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The Fixies The Tools and The Fixiphone My Smart Phone SONG Fixies English Cartoon For Kids with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

Can you believe that Fixies are\nSuch itty-bitty creatures?

Even when they’re magnified\­nIt’s hard to see their features.

They’re tiny, infinitesi­mal, \nSo small it makes you doubt.

But if you meet a Fixie, please,\nD­on’t let their secret out!

Hang on. There are these really cool things…

Look how many things you got all at once!

Your dad's gonna be so angry\n

I’m gonna put them all\nright back where they were.

Open the box and you'll see. It's neat.

There’s a special place in there\nfor each one of the tools.

Try hammering in a nail\nor drilling a hole with your bare hands.

But with the help of the proper tools\nit’­s a piece of cake.

But of course that's only\nif you know how to use them.

If the head of a hammer is loose

then you shouldn’t work\nwith them - it’s dangerous!

And when you’re done working\np­ut the tools back in their places

or you'll be tearing your house apart\n

The pincers go here, and the wrench goes…

This drill bit's too long for this spot.

Let’s see if it fits in this one.

Any idea what this tool is for?

For splitting wood or carving stone

that CHISEL's what you want to own.

Now try to answer this little poem.

When you have a thing to measure,\n

I know what it's called.\nI­t's a measuring tape!

You've almost reached one centimeter­.

I also have a rhyming riddle for you.

What bangs a nail into the wall,\n

And now I have one for you to guess.

If you need to screw in screws,\n

Alright, Tom Thomas, we'd better hurry.

We still have a lot of\ntools here to get sorted out!

Humans, just like Fixies, use hundreds\n

Picking the right one\ndepen­ds on the task at hand.

For instance, if you need to\nhammer in a nail, use a hammer.

But you don't use a hammer for a screw.

For that, there is a special tool\ncall­ed a screwdrive­r.

A wrench is the tool\nfor tightening nuts and bolts.

A vise is used to hold a part in place

If you need to cut a piece of wood,\nyou should choose a saw.

You could use a hand saw,\nfor example, or a hacksaw.

Different kinds of pliers\n

If you need to smooth\nso­mething down, you use a file.

If you learn how to work\nwith tools properly

you can build just about anything.

- Do you know what kind of tool that is?\n- I don’t know.

There's no place for it in here.

Come on! And what if my parents use it?!

Looks like we did something wrong here.

I put a piece of metal under\nthe table leg so it wouldn't shake.

So that's where the tool's place is!

It must be somewhere under the table.

He wants us to get that\nmeta­l thing out of his dad's box.

It's strange. How could I have missed it?

Maybe you're just... tired\nfro­m working too much!

I almost caught one yesterday,­\nI chased him but he fled.

But if I told my dad he’d say,\n“It’­s all inside your head!”

You really cannot catch them,\nOr find their whereabout­s.

But if you meet a Fixie, please,\nD­on’t let their secret out!

Try to guess what we have with us!

My dad bought a new phone for himself

Ah, you've got a telephone too!

Papus’ got himself a new fixiphone

and he gave this old one to Simka.

Nolik, don’t just call me\nif you know I'm working.

A Fixiphone is a smartphone­\nmade just for Fixies.

Not only can Fixies\nca­ll each other with it

but they can get onto\nthei­r own special Fixi-Inter­net.

On a Fixiphone you can find a camera

those are the Fixies’ favorite songs.

because fixiphones can easily\n

and whether or not they're in trouble.

Over the years humans have learned\n

and mobile phones into smartphone­s.

They use them to call each other

A smartphone is almost\nas powerful as a computer

but they still have a long way to go\n

Yeah, that's really cool, guys.

But he's not… he’s not on there!

A mouse helps the user\nnavi­gate around the computer.

No one else can see\nthe Fixie except for you.

It'd be great to have my own fixiphone!

What are you talking about?\n You’re not a Fixie!

He even forgot to take his phone!

My smart phone's my best friend,\nI love to hear it beeping.

So I keep it by my side,\nEve­n when I'm sleeping!

Bing bong all day long,\nBin­g bong all day long

Bing bong all day long,\nEve­n when I'm sleeping!

With my phone I play alone,\nI don't need my brother.

Soon they'll make a brand new app\nTo replace my mother!

Bing bong all day long,\nBin­g bong all day long

Bing bong all day long,\nTo replace my mother!

Check my mail, send a text\nA million times an hour.

I forgot to plug it in,\nNow I'm out of power!

Bing bong all day long,\nBin­g bong all day long

Bing bong all day long,\nNow I'm out of power!

let me use your phone to call myself.

You’ve changed everything in here!

What a funny name\nyou came up with for me!

Nolik, just stop! I don't have time\nfor your fooling around.

Does anyone know\nwho this phone belongs to out here?

Papus is going to really give it to us.

Give me your phone, Tom Thomas,\n


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