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the home of my cheese where is it

once long ago in a land far away there

were four little characters that lived

two were mice named smith and scurry

and two were little people the size of

as different as the mice and little

people were they shared one thing in

common each morning they put on their

running shoes and raced into the maze to

look for their favorite cheese cheese

being whatever was most important to

them but nourished them and made them

for sniff and scurry cheese was just

but for him and ha cheese was more than

finding it was a way of getting what

to them cheese represente­d having

security or good health or material

things or whatever they believed would

for ha she's meant living in a beautiful

cottage with a loving family on cheddar

to him cheese meant being a big cheese

hill sniff and scurry had good instincts

sniff would smell out the general

direction of the cheese and scurry would

but ham and ha had complex brains with

beliefs and emotions that made finding

their way in the maze more complicate­d

rather than trusting their instincts

they relied on guidebooks and maps to

help find their way in the maze

in their own way all four characters

discovered what they were looking for

eventually each one arrived at cheese

station c and discovered their own

sniff and scurry woke early every day

and ran the same route through the maze

however him and hall woke later each day

and strolled slowly over to cheese

after all they knew where the cheese was

and how to get there and they assumed it

i'm so happy there's enough cheese here

him and ha put away their running shoes

thinking they wouldn't need them anymore

they felt very secure in their familiar

surroundin­gs ha even decorated the walls

with sayings having cheese makes you

hammond hall became very comfortabl­e in

cheese station c they were not paying

attention to what was happening around

meanwhile sniff and scurry inspected the

area each morning they noticed the

they kept their running shoes around

their necks so they could get to them

quickly whenever they needed them again

one morning sniff and scurry arrived at

cheese station c and discovered there

they were not caught by surprise since

they noticed the supply of cheese had

been getting older and smaller

the mice did not over analyze or

the situation had changed so sniff and

they were soon off in search of new

arrive and are startled at the site of

what'll happen if the cheese isn't here

all my plans are based on the cheese

hens and haw's behavior was not very

attractive and kept them from succeeding

finding cheese wasn't easy and it meant

a great deal more to them than just

having enough of it to eat every day

while sniff and scurry had changed him

and ha continued to well him and ha

do you think they know something we

they're just simple mice we're little

people we're more complex and smarter

well we don't seem to be acting smarter

at the moment sniff and scurry are

probably in the maze looking for new

maybe we should simply get going and

look for some new cheese too no no i'm

going to get to the bottom of this i

want things to be just the way they were

meanwhile sniff and scurry moved further

they didn't think of anything else but

after looking in parts of the maze where

they had never been before sniff and

scurry found the biggest store of cheese

meanwhile him and ha were still trying

to figure out what was happening

then ha began to imagine himself out in

the maze finding fresh new cheese before

long he could almost taste it come on

we've gotta change and enjoy something

better no way it might be dangerous out

there in the maze i like it here i'm

someday things will be just the way they

were like him hall focused on what he

his vision of finding new cheese and

so every day him and ha went from their

homes to cheeseless station c and

returned home again with empty bellies

they tried to deny the change that had

happened but found it more and more

difficult their homes were not the

nurturing places they once were

you know if we just try harder maybe

we'll discover the cheese is still here

so him and ha worked longer hours but

still they did not find their cheese

hall was beginning to realize how hard

they were working without success

what are you laughing at they moved our

cheese and you think this is funny

we keep doing the same things over and

over again and we wonder why things

don't get better now that's funny you

move my cheese who moved my cheese damn

it's time for us to find something

better you're not really going out into

why don't we just wait here until they

put the cheese back they're never going

to put the cheese back that was

yesterday'­s cheese it's time for us to

now where did we put our running shoes

what if there's no cheese out there or

what if you can't find it or i don't

but imagine how much we would enjoy some

new cheese no no i don't want to go into

the maze well i don't either but let's

face it if we don't change we could

who moved my cheese who moved my cheeks

then ha wrote on the wall what he had

been thinking about for some time

what would you do if you weren't afraid

it's maze time time for new cheese

then hot jogged into the unknown

he soon realized the unexpected can

ha picked himself up and got back on

being back in the maze isn't nearly as

how did i get into that situation at

i should have followed my instincts and

if i'd been watching what was happening

smell the cheese often so you know when

i don't have any cheese and i don't know

the more clearly high imagined himself

finding new cheese and enjoying it the

more real it became in his mind and his

and the more it made good sense to him

imagining myself enjoying my new cheese

even before i find it leads me to it

finally ha arrived at large cheese

if only i had changed sooner i might

have found a lot of new cheese here

i did find several delicious morsels of

it wasn't much but it was enough to keep

i've got to go back to him and let him

know there's some new cheese out here

ha followed his handwritin­g on the wall

here have a few bits of new cheese i

i don't think i would like new cheese i

i want things to be the way they were

it's safer to search and amaze him

and remain in a cheeseless situation

hot now knew that his friend ham's

negative thoughts robbed him of his

ha remembered how good he felt when he

was away from such thinking while

searching for new cheese in the maze

i guess him believes he can't or won't

he knew that change wasn't always good

ha used to believe that his cheese

should never be moved and that sudden

change wasn't right now he realized that

most change didn't happen all of a

sudden and that it could lead to

he now knew it was good to go into the

when you change what you believe

paul found bits of cheese here and there

he hoped that him might see the need for

change and find his way through the maze

by reading the handwritin­g on the wall

and follow the markings hall left for

he kept hoping his good friend would

now ha had let go of the past and was

he was pursuing his sensible vision

seeing himself finding new cheese

piled high everywhere was the largest

and most delicious looking supply of new

no cheese is it real or just my

new cheese was out here all the time

just waiting for somebody to find it

reflected on what he had learned from

his journey through the maze he wrote on

get ready for the cheese to move

smell the cheese often so you know when

adapt to change quickly the quicker you

let go of old cheese the sooner you can

savor the adventure and enjoy the taste

be ready to quickly change and enjoy it

i wonder if ham will ever read the

han knew it would be easy for him to

slip back to his old ways if he got too

comfortabl­e so each day he inspected

cheese station n to check the condition

of his cheese he went out into the maze

he knew it was smarter to be aware of

what was going on around him rather than

to isolate himself in his comfort zone

then ha heard a sound of movement out in

as he had many times before that his


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