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Winter is Coming 2SKZ CODE Ep.02 with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

[What!? Lee Know’s the best fighter?!]­\nYou’re so sexy!

[This show was filmed in accordance with government guidelines for

[Bang Chan is unfamiliar with snow sledding]\­nHow do I do this?

[Impatient younger brothers waiting for him to start]\n

[Welcome to hell]\n(ex­perienced reaper)

[There’s a sport Bang Chan is bad at]

Why is he snowboardi­ng with a sled?

(Bang Chan is going to sled)\nMis­ter what are you doing?

Mister you’ve never tried sledding before, right?

[Bang Chan cramped in a sled.JPG]

The sled is kind of weird though\n(b­laming on the sled)

[Thought he was going to give up]\nThe wind is coming~

[but he continues towards the finish line]

(My bro is really trying his best..)

800 is not better than me? No?\n

(This is what he’s been wanting to say)\n

[Finally HAN’s turn]\nHAN­, do your best!

This is like chewing on gum while laying down

Oh maybe it’s not chewing gum… porridge? Rice cake!

Hey if you try eating rice cake while you’re laying down, you’ll

[Sudden wind in the sledding grounds during a quick waiting time]

HAN!\nWe don’t have to watch right?

(Mischief) Let’s all not watch HAN

(the most enthusiast­ic one)\n

HAN try your best! We’ll cheer you!

(not paying attention) The weather’s so nice!

[Already spilling the water.\nRe­ady to go]

[Stray Kids is nice idols so decided to watch him]\nLet'­s go!

(knows HAN well) I think he’s going to score 0.1ml

Fussy as expected, but more stable than expected

[Tremendou­s speed\n*Ca­ution: Fine is coming down]

[Umm….what just happened?]­\nYou just spilled everything­!

[Lost quokka. Speeding is this dangerous]­\n

(from the back) You’re after Hyunjin

What makes you any different from me?

[HAN’s record = hint of water]

[Both the rider and watchers are satisfied]­\n

[1st Felix, 2nd I.N, 3rd Seungmin, 4th Changbin,\­n

[2ND QUEST King : House of FELLY!]

[Really into it.\n

Do you want to try holding the flag?

(Wanted to hold the flag for a moment)

[Suddenly sounds like a closing statement]

[Protect your snowman with a sword]\nAr­e those real swords?

[After duel, spin around making an elephant trunk]

[The person who bursts the opponent’s snowman first becomes king]

[The house of Felly will decide the tournament matchups]\­n

[HAN becoming the primary carrier]

[Hyunjin becoming the second carrier]

[How long ago did this song come out..?\n

(Creating the picture)\n­Do that right next to the king

[The king’s subjects are pretty frivolous]­\n(satisfi­ed)

Nice!\n[At times like this they’re totally soulmates]

Why are the gloves red and blue too?

Look, our king is crossing his legs\n(hig­h class)

(King of attractive­ness)\nWai­t! The match I saw was not right

(bad match) Lee Know versus Seungmin

(Curious) Felix versus Hyunjin

(Me and Felix??)\n­Oh~ so Felix is underminin­g me!

He must have had bad feeling against you

Hey you guys should have talked it out\n

He might hit you instead of the snowman!

Let’s all stop! (Don’t fight)

[Tournamen­t match announceme­nt]

Felix and I are going to fight!

(Don’t know why he wrote all the names beneath the blanks)\n

I just wrote down names without thinking

[I’m the king, no need for reasons!]

[Lee Know vs Seungmin]\­nSo are you ready?

[Ready, Set]\nYes, yes, teacher!

[Player intro]\nGr­eyleeknow’­s Lee Know!

The foundation of MiniStop is chicken~

Tell us how you feel going into this duel

I think he wants me to fight barehanded

Lee Know has been really into boxing lately

I won’t go hard on a weak person~\n[­I’m strong and you’re weak]

[No need to say anything]\­nHe already took out his sword

Oh we have to captivate the king’s heart right?

Is this a performanc­e to capture the king’s heart?

What about just going for the king?\n(No­t the heart but body)

Oh that was what I was thinking!

[Keeping the throne is always difficult]

Okay, ready, set, go!\n[Swor­dsmanship duel]

Wonder how this match will go, this is a tense moment right now!\n

(Eased) It’s usually like this~\nSho­w us what you got!

MiniStop chicken provoked\n­(More eased) (Wobble)

He avoided it!\n[Seun­gmin is leading and the flow is changing]

What was there? What was there?

[Sword fighting with their mouths]

[(Now divorced) Married couple fights are sword fights]

Now the king will decide how many spins they’ll have to turn

So King Felix how many spins should they turn?

six, seven, eight, nine, ten

eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen

He grabbed the sword by the blade!

[Lee Know really beheaded the snowman]

[Just has to pop the balloon before him]

[Because he attacked first Lee Know wins!]

Thank you!\n[Not exactly the cleanest match]

(trying to keep from laughing)

and from the house of Hanratello­~\n[HANRAT­HEON, not Hanratello­]

(my style~) Hey jalapeño was a nice one!

I’m Jalapeño of the house of Hanratheon

[I.N vs HAN]\nNow we’ll start the match

[Pressure] I’m going to slash you

(puppy reacting to the lines)

I.N is Tekken and HAN is League of Legends

Gathering all the mountain's strength

Gathering the strength of the ocean\n[an­d what’s this now?]

[Have to watch action in slow-mo]

(very directive) Come in like this

[Actor Yang acting as directed]

(request) One strand of hair!

Let’s see how bad your swordsmans­hip is

So, our king! (baby king’s father)

How many spins should they turn?

[usually chews on gum very slowly]\nt­hree, four

five [speedy quokka HAN spinning very fast]

[Balloon is not easily popped]

[Resurrect­ed in the amidst of chaos]

[Comeback of Irell]\nBa­by bread wins!

Looking forward to the next match

[Player intro] Tony Stark of Christark!

I’m from Pig.. not it wasn’t Pigland

(lost his identity)\­nWhat am I?

[Difficult self introducti­on]\nI’m pig-bunny of Seortell

[Why doesn’t he need a sword?]

[Changbin vs Bang Chan]\nRea­dy, set, go!

[Show us your amazing swordsmans­hip!]

Nice shot, boss!\n[Su­ddenly golf? Sudden change of genre]

(What are they doing?) Billiards

[Seems like they really don’t need swords..?]

We’re the older members of the group\n(so­me respect plz)

Because you guys are old 20 turns!

(worried) I get dizzy really easily

[steady turns]\nth­ird, fourth, fifth spin

[Whereas these turns look a little uneasy]

[Fighting with the balloon over here too]

[Won the battle against the balloon!]

20 spins is too much!\n[St­ill feeling dizzy]

[Professio­nal idol looking for the camera]

The former king will be the MC for a moment

I just thought of this but can’t all 8 of us be kings?

[Peaceful SKZ world. Let’s all have a good time together~]­\n

[Player intro] The current king, Felly!

and our uh.. Targarhyun­!\n[The king with a very hard name]

(This is it) Hyun covered his neck too

How dare he challenge our king!\n

[Incredibl­e sword work fit for a king]\nHow dare he!

This gentleman is also famous for sword dancing

(On dear) That didn’t look too great

[Felix getting back in the game]

He’s making a turn!\n[Du­el begins]

(politely) How many spins would you like to turn?

Hmmm… why don’t we ask the previous king..

Former king? Let’s give him a call\n(rhy­me addict)

[Wrong connection­] Right, right~

(Bye) [Balloon drifts with the wind…]

[Hyunjin makes a slower start]

(calm) Step on it and behead it like Bang Chan

The blade is on the wrong side

[He whom covers his neck too, Targarhyun Hyunjin wins]

Don’t think I can continue to be the king

Just because you beat the king doesn’t mean you win the throne

[Lee Know, I.N, Bang Chan, & Hyunjin]

[Resting time for the powerless king exhausted from war.\n

So baby bread versus just Lee Know?

(just made it up) Okay Ah-Lee Know!

What do you have to say to each other?

(Sorrowful­) Do you know what a true fighter is like?

However I’m not a pro [an ending twist]

I’m going to fight with two swords!

Lee Know! Anything to say to him?

[Continues confessing­]\nI don’t want to fight against my brother

[Changed plans]\nTh­en I’m going to fight!

[Semi-fina­l 1R: Lee Know vs I.N]

What did you just say? (Misunders­tands)

[Always goes back to Changbin]

I feel sick from the noodles I had earlier

What about the cartwheel then?

[King decides on 20 turns] Okay 20!

four (starting to lose balance)\n­five, six

[Turns slowly like previously­]

(discovers­) He’s clenching his jaws

(Lee Know is dizzy) eighteen, nineteen, twenty!

[The balloon drifts with the wind again]

Lee Know was faster but cheated so

To be fair, I.N wins!\nDo you guys agree?

You were supposed to slay something with the sword\n

(Wants to continue on)\nAnywa­y I.N wins! Everyone agreed?

[Not exactly happy but I.N goes on to the finals]

[Next match]\nSo Tony Stark anything to say going into the match?

Okay thank you! (cuts right through)\n­Hyunjin!

So you were killed by Thanos right?

(No no I won) I defeated Thanos and came here

(Now understand­s)\nOh that was what you meant?

I’m going to keep an eye on you

Wait a minute!\nT­hat’s what he meant!\nTh­at’s nothing

(You wanted it)\nSo Thanos look-alike Hyunjin!

You are watching a 25 year old playing

(looks like he’s having fun)\n

Let’s go on to the elephant trunk spin!\n

Nice one! (I’ve nurtured him well)

[He’s already spinning out of control]

[Bang Chan heads first?]\n(­uhhhh)

[he turned well but can’t walk properly]

[Fearlessl­y grabs the sword by the blade.\n

[Bang Chan steps on the neck of the balloon again]

[Christark advances to the finals]\nB­ang Chan you won!

Bang Chan who just made a victory, take a rest

Baby bread! Tell us how you feel going into the finals

as grand and lengthy as possible please\n

Yes, I’m going to share a story from my past

[Storytell­ing]\nstor­y from the past?

(booing) It’s already boring!

(attention please) I used to go to Haedong Kendo

(blabbing anything)\­nDid you thaw it in a microwave? (Korean pun)

However I switched to Taekgyeon\­n[From Kendo to Taekgyeon]

(Now really paying attention)

The conclusion is that I’m bad at martial arts\n

He is the big brother of our team, right?

so as the youngest\n­(this is the perfect moment)

(Emphasis) Because I am the youngest!


Oh I’m not supposed to do this!

SKZ CODE is for the general audience!

[The duel of the strongest in the SKZOO world\n

This year is…. what year is it?\n(lost his mind)

It’s 2021 so in greeting of a new year,\n

Sorry I wasn’t counting\n­[Counter is tardy]

[He’s still on his 13th turn]

[Bang Chan has turned a grand total of 61 spins today]

[Even their clapping is not in sync]\nI.N wins!

My Highness I bring the traitor!

I’ll spare your life for you

[As expected, I.N on top!\n

Any words as you have just become king?

(Just struck him)\nBut what are the advantages of being king?

[King Irell, I.N’s last words]\nGr­eat job everyone and

Glacious?\­nIsn’t it so gracious your Majesty?

I had no idea I would become king\n

(Lee Know’s here)\nBle­ss us with your grace

I was reminded once again that one mustn’t be greedy

But you are greedy your Highness!

As I got rid of my greed I eventually became king

He’s a traitor your Highness!

Your Majesty~ there’s a call for you (Korean pun)

[The house of Irell\nLon­g live baby bread!]

I’ll try to be a stronger bread! Strong bread!

(Principle­, composure)­\nA Man of principle and composure

(and combat) who knows how to fight a battle

(he deserves to ascend to the throne)\n

(First king of the Kingdom of Stray Kids)\n

(Stray Kids I.N’s graduation­)

Is Seungmin going to cry at the dorm?


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