift to do that I play back end return\n

yeah sure when I'm listening to music or\n

the beginning so I can hear it again\n

of annoying the timeline display out of\n

absolutely more informatio­n is better\n

yeah I prefer not to default scale to\n

want to completely ruin your footage do\n

bins this is set up in a stupid way I\n

does it so double click open in place\n

I leave ALT alone\ntha­t's how Explorer does it that's how

Premieres to do it under audio and\n

clip mismatched warning dialog yes show\n

is fit clip dialog opens for edit range\n

actually never see that so whatever show\n

is better appearance I leave all of\n

scripts and autohotkey stuff that I use\n

so whatever audio mute input during\n

don't do this and you're doing voiceover\­n

talking as you're talking on a bit of a\n

play audio while scrubbing yes\n

maintain pitch while shuttling yes this\nis great if

listen at double speed or triple speed\n

works really well so I always leave that\n

chipmunks default audio tracks blah blah\n

they're fine\nline­ar keyframe thinning I don't know

what these are\nit says automation I should probably

look into that let's see audio hardware\n

minutes 70 revisions I do not trust\n

as intensely as possible even if you set\n

three minutes it'll just do five or\n

really so you can try going to one\n

frequently but ah that actually seems to\n

maybe four minutes let's see caPSURE\n

control surface these are just the ones\n

you don't need them label colors these\n

rename them to something not stupid\n

wish that there were more colors in here\n

these all exactly where they are they're\n

prefer to use a separate SSD for my\n

probably should as well we all share the\n

about any of this stuff I just leave it\n

but I don't know anything about it\n

I don't know what that is sync settings\n

preference­s and settings with the\n

then I just do not trust this thing so I\n

actually used that title err yeah I mean\n

they're fine and trim\nI don't know I don't know about this one

I never really mess with these things\n

important of those first few okay\ntime­line preference­s

now there's sequence preference­s in here\n

from aside from show audio time units\n

really far in case you want to and every\n

from that right here these are the\n

want you to enable show duplicate frame\n

so unbelievab­ly useful more informatio­n\n

those are through edits if I make an\n

it's not a thru edit anymore because\n

composite preview during trim I turn\n

problems and slowness if you do\nsometh­ing like this

even with cineforms sometimes it will\n

just leave it off okay let's see here\n

audio name you can do that if you really\n

stuff but I usually just keep it off\n

that really should be in here but it's\n

over here in the marker menu ripple\n

checked on always basically what that\n

the markers will move along with the\n

off and you do a ripple trim the markers\n

the stupid thing if you try to use the\n

stay exactly where they are even though\n

which is why I unfortunat­ely hardly ever\n

my very carefully placed markers so I'll\n

rip\nmove the footage and the markers at the

same time okay now we're done with the\n

done let's see if there's anything\n

can always click on the hamburgers­\n

if there's anything important like\n

like pin to clip I didn't know about\n

useful I'm not gonna tell you what it is\n

window and then history it'll open the\n

can put it wherever who cares\n

to settings I can't believe these are\n

state I put nine another nine it only\n

enough but at least it's better than 32\n

it stops working and then I get rid of\n

it ok right here we have the audio\n

much range you don't need 60 decibels\n

and also I prefer to just turn the color\n

contrast within the levels it's just a\n

of the corner of your eye but those are\n

the audio tracks you can right-clic­k on\n

and it's not entirely clear what each of\nthese do I believe

hang on track meter okay I think track\n

want to get rid of audio one but just\n

some reason that worked so anyway now\n

each individual audio track which is\n

smaller using ALT MINUS (-) or using the\n

visible if the tracks are large enough\n

are just designed to give myself more\n

using Premiere okay we're still not done\n

there's so many things this is\nrelati­vely new

you don't need in out points you're an\n

the mouse he hews the keyboard I always\n

don't need these these are keyboard\n

proxies because this is not only a\n

of the proxies that's very important\­n

will tell you the status of your multi\n

will like turn itself off randomly so\n

I just have it there you're rarely using\n

safe margins yeah you can see all the\n

thanks Premiere addmarker you don't need\n

actually use these because I don't I\ndon't know

I don't know what this shirt cuts are\n

nope this one here this one's useful\n

that one on as well oh and then in\n

the problem with global FX mute is that\n

you're on the timeline and you press the\n

unless you have the program monitor\n

you the status of what's going on so I\n

really don't use these buttons I leave\n

me if Premiere is attempting to play or\n

these are actually completely useless go\n

those either and then you can add little\n

marker do I need that no but I'm just\n

all you need and then this one is like\n

on here just to get another place to\n

have the export frame and have this one\n

title\nthi­ngy so that's nice you can see where

the center is so that's useful and like\n

useful in situations where Premiere is\n

playing no matter what you do stop stop\nstop stop

it won't stop it'll just keep on going\n

will only play until it hits that\n

is remove blocking artifacts and improve\n

exactly so there you go yeah button\n

exists basically you can you know you\n

the next preference is buried deep what\n

or piece of footage that you don't need\n

say make off line okay so do that and\n

okay so right-clic­k on it again and say\n

dialog box go to this check box that\n

and turn it off the Media Browser is\n

Explorer if explorer was ten times more\n

crashed all the time and also took\n

using this I will never use it if I\n

uncheck that box and you get a good ol\n

but not least keyboard shortcuts I'm\n

around at least once a day fun fact you\n

if it's not already visible many of my\n

may have already noticed from the\n

changes that I've made are mapping JKL\n

controls mapping - and equals over to F\n

and mapping delete over to C Q and W\n

put "add edit to all tracks"\n

pretty much just different tools. also\n

next edit point respective­ly.\n

these very commonly used shortcuts\­n

so that I never have to move my hand\n

these very common commands. now I still\n

and delete on their original key\n

never needed those keys for anything\n

shuttling around on the source monitor\n

using I and O. I still have 5 6\n7 8 and 9 totally free and

again there's not really anything that I\n

autohotkey scripts on those keys since\n

anything in Premiere using those keys so\n

keyboard shortcuts panel f2 and f3 are\n

respective­ly but f1 f4 f5 and f6 are all\n

keys and many other keys to a random\n

needed a visual reminder that those keys\n

never use the capture panel and so this\n

it just helps me to remember stuff so if\n

you ever see any capture panel shortcuts\­n

about the shortcuts panel is that you\n

single command that's my number one most\n

so I'm very happy that Premiere has had\nit since 2015

also you can save and load all your\n

file so if you want to look through my\n

download that file off of my github also\n

simple text read out of all of your\n

shortcuts I didn't directly\n

these but here's ctrl, shift, alt, ctrl\n

dangerous one) and ctrl shift alt. Okay, \n

CHAPTER 19: The final chapter!\n

Okay I've got two more Premiere tips\n

the main tutorial because there was no\n

at the end. Ah updating Premiere, oh my\n

as a new version comes out! This goes for\n

if there's an error and there was, for 2017.1.\n

literally delete all of your media files,\n

sucker update his software in the middle\n

suffer the consequenc­es, and wait for\n

right away, wait at least a month! Alright\n

not always trustworth­y! It's funny,\n

putting this here. So for example\n

Editors Keys keyboards, and frankly I\n

all of my default key bindings to be\n

should so. I think these keyboards are\n

the defaults are dumb...\nH­owever that's not useful advice for a

beginner, right? A beginner is not going\n

shortcuts and having them all visually\n

So in fact there's nothing wrong with\n

they're great actually, they're just not\n

somewhere else in the tutorial and I say\n"oh this is stupid.

Well maybe it's just stupid for ME but\n

rationale for why I do something or I\n

entirely possible that I'm wrong about a\n

actually going to suggest that if you\n

that you should install the Combined\n

on the Adobe forums, and I got told by\n

terrible, you might have to reinstall\­n

the codecs that you know you need." And I\n

before. I thought I was a profession­al\n

advice can be wrong. And finally, last tip\n

new piece of software but you're already\n

beginner anymore, you're intermedia­te -\n

click on every single menu option. Click\n

single - well, Premiere has these things\n

wrenches as well. Click on every single\n

into the Preference­s, look at all of it\n

don't recognize. And if there is such a\n

what it is. In this way you will learn\n

that you may not have known about. For\n

that there was a select find box\n

I did not know about "pin to clip" - that\'s\n

co-workers did not know about certain\n

buttons. That's a very useful button!\n

alt+click+­drag a clip on the timeline to\n

point is make sure you know everything­\n

recommende­d watching," what have I got\n

Charlie Brooker\'s screen wipe reality TV\n

this 10 years ago. This was part of what\n

just remember it being quite\nmin­d-blowing to figure out what was

possible with just a few simple tricks.\n

called Cinemassac­re 200 by James Rolfe\n

that he's made throughout his life. It's\n

inspiratio­nal. I've watched it about a\n

you're probably kind of like\n

more about the method of thinking behind\n

highly recommend the video "The Legend of\n

by the former\nCo­smo Wright. Now, long story short

Narcisa keeps taking this video down, so\n

should be able to find it somewhere. Oh\n

infamous "Star Wars The Phantom Menace\n

if you like it or not in the first 10\n

himself in the bathroom of a gas station...­"\n

it a lot more times than I have the\n

called "Do schools kill creativity­?" by Sir\n

with me. Before I got into Denver School\n

school. To give just one example, I would\n

animations using powerpoint­s. The other\n

teachers did not. And they told me to\n

for non-school­-related things. Of course,\n

that led to my current career. I might as\n

channel as well:\n"Ta­ranVH," you know, it\'s my name. There\'s

lots of other tutorials on there. There's\n

post because I just don't care\n

you're gonna get a random assortment of\n

complete garbage.\n­I'm not going to apologize.

All right, nearly done here, don't forget\n

everything I've talked about in the\n

form or two over to Adobe if you want\n

or you can try to hack them into\n

better than autohotkey­. And if you do,\n

Thank you very much for watching. I hope\n

probably did. It's a seven layer dip so\n

out of it! Let me know what you learned,\n

Leave a comment below or you can talk to\n

this video with other people in your\n

message board. I've packed so much\n

think it'll be good for the next decade.\n


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