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Titan Quest Pt.1 - Helping The Village Of Helos with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

one day the sun will dim and spread a

shadow over the Earth temples which have

the heavens will vanish and the gods

One Day the weak will have power over

the strong the which will stop singing

that the strongest of Heroes are born

okay just I'll fix the audio settings

be right back so I fixed the audio

I've never actually played this game

I've only played it for like a little

so this is basically a blind playthroug­h

tell me or something you must have been

saved by the gods please in the field

here they're going to kill my horse

copper hand ax and deliver harness

you saved my horse thank you my pleasure

but I'm not the only one in drama down

the road there that's my Village kilos

we've got monsters at the gates is a

the one thing I own thank you for saving

you my pleasure again just go down the

road see speak with diabetes you will

find him in Heroes in the Town Square

meter okay we have to find diabetes

first let's have a look over here

oh this is the words there just yet I'll

have a look over here see if I can find

see if we can find some bluish or

for this small village we are holding up

but what's the news if the monsters lay

Wasteland Farms we lost all the same

the men of this Village hold the guard

on shifts and weapons are Rusty and fuel

but you fight well when you defend your

enter traveler and welcome to villas

Touch the Water your soul drinks from it

should you suffer the dark fate in

battle your body will return to the

Fountain and you may live to fight again

drink from a different fountain and the

hello stranger I'm Diane meetings the

do you mean to say that you fought your

I beg of you we need your help monsters

led by a powerful Satan Shaman appeared

a few days ago and have driven us from

our Farms we can hardly defend the

village Gates and have no one who can

our Farmland lies on the the other side

of the river just over this bridge the

shaman was last seen beyond the farms at

the edge of the hilos Woods please rid

us of this terrible sorcerer we will pay

I wonder if we can do a world in there

tortured the fire damage wouldn't it

we barely have a minute our farmers are

terrified they're just over the bridge

just over the place okay we'll go over

if there's anything around here

these shrines are ancient as old as

humankind something they say Prometheus

who brought us fire built these two and

a very few select more teleportat­ion

I've never seen such things in my life

the chaos and destructio­n it it is all

about to take care of the shaman

pleasance of hermese sandal I think

GSM selects from your inventory

must have wrestled The Crows Nest or

oh that's a little crazy here too

honestly don't even know what typically

I don't really want to take let the

is selling a lot of things it's supposed

all right well the sage is encouraged to

a lot of things around this place

putting your XP out but we do this

I thought of his time the whole village

sets to work the crops must be gathered

then properly stored it was three nights

ago throughout all the nights the Nantes

drives this creatures here in hilos we

live quietly we have avoided most of the

wars We Are Farmers unlike our Spartan

Brothers yeah even the animals of the

wild have turned against us carrion

birds and Savage borers now hunt those

even the animals of the wild even the

animals of the wild have turned against

I think we picked up another bird I

check that out sit with us anymore

yes it doesn't do more damage actually

I guess much stuff as we can and then

I should go over here clear out the rest

I'll stop it here and then level up and

a little path we're going to take

and a place though I'm probably going to

I have upgraded my health and my

put the middle I thought it's my quick

slots at the moment but oh we'll figure

I don't know if I can yet either

let's take down these Shaman same status

it looks like you're attacking faster as

it's really right at this town

that's the Sharon thing over there

I think this will be good for my

character as well he's kind of deal with

I'll drop some things I don't need

I have so many torches I don't really

that would be better than what I have

so I don't think I'm good so far

I think I should get some of those there

there we go can I equip any of those

not currently but I will be able to soon

I think this increases my health

so now I have to go back to diabetes I

it should be way back over here

your Victory today is great but I feel

there will be more monsters tomorrow at

least there is enough of the Harvest

Warriors to protect us and quickly

please bring word to General Leonidas in

you have saved our farms and our

livelihood­s for this we thank you it's a

pleasure you have our thanks stranger

there's still some messed up I don't

don't forget armor for you I didn't sell

in here I want you to know you saved Our

Lives all the crop in harvest season

I will make an offering to that I think

I will have nightmares of this day thank

you have our thanks May Hermes lead you

make haste traveler we're going to

I'm guessing spotter is down here


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