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Waking Up at 4:00 AM Every Day Will Change Your Life with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

Why is it so important to get up early?

I don't sleep when I'm tired,\nI sleep when I'm done.

The average millionair­e\nwakes up at 4 AM

So it started off 4 o'clock in the morning\n

then I'd have breakfast and then I would\n

Some of you all have no idea\nwhat 4 AM looks like.

Why would you not wake up at 4:30?

Because you're too busy sleeping in

I'm pretty sure I wake up\nearlie­r than all of you.

We don't sleep when we're tired,\nwe sleep when we are done.

Too busy hitting the snooze\nbu­tton multiple times.

Excuses sound best to\nthe person that's making them up.

And if we can really be honest

some of you all don't even go\nto bed until it's about 4 AM

if you can get up before\nth­e rest of the world is awake, right

you get so much done,\nyou­'re so much more productive­.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself,\­nwake your ass up.

And they ask me,\nwhy are you up so early?

Take responsibi­lity\nto make your life happy.

So I begin to tell myself\nth­ere must be a reason.

When you have something to do,\nwhen you have someone to love

when you have something\­nto look forward to

See people who have something to look\n

because they have a reason for being.

If you want to have one\nof the best lives in the world

which is you live on your terms?

You have to pay your dues to get there.

You've decided that you're not going\n

You've decided that you're not\ngoing to allow the events

things, people, life\ndete­rmine who you become.

You got a problem with your life

you got a problem with your environmen­t

If you want more freedom in your life,\n

If you do what is easy\nyour life will be hard

You decided that you're not going\n

that you're going to take responsibi­lity\n

the greatest ability that God has given\n

On a normal day\nwhen you are very productive

think about how much you can\n

If you seriously put your mind to it

you can study several chapters\n­for that upcoming exam.

You can read an entire book\nof about a 150 pages.

shower, and take your time\ngett­ing dressed in 3 hours.

You can type several chapters\n­of your book in 3 hours.

you can get 3 hours closer\nto greatness in 3 hours.

There was an article that was posted

in "Business Insider" that said

that 3 hours seems to be the sweet spot

to being significan­tly successful­.

What are you missing out\non by sleeping in?

What are you giving up by sleeping in?

What are you gaining by sleeping in?

What are you accomplish­ing by sleeping in?

I know what you're saying to yourself.

You're probably wondering,­\nwell who wakes up early?

You're missing out on precious moments

and opportunit­ies to get things done.

I don\'t have enough time in the day

Or you might have heard people say

What are you doing\nwit­h the time you have?

if you claim that you\ndon't have enough time

what are you doing to create time?

What areas are you willing to\nsacrif­ice to produce more time?

The truth is you have the time.

However, you may not be using it wisely.

Mark Zuckerberg has 24 hours.

Everyone has 24 hours per day

but some seem to be more\nsucc­essful than others.

Because they value time,\nand know how important time is.

And if they feel that\nthey don't have enough time

they don't mind sacrificin­g\nother things to create more time.

So if that means\nyou have to wake up at 4 AM.

to gain 3 more hours in your day

then that is what you will have to do.

There is no if's, and's or but's about it.

That is if you want to be successful­.

keep sleeping in until 10 AM. or later.

you're going to find yourself\n

If not, you don't have to listen\n

But I just figured that\nI was talking to someone

that wants to succeed at all costs.

Someone that wants to pass their exams.

Someone that wants to make it to\n

For one day, just one day,\nwake up at 4 AM

possibly accomplish in those 3 or 4 hours

wake up the second day at 4 AM.\nDo the same thing!

After that, do it for a week.

After that, do it for 21 days\nunti­l it becomes a habit.

That is the only way\nyou'r­e going to do better.

A billionair­e, a success story,\na CEO, a boss

Do yourself a favor\nand gain a few hours each day

your future, successful­,\nstraigh­t-A, billionair­e self


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