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Winx Club - Season 3 Episode 11 - A Trap for Fairies - FULL EPISODE with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

open your eyes open your mind we are

join the Winx we can write our note

after conquering cloud tower castle

vault war unleashes a witches attack

against Alfia the fairies repelled the

attack but headmistre­ss faragonda

disappears during the fight against the

Lucy why did you attack us what made you

okay guys faragonda and valtor were last

seen heading in that direction so they

flew toward the center of gloomy wood

forest that's a pretty big place in a

case like this a random search has a

very low rate of success well we've got

to start somewhere let's go come on wait

a minute where are the Pixies I don't

know I told them we were doing some

detective work and they all just

not that we're sorry to have kept you

waiting girls let's although the clues

can you believe what those loser fairies

managed to pull yesterday don't worry

we'll soon get a chance to pay them back

those Winx girls are bound to show up

here sooner or later and when they do

we'll be there waiting for them let us

deal with them they'll end up wishing

they'd handed Alfia to us on a plate

those fairies didn't boil my plan you

did but that or there was absolutely

nothing we could do about it that's okay

I shouldn't have expected anything

better from a bunch of amateurs I need

someone with real ability just one

person with whom I can share all of my

power just one to share your power

anyway do you think you're capable of

keeping an eye on Griffin for me yes of

it must have been quite a battle

Lockette can you detect Eragon does

presents Walt our spells have left a

it's scrambling lockets receptors Oh

blue let's not push Lochhead the forest

should be able to help us follow me

just give me a few seconds okay flora is

a time or the woods ready to talk to you

these trees witnessed the battle between

Valtor and faragonda no way it can't be

miss faragonda is alive so what happened

to her the trees couldn't bring

themselves to watch they were too scared

the trees were scared of vault or is

that even possible when it was all over

felt or flew off in that direction but

oh no the tricks I have never been so

oh you it's you I'm so relieved Oh

murder what are you doing here I'm so

worried about Lucy and the other witches

I need to find out what happened to all

of them well we can help you but stay

close to us because it falters around

it'll be more dangerous than ever

perhaps it's time to widen our search

area if we put some distance between us

and the battlegrou­nd I think it would

give Locke had a chance to use her

powers yeah but let's all keep an eye

strange cloud tower seems deserted where

they're alive I think you think they're

under a powerful spell which has put

them in some kind of suspended animation

but why you know to regenerate all their

magic powers so they can fight again

but Lucy's not here we'll find her

murder whoa did you hear that no I heard

something too well no oh my gosh we're

trapped everyone stay close together

this isn't good those are wild felinors

they find Pixies very tasty perhaps a

hasty retreat is an order no stay still

they'll pounce if we move an inch

you gotta know all they have in their

hearts no not the teachers looks like

valtor's made a clean sweep around here

even adult Rudin's there to stir under

his control now well then let's not

here's a decorating tip soft light cuts

down on ugly shadows it enhances the

look of any type of complexion honey

plus it prevents them from hiding in

dark corners their battle skills are too

advanced for one-on-one combat in that

case I say we hit them with a convergent

spell this is it excellent idea

Oh straight all right well done girl hmm

listen we should be the ones who get to

finish off the wicks don't you three

didn't I give you an order but it's a

waste of our dark talents to have us on

guard duty for miss Griffin that's where

the action is I don't believe it

even that loser murder is there what do

you know that girl she uses that e here

at cloud tower before moving to apphia

weakling well ladies perhaps the

weakling can be turned into their weak

link tell me all about this murder

oh six against two is that unfair fools

all right that ought to do it hmm nice

work girls shall we move on with our

search yes let's keep going the hall

seems to return to normal Oh murder

vault or you would think that these

fairies enjoyed falling into my traps

is that the best you can do alt or

lightweigh­t too late ferry you have just

been hit with a negation spell your

convergenc­e magic will no longer work

we'll see about that Stella are you okay

yes time for Plan B girls now I'll show

you what I've got magic meltdown

well those foolish girls never did have

remarkable that she'd finished us off

well done wigs what you're forgetting

that cloud tower is under my control boy

these oversized kitchens sure demand a

lot of attention we can't stay here all

day we've got to get going but felinors

are very fickle they might get angry if

we stop penny man what do you think I've

now we should be far enough away from

are you ready Lockett there is a

disturbanc­e in the dungeons Griffin is

trying to escape I thought I'd told the

trickster garter do you want us to find

no no I'll deal with Griffin man the

Winx are no longer a threat anyway you

get back we can't fight them out what

was that it must be from belt or spell

so he didn't really block convergenc­e

only our ability to touch one another

well then let's try it from a distance

it'll be more complicate­d but at least

girls over here in the tunnels under the

tower they're not connected to it so we

should be safe maybe but we still don't

know what happened to faragonda huh okay

I've just increased the strength of your

lockups pill now you'll never be able to

Oh miss Griffin miss Griffin what

Valtor locked me in here and used a

powerful spell don't you worry we'll get

you out of here don't be foolish because

even if you could open the cell it would

tip Valtor off as to where you are miss

Griffin we can't leave you here plus you

can help us find miss faragonda

what faragonda is missing she lost this

major battle against Valtor but we think

she got away I'm glad to hear that

another member of the company of light

is still standing miss Griffin so it's

true you were a member of the company of

light never mind that you must hurry and

search out the great vault monsters that

roam about these tunnels I don't

understand as guardians of cloud tower

they hear everything within these walls

they may have heard what happened to

your magic key thinks faragonda'­s in

this oak tree I must admit I don't know

there's something strange here I'd

be careful digit I wonder what this is

there's an exit up ahead and who's that

the door man it's one of the vote

guardians um make that two of them

blah miss Griffin said they could help

how are we supposed to reason with all

these monstrosit­y we can't look it's the

mark of malt or the others got one too

now what they're supposed to help us

though but we can't remove the mark it's

not quite true there is a way fairy dust

headmistre­ss Griffin sent us to find you

we need your help you freed us from

battle code we are in your debt yeah

anything you want we need to know what

happened to miss faragonda can you help

the door spell trap the old one in the

forest yeah locked her away sealed her

in a naughty mighty oak tree Williams

fine bye be careful all right don't

just make sure Griselda knows what's

happening The Pixies are waiting let's

No miss faragonda so it is true hold on

it is her trance combined with a tree is

we'll have her out in no time it's not

so simple this oak tree grew from an

acorn around faragonda it grew around

her yes and her life force is mixed in

with the trees so we can't hurt it

without hurting her there's no spell

against that in our databases it's

ancient hibernatio­n magic very rare

we've got to do something after

everything she's done for us yeah I mean

what's so special about hibernatio­n

magic it has unknown secret qualities

miss faragonda I don't know if you can

hear me but don't worry we will save you

that's right you've taught us everything

about magic we'll break the spell you'll

see if I made it this far as a fairy

it's all thanks to you I'll stop at

nothing to set you free we're all with

bloom miss faragonda you've helped all

of us now we're going to return the

little bloom and her pathetic fairy

I don't make them pay and I'll do it

icy and stormy will never guess what I'm

planning to do and then Valtor will be

all mine to save faragonda the Winx are

going to run a race against the clock in

search of the black willow in the

only the waits can do it and only the

Trix can stop them there's a place for


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