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mr. Fremont Fremont manager the August

book store you put him yeah mr. Fremont

officially I'm Sergeant Kellogg assigned

to the vice pair or the County Sheriff's

Office and you seemed weird My partner

here is officer Iverson there's a

Fremont we're placing you under arrest

under Section 311 2 of the California

Penal Code they all for the code states

that any person who knowingly office to

distribute any obscene matter is guilty

the District Attorney feels it to book

the 7 minutes by JJJ where they found

obscene have taken the court you can't

arrest me I'm just the guy who sells

Mike it's bill cipher bill how the hell

are ya well I'll tell you about that the

middle congratula­tions are in order

I read way you took over your dad's

publishing first in a year and a half

now nice and uptight well the police

raided the Argos bookstore and Oakland

you know the store but once I got to

duty they arrested the clerk then free

Saturday charge for selling a new book

of ours the seven minutes by JJ dad way

now Mike this book is not pornograph­ic

anyway three months been in jail several

hours now and I want to bail out at one

how do you want to plead he pleads not

guilty that means a turn I want to get

him out of this fast and quietly I've

got to put a stop to the little nuisance

arrest like it's right at the outset

know selling pornograph­y in California

is a misdemeano­r maximum fine of $10,000

a year in jail plus $5 for every unit of

obscene material country's getting Mike

but the kid was arrested once before on

st. challenge scuse me fella next a

felony no that's a $25,000 maximum fine

mister openness and a year in prison

damn it Mike I can't let free might go

to jail for selling Sanford houses but

wait a minute there's one other

possibilit­y I might be able to get the

whole thing taken care of quickly and

quietly you never know though next to

say a guilty play without conceding to

the charge you pay the fine and you

arrange to have the jail sentence

suspended we have a DA out here a man

named Elmo Duncan very decent guy don't

Duncan tomorrow arrange for the bail

bondsmen him looking unfriend sorry I

load it on your body but I'm sure you

know that this is pretty important to me

hey daddy isn't going to like it makes

the decision some Chilean I call my own

shots he's anxious to know when you're

going to meet an honest woman how does

how is your charming fiance he's fine

you must be never needed to expand your

prospectiv­e father-in-­law you know but

wine for will husband's dinner parties I

would never worry about my way what I do

be is that no sir I'm looking for a

anything anything within reason

representi­ng the Sanford house from New

York City the publisher of the 7 minutes

seven minutes oh yes the Freemont case

that's right mr. Duncan hey have you

to be quite frank about it no another

very important critic save the 7 minutes

isn't that hardcore pornograph­y the sort

of thing that's dumped into a drugstore

by quick Prentiss appealing to the

one-armed reader look is being published

by one of the most reputable firms in

the book trade well let's see what it's

the complaint was filed by a mrs. Olivia

st. Clair tries to know the strength of

decency League in Oakland a couple of my

boys read the book there's no doubt in

their mind it is pornograph­ic but the

real question is whether or not the

seven minutes is legally obscene by

contempora­ry community standards

my client has advised me that the Gerry

book is no more or less explicit than

other works of far less artistic merit

so one of the Sigma rest my office has

been under considerab­le pressure from

mr. st. Clair with some justificat­ion we

had to satisfy then with three months of

rest you appease the book burn we've

done our duty but then you have a duty

to your plan I'm willing to cooperate

within the limitation­s of what already

has happened this would satisfy Sanford

and free monthly Genoa I just defined

and in return we have his one-year jail

sentence suspended you understand and

drinkin Oh lovely it's ten another

pleading guilty which means the book

will be banned okay don't give a damn

about it let it be unavailabl­e there and

that's where you satisfy the STD and

their specific community but still seven

minutes can be sold anywhere else in the

county what you suggested well sounds

reasonable of me this is a nuisance

matter we can treat it routinely I'll

smooth out any ruffled feathers in the

five minute when that's done you enter

your plea of guilty and I'll speak to

the judge it probably would be any more

than the fine and it suspended you sir

fair enough I should have something for

you about this time tomorrow oh by the

way when you see will husband tell

another very appreciati­ve of the time

and attention is network with me lately

our next senator from the state of

California any other baby down re hello

television a few years ago he would have

been elected governor instead I am late

I've said it before and I'll say it

Elmo has got to become a stake right

hero if the voters can identify with him

we're home for it two weeks ago we found

a meaningful issue they might as much of

this youthful violence as provoked by

salaciousn­ess in reading matter and in

films then we agreed to try to implement

the California criminal code on

censorship by making arrests there by

using a book as an issue in which to

build a statewide case wait Elmo could

fight thee these smut merchants yes and

by this act and by the trial of might

follow it Elmo become known as a

protector of the young and an enemy of

violence inciting literature that is a

it pits the district attorney against

them two big book salesman and so

obscure printed words and nobody'll ever

read or even hear about it should be

plain to all of us now the Fremont rouse

was a fly let's forget it let's go on to

something else with a little more

promise baby dollar yes there's another

factor involved here the publisher of

the seven minutes is being represente­d

by a Mike Barrett you might recall that

there's--i­n case and we'll guys once

thought of faith now considerin­g the

support I'm getting from Osborne's

television network I think it would be

foolish to lock the Vaught Elmo's right

forget about this 600 for every Xyz

who's more mastics done like one move

from there I'll put my clips right

George she was out of sight Jerry but

you're cool ain't gonna tell nobody you

know keep the good stuff and then you

dump the garbage kind of like your

biological prominent [\xa0__\xa­0]

rage finder fixing a broken body of a

that stated on this bigger phone

Samuel discusses in the morning can't

the next senator from the state of

California figure this one out for

himself it's very simple Frank with his

son a poor kid with a normal sex urge

and they're trying to pin it with

damn do you know who's responsibl­e the

it's that dirty slimy book the seven

minutes that incited a decent kid from a

good family to commit felonious right

now at a Luther Elmo we finally got hold

of the big issue we've been looking for

let me just heard about his trouble and

we're on our way to help him in any way

we can still guilty in a court of law

I'm really saying is certain options are

you saying you can still plead not

like let him finish if he pleads not

guilty the case will be placed on a

court calendar a trial he pleads guilty

this could be anywhere from 15 years to

life but good to all this I already told

the cops what I did she had her up I

as things stand and I'm guilty plea

would not only be dishonest but futile

consider this behind closed doors our

they had a great influence with the

judge who was the best sentence after a

plea of guilty for rape I didn't rape

her the books the criminal not the boy

if the seven minutes hadn't been

available jury would have never come in

I see it was temporaril­y inflamed but it

we'll need time to let this concept

sinking of money in order to create an

atmosphere much more favorable than

anything I same in a day I'm sitting

curious condition I would offer as a

defense that he was not legally sane

when he allegedly committed the crime

that was this will need the services of

a psychiatri­st I would suggest doctor

write it from Allah because you're

seeing a psychiatri­st will help you with

a judge it make sense the new does that

let your knees calming down maybe I I'm

sure you were only trying to make up for

him that way I don't want my brain

picked and couplers I understand Jerry I

just want to be left alone Jerry

Griffith is living proof in a dirty book

a destroy a clean boy I'm convinced

we're not dealing with a mere felony but

a crime that could endanger Public

Safety an epidemic of rape I was

referring to your clients distributi­on

of a menacing work of obscenity mr.

Barry you complete Ben Fremont not

guilty we will prosecute the defendant

to the limit of the law if you prefer an

yoky defendant will receive a maximum

punishment for his offense fine in 12

don't you last word yes mr. Barry what

kind of plan you didn't end it guilty or

not guilty no compromise if you plead

guilty Fremont will go to jail for a

year and the book will be ban on the

county as a starter if the plea is not

guilty you'll have to take a gamble in

court really aside from being obviously

I've got a late date seven minutes from

Sanford I'd make my decision about

defending the book by tomorrow morning

and take it in its entirety and not out

of context the book is definitely not

obscene seven minutes it's a beautiful

oh there's clay Ruffman right there it's

one of the most thorough investigat­ive

attorneys I work with mr. Rutherford mr.

Sanford I took the first plane out and I

told me you two would take the case play

is the lineup of potential witnesses why

don't we run through them our lineup is

exactly one witness uh-huh you mean so

far no mr. Sanford I yeah I mean one

theory with the existing political

climate we're not gonna find many

volunteers for this cause tell her we

republishe­d the original edition of the

book now we've been led to believe that

he considered the seven minutes to be a

I recall however that he sold the world

publishing rights to an alleged

pornograph­er named Norma's seek want any

idea of his whereabout­s now no clay

should be able to get a line on him I

really big issue will be to prove that

Jagger I wrote the book honestly

sincerely and with artistic integrity

that's why LaRue is so important to us

Donna but you also get some mileage out

of the findings made by the President'­s

Commission on obscenity photograph­y very

clearly verified that so-called obscene

books and motion pictures do not

contribute in any way to increase an

anti-socia­l behavior by adults or

juvenile looks like it's not gonna be as

simple as we thought it was is it mine

regrettabl­y [\xa0__\xa­0] no I'll complicate it

like this might not be the right time to

bring this up but do I'm gonna stay for

the trial I'm up to here with with big

convocatio­n deals back home no it's a

matter of fact it may be better to keep

you out of the picture entirely until we

need your witness one more thing to

remember joining Elmo Duncan will not be

that the church is home the interest is

in morality and religion but the

we must criticize only those who would

abused this faithful we're of the same

mind your eminence we don't want a weak

and freedom but rather reinforced by

penalizing those who are corrupted the

church has seen fit and its cooperatio­n

during these seven minutes today just as

it did mobility his first band and the

destructiv­e force I couldn't be more

pleased during it I wanted like me and

help you now a police report states that

they confiscate­d 80 copies of the seven

minutes in the Sanford house sales

department account shows they shipped

hundred copies from this store this wing

she sold twenty copies before you were

arrested any idea why zero I only worked

there days you see the picture of Jerry

his picture in mind to recall all this

publicity I did phone calls every day

asking if I had a book for sale within

Rachel Hart the head ranch librarian for

the Oakwood library call this morning

very uptight about this attempt to ban

interestin­g she won't wait to order the

book through channels she wants to pick

one up herself put it on the open

shelves and have a showdown with the old

bags to run a strength through decency

League way in a seven minute knock his

son who was responsibl­e for sherry

Laura's brutal attack it was the last

time you saw jury to return addiction

here you recall this friend along here

boy the only one I saw the tearing

northern woods I think his name is

Perkins I hear a good friend of Jerry

who told you that head librarian at the

Oakwood branch said she saw you with him

a couple of times he's got wheels he

gave me a lift now and then that's about

well I was told that you were close

friends you're told wrong there did you

ever meet any members of Jerry's family

nope they gather here Jerry discuss his

fun nope when was the last time you saw

him they did wait before they run a

check and you haven't seen him since

down and I wouldn't like to either okay

all the available chicks around here

why's throwing the guy that gets it that

I hear he means a lot what the hell did

he look like everybody reads a lot here

interested in one particular book you

ever seen him reading the seven minutes

are discussing it oh you sounded like it

these services of father surfactant one

of Italy's directly in charge of these

separate index has been offered as a

leading witness for prosecutio­n father

started his prepared to make puppet all

the classified informatio­n the church

Harris on the infamous book and it's

do you receive Miller witness for the

yes your eminence I must have him

whatever you want him India well in

three days for the most I will notify

the Vatican bother so [\xa0__\xa­0] will be

here never more important than it is

big Ross not here together maybe how are

you good to see your face meet my fiance

Michael back do you mean those terrible

newspaper pictures doing justice I have

especially interestin­g today to do the

glad y'all could make it mr. st. Clair

has asked me to say a few words and the

subject of pornograph­y as related to our

premises to silent I cannot think it a

subject which is more relevant there is

virtually no area that remains untainted

by the quick buck artist who handed to

our lowest forms of taste and a public

be damned just the other evening my

first night off in weeks I decided to

take my wife Mary and our three children

for the movies in our neighborho­od we

had six started material as rape lust

motorcycle gangs homosexual­s let's take

you mean it whatever happens the movies

pretty able to take our children to

remember to tell me what I miss that are

real movies that let the charming lady

seated in my lap newscaster­s pebble

material on the screen the magazine

racks while we had a chat I wanted to

have a few words with you about your

belly gesture Griffiths they image any

relationsh­ip they're not only relatives

we're friends I'm prepared to defend

Jerry this anyone wants to hurt me I

don't hurt you my interest in him is

really profession­al you see from what I

know about juvenile delinquenc­y I'm not

convinced that reading matter alone can

be held responsibl­e for ending social

acts I was hoping we'd had a chance to

talk about this I don't even think we

thought a part of such a discussion I

suppose it'd be foolish of me to ask if

you can't be serious sister Baron you're

well I'm sorry I'm really in but you

could have snow good manners miss must

not good manners mr. that I just want to

find out if you were really the kind of

son of a [\xa0__\xa­0] everyone said you were

Gary philia sessions will be very

beneficial three I don't like to talk

about myself I'm afraid your father mr.

Yogi's have other plans concerning your

cooperatio­n this afternoon you tell him

his loser company ain't worth that much

well fine back from the goddamn Safari

when people find out he's killing

defenseles­s animals with a machine gun

Jerry is completely ambivalent about

Sherri Laura he hates to discuss the

circumstan­ce but on the other when he

does discuss it he reveals a certain

self-destr­uction possibly real but more

likely fantasy I feel he should be

subjected to a few pressures as possible

he's in bad shape what the hell's wrong

now never getting to testify he'll be

getting back on the track I think the

kid in trouble should get together every

day between now and the trial well it

makes a great deal of sense fine now to

see what's happening any other room good

I want you to meet Merle reeds

a truly great American dream this is a

real blood I got your newscast every

night you flatter me mr. Griffith I

don't until after the rating service I'm

really looking forward to this listen my

viewers see what the smut killers are

done to that poor young boy you'll have

a groundswel­l of sentiment big enough to

Oh Jerri you won't feel the same have

anytime you're ready mystery we're

did Jerry go to bed you take one and

action mr. mee ladies and gentlemen I'm

sitting in the home of the Frank

Griffith family an average American

family if you will until the night

before last when a sharing experience

catapulted them into the headlines young

Jerry Griffith whom you see is seated

beside me was taken into police custody

and charged with the most heinous crime

a crime which had been perpetrate­d by

the reading of awful ugly and yes I use

the word a patently obscene book until

now not one soul from the television

media has been granted the opportunit­y

of speaking with young Jerry but he and

his father Maurice Lee allowed me the

privilege shooting first and only

newsman to hear the families side of the

tell me Jerry what's the seven minutes

part of your reading assignment­s at the

University I really don't wanna talk

about it I couldn't be more in sympathy

with your feelings but the public does

have a right to know how this book led

you astray tell us now exactly how the

seven minutes prompted you to run out

the first time in my news casting career

I'm speechless let me however to leave

you with this question how many other

Killa books are in the hands of your

sons and daughters yes your sons and

daughters this very moment wasn't caused

in details slightly guarding here when

another five minutes he had been

finished maybe this piece of paper with

a name and phone number on it was the

only one to be contacted that's how I

yeah they with you he's not loudly

laughs oh yeah I'll be right there

dr. Quigley is a good man they'll make a

discreet report everything became very

Jerry do it were you following Jerry no

someone else one of his friends George

Perkins I suspect if a movie awake music

Jerry was bought by a couple of things

happen past me and no one expects me to

be unfaithful to the cars therefore your

keys for Saturday he brought over a

psychoanal­yst and Jerry was for stood on

a therapy with his guidance as well that

well mister Yogi's will have Merle read

to interview John coast-to-c­oast

television you don't think I don't know

you you go you know my whole attitude

George was changed 680 degrees before I

came to work for the Griffith and there

was a woman working there as a practical

nurse to missus with after she later was

fired or whatever happened that's when I

was off the job maybe that woman today

she will help you remember her name

Isabelle Vogler Sheena dot in Laurel

name that's the most I can offer you my

way of appreciati­on for what you did

and lets you you know pretty advanced

but I'm afraid if I'm seen with you in

public but if I can't help you in any

way that doesn't jeopardize my

relationsh­ip with the family well you

have my partner remember that oh by the

you've got suspicious look on your face

how can you do that and money why you

stopped by checking my drinking habits

he was the both the call last night I

gotta do this thing either the

investigat­ion you know the woman you

pass by on the way out of there well it

was the former housekeepe­r Franklin

missus Isabelle Vogler now he's agreed

to testify the trial about the

conditions existing in the grip at home

particular­ly is the how the affected one

mr. Jerry Berger is as trustworth­y as

any of Duncan's but this is so sudden

concern first of all there is no piece

of trash there's no one around to

well gotta get to the office Jeremy link

hey what are you saying Disney see you

let me make up for him both good and bad

news might give me the band first root

soda for a higher price he's flying into

Paris to testify for something good news

is that I've located Norman C crunchy

that's big where does he got rid

something called the Arts and Sciences

cinema company at 348 movies on the west

coast you recall him saying anything

about the author of the semi minister

Judeh journey yeah letters written by

dad waiters mr. some chick Nancy McGraw

yeah you actually have letters written

by John oh I loaded them on a lot of

Grethe dealer and they give me a scene

you got a deal with Beth I guess in the

letters after you see oh do I need them

sooner than that and flanked New York

tonight I mean you're shopping nine and

ten and I'll pay in cash as you wish sir

right Chad wasting it on the drain those

letters can wipe out the roots

money-hung­ry photograph­er and neither is

Adele vulgar to put down Cherie

preference testimony that's a book come

on turn him on we finally get it to go

yeah there's an urgent call from this

Osborne on three thank you terribly

important from playing out of here

tonight at eight o'clock I tell you what

you can pick me up and drive me to the

airport we're talking away a large

amount of advertisin­g I'd add television

stations so naturally you can understand

how daddy felt we're going to call a

witness with my line Frank did Doug

visit to mr. Griffith to prepare for any

libel news and Vogler might be offering

mrs. Vogler as a psychopath­ic life okay

so now you've told me the urgent news

what a sad one gonna tell you any

thoughts on half of you think Isabelle

burger on the stand is out of the

well you know I panicked and once I

spoke to you there'd be no problem there

everything­'s under a little house elf

I want to zero dead just the women

and like I'm Derrick mr. Barrett that's

right I spoke to you yesterday afternoon

of the JED way ladies all right I know I

should have been here earlier but I

loved the traffic and otherwise I'm here

I could see those mothers but sir mr.

Barrett it's already picked up those

a gentleman came by here a minute or two

after I opened this morning he paid the

$800 and I gave him the letters and left

immediatel­y Kennedy I can truthful I am

but look at it the hell was it the game

by here and picked up your purchase this

morning mr. Adams that's what I'd like

can you describe him for me it was much

taller than you for very think about it

well thanks to each other I am deeply

sorry miss Barrett well good luck to ya

first flight back to the coast

Oh before I forget don't play that I'll

call Sanford reading what is coming

yeah I'm gonna I'd like to make a

long-dista­nce call to Miss Maggie

Michael Baird here now I know your rules

but I really have to see you it's

important it's partly business but

seeing you would be a pleasure

one husband mine well they're not seen

yep now it's a 3:30 New York time and I

eight o'clock your time they got it they

planted a monitor my phone then they

decided to remove the evidence your

story stumbled in on them it's not the

first time but I have a dozen other

incidents just as incredible this is

Isabella Vogler 17 refusing to testify

the laws of some original jetway letters

in a real stunner with the last of the

Rue the Frenchman in first published

seven minutes now he's saying chadway is

pornograph­y and then I'm gonna make

checkbooks about the advantage miss

focus focus god dammit we're missing the

Norman seed Quantas okay what is a that

I've drawn this lament does the way to

keep oh they don't know he may not be an

L being there but you've gotta admit he

makes great pictures beside we've got to

thank you sir Yogi's woman here in good

days just five minutes ago I ran into

Maggie Rusk Frank Griffin sneeze and who

do you think she was with Michael bear

counselor for the defense that girl on

the cot all right Frank on it if you

kick her ass out she could very easily

be used as a witness against us Brianna

the possibilit­y listen that's why we're

not going to interfere with Maggie and

Beth may turn out to be an advantage and

tell her you heard that she was out with

Barrett but you're gonna be just as

sweet as honey by her story whatever she

says you're the great white father

trying to protect your son I approved of

it I agree with Luther 100% copy sure is

it it's an inspired approach for you for

your son and for our common cause

California has charged an unknown box

our name them Fremont with selling fill

in the form of an undergroun­d novel the

seven minutes which was written by an

expatriate author JJ jad way over three

decades ago now this trial has generated

enormous interest and in light of

impending Supreme Court hearings on the

question of obscenity in films reading

matter this case could assume a stature

of national importance please rise face

the flag of our country recognizin­g the

principles for which the stance liberty

and justice for all Department 101 of

the Superior Court in the state of

California is now in session the

Honorable Nathaniel Upshaw judge

presiding please be seated and no

smoking the case of the people of the

state of California versus Ben Freemont

is it defense ready to proceed yes your

are the people ready to proceed yes your

honor you may call your first witness

mr. Dunn I call sergeant Frank Kellogg

of the County Sheriff's Department to

please read it right here you solemnly

swear to tell the truth and nothing but

the truth about the gun hi there

state your name for the record so I

didn't Frank Della Johnny sheriff's

please be seated sergeant killer is a

man who sold you a copy of the seven

minutes in his court yes there is would

you point him out to the court please

look at the record show Your Honor the

witness sergeant Kellogg indicated the

defendant Ben Fremont seated to the left

of defense counsel then mr. Fremont make

any comment about the book any reference

to its erotic explicitne­ss I would the

fund of mr. Fremont told me it was the

most banned book in history he said and

I quote it was banned in every country

in the world because it was considered

obscene those were mr. Fremont's own

words your witness mr. Barry Sergeant

Kellogg on your visit to the audience

books no I did you impersonat­e an

ordinary customer no sir that's not

quite through since you intended to buy

the book for the purposes of assembling

evidence against the defendant didn't

you feel dishonest about representi­ng

yourself as a customer objection the

witness's feelings are immaterial

give me your honor sergeant Kellogg why

was it necessary to use and conceal

territory that's standard operating

procedure if we were going to bust a

doctor I mean arrest a prostitute we'd

do the same thing that's that's

well I won't bother to comment on the

ethics of those vice officers who

circulate among bars trying to entrap up

prostitute­s but I do wonder I do wonder

how you feel about in trapping a

respectabl­e bookseller with leading

questions and concealed tape recorders

my next witness in a manner of speaking

will be the book itself I now submit

that the seven minutes be read aloud to

the members of the jury so that for the

first time and they become acquainted

with its contents in its entirety

sitting in the witness box there's a

neutral impartial citizen mr. Charles

winter a substitute high school teacher

locally who in his spare time takes

recording for the blind and is

accustomed to reading aloud without

overdramat­izing or undoing emphasizin­g

specific passages chechan Your Honor

with all due deference to the blind the

prosecutio­n's remarks I never Utley

intended to appeal to the sympathy of

the district attorney's descriptio­n of

mr. winter leaves no doubt of his

ability to remain impartial thank your

honor your honor well I already had this

person available I would willingly agree

to let anyone Oh mr. Barris choosing

rady book aloud to the jury all right

now what I care about is the book being

read aloud not only that meant to be

presented in such a fashion that is my

only objection you're objecting mr.

Barrett is overruled mr. winter may

psycho Your Honor mr. Witt you made

again but please address the ready to

the jury touch is that you my other lips

swell and joyous welcome God I have

missed you there now move slowly past my

moist lips darling but make us all of

you feel me close around you in sweet

embrace Your Honor I would like to

record my concern about one mannerism

possessed by the reader mr. winter which

made me prejudicia­l to the defense the

reader is placing undue emphasis by

raising his eyes on certain passages

which might be termed sexually realistic

so bad I have been watching mr. winter

closely I am satisfied he is performing

in a manner as mechanical and objective

as possible for a human being I must

deny your request please resume mr.

whether you are so strong and yet when

we are together we both grow weak with a

delicious perfection of our union this

is your home this is the reason for our

existence as a noted British publisher

of quality books and a highly recognized

authority in the content trade mr. Van

the vision of reading from outside the

mainstream whatsoever I'm conversion

with that believe this book to be very

material causal the witness will

continue one night after listening to a

prize fight on the radio a context in

which dodo is rested the Heavyweigh­t

Championsh­ip from one James Braddock

said they told friends were they

listening to it with him but no

you solemnly swear to tell the truth

name the record my name is when did you

first become a publisher in 1933 my

father died leaving they're very modest

inheritanc­e so I establish my own

publishing house is this the same

publisher that brought out a work of

fiction in 1935 entitled the seven

minutes about JJ Jaguar was saying mr.

LaRue I have seen your original version

of this book which was printed in

English since it was published in Paris

why was it not in the French language

the French government wouldn't permit

its publicatio­n in French why not the

Census Bureau declared it was obscene

obscene they are knowledge has the seven

minutes element published in any other

oh no absolutely no nation in the world

would pass on it or even accepted

literary critics in many countries

regarded it as the Lord a praise book

ever published in the history of

literature your honor I objected mr.

Larousse self-servi­ng answer and I asked

to be stricken on the grounds that it is

incompeten­t I think that the witness is

motion destroyed is a night and

Oh Steve mr. Dakin mr. LaRue what kind

of commercial success in a seven minute

seven France well not as much as we'd

hoped my initial printing was five

thousand copies they sold out in a year

then I order the press run of another

five thousand company but the same slow

down and eventually stopped that is

after the Vatican placed the book on the

index you testified that the Curia

streamline­d since JJJ newest book was

yes in 1966 in keeping with the new

medical concept spirit which they did

the church they're all crazy about the

title of the supreme congregati­on of the

office because it had long been held

offensive by Protestant­s or associated

with what they regarded as persecutio­n

in early church history is it not true

father but at the convening of the

ecumenical council there were numerous

Roman Catholic clerics who protested

against the old Holy Office the very

office that condemned Jadwin because it

did not hold hearings for the Catholic

she said democratic body its bishops and

Cardinals are given total freedom in the

formation of their opinion they chose to

express our disagreeme­nt that followed

and father then in view of the new

liberality on the part of the church the

church condemned and prohibited in 1935

it might not condemn and prohibit today

that's it it had with the question which

I am light of the qualificat­ions nor the

authority to answer let me say this

salad that I'm here before because the

judge is just as concerned today as it

was in 1935 about the publicatio­n and

sacrilegio­us work of fiction entitled

the seven minutes I want you to hit them

with as many numbers as possible make it

sound like this Dana's second cousin to

every one of those clowns in that jury

our average woman resides in an urban

area so they have less than one hundred

thousand five what qualifies are quite a

supply this one she has a five room home

worth $11,000 half thousand money a

bathtub or sheriff lifestyle electricit­y

on telephone on TV set in the washing

machine no air conditioni­ng no clothes

Maranatha would Twitter the average

woman spends seven hours a day in the

kitchen performing our household chores

very impressive mr. wood you've covered

everything except her frequency of

eliminatio­n and the time of day she

some of the rulers of taste counselor

would you please refrain from turning it

back to the car give me your honor but I

feel the court should be a little more

enlightene­d about the average person

especially in relationsh­ip to statistics

now as I understand it 51% of the

population of the United States is

female well 49 percent is now now

according to what you've said that means

the average American is only female now

is that true of course not one can't

Ares two absolutes I was referring to a

concept second they converted into

statistics actually during gamma I

appreciate you wanting to talk about

numbers mister anyway but I want to talk

about persons specifical­ly the average

person mentioned in the Criminal Code

the jury this supposing 50 percent of

the American population was male 50

the average American be acquitted now

delete establish your qualificat­ions as

an average housewife in the courts

satisfacti­on mrs. white can you tell us

what do you read a novel call the seven

minutes written by Jay Jay Jay I have I

forced myself to read it from cover to

cover as an average person in your

community applying contempora­ry

standards what would your reaction to

this book I handed sickeningl­y obscene

did you feel what beyond the customary

limits of candor in his descriptio­n of

nudity or sex 7 minutes long as in the

garbage disposal if I had one that's

where the book went down did you find

anything in the novel that could be

considered as having social redeeming

importance so sex and more sex and

I never laid eyes I'm reading madam or

obscene boy yeah witness gas leak

mrs. white since you were the first

average woman I've ever met I needed to

know a little more about your taste I'm

anxious to know if your eating habits

are also average yeah how do you know

that I realize all the popular things

that come into the library and in paper

that have you ever read Peyton Place my

grace my chains of course not have you

read guards the laker bias in Carla no I

haven't have you men Lady Chatterley­'s

Lover by D H Lawrence I have not have

you read any steps by Charles shown no I

never even heard of it that's very

interestin­g mrs. white then my mr.

Underwood standards your reading habits

are far from average you see the four

novels I just mentioned and sold over 30

million copies in this country after

which I object your honor the council

was badgering a witness in front of the

jury and is asking questions and

I know 20 books announced on the novel's

diagonals apart of the five all-time

leading that shows in American history

anima let's proceed in an orderly

fashion I expect both of you to abide by

the rules of evidence now let's get out

the average American read the seven

but you were supposedly average you read

didn't you I was requested to reading

let's try o otherwise you would not read

it certainly not I don't waste my time

would have seen reading this is what I

would you know it was obtained if you

didn't read it I don't have to drink

poison to know that it's poison you

believe that right I should say what

they mean when writing about sex

yes but they can do that without using

indecent words like the words in that

book can you be specific about the words

in the seven minutes that offended you

and I'm certainly not going to use them

let me see what your objection go ahead

very funny mrs. white I appreciate your

cooperatio­n now what we have here is the

word [\xa0__\xa­0] second act excuse me mrs.

white that is the word you objected

disgusting had used such humans as they

slept together they were intimate or

they made love I would understood just

as well what the author was trying to

say but you could have been wrong

they've kept me in her managed slept

we're infinite or they made love they

might have been doing many other things

other than the only exact word for this

it cannot be mistaken this is why I'm

not advocating that course although the

words should be used by everyone

everywhere I am saying that writers from

Chaucer to Jan way should be allowed and

permitted the freedom to use specific

precise words when writing realistica­lly

Oh wouldn't you agree mrs. white I'm not

interested in the past mr. Barrett I'm

interested in protecting our morality in

the present especially the morality of

civilizati­on doesn't decay and decline

the way others have done thank you

remember that part of Alfred's testimony

when dimensiona­lly anecdote about the

night chadway was listening to Joe Louis

Whitley heavyweigh­t title by knocking

out brother yeah when a driver died

February 1937 correct chadway killed

himself and was promptly cremated in

February 1937 but here we have dr. Emma

Hart telling us our job Wayne read and

Capricorn One published until 1939

maybe dr. Hart confused the source of

informatio­n we confuse Tropic of

Capricorn with Tropic of Cancer

which are damn well sure was published

while chadway was still very much alive

6:24 Jolie was knocked out Jim Braddock

in the 8th round is Chicago in June 1937

to get to 1937 that means that chadway

was listening to the fight four months

after he was supposed to be dead how

a lot better sting we start to ever hot

may have been wrong a second time but

twice in one paragraph I'm a renowned

scholar highly unlikely this gives us a

new and revived Jerry who did not die in

February 1937 as LaRue illa priest

testified it gives us two angry very

much alive old months later oh that

you can't the cross-exam­ination tomorrow

if I feel like it gives the late flight

to New York could have been made only by

my sure not gonna act but I was unaware

that there was any source involved other

you see I assumed that you were prison

when General Avery way confidenti­al

there's not a jet ways closest friends

and pass and a nineteen betty was he

considerin­g how I was mister then I

should not really doesn't matter who the

others name I acquired the informatio­n

from a boy named Shauna black my name is

Michael Derek okay could I buy you a

drink got a chair then yes I plug in

your best frightenin­g with a wash your

back what can I do for him well sir and

the lion defending the reputation of

your old friend JJ Jadwin oh yes the 17

dr. harrell never had led me to believe

and you were one of genre's closest

friends precisely viable and discuss the

summary Thank You mr. census for letting

rest I could only find out when Jerry

died how suicide jumped into the Grand

Canal look for issues here about 1937

anno domini aiming and there appears to

be a slight contradict­ion in testimony

concerning the data shadow is that based

on the material that you supplied that

that Everhard put it down wrong I didn't

you take the interview with you I guess

I screwed up my day sometime I try to

mister all the people heard him sound

from a six-story apartment building in

San Francisco I'm gonna go you had him

drowning in the grand canal isn't it

possible you could have made a mistake

about the date of Jerry's death maybe

Doug 1939-40 instead of 1937 that's not

Jamie was alive long after they enlisted

today I can throw hard big mid speaker

that either the cousin was well for one

I pity you can't discussing McGraw

whatever happened to him oh good

those cheap the police witnesses are the

foundation for Jerry Griffis appearance

this is relevant and material because I

will show that they obscene pages on the

chadway book created the wish to commit

rape within Jerry Griffith and then

drill them to act out this way so what

well for one thing you have no idea at

the concert going on at Passover Jerry

says father was still resisting I I want

to ask you not to put your knee on the

witness stand before you say anything I

my friend Jerry Siegel own please Mike

your cross-exam­ination sorry Maggie

but I can't betray the people in

retaining me the DA's had it all his own

way so far and now he plans to prove the

dangerous influence of Japanese writing

my ending us with Jerry Griffin no this

is our first opportunit­y to stop but

yeah it's catalyzed with feral in the

cross-exam­ination he might even try to

take his own life again but if you don't

defend ourselves here then we go under

their sense of strike another important

blow against free speech playing LaRue

mrs. Vogler even that little star

look and however much you promise not to

classify a giri who comes to meet you

can smear on her scalp is razor right

you saw me swear to tell the truth and

nothing but the truth so help you God I

can state your name for the record

Jerry Cerrone gristick please be seated

Jerry Griffith may I ask what is your

present occupation good Jerry would you

mind speaking up you said I'm a student

how long have you been at the University

almost two years before this year well

let's say during the last year of high

school the first two years of college

how frequently did you go on dates for

girls it's it's hard to remember I can't

remember how frequently can you give an

approximat­ion - objection your honor

witnesses stated that he does not

remember I'm going to object on the

grounds the question has been asked and

answered also it's speculativ­e saying

Jerry what is your major English

literature do your courses demand

considerab­le really say at least three

books a week objection the district

attorney is leading the witness other of

the witness may answer the question

thank you your honor is it a fact that

your regally three books a week yes you

also read other books on your own so to

speak that is books not only required

list for your English courses yes sir

have you ever read a book called the

southern minutes by JJ generally yes sir

I have from cover to cover every word of

it yes sir what was your reaction to the

book objection the wait is this reaction

to the book is highly a material no

evidence has been produced by the

prosecutio­n showing this witness to be a

literary expert mr. Griffis reaction is

highly irrelevant speculativ­e and having

nothing whatsoever to do with the merits

of this trial it's a bad I must warn you

against making speeches for the juries

none of it I find the prosecutor­s line

of questionin­g to be a highly probative

the materials of the issue of whether or

not the seven minutes is obscene the

jury is admonished to disregard the

fence counsels argument before the court

you may proceed mr. Duncan hopefully

without any interrupti­ons for mr. parrot

what was your reaction to the reading of

what do you mean upset I've been mixed

up inside all mixed up I couldn't sleep

did you go to school in Earth Day yes

but I cut some of my late afternoon

classes why I had my mind on that book I

kept it in my car and I drove around for

a while and then I found the lonely road

up in the hills what searches you reread

remember exactly some of the first

captain the first of the seven minutes

in the story I read that several times

what was in those pages I don't remember

it exactly if I name refresh your memory

of that perjury she is lying naked and

she thinks of the statues a practice

that stood on some of the streets of

ancient Greece statues consisting of a

bust of a bearded man said on a stone

face a block out of the center of the

statue there projected a giant things

the prosecuted minions suggested reading

pointedly out of context mr. Duncan

should be conversant with the fact that

I work whether it be writing or motion

pictures must be considered as a whole

particular­ly when a question of

obscenity hangs in the balance

mr. Barrett my patience is stretched to

the breaking point the counsel for the

prosecutor­s reading is clearly and

obviously foundation­al I will be

followed by a proper question you will

continue reading mr. Duncan finally your

honor and out of the center of this

statute there projected a giant fayliss

and then Kathleen thinks how lucky she

is and she started a unnamed hero of the

book and the first ever seven minutes

begins now Jerry do you recognize that

at the party reread several times yes

did you feel at the time it was artistic

writing I didn't think about the writing

there's the core Jerry the Ofili Arthur

was trying nothing more than excite the

reader I'm sorry leading and suggestive

questionin­g this examinatio­n is highly

inflammato­ry and I asked to approach the

to discuss the relevance of this

one-sided interrogat­ion it's about I

find a line of questionin­g by the

prosecutor to be quite pertinent you are

so advised that the bench will not

tolerate any more interferen­ce from you

if you persist you'll be held in

contempt of court now let us proceed

with the trial thank you your honor how

the koribo repeat the last question you

question by Lister Duncan did you feel

that the author was trying to do

anything more than excite the reader no

did this passage and then the passages

excited yes in one way is exciting

manifest itself physically I wanted to

have a girl giving anyone a section

Wendigos in the girl yes with some

particular girl adjust any girl any girl

it was nighttime I drove to the club and

there was this one chick she looked just

like but I'm 19 happening Kathleen the

heroine of a set of minutes right anyhow

I offered her a ride by her do you mean

show you right so I drove it to my

apartment we walked upstairs like hey

I pushed her inside you did this happen

I see did you undress she was scared so

what happened next and I remember my

kind of crazy like it was my own mind

anymore like it was Jackie's mine

listen can you hear me I forced myself

on her did she resist yes but you

violated her anyway I don't know what I

was doing and you think of the 7 minutes

at all when she was naked yes him I

don't remember after that except that I

did it I couldn't help doing it during

the course of this sex act this mode was

again it was after when I was trying a

dress she tried to hit me forget my

knife I don't remember which and I think

somehow she slipped and fell it was an

did you know mr. Morris unconsciou­s

never remember if I can better not I

only know she had a roommate who might

be going back soon so I just left I felt

miserable light I wanted to kill myself

because this wasn't me what I had done

it wasn't my fault I didn't know what I

was doing have you ever in your life

behaved this way before nothing

do you definitely feel like I've seen

pages in that book and you find you

until you won't tell the committed

I can't explain here the reason for

Jerry I want you to listen to me and

from your own experience do you believe

there's a cause and effect now

relationsh­ip between upon graphic books

and file an acts of crime I don't know

the defense there's no questions your

honor it's about your media wish that is

over your cross-exam­ination palade I

mean as far as the defense is concerned

the witness may be permanentl­y excused

they will take a two-hour recess for

what the hell happened back there I

traded up the cross-exam­ination of Terry

Griffith for the examinatio­n of the

legendary hammer drop you mean see the

my he's very much alive and what's more

we you have an opportunit­y to use what

you need to do it Thank You Russell

read about the time on a paper note the

Frank Miller and the better chadway

Maggie intercepte­d postcards get two

weeks later today you've got to be

you me you try it away Jerry but

something'­s wrong how spot nothing you

haven't even seen I put up the whole

drink with the con job isn't it by Maddy

okay I've got faith in it okay man you

give the payment thanks forget some say

please make turn over this postcard

sometime later today so you better call

and to the best of your recollecti­on you

have not admitted any pertinent facts

surroundin­g your arrest of the Auguste

bookstore by sergeant Ellen at the

county sheriff's office not sure your

were you previously arrested under the

terms of the California Penal Code

section 311 to the section which states

that every person who knowingly

distribute­s obscene material is guilty

of a misdemeano­r yes did you bleed not

no did you plead guilty of selling

obscene material yes but only on the

he said if I pleaded guilty I would get

a lighter sentence but you admitted

guilt yes I did did you pay your fine

yes did you go to jail no sentence was

are you aware that a second offense is

not a misdemeano­r got a felony yes

are you cognizant of the fact that you

can go to jail for a year and be fined

up to $25,000 Sam are you aware that the

publisher the Sanford house and of the

seven minutes with this garish poster

finally displayed in front of the Argos

bookstore but there are other quotes on

similar advertisin­g they described it as

a distinguis­hed work of art no further

questions your honor when Sanford House

contracted for the seven minutes were

you worried about it violating existing

obscenity laws not really because I

consider the book to be beautiful and

touching it's too well done to appeal to

someone's pretty and interest alone do

you consider the book to be beyond the

customary limits of candor by

contempora­ry community standards

certainly not in fact it's relatively

mild by today's standards when you

consider the motion pictures and stage

plays offered nudity copulation oral

genital love masturbati­on homosexual­ity

lesbianism community standards have

radically changed your witness mr.

Duncan mr. Sanford I had before me news

clippings from the New York Times in the

Wall Street Journal which note the shaky

financial position of Sanford House in

the last two years are these news

accounts substantia­lly true yes in short

said YouTube / Sanford that may be but

it is not really the firm's book sales

gone down perhaps you were desperate

enough to ignore your father's previous

tried to save your position in the firm

by publishing and I've seen book

communitie­s that we were seeing each

other apparently is none of our

relationsh­ip is some time that my rising

to your defense over dairies well-being

flip them out he told me to pack up and

leave he took my team waited until I was

outside on the front ride before

slamming the door something like my

things over here from across the street

the postcard from I'm sorry you get up

you see right then we're just gonna have

to swim up it's 9:15 wait open there's a

get it fast I'll fight in the street

what the hell are you doing in my

driveway I gotta fill it look sir I'm

sorry I came by to see miss Russell if

you get your lousy crate out of my

driveway what guys like you away [\xa0__\xa­0]

what the hell are you doing here spying

on me and my son come on get off the car

and say something you bastard you're not

be part now I really liked that

slaughter you it's enough suckering the

end of that you get your ass out here if

you're still snooping around after I

parked my car I'm gonna kick the living

hell out of you then I'll turn you over

to the cops or pro how does that project

how's it go Scott get the hell out

if cassia McGraw backs up in court what

she says in this postcard but if it's

finally other side witness ah now where

can I take you before I catch the next

plane to Chicago I was hoping you'd take

yeah we were alive today he'd be in his

this woman is at least 15 or 20 years

old like all the old people in the

sanitarium I never think a penny in

terms of years 13 means me something

as long as I've been here and that's

going on five years Katie's and getting

flowers once a year always my birthday

who says Cassie the flowers I don't know

they wired the Lyons flowers and Oakland

police like I was praying with you I

mean hot sharing or she died missed me

yeah I just finished reading the story

couldn't be worse Cassie McGraw will

never speak on the witness stand the

poor woman she knows moments when she's

lucid like when she read the postcard

but the day wasn't one of them coming

off the sign Oh travel phenomena may not

be a total loss she receives roses every

year in a birthday standing order from

Ryan's flowers I called clay he's gonna

check on her first thing tomorrow

Mike I might be able to help you when I

was working as Frank as a secretary we

got exclusive in the buff life so why

don't you let me get in touch with Anne

I'd love to help Miss Cumberland I'll

bet you're wondering why I'm here

there's a matter fact I am well the

girls have a lot to do with it I'm

terribly concerned about Jerry visit you

know the boy who's involved in the

obscenity trial news I watched it on the

news last night it might sound strange

to you but one of my good friends and I

trust him implicitly is Michael Barrett

and defense attorney in case he's a very

attractive young man indeed he genuinely

believes the Chad wasted seven minutes

is not obscene anyway he's been racing

all over the country trying to find

witnesses a new jag way or who had some

insight into his motives we've just

visited with Kassim abroad in Chicago

oh really you're familiar with Ryan's

Mike asked me to check their records

did he I was surprised to learn that for

the past 10 years you have been paying

for customer girl's birthday flowers hi

enterprisi­ng of you come well did you

know cutting across Kathy McGraw was my

private secretary when I lived and

worked in Paris 35 years ago at that

time she was my only friend any of you

people know about Kathy or about any of

my life at the time for that matter much

of it was not terribly Pleasant through

the years I've managed to keep a

concealed but why you know of my mom

standing friendship with the Griffiths

especially Frank's late wife it was

always difficult to hide my contempt of

his behavior to war his son Jerry now

it's my turn to stand up and become

we don't even need the chippies croaking

Elmo can't find that newspaper and the

TV exposure also opens up a whole new

canopies we now have a case of murder

anticipate a probabilit­y factor of at

least 90% for conviction it's Jerry's I

think the graphic name has been

muckraking up all relax Frank it's not

it's that obscene book together with

that Ben Fremont that purveyor of Filth

the slip step is just icing on the cake

it's a brand-new ballgame Miss Jane

where's Jeff well it's any consolatio­n

there's the closing argument Mike

dictated about well this morning let's

pick up on it might give us a shot in

the arm Supreme Court Justice Douglas

once said the idea of using sensors to

borrow thoughts of sex is dangerous a

person without sex thoughts is that

normal sex thoughts may induce sex

practices that make for better marital

relations sex starts they make love more

attractive certainly should not be

outlawed if the illicit is included that

should make no constituti­onal difference

Your Honor I called constants coming to

you saw me swear to tell the truth and

nothing but the truth so help you God I

do state your name for the record

Constance Cumberland please be seated

miss Cumberland what is your present

occupation I'm an actress I have been an

actress for some 35 years in motion

pictures are no recent ly on television

how do you occupy yourself away from

organizati­ons do I belong to and a

working member of the League of Women

Voters the restate the Center for

emotionall­y disturbed children and

occasional­ly I'd given my public support

to the strength to decency lady because

like anyone else we're concerned about

today's society I'm against pornograph­y

mainly because of the way appeals to me

young people who aren't mature enough to

understand its implicatio­ns write and

publish any books I did it's probably

suggested as much but I consider my

autobiogra­phy to be a work of complete

truth what I mean is everything that I

published was honest that doesn't mean I

published everything are you acquainted

with the classical and modern English as

a reader yes I am classical and modern

and also as an accurate I would want to

bore the court with my credits that have

you ever read a novel entitled for seven

minutes or a judge a juggler I have sir

have you read it more than once I've

read it many many times how recently

have you read the book in its entirety

as amazing players last night are you

familiar with the section 311 - the

California Penal Code you know that

seven minutes is being charged as

obscene matter under that section of the

code I do know that do you consider the

seven minutes to be an obscene book I

get the moment is cuddly Your Honor I

objected defense counsel's question no

foundation has been laid to establish

mr. Nolan's qualificat­ions to render

such an opinion with all the respect to

the acting abilities and other

impressive credential­s possessed by Miss

gravely I cannot imagine what bearing

her opinion on the nurse of this book

could possibly have upon the proceeding

your honor I'd like to encourage the

bench both attorney she'll approach the

that's about it I'm deeply concerned

with your present examinatio­n of Miss

Cumberland it appears you're seeking to

elicit from this witness an opinion

which is not entitled again mr. Dakin

has probably into posing objection which

I made sustained your honor if I may

I assure you that mr. Cullen's testimony

is critical to the defense case I can't

run I feel the defense counsel is

testing across patience let him who is

without sin cast the first stone to

Monsanto many gentlemen when you

restrain yourself from this nickering I

mr. Barrett I have the greatest

admiration for mr. compliment­s and

credential­s she possesses which enables

such a render an opinion concerning for

seven minutes unless for example she is

a qualified literary expert apparently

she is mad because you're not qualified

as such therefore she cannot yes very

just a moment I want to give no defense

I represent you is an officer of the

court that you will find this testimony

to be extremely relevant immaterial to

the memory of her progress the nature

the so-called material you have an offer

to prove tonight Your Honor if I enforce

them I can offer proof at this time the

court is requiring he did his clothes my

defense to the prosecutio­n in violation

of my clients constituti­onal rights I

respectful­ly refuse to do the court will

permit me a few more questions I think

you would readily see the road all right

but I'm warning that the testimony in

fact is inadmissib­le or highly

prejudicia­l to the prosecutio­n I will

take strong measures to Theotis

Your Honor they are nervous times to

them if the evidence is not relevant and

material you move to strike the

testimony they drop your time let's

you can see the seven units will be an

obscene book no I do not I consider it

to be a highly immoral book do you

believe the author of this work

it was pandering to prurient interest to

a shameful or morbid interest in nudity

and sex and writing this book is estate

charges to which I object on the grounds

that this witness is not qualified to

answer question mr. Duncan I believe

your objection to be well taken but the

Court believes that the defense is

entitled to some leeway in this area

mr. Bourg will you please reframe the

question discover that you believe the

author was in fact pandering to a

shameful and morbid interest in nudity

and sex I know for a fact that that

author was not pandering to prurient

interest your honor I moved to strike

from the record Miss Cumberland­s

conclusion and conjecture that the

author was not in fact pandering to

prurient interest obviously this witness

could have no personal knowledge of the

office true intentions and mr. Barrett I

indicated that I would give you leeway

but however if you don't immediatel­y get

to your point the court was the same its

own objection to your question directly

to the boys whose Cumberland you stated

that the book for seven minutes was not

in fact written to appeal to prurient

interest may I inquire how you know

because I'm intimately acquainted with

the circumstan­ces surroundin­g the

creation and the publicatio­n of the

it's cumberland will you explain to the

jurors and a court how you came by this

intimate knowledge me no person alive

was closer or better acquainted with JK

exactly then I won a couple of now you

implying that you were present in Paris

when JJJ wrote the seven minutes I'm

saying that I was in Paris when the book

was written do you know the author's

motivation­s for writing it to which I

object the question calls for conclusion

speculatio­n in that miss Cumberland

could not possibly had any personal

knowledge of the author's true

motivation­s for writing the seven

minutes mr. Duncan we are going to get

on with this matter if it's the last

thing we do you'll recall a court asked

miss Cumberland to explain to the jury

how she has intimate knowledge of the

circumstan­ces under which the seven

minutes was written now the court will

not tolerate any more interferen­ce of

mr. Barrett's questionin­g along these

lines objection overruled mr. bard will

you proceed and ask another question

familiar with the testimony presented by

the prosecutio­n is this first-hand

knowledge which you possess confirm or

contradict the testimony given in this

courtroom other people's witnesses my

informatio­n about the real dad way and

the real purpose in writing and

publishing this book completely and

entirely contradict­s the evidence so far

presented in this Court you do

understand that the previous witnesses

were sworn gave their testimony under

oath and risked facing a charge of

perjury of they lied they did not lie

they simply did not tell the truth

merely because they were ignorant of the

truth that next thing everything heard

in this courtroom until now about JJ

Dragway and I'm completely fluent with

all of the testimony has been the purest

fiction and the section was deliberate­ly

planned and perpetrate­d by the author

for reasons involving the offers private

life but made no directly to the salient

point at hand you indicated an earlier

testimony that you had published your

best-selle­r as I recall have you ever

written or published any other books yes

I have how many other books one book was

that book published under the name of

Constance coming up no it was not it was

can you tell the court the title of that

book and the pseudonym under which you

wrote it the book was the seven minutes

what is already heard the seven minutes

read of that so we might more clearly

determine the significan­ce of what we

have already heard would you mind

telling us the themes and the symbols

that you attempted to convey in writing

the book may I have a glass of water

three composed four seven chapters each

chapter representi­ng one minute in the

mind of this young woman Kathleen was

lying on a bed having sexual intercours­e

with an unnamed unseen man it begins

with a descriptio­n of her thoughts and

feelings for her male dead partner

Kathleen's mind reacts to the coupling

on two levels on the first two reports

her immediate physical sensations and on

a second inspired by her gradually

mounting passion to recollect fragments

of sensual experience­s from her youthful

past with three actual men in her life

who had been her lovers the thrust of

the novel is drawn out of the fact that

Kathleen decides to accept one of these

men as her lifetime Nick the one she had

taken to her bed this night everyone who

shares her seven minutes until the the

last page while she is gasping her love

for him in the final throes of her

passion that she call out and reveal the

name but when she is chosen you see

through her vast sexual experience she

has managed to liberate a sensitive but

potentiall­y impotent man a man she

honestly loved in writing the seven

minutes I finally found free to myself

just as I had hoped I might liberate

others from fear and guilt and shame do

you know of any other readers for which

others perform this service the words in

the seven minutes freed a young man only

today and enabled him to confide to me

the truth has told no other person until

now Jerry Griffith was not driven to

commit rape by reading this book he did

sharing her against her will we tried

but at Sheree's own invitation but he

failed them and he had always failed

before and as he would fail today

Jenny Griffith was then was before and

even today is still sexually impotent

he has been capable of attaining an

erection miss Carla did a very fertile

surprise there was testimony about

you're supposed to aside you look pretty

good to me right now obviously you're

alive and kicking you ever really try to

that whole incredible story with a

boyfriend named Sean o Flanagan if we

can pull it off rahamtulla­h right and

Cassie McGraw arranged a private

memorial service at a fictitious Skagway

I found it wiser to be somewhere else

we decide to renounce the jaggery

identity well I had an offer from

Hollywood producer Simon I bet in Paris

who appear in the gold figures of 1938

anyway I went to Hollywood they gold

diggers and you know the room

be nice you want I'll be right back

Oh mr. Barrett I don't know if you heard

me with all the noise after it but I

didn't congratula­te you I appreciate

you're wonderful imminent you got to

seven minutes off the hook by kanae

event is still murder one and I intend

to prosecute purchase the full limit of

Jerry Griffith has a debt as well as an

accomplice he shares responsibi­lity for

the crime he won't run from that when he

has his day in court I'll be standing

right next to you prove that one of my

witnesses printed himself and then

another one I'm wittingly lied but you

that is filthy but belongs in a decent

household and highway a Cumberland I

still believe the set of minutes is

obscene in harmful and sugar the man

guilty and that's the architect the

dirty book Constance couple of fans as a

black say in our society well your

internal your opinion very dangerous

because they can hurt immature disturbed

adults even worse they can overstimul­ate

a child before he's ready to accept his

sex noises nitro I tried them in a

fantasy sexual fantasy in other words

mr. Duncan you feel that all literature

and all I knew should be aimed at

satisfying the twelve-yea­r-old reader

you're a pitiful political opportunis­t

Abood you spoke to your clever rhetoric

about God modern country and that you

conniving scheme in that regard to

anyone but yourself it amazes me that an

intelligen­t man can under act his

energies and resources into what is good

for the community supposed to protect

spent this time racing off the court

seeking a ban on those things he

you've got the goddamn nerve you win one

lousy case you think you're up late

Bailey let me tell you one thing as long

as they're books like the seven minutes

or anything else I feel jeopardize the

mollify for this community okay fine

fair warning as long as you keep strong

I mean yourself ahead I'll be fighting

you Maggie well Jerry sexual problem if

he knew he was incapable of rape why the

hell didn't you say something certainly

my brain where the Jerian was coming

back again you don't have yesterday

morning while you were still in Chicago

I took the chance of pretending that I

know the truth about his night with

cherry more at that point Jerry broke

this company was really touched she said

if she could give Jerry the courage to

stand up and confess the truth and

perhaps she herself upon the courage to

do the same in court oh gee you're


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