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I'm going to tell a few stories about

living dangerous dreams and hopefully

surviving them and I'm going to start

off talking about my parents that

probably looks like child abuse to some

of you and it's not far off the kid with

a really bad haircut that's five year

old me and obviously not much has

changed here my dad's like 15 and I

remember a couple things from this

picture when we were out there first of

all I remember being really scared

because if he fell down there it was

quite obvious that you were gonna die

and I was like dad this is bad and he

and went off on some long discourse main

thing he said is you've got a rope on

and if you fall off you're not gonna die

and that was my first kind of hazard

recognitio­n lesson in life and I didn't

die in the second feeling that I

remember from this slide is getting to

the top of this thing and being so

stoked because I was like wow I'm alive

and I collide something this is the best

thing ever and this is what I want to do

like forever and I was totally fired up

by it and now what I do for 200 days

years travel all over the world and have

adventures of one kind either as a guide

or a filmmaker or photograph­ers

sometimes put a lot of different roles

but get outside and have fun that's what

I like to do and this is a quick video

from a recent episode of having fun

that was a realizatio­n of a big dream I

spent a lot of time flying out and

convincing everybody from the governor

of New York on down to the local parks

bar but that I could do this safely and

the safety plan was like that thick it

was crazy and eventually got it all

together got permission climbed Niagara

Falls really cool and I love doing stuff

like that but I just want to kind of go

to the dark side here and have a look at

some of the kind of issues out there in

my sport I don't want to loss over this

my sports are lethal if you do things

wrong and I as leader of the trips do

things wrong people die these are good

smart switched-o­n fast intelligen­t

people I am NOT better than any of them

and I'm playing the same game and as I

get older I really like playing this

game and I want to keep doing it it's

beautiful it's magic when it goes well

and it's horrible when it goes bad so I

put more and more time into trying to

understand what I've done right what

I've done wrong and learn from it and

come up with a few simple things that I

can share as I go through all this it's

not the systems that have led to

problems you know ropes don't generally

break it's not that stuff there's no

manual on how to do this what I've

gotten into trouble it's usually because

my attitude hasn't been in the right

place and my approach hasn't been in the

right place and now I've got an extra

okay yeah she's just like me you could

see she's fired up daddy hang me again

you know so I've got to deal with this

and I've got to switch them onto a way

of dealing with the world so that they

make it through I don't know how I

survived and I'd like them to and

they're kind of the same as me they're

ad ad and all the rest of it you know

it's it's going to be an adventure for

them so I've come up with three kind of

simple tools that I want to work with

and do my guiding with my business with

the first one is hazard recognitio­n if

you don't know what the hazards are then

you can't avoid them and this is a way I

look at the world it's like alright

what's going to go wrong here how am I

going to deal with it when it does and

I'm running this program all the time we

all are whether we realize it or not and

how good is it so if my kids is an

example of this what I do is talk to

them about it you know they're out there

I mean the more the most that's going to

happen here is probably sunburn right

but when we're in situations like this I

talked to my kids about it I'm like

alright what hazard level are we running

here right now what's what's going to go

wrong and my kids look at me and they

look around maybe we're hiking along a

trail on the mountains and there's

nothing going on and they're like bumps

and bruises dad we got this cool then

we're out there in the trails a little

bit more radical big drop-off I'm like

alright what would happen if you fell

off there is that the main danger they

look at it they're like we'll stay on

this side of the trail but yeah dad if

we fell off of there we're at hospital

so the next level of course is we're

standing on a street corner in Toronto

or New York and there's cars going

everywhere and this is hazardous

I don't know how children live in cities

like amazing even make it through but

I'm like all right obviously this is bad

kids so how are we gonna deal with this

like we're gonna stay back and I'm like

what would happen if you ran out there

death dad right on we got this figured

out I know that if I lose sight of them

which I'm gonna do you know they're

they're like me they're like over there

over there they move I know they've got

the skills to navigate that environmen­t

and that's what I'm trying to impart and

live by myself that has a recognitio­n

understand­ing that life is dangerous and

being aware of it and tuned into it now

some of you are probably going he's

really negative but I kind of think

you're not being very positive there's

this thing right now the positive power

of positive thinking just happy thoughts

and it's all going to be good right and

the universe loves you no it doesn't

probably doesn't really care about you

very much so what I bid to is the

positive power of negative thinking and

I hope that as my kids get older they're

also looking at it the same way you know

maybe my daughter is 15 and and I know

what I was doing at 15 and there's a

bunch of drinking and there's a car

going somewhere and I hope she looks at

that adds up the danger and goes death

and gets it it's not negative it's about

making good decisions in life and

thinking things through this has saved

me over and over again in this photo

here I'm 16 I'm positive I got this I'm

going to run this and then I'm also

looking over on the side there's ice

there what if he got pushed underneath

the ice in your kayak like what would

you do and I was thinking about this and

I paddled off I got this I'm 15 I was

paddle off this thing currents stronger

next thing you know I'm under the ice

and it's dark and there's no air this is

not going well but I've been thinking

what would I do in this situation and I

was like well like I'd swim for the

light so I got out of my kayak and I got

and I went along it and the air bubbles

let's do remember this four to six to

thin to suck on I tried that out and I

moving toward the light and I popped up

and all my friends like no way you lived

so that's what I mean by the positive

power of the negative thinking it's like

have a plan and even for when things are

going sideways and it leads you more

towards success the next one I use a lot

is anticipati­ng and expecting change

this is this is abnormal you're all

sitting there nicely but things change

all the time when I'm out in the

mountains guiding my client maybe like

we're getting to the summit and I'm like

this isn't a bad Everest movie we're

also going to get down you know I'm

gonna make it down today and then maybe

the weather starts getting better and

I've won a lot of competitio­ns and stood

on a lot of summits by myself because I

also recognized that things were

improving so change is both negative and

positive it depends how you look at it

and the fact that you embrace it and

pull it toward you what you do with that

now the next thing that I'm into

thinking about and sharing is I do all

these high-risk things I learned from a

very famous Eastern Zen Buddhist

philosophe­r named Clint Eastwood there's

this scene in a movie that's really

struck with me and he looks out and he

goes a man's gotta know his own

limitation­s and what he meant by that is

you gotta know when you're operating in

an area where you're competent and in an

area where you're not YouTube is full of

people you had a very high level of

confidence I can do it my mom said so

I'm going for it and a very low level of

competence right this is what the feel

reels on YouTube her full of Edie I

don't want to be that guy very often I'm

gonna make it occasional­ly but I want to

avoid that so I always think do I

actually know what I'm doing it's a

really relevant question and if not I

bring people in who do a few years ago I

had this great idea that I was gonna go

climb icebergs and this sounded rad you

know here in the Rockies icebergs I'm

really good climbing ice I actually know

something about that I've been doing it

my whole life right on and I showed up

there icebergs on out to do with these

but there's an ocean I knew nothing

I had this idea that that if the iceberg

started rolling the boat would come in

and I'd like nimbly leap onto the bow

and it isn't like that when those things

roll big chunks come flying off in the

boat heads the other direction you are

hot your own and so I was like alright

that's not going to work and I just

recognized I was way outside my league

and got some great pictures the return

on investment was great for sponsors and

stuff but I ran away and that decision

is what allowed me to climb Niagara

Falls 20-some years later which you've

got to recognize when things just aren't

work it out and get out or get more

competent somehow so if you put these

three things together there's pluses and

minuses in all of them but what they

really are is kind of an arsenal to

defeat fear because the other great

philosophe­r Frank Herbert wrote the

series dune he had this line fear is the

it's what takes you down destroys your

dreams stops you cold from functionin­g

effectivel­y and it's no good so what I

often see is people saying Oh conquer

your fear this does not work I've tried

a lot it doesn't but if you use these

tools and dig into it it's like right

and what's my plan if it does is it

still worth it yes no what's happening

are things changing better worse do I

know how to deal with that yes no and

you chip away at it am i any good at it

I hear Clint Eastwood's voice all the

time once I've done all that work then

and I've pushed into that fear I've

leaned into it giving it his shoulder

and we've wrestled a bit and felt each

other around then we could dance we can

go out and do something cool and go out

and do these amazing things my little

daughter the other day was on a trail

and it's pretty steep on one side she'd

already identified that this was

hospital train but we got into a section

where there were bushes all over it but

it was kind of steeper and scarier and

she stopped and she was quite scared and

it was only after we realized that those

bushes would stop her from rolling but

all of a sudden her eyes lit up and

she's like haha I'm safe you know I can

build my teddy bear forts and do stuff

here and that's what I'm looking for in

my own life not ignoring danger not

looking into it leaning into it coming

up with plans and executing really cool

stuff without getting killed because

this is a pretty rad life you know we're

lucky to be alive or in a safe place you

know relatively speaking we have endless

opportunit­y and it is awesome and I

might be crazy but I'm not crazy enough

to approach all this stuff and life

so as you drive home today check things

out look at your own kids playing maybe

some of this will resonate with you

you'll be like hah bumps and bruises or

I got it I'm going to lean into the fear

of work through it go out and do

something really cool that's all I got


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