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The Schlieffen Plan - And Why It Failed I THE GREAT WAR Special feat. AlternateHistoryHub with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

When the war began, over a year ago, the one\n

what Germany got, a war on two fronts. Indeed,\n

to specifical­ly avoid that, and it was called\n

I’m Indy Neidell; welcome to a Great War\n

Now, in our regular episodes last summer we\n

real life as they advanced into Belgium and\n

Battle of the Marne, but for those of you\n

a broader overview of what the German plans\nwer­e before the war.

Okay, the Schlieffen Plan! The brainchild­\n

of the German Imperial Army from 1891 to 1906.\n

and the idea was to find a new general war\n

new factors that had arisen since the Franco-Pru­ssian\n

diplomatic isolation, which basically left\n

and created the problem of a two-front war,\n

There were also military and technologi­cal\n

and modern artillery, new forms of communicat­ion\n

skyrocketi­ng size of national armies. The\n

for the belief that German forces would be\n

of attrition would not be winnable. It was\n

also: against archenemy France, you don’t\n

So... the original plan was that 7/8 of the\n

circumvent the strong French defenses on the\n

and the Netherland­s. This was, already in\n

neutrality might well bring Britain into the\n

at the border and would draw the French into\n

from the north, encircle Paris and drive the\n

this swift success, they could then send most\n

There was no plan in place for dealing with\n

Schlieffen was no longer Chief of Staff when\n

Helmut von Moltke- the younger, and Moltke\n

For starters, he changed the plan so it only\n

wanted to leave the Netherland­s as a supply\n

Also, the defense of East Prussia was of greater\n

to be provided for. Good thing that he had\n

As we know now, the Schlieffen plan failed\n

war that was often a war of attrition, and\n

Sorry, hi Indy, it’s Cody from AlternateH­istoryHub.

Oh hey, I watched your video about Britain\n

Glad you liked it. I watched your show too\n

World War 1 scenarios. Since you’re talking\n

that I just published a video asking the question:\­n

That sounds great! Guys, you should check\n

the Schlieffen­plan was to the outcome of WW1.

Alright! Really like your fire extinguish­er\n

Yeah, it’s a real antique. Thanks for stopping\n­by.

Alright, so why did the Schlieffen­plan actually\n­fail?

Just looking at the numbers objectivel­y, it\n

German troops to achieve the encircleme­nt\n

troops southward. Not so much that there weren’t\n

couldn’t really be properly replaced. See,\n

as anyone else, but that was the regular troops.\n

troops, who were not even trained with the\n

did not have machine gun crews or artillery\­n

The plan relied on speed for success, and\n

At the beginning of the war, Germany had 5,000\n

move the troops you’d need trains, right?\n

once they invaded Belgium and France, the\n

they retreated, so it had to be laid again.\n

was that it was a rail way hub; so you couldn’t\n

issues produced big supply issues too.

See, much as railways are inflexible­, the\n

it was set in motion, there was no turning\n

anecdote from the first days of the war: the\n

that claimed the French weren’t mobilizing­\n

his troops against Russia. Moltke replied,\n

be improvised­, it is the result of years of\n

If His Majesty insists on sending all available\­n

ready army but a bunch of armed men without\na­ny food.”

And the movement was so tight that any mistakes\n

And the train schedule didn’t even account\n

siege of Liege took nearly two weeks instead\n

which tied up a lot of troops and prevented\­n

railways until Liege fell, delaying the plan.

Good communicat­ion was also important if you\n

Germany was on the same technical level as\n

The problem was that telegraphs and radios\n

the front. And right at the front, pigeons\n

that the high command would get an outdated\n

But one of the biggest mistakes of the whole\n

The original Schlieffen Plan dismissed Russia\n

lost to Japan in the Russo-Japa­nese War, and\n

ignored how much Russia had modernized in\n

France, adding additional time pressure on\n

troops from the western front to the eastern\n

But guess what? Some of them refused to go.\n

were the logical choice to send to the east\n

soil and were the easiest to divert, but the\n

Moltke was forced to take troops from Belgium,\n

He had problems with making his generals obey\n

troops, for example, were under the command\n

prince, and he had his own interests. See,\n

peacetime and only during war was it all united\n

So Rupprecht refused to take his Bavarian\n

was given the task of just keeping the French\n

like that either, so he went on the offensive,­\n

A German officer was caught by the French\n

French could retreat much more efficientl­y.\n

transporta­tion mess that really should have\n

plan off kilter, even before the Battle of\n

and the total inflexibil­ity of the Schlieffen­\n

and led to what Germany most wanted to avoid:\n

They really should have anticipate­d better\n

are probably wondering what had actually happened\n

to go over to Cody’s Channel AlternateH­istoryHub\­n


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