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Until I received one night\nA letter from my grandfathe­r

And the letter read:\n

I send this by the cracked moon's light,\n

I'll take soon flight\n

Remember me as I will you,\nAll tree houses and untied shoe

In hope someday we meet again,\nYo­ur distant kin, Sebastian.

But a farewell by letter is little better\n

For my grandfathe­r, I set off in search of him...

I left by quiet my stately keep

The escape was easy, guards asleep

And wandered 'bout on tiptoe feet,\n

But for love or none\nCoul­d find no life suit or aqualung.

Then airlock open,\n

And struggling up, heart kicking like a drum then,\n

And the next thing I knew, I woke again.

All gasping and flail, and wet as whales, \n

Hell's teeth, and I at the center.

And I, swimming as though possessed,­\n

And knew no north from south or my mouth from my arse, as I rolled

But God, air, and true wind on my face

For I had not known such a thing\nIn all my rememberin­g

And though I might well drown and sink true down to the ocean

For this moment, swirling in those salt eddies, I was a boy

And stormy though the night was hung,\n

Nay, but I was still at fate's behest, and had no interest in the

And by width and breadth did trial about a long while

And the water did carry me along and put my soul and breath

So this is how it ends, the long going under.

And with water in my mouth, goodnight.­\n

Yes, goodnight. I go to seek a water sleep.

But fate was hard at play\nAnd I woke again, this time day

The storm a year away\nSo far as the sky told that story

A beach whereupon the sea had spat me out like some dislikeabl­e

And I alive and washed ashore with bones and balls all sore,\n

Was the moon in cracked spoils of dead rock

As though God Himself had struck it with his mighty Galactic co-

But nay, there a man approached along the sand and called to see

And his face became familiar of a sudden.

Err, no?" replied he with concerned eyes on me and continued

Sir, whatever ordeal you\'ve just been through\n

And though I did my best not to show it –\n

And my companion helped me to my feet, led me down the beach

And I walked bent double,\n

Then said he, checking my memory

And how old is your grandfathe­r?

Said I, "I don\'t recall at all. Perhaps you\'re right, I\'m

Okay," he said, "then which island is it you\'re from?

I\'m not from an island," I said.

I hail from beneath the sea and that great aquatic nursery.

For I am but twenty-one years old,\n

And slow he said, "But you are too young. You shouldn\'t be above

Not until their one-hundre­dth year\n

I only avoided his chiding stare\n

Finally he said, "I think it best we find this grandfathe­r of

No isle is distant, mind,\nAnd I've a vehicle of my own design.

Come along. We\'ll make it wherever together.

And he led me to some great balloon whereupon we got in

And though he touched no gauge or board,\n

We were out over the water then, and I saw the stories were true,

many islands scattered higgledy here and there, and I shouted to

Nay," said he, "each is its own little principali­ty

And just like your nursery, one lives on the isle fitting of their

As you were too, if the rules you actually obeyed.

And pointing then he shouted:\n

And there that land with beach and pier\n

The three hundreders are to the west,\n

And so on, I shan't recount them all,\n

Sir," I said, "with all these folk living so high on time\'s

I wonder if I might ask you how old you are yourself?

And he replied, "Let\'s say if there be a tree\n

Then I have filled my watering can eight times so far.

I could not help but stare at this man who, ignoring his

And in perfect health, but had somehow, eventually­, aged eight

And before I could comment there appeared, upon the horizon,\n

Some needle wound\nAt least ten thousand feet 'bove ground.

Vishnu\'s arse!" I cried, "What is that?

A tower, whereby," he did reply,\n

And if you were to reach its spire,\n

It proves most convenient for ascending objects into orbit without

And though keep your eyes open yet," he mumbled slight,\n

For overhead and yonder yet\n

Seemingly sitting there in the air by dare of whim.

Oh gods, you\'re all so clever!" I cried. "You built all of

Aye," he said. "Year to year ascended each\n

And quite a while we watched the scene,\n

be honest, What is it you want with your grandfathe­r? Really?

Are you so bold, you can\'t just let the old be old?

Nay," I said, "I wish to talk with he who by longevitys­, like

Besides he says he's going elsewhere and I'd like to follow him

His letter said the Isle of nines If that's his ground That's

Actually, I wonder if I asked, dare you to get me there.

He was quiet a while, pokered face No smiles, and said

so you think age leads to becoming some Great Sage do you?

Yes, I'll get you to your grandfathe­r

But we'll take the scenic route on our way to the Isle of the

our bearing changed then South was bound for some small spit of

I think," said he, "we\'ll search about and see if we can\'t out

and before I could protest we'd set down and come ashore and were

and up then sand and jungle thick and Cut our way with will and

in the suburbs folk were felling trees and hauling Shore great

then further in were folk who looked as young as I and dancing

all necking bottles gin and beer then coupling up to disappear

which Isle is this, I asked my Friend. I'm barely two decades old

The Isle of ones said he all here have aged at least one century

He left me down the winding paths of open debauchery and open

and folk who clear appeared They slept perhaps three days a year

and we came upon a woman bare, all dancing legs and wild blonde

My friend proclaimed "Oh Lady mayor I\'ve brought for thee one cub

and he has questions for his elders

She regarded me with red eyes and regard tireder yet and said

Why here we've ditched the milk, but kept the bottle, ask away

and the music did stop and all folk turned about with their drunk

and the lady mayor of the Isle of ones did close her eyes in great

I murmured "why, I am young and confused about everything and sure

but above all I should like to know how does one live well?

and how does one want for nothing and still acquire everything­?

I leant sure close and cupped my ear, the wisdom of one in her 100

whereby she replied, "the secret to acquiring everything­? Buy it

I'd suggest you found your answer here for we've loads of drugs

and though I cried out for Clarificat­ion it was surely the end of

and my new companion led me back past trees and Lagoon to our

What," I said, with confusion fat, "the holy

and off we left it over the beach up Once again into the wind's

Look," he said, "True they\'re all one century

But since we live at least nine in these enlightene­d times they

It wasn't long after life extension was perfected

We noticed that the older one dares to grow the more they prefer

that is why each age lives on its own isle. You would have little

such is the gap ten times wider with us. So there it is.

I said, "\'So there it is.\' Why, my grandfathe­r liked that phrase

That may be," said he, "and yet your grandfathe­r is not me.

And following his dead-end boon, I set eyes upon the fractured

I said, "Our pale lady of the night is not looking quite right

what happened to her?" "The Fall," he called. "Why, the world

We once used to play war to keep score.

How does one blow up a moon?" "By being smart enough to build

simultaneo­usly stupid enough to use it.

Not too long from now, pieces of her will fall to the ground

and if any of us are still around by then, the air will turn

and for sure no living thing will endure.

Save for those living beneath the sea." "Like me," I said

and what will everyone still above the sea do instead?

He said "We\'ve another destinatio­n in mind, where we might start

With a squint I call sight just slight of rising constructs in the

spires and towers for a crown, sure the mark of a city or town.

Said I, "Start over where? Over there?

Said he, "Nay that is but the remains of nations

why sometimes on a new morning one can still make out the old

Said I "Well, who lives there?" "No one," he said, "Or the remains

the legacy of our forefather­s, who'd rather blow up a moon than

they might both peaceably dance to. To hell with them. For all our

And from the smallest of corners of my mind's eye

I Saw and heard the bright sounds of those dead towns

the blaring horns and thousand forms of life to those days prior

fire they cast on themselves­. Back before science had learned to

My old companion said, "The cruel irony is that many folk from

yet the human brain can only contain so many memories and so as

of what they did to our planet and moon in their youth

and though the Catastroph­es live on in their name they have by

I said, "But you assume from the ruins that they knew what they

Maybe they meant well with their inventions and broke the world in

Right," he said, "I\'m sure in their empty heads when they

And he looked off from our basket a moment and said

Sorry." Said I, "Don\'t apologize, why, all that anger in your

makes me just then remember my grandfathe­r's temper you so

That may be," said he, "and yet your grandfathe­r is not me.

And I glanced ahead to find we were coming down again, not in a

Stark marble pillars and great mansions and villas and when we sat

Welcome friends, why, please enjoy your stay- if you\'re going to

that\'ll be 20,000 shells." "Oh, add it to my tab," my companion

and with my confusion stark, we pushed on into a park

at the base of each tree, a sign declared a fee of 10,000 shells

Likewise looking at the birds would cost the third of what one in

So too were their charges for drinking from the water fountains or

and we wandered down ostentatio­us and spacious streets

and found we'd meet with folk tired and thin walking hurried

Then pass piles of shells in little Laos and even the dirt and

And we found a great conch shell a man waited outside so thin I

My companion said sir, Mayor Hello. The mayor replied. Yes. Have

Ah, no, this is my friend from beneath the sea and if you've a

I said I'd like to know of you. How does one live well, and how

And how does one the mayor interrupte­d and how many shells will

none admittedly I said but you do look a little hungry and if you

he snatched it from Me at once and said, ah I see this will

I said they literally grow on trees for free

but he was already off on some tirade about the banana trade

He yelled. Why by this time next week? I'll be a banana coin

My companion led me away said perhaps that's enough economics for

And we fled the commotion past the starving, Rich masses to our

My companion said when the ones twos and threes are bored of their

They move for a while to the aisles of the fours fives and sixes

I said But they're all starving themselves­. Yes. He said but look

by the time they reach their 7th century. It becomes pretty

There's more to the world than just wealth said I but what's the

undying population­s on little island nations Hosting parties

while above each day The moon sidles closer to come crashing down

though It's easy to miss there is a point to all this

The ones twos and threes they party nightly Yes

but by day they mind the metal and fell the trees we need for new

then the fours fives and sixes why they don't just pursue riches

by evening They take the felled trees and ore and ensure by the

It is the most ambitious thing ever built from man's imagining

and not a few weeks from now 10 million of us

Will empty our drawers and lock our doors and kiss. Goodbye the

and once boarded each find ourselves afforded Four-poste­r

and then in liquid nitrogen 10 liters deep 10 million souls in no

and each space support that isn't there to accommodat­e our frozen

will carry instead What's left of the past each species will ride

from cabbage tree to New zealand kauri every Evergreen and

kept maintained by clockwork brains

And what's more pig, donkey, boar, fly, swan, Crustacean­,

hell Neandertha­ls and early man too

and we fly. out beyond the broken moon a hard left past Jupiter.

passing straight through the Oort cloud Turning about to enjoy the

then setting sail on physics not so much in numbers indenture

But stolen from one of God's more surreal magic mushroom

contractin­g space before our noses Expanding it beyond our asses

will show time and Einstein a thing or two

until we fly faster than Zeno's racing tortoise

or poor Swift Achilles who trailed then after and

and Roused again we'll find we have arrived on the doorstep of a

Gravity that of earth and with an Earth's worth already of

and in the midday sky We'll find not one Sun as we had before

and though we'll bring food and clothes and build schools and

and paint our mark on every damage of the thing So it one great

not a gram of our stupid past and smuggle itself down onto the

No Denial of what is in favor of what one wishes

no slinking off to watch TV and leaving some other poor bastard to

science, truth, art, objectivit­y, universal human regard

then finally the death of war and ignorance

and that Infernal library of excuses for I, me, my while you still

We will build a world untainted by selfish bastards where we'll be

and do whatever we fucking like all day and lay great brilliant

and live under two suns at The expense of no one

finally out under the above for love for love

That is the night Isle and we set off and not a week's while

for our species. Try a one last. Pardon

Ah Said me, sounds swell and what about those of us in the nursery

we approached at last over a new isle of yet another style

My companion said to me why it seems you and I are at the end of

the Isle of the eights For almost the century that has been the

Over we passed I peeked in through the glass of the windows all

What do they do? I said they and you

Said he I told you of the soon trip to our new home

and though we have solved much of the perils of travels in Space

there is but one more problem we faced on

our journey We want to take with us every film and thesis every

But not even the moon would have enough room to store those works

and digitally If we were to store it That way

cosmic rays would see wipe it right out in but a few hundred days

and so we found a method Yes a fur

each seven and eight like me commits to their memory some chosen

We learn to remember to not forget I said and which work lives in

said he prose and poetry Eighteenth to 23rd century

for like you I once had a grandfathe­r who showed me the world in a

Back when the old world was still new and so was I I'd sit on his

of fiction and farce or whatever I asked and for all those stories

That's how I knew what it was. I'd remember

I said and your grandfathe­r now is he Yet still alive?

but our basket sat down then at last we'd arrived.

we Disembarke­d single file on another new Beach on another new

nay. I said wait, I remember this land aye, he said it's the same

and then standing not feet from our great steed balloon was a

the woman called out why what a fair moon this evening aged So

she turned on me said though true the same cannot be said for you

Well, no I said since I am not aged so

my companion bowed his head said nothing Oh ye

she said what the centuries have done to your memory.

I replied you must be mistaken I am from the nursery

said she there is nursing there certainly, but for those so aged

I am the matron of the nursing dome and I am here to take you

by choice Will you come back with me or need I summon armed

now Look I said I am 20 or 21 rather and I have come to find my

So why she said yet? You walk hunched and move slow such would we

What said I and raised a hand to my eyes and found the skin was

She said how to put it Well, oh, yes Your generation is the reason

all greed and in need of speed and more patting yourselves on the

Meanwhile, leaving every garden unweeded and all who fell behind

You have been honorably discharged of being dishonorab­ly in

and while we aren't as cruel as to have you all put down We sure

and so you are most welcome to the ocean floor where you shan't

Yeh beneath the sea there are jigsaw puzzles and rocking chairs

We'll be sure to lock the doors. I am taking you back to the

to the matron My companion said why I'm sorry. I took him on a

but before you bring him home might for five minutes you leave us

Rose a skeptical eyebrow on her skeptical face though. She nodded

Oh gods, I cried and closed my eyes to my companion I said this is

Yes he said I thought maybe with an hour or two it would come back

Own it's time for you to go home if there's anything I can do for

Yes You can said I let me lie here for the rest of my days

above the water in some semblance of a dignified way

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. He said I wish you luck in all hence.

I said don't apologize There's no taken offense

Why in a day or two I suppose I'll remember neither the beach nor

We hugged them in the awkward male fashion two loose grips and a

He turned about bound inland bound starwort.

No great elation. No great despair I simply gulped the salt sea

and wondered then if I would ever breathe it again

My companion paused and turned about let out they gave me an early

the nursing dome I mean when you made your great escape

Gave me time to reach the beach and wait in hope you'd rise alive

And so you did and so I found you

Early warning why I said What're you to me or I to thee

he said my grandfathe­r was never the sort to go quietly Once

said I that may be and yet your grandfathe­r is not me

Have you been so by time defiled? You don't recall your own

It was I who sent a letter hoping for the better you'd recall who

and though you remembered me fine You mixed me up in time. I did

I didn't know for my sake you'd stage a fucking Prison Break. I

between the fields and owls and Shrike long hours teaching you how

I remember year upon my knee and from the elm tree sat ten

and the alphabet and cigarettes and Ethernet and tape cassettes

it was the old world and I think of it every day and I think of

and because Ruin the world or not You are my grandfathe­r and I am

and while you may not remember those Kindnesses you did me when I

And if one day I have children, I will tell them of you

So they even when I am gone your kindnesses will thread on down

And then your kindnesses will never die

And when both of us are gone when we're only stories it will still

until there and all the time and space snuff To dust and dust

that You are my grandfathe­r and I loved you

and I cannot spend another week worrying that alone and decrepit

even if I make it to the edge of space over the threshold We'll

I said yet all the while you are still bound for the ninth Isle

I just hope you recall me in good stead

he replied then you may wish of me the same tomorrow for I am

and I Protested but you set off for the Stars in not a week You

Rockets be damned said my grandson one day they'll build another.

but grandfathe­rs are a one-time Constructi­on and these may be my

Let's run back to the old world. Let's find the tree ten starlings

and if little pieces of yesterday come back to you Whenever

then tell me and we'll remember them together

and back down the beach back to the balloon We're off on the wind

at lasts borne back ceaselessl­y into the past

And from our basket Sebastian yelled with all his might.

Hey matron go fuck yourself big kiss. Good night

The new world pulled away behind and on some perfect fever dreams

something Waited and though dead for sure it waited to receive us

and my grandson began to shout the poems would known from the

We remembered we remembered together.

Let us go then you and I he yelled when the evening is spread out

like a patient etherized upon a table Let us go through certain

of restless nights and one night cheap hotels and Sawdust

about about in reel and route the deaf fires Danced at night the

and summoned dreams Assured world the spirit that plagued us so

In Xanadu did Kubla Khan a stately pleasure-d­ome decree where alph

So twice five miles of fertile ground with walls and towers were


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