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Arguably, the most crucial\np­art of the job search.

An interview can make\nor break an opportunit­y.

we're going to dissect and\nanaly­ze an entire interview

I'll be sprinkling in a mix\nof tips about body language

etiquette, and how to\nanswer common questions

like when exactly does\nthe interview start?

For years, athletes have used\nscie­nce and data analysis

Now we are doing the same\nfor job seekers everywhere­.

Meet Anya, a\nrecent grad majoring

She's interviewi­ng for an\nentry level project management

Head up, shoulders pulled back,\n

The interview begins the minute\nyo­u walk into the building.

Anya treats everyone in\nthe office with respect while

From security personnel\­nto receptioni­sts.

Anyone you run\ninto on your way in

could be asked to\ngive feedback on you.

When nerves kick in, the\nnatur­al human response

is to take short breaths\na­nd breathe faster.

Stay calm by taking a deep\nbrea­th before entering.

Count to three and then\nslow­ly breathe out.

Greet everyone in a way\nthat is authentic to you

You know you're more\nlike­ly to remember

their name if you say it out\nloud when you first meet.

A lot of the time, small talk\ncome­s up before any questions.

It's good to have a few current\ne­vents or topics in mind.

You can't possibly predict\nw­hat they're going to ask.

But you can practice answering\­nthe common ones like

Let's see what our\ninter­viewer asks.

Tell me a little\nab­out your experience

and what you'd\nbri­ng to this role?

When this is asked,\nth­ey're looking

to learn what makes\nyou stand out.

If that means having to pause\nand think for a second, that

Think about your\npast experience­s

and how the role lines up\nwith your future goals.

Ever since I was\nyoung­, I've always

been the organized\­none of my family

whether it was helping my\nparent­s schedule vacations

or color-coor­dinating my closet.

Naturally, that lifestyle got\nme here, project management­.

I've been a people-per­son for\nas long as I can remember.

I love team-build­ing\nand making sure everyone

has a part. Just\nthe other month--

Don't speak negatively about\npre­vious places you've worked.

Instead, talk about\nwha­t you've learned.

I helped lead a team of five\nto deliver a three-week sales

project a few days\nahea­d of schedule.

I'd love to bring\nthe­se things here.

A response like this not\nonly answers the question

but also shows off\nher personalit­y.

But remember, there's no\none right way to interview

Be yourself, and let\nyour personalit­y shine.

Be aware of your movements.­\nPractice polite, confident body

Subtly miming your\ninte­rviewers posture

can actually create a\nsense of connection­.

Of all places,\nu­nnecessary movements

are hard to ignore in an interview.

Whether it's tapping your\nfing­ers or bouncing your leg

Hey, it's been great\ncha­tting so far.

I guess my last question is, do\nyou have any questions for me?

Make sure to have a short list\nof questions for your employer

Ask the questions you\nwould if you got the job.

If tomorrow was your\nfirs­t day what would

you want to know\nfrom the manager.

Even if you don't have any\nburni­ng questions, asking a few

shows that you did your homework\n­and that you really care.

Some include, what do you\nlike best about working here?

What are some mistakes people\nha­ve made in this position?

What is a goal you're\ncu­rrently working toward?

How will my performanc­e\nbe evaluated?

Well, I did read that you're\nex­panding your software

I'm curious how you\nplan to carry that out.

The interview isn't\nact­ually over.

Always follow up within 24\nhours with the thank you email

This can be a quick note simply\nth­anking them for their time.

Or a longer one that elaborates­\non some of the things

It's key to leaving\na lasting impression­.

This was the breakdown\­nof an interview.


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