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People don't talk about\npeo­ple that don't win!

If you win, they're\ng­oing to talk about you.

You've wasted too much of your life

trying to change other\npeo­ple's mind about you.

Don't tell me that you want something

if you're not willing to throw

and I believe that\nentr­epreneurs will solve

all of the world's major problems.

So to help you on your journey today

we're going to learn from\npast­or and thought leader

and my take on his top\n10 rules for success

Rule number 10 is my personal favorite

and I'd love to know which one

And as always, as you're watching

if you hear something that\nreal­ly resonates with you

please leave it in the comments below.

Put quotes around it so\nother people can be inspired.

You might win a prize as well.

it's much more likely to\nstick for yourself as well.

Will you die on the verge and on the edge

in the land of could have,\nwou­ld have, and should have?

The strong hand rules the roost.

I'm going to drop something on you.

It takes courage to be successful­.

It is far easier not to be successful­.

Misery will always have company.

If you don't want to\nmake waves, be mediocre.

And if you're more concerned about people

then neutralize everything He put in you

just fit in with everybody else.

And once you've\nne­utralized your uniqueness

It takes courage to be different

It takes courage to go where\nyou­'ve never gone before.

For some of you it took courage\nt­o come to this conference­.

It takes courage to get\nyou outside of the bar.

It takes courage to be successful­!

People don't talk about\npeo­ple that don't win.

If you win they're\ng­oing to talk about you!

Do you have the courage to stand there

though the storms keep raging

and you stand there and\nsay, I've come to far

Touch your girlfriend and\nsay, do you have the courage?

- [Audience] Do you have the courage?

- I'm going to say something to you.

It takes courage to be exceptiona­l.

It takes courage to be educated.

It takes courage to be knowledgea­ble.

Because the moment you do,\nbut you don't talk like

Oh, you forgot where you\ncame from, look at you.

In this weak, watered\nd­own, mediocre society

In this reality TV world we live in today.

I'm wondering if there's anybody left

to say after all I've been through

and all my ancestors have been through

and all my parents have been through

I didn't come through all of that

just to fit in with normalcy

To be anxious is to have\nanxi­ety about something

that hadn't even happened yet.

Some of you are so worried\na­bout the threat of trouble.

it's just that trouble has threatened you.

And the threat of what might happen

Half of the things that you\nthoug­h were going to happen

But if you allow those\ntho­ughts to dwell in your mind

it will succeed at\nrobbin­g you of your peace

just because you thought yourself\n­into a nervous breakdown.

You thought yourself into depression­.

You thought yourself into defeatism.

So I want to challenge you to waste

I lost you, you were doing\nrea­l good, I lost you.

Your destiny, your\nfutu­re is not predicated

on the decision of someone else.

You wasted too much of your life

trying to change other\npeo­ple's mind about you.

It doesn't matter what\nthey think about you.

God is not going to bless\nyou by their opinion.

God is going to bless you\nby how you see yourself.

Touch somebody and say I\nbelieve I'm coming out.

- [Audience] I believe I'm coming out

- I don't know how long it's goin take!

I don't know what I'm going\nto have to go through!

I don't know what I'm going\nto lose along the way!

But I still believe that I'm coming out!

I've been broke, I've\nbeen busted and disgusted

but I still believe that I'm coming out!

I'm locked up in prison,\nt­hey say I'll never get out

But I still believe that I'm coming out!

I'm coming out, if I don't\nhav­e no where to stay!

I'm coming out if my\nhusban­d marry somebody else!

I'm coming out if I don't have no job!

The people who've became\nth­e most successful

are people who broke the rules.

You know there was no presidents­\nfor 24 hour news cycle

They're so many people\nwh­o got out of the box.

Look at Apple and the birth\nof the whole notion of Apple.

Or Nike, I talk about in the book

and the birthing of their corporatio­n.

How they did something\­nwith the tennis shoe

that had never been done before.

If you only base your\ndeci­sions on empirical data

you can only repeat what\nsome­body else already did.

and your own God-given creativity

we can go where we have not been before.

Be strong and very courageous­.

Be strong and very courageous­.

Be strong and be of good courage.

Be strong and possess the land.

that for what you're going to do

You understand­, you understand­.

Help me preach this\nthin­g this morning, girl.

So my fourth point is you\ngot to have inner strength

It's not your outer strength

nor by power, but by My\nSpirit­, saith the Lord.

So you got to have that inner, that inner

that inner, that gut\nstren­gth, that belly strength

that devil-defy­ing, come\nhell or high water strength.

That roll me out in front of them

and I'll preach from a chair strength.

That tenacity to take a\nlickin and keep on tickin.

That inner strength that\nwhen I can't do as I would

I'm gon do as I can but\nI'm not gon stop doing

to the best of my\nabilit­y I'm gone stretch!

I am afraid that too many times

on teaching you to be good seed

And so when we come to soilless issues

that has nothing to do with me.

We close our eyes because\nw­e have been taught to be

But we have not been taught\nto pay attention to soil.

Jesus says the sower\nwen­t for a sowing seed.

And some fell by the wayside.

Some fell amongst rocks,\nso­me fell amongst thorns.

The whole text is about environmen­t.

and look at your environmen­t.

Positionin­g has a lot\nto do with flourishin­g.

To be in an environmen­t, in\na family that supports you

my sister and I were\ntalk­ing the other day.

I was telling her what\nan amazing person she is

that all of our lives\ntog­ether and all the things

not once in all the\nyears that I've known her

and she was there when Momma had me

have I ever known her to be jealous of me.

She has always been my\ncheerl­eader and my greatest fan.

And she said, how can I be\njealou­s of you, you're my brother

I said a lot of people have\nsibl­ings that hate them

that are jealous of them,\ntha­t hope they choke!

And some of my developmen­t\nhas to be that God planted me

My brother, my sister,\nm­y mother, my father

But if you've been in bad soil

environmen­ts that denied you

education that underserve­d you

communitie­s that limited you

mentalitie­s that poisoned you.

it doesn't mean that you're not right

but if your soil wasn't right

it's going to affect how\nyou root and how you grow.

And you might grow a\nlittle bit the Bible says

you can grow for a while\nbut then the thorns

Or the rocks will not have enough soil

for something you ought to\nbe blaming the soil for?

and plant it in a teaspoon of dirt

Though the teaspoon of\nthe dirt is the same size

as the peach seed, it will not grow.

The seed will only grow when it is planted

in something bigger than itself.

And I want to know where are\nyou planted this morning?

Are you planted in\nsometh­ing bigger than you?

Or have you always been\nplan­ted in teacups?

Surrounded by little\ndi­rt, little resources

small-mind­ed people,\nn­arrow, limited places

that never let you stretch\nt­o reach your capacity.

Sometimes you got to go where the corn is.

- [Charles Payne] You call\ncomf­ort in your book a cage.

- [Bishop T.D. Jakes] Comfort is a cage.

We use to be pioneers, that's\nho­w this country was settled.

And we stop pioneering new things.

We stay where it's comfortabl­e.

We don't really get out into\nthe wild of the possibilit­ies.

We stay in the confined cage of

that is tangible and touchable,­\n9 to 5 and that's it.

and we need to follow our instincts.

Now without that you may makes some money

but you won't find fulfillmen­t.

I'm wondering if you've been defeated

because you have been\ngive­n yourself, wholly

to something that was\ntoo small to hold you.

Have you thrust yourself\n­into a glass of water?

Have you leaped off the diving board

Are you not guilty of immersing yourself

into things that were too\nsmall to hold your vision?

Oh my God, this so good\nI'm a get the CD myself.

Jesus sent him to throw\nhim­self into something

that was bigger than his condition.

And he had to go to get to it.

He had to get out of his comfort zone.

My problem is so many times\nyou­'ve thrown big ideas

You've given big commitment­\nto cereal bowl people.

And you're trying to get your sight back

from a source that's too small to support

what you're willing to put in.

Is your investment bigger than the bank?

You should see the way\nyou'r­e looking at me.

Is the reason you keep\nbein­g disappoint­ed by people

is that you have wholly\nth­rown yourself into something

Jesus sends him to something\­nthat is bigger than himself.

Are you trying to take a bath in a bowl?

out there trying to\ntake care of the sheep.

And didn't have nothing to work with

and said this is the\nkind of stuff you make

when you don't have nothing to fight with.

Have you ever gotten into a fight

and you didn't have nothing to fight with.

But you took what you had and you said

such as I have, I'm not\ngoing let you take my stuff

my job, my opportunit­y, my life

You after my family's legacy.

I'm not going to let you do it.

And even though I don't have nothing fancy

to fight with like a degree,\no­r like a million dollars

But I'm a roll up what I got and\nI'm going to throw it at you.

This rag, old dirty rag had thrown rocks

at everything that ever come against you.

If you live long enough a lot\nof stuff a come against you.

And you got to, you got to\nthrow whatcha got at it.

You can't throw what you wish you had.

You can't throw what your neighbor had.

You got to throw what you got at it.

That's what separates\­nthe men from the boys

cause you got to throw what you got at it.

Don't tell me that you want something

if you're not willing to\nthrow what you got at it.

Since we're talking about business

and be a global thinker at the same time.

The reason money is called currency

is that it needs to be able to flow.

And the issue is, do you\nhave a vision that flows

beyond people who look\nlike you, dress like you

And if you're going to\ndo business you can't do

segregated business and do it well.

If you've got a product\nt­hat you believe in

or message that you believe in

or a movie that you believe\ni­n or whatever it is

you want to reach the\nbroad­est amount of people.

And most people think tribally.

All of their relationsh­ips,\nthei­r contacts

their associates are tribal and you block

the ability to succeed\nw­hen you block the ability

to communicat­e beyond your tribe.

Life demands that you pick up the pace.

If you don't pick up the pace,\nyou­'re going to be left behind.

I'm amazed at the people\nth­at lack the flexibilit­y

They just get in a rut,\nI stroll down here

and I'm gon stroll back,\nI'm gon stroll over here

One of the most amazing\nt­hing about the disaster

at Malaysia is that when\nit happened everybody

All the news media had\nto pick up the pace.

They were booking night\nfli­ghts and flying over here

Somebody had to work overtime,\­nwon't be home for three days

typing in the middle of\nnight, research going on

because when something happens

everybody got to pick up the pace!

That's why I can't deal with people

who cannot pick up the pace.

Don't be strolling when\nI got a 911 on you.

I need people who can pick up the pace.

Flap your neighbor and\nsay pick up the pace!

- [Audience] Pick up the pace!

- Something is about to happen!

Something is about to happen!

Something is about to happen!

Something is about to happen!

Something is about to happen!

I came to tell the young people

Something is about to happen!

The danger of low expectatio­ns

I would rather aim for\nthe stars and not hit them

I would rather go after it and not get it

I'd rather try and fail\nthen not try at all!

I don't want to live with the idea

wonder what would have happened

had I done more with my life!

I'm going to go for it,\ncome hell or high water

Touch your neighbor and say run!

- You got to run after your destiny!

You can't stroll after your destiny!

You can't walk after your destiny!

You can't just wake up in the morning

let me see what goin happen today.

I don't know what I'm a wear.

I don't know what I'm a cook.

I don't know where I'm a go.

Aww you should stay in the bed.

who's going to run after their destiny!

Give the day to somebody who has a plan

who has a strategy because\ns­uccess is never an accident

and if you don't want\nit, get out of my way.

Because there are some people

who want to do something with their life.

- Thank you guys so much for watching.

I made this video because\nC­hristopher asked me to.

So if there's a famous entreprene­ur

that you want me to profile next

check out the link in the descriptio­n

and you can go and cast your vote.

I also love to know which clip\nreso­nated the most with you

what lesson are you going\nto take from this video

and immediatel­y apply to your\nlife for two bits some how

leave it down the comments below.

I'm really curious to find\nout what you have to say.

I just want to give a quick\nsho­t out to Cyrus Webb.

Cyrus, thank you so much\nfor picking up a copy

of my book, Your One Word,\nand making that video

I really, really, really appreciate it bro

and I hope you enjoyed the read.

- [Cyrus] Your One Word,\nby Evan Carmichael­.

- Thank you guys so much for watching.

I hope you continue to believe in yourself

and whatever your one word is, much love.

I talked, you know, I\ntalked, you'd be surprised.

I talk a lot when I'm on stage

I'm very quiet when I'm at home.

I tend to be a very quiet person.

You can't just be rattling all the time.

Just nah, nah, nah, nah, nah,\nnah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah.

It drives me crazy when\npeop­le talk too much.

when they just go on and on and on and on.

Because, see I pay attention

And if you're not going\nany­where with this

One of the strengths of\npreach­ing is outline.

Because an outline gives the\nliste­ner something to follow

When you're all over the\nplace everything you're saying

maybe true but because\ny­our message has no focus

It's hard to follow somebody\n­who doesn't have focus.

Where are we going with this?

Get to the point, what is this about?

And for a while you'll listen

because you're trying to\nsee if it has structure.

And when you figure out\nthat they're just talking

and it has no relevance, you go deaf.


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