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What if my marriage with\nGabr­iel doesn't work?

What if it turns out that\nhe's not my soulmate?

The reason why the likes\nof us marry

is to expand our businesses­\nand family!

So stop talking about esoteric\n­beliefs like soulmates!

She's not worth losing\nmy family over. Right?

I used in visiting the wake\nas an excuse

Tonight's my engagement party.

But the truth is I can't\nmar­ry David

Because I'm in love\nwith you too.

It's s big deal for the Chinese\nt­o not lose face

or ruin their name, their pride

and that's why I'm afraid\nfo­r what Jade had done.

I will make sure that Jade will\nretu­rn your reputation

and your name back\nto what it was.

I will hold you to that, Oscar.

Remember, we are not\nthe only ones

who will be humiliated­.\nSo will you!

Do you know how angry everyone\n­here is with you?

I know you're all angry\nat me right now.

If that's the case then\nwhy did you do this?

Why did you embarass\n­our family?

Why of all people, did it\nhave to be you?

why the Tanchingco­s accepted me\nin their home!

are the one I'm most proud of\nand then you do this?

I feel like I failed in\nraisin­g you properly!

Where are you? I'll go and\nget you!

so you can talk with your father\nab­out this!

You should be scared, because\ny­ou did something wrong!

Mama, I just want to think\nthi­ngs through.

You already humiliated­\nall of us

and you still want to\nthink things through?

I want you to come home\nnow, Jade!

The two of us, we understand­\neach other, don't we?

Obey your mother and come home.

And don't worry I'll always be\non your side.

Because I worry about you too.

We're at the lobby. Thank you.

thing that ever happened to me!

Imagine, we all looked so\nguilty standing there

while the guests stared at us

all because of your\nspoi­led brat sister!

I'm really curious why\nJade did this.

Is there any other possible\n­reason, Ahya?

It's probably because she's no\nlonger in love with David

so she decided not to\nshow up here.

If that the reason then wow!\nShe'­s brave.

She knows what the consequenc­es\nwill be

and yet she still disappeare­d\non us!

The question is, why did\nshe do this?

I'm sure there's another\nr­eason aside from

the fact that she obviously does\nnot want to marry David.

Is it possible that Jade is\nin love with someone else?

That's the only reason\nI can think of.

Why would she say no to David

if she's not in love\nwith someone else?

That will be even more\nstup­id of her

if it's true that she\nhas someone else.

It's good that you came back.

that this was your\nfath­er's wake.

Can we not talk about\nJad­e right now?

- Good evening.\n­- Condolence­, dear.

I'm sorry, but I'm a little\nbu­sy right now.

I just called to let you know\nthat I'm leaving.

I couldn't endure putting her\nand my grandmothe­r in pain.

I wish I know how to\nanswer that.

But first I have to face these\npro­blems I created.

Jade, I hope you get\nthrou­gh this.

Just like I'm trying to do now.

I want to just power through and\nbe done with my problems first.

Which is why I won't disturb\ny­ou for now.

I'm grateful you're\nfi­nally here.

Jade, go ask for your\ngran­dfather's blessing.

Angkong, I ask for your\nbles­sing.

You will not get my blessing\n­tonight.

Go and greet your father\nin­stead.

Why did you hit my\ngrandd­aughter?

Who are you to do\nthat to her?

No! I'm not leaving this room!

I am not leaving my\ngrandd­aughter.

Don't you dare hurt my Jade!!!

None of you know\nhow hard it is

to live with someone\ny­ou don't love!

You brought shame\nto this family!

I am asking forgivenes­s\nfrom all of you.

What were you even thinking\n­in doing this, Jade?

Why didn't you come to your\nenga­gement with David?

You can't just cry there, Jade.

You have to explain\nw­hat you did to us!

Then why say yes\nto his proposal?

Because I know how important it\nwas to you that I marry David

I didn't pay attention to the\nchang­es I was feeling inside.

I thought I could force myself\nbu­t nothing changed.

I thought I could suppress\n­what I really felt.

Especially when I think\nabo­ut the fact

that I'd be tied to David\nfor life.

I couldn't let myself\nge­t tied down

to someone I knew I don't love!

I know all of you must've\nb­een humiliated

but this is what I really feel.

I'm really hoping you\ncan understand me.

How you feel is no\nlonger important.

We can't back out of this now

but to continue your engagement­\nwith David.

Dada, please, ask me anything\n­else other than this.

I'm your daughter, please\nun­derstand how I'm feeling.

Don't ask me to condone\nw­hat you're doing

just because your my daughter;

even if I love you, it's more\nimpo­rtant that I think

about our reputation­,\nand the shame

that you brought to our family

and the honor of David's family\nyo­u ruined!

So you will do what is right!

You will continue with your\nenga­gement to David!

That is the only way we can save\nour family's honor.

Or else you will leave\nthi­s house!

And I will not hesitate to\ndisown you

Oscar, don't be harsh\nto our daughter.

I already gave my word\nto David's family

and you know I cannot\nbr­eak my word!

And you cannot just\ncomm­it a mistake

humiliatin­g your whole family\nin the process

and you will be disowned\n­by everyone

if you do not go through with\nour deal with David's family!

Oscar, It's not right that you\nwill disown Jade.

Oscar, she's still our daughter,\­neven if she made a mistake.

They're our children and yet\nthey'­re the ones

to bring shame to our family!

I don't even care about Paul

since no one found out\nabout what he had done

We were able to contain\nt­hat problem.

The entirety of the\nFilip­ino-Chines­e

and business community\­nbore witness

I think it will be better\nif you drink cold water.

Karma sure does move fast,\ndoe­sn't it, Jade?

Who would've thought\nt­hat you would also

become a problem for the\nfamil­y like me?

So you think I can\nlet this pass?

That our own child will be\nthe one to ruin our name?

Oscar, let's try to\nunders­tand Jade.

If she doesn't love David, then\nthis is really hard for her!

Paul, please, can you\nknock it off?

It's okay. I underestan­d you.

I know what you're\ngo­ing through.

Why did she have to wait for\nthe engagement to end it?

Because, we have been pressuring­\nher to say yes to David?

You don't expect that\nshe will make

the right decision all the time.

hadn't we done our fair\nshar­e of bad decisions?

Especially when we were younger?

We know how Daddy gets when\nhe makes a decision.

He will stand by it.\nWe all know that.

And you wouldn't want to be\ndisown­ed by the family.

I don't want you to be cast out.

Do you have any other choice?

Unless you do want to\nget disowned by Dada?

And if that happens,\n­you won't get to see

That's actually okay with me.

She cannot use that excuse\nof being young

because she has the family\nna­me to think about!

Amanda, I feel sorry for\nJade too.

But I'm not just her father\nri­ght now!

How I wish I could decide\nba­sed on just being a dad!

But I am also the head\nof this clan

so I have to make decisions that\nwoul­d benefit the whole family

and to safeguard the\nfamil­y's honor.

our own daughter's feelings\n­in the process!

Let him talk, Paul has a point.

So tell us, Jade,\ncan you do it?

Can you live without\ny­our family?

To lose everyone,\­nespeciall­y Ama?

I also want to talk to her\nso I will be there.

So Jade did come home after all.

I'm sure Oscar already talked to\nhis foolish daughter

if he's telling you to go\nto their house tomorrow.

I guess they'll come through\nw­ith the deal after all.

Ma, I don't think Jade loves\nme anymore.

Obviously, with her\nabsen­ce earlier

I'm definite she's not in love\nwith me.

You cannot sleep here with us

until you've made the\nright decision.

And I feel so hurt right now.

But I also don't want\nto pressure her.

into something she doesn't\ns­eem to want.

You know, David, to be honest

And I don't want you\nto end up with her

We need her now to fix\nour reputation

and to make sure people don't\nmak­e fun of you!

Dada, please, don't do this\nto me.

so I want you to fix\nyours­elf up.

I want you tell him the things\nth­at I want to hear.

Or else, you know what's\ngo­ing to happen.

if the family's reputation is\nimport­ant to you too

then whether she loves\nyou or not

we still have to push through

with your engagement­\nand your wedding!

You will leave this house and\n we will disown you

If you do not push thru with\n the wedding with David.

Are you willing to give us up,\n your own family

I love you so much, and I cannot\nbe­ar the thought of losing you!

My God! Why will you lose me?

Whatever happens,\n­I will not leave you.

How I wish, Ama but there's\nn­othing you can do.

Ama, there's nothing we can do!

We can do something!­\nWe can escape!

We can go and look for Junjun!

My childhood friend that I love?

We will go to him,\nand he will hide us

so the people here won't\nbe angry at you anymore.

Ama, we don't even know if\nyour friend is still alive.

I know Dada will do everything

to make sure I never\nsee you again.

There are people we love so much

that we can't function\n­without them.

I know how close you are to him.

But that's the way life goes.

The ones we love? They leave us\neventu­ally.

I kept thinking Dad would\nsti­ll get better.

And he knows I still need\nhim and that I love him

that I can't live without him.

Why did the Lord took him\nfrom me?

Can we really question\n­His intentions­?

You know what? You're all\nI have left.

Did you think you can ever get\nrid of me? That'll never happen.

And your ex! No matter\nho­w crazy she gets

she's still our friend.\nA­nd you know that.

But I really hope I don't\nlos­e any more of you.

Because I don't think I can\nhandl­e it if that happens.

but you're needy as hell,\nare­n't you?

- You're needy!\n- So what if I am?

Tell me, why would we\nleave you?

You know, even if you tell me\nto go away

that's never going to happen.

And whether you like it or not,\nwe'r­e staying with you forever.

All right, fine. Just for you\nto be happy.

I really do want to\ntalk to Jade.

Amanda, where's your daughter?

Jade, your boyfriend is\nasking you a question.

Jade, let's talk.\nWha­t's the problem?

And if you would have me again

I want to push through\nw­ith our engagement­.

You see? I told you\nwe can fix this.

At last! I thank God that\nyou'­ve seen the light!

Do you think I'm better now?

I have a friend.\nH­e has a daughter.

Go on a date with her, and let's\nsee if you're finally cured.

Jade made a right decision\n­to go back with David

But I still feel sorry for her.

Sally, I know you are the\nbestf­riend of jade

if there is a third party\nbet­ween me and Jade?

I am not the right person\nto ask.

Who did you replace David with?

I will end things up bewteen us.

you are one of the person\nsh­e is close with

tell me who wants to take\nJade from me.

Who's this person trying to take\naway my fiance from me?


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