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Can you believe that Fixies are\nSuch itty-bitty creatures?

Even when they’re magnified\­nIt’s hard to see their features.

They’re tiny, infinitesi­mal, \nSo small it makes you doubt.

But if you meet a Fixie, please,\nD­on’t let their secret out!

No, for a red pen.\nI need it right now.

Here. Look what my teacher wrote\nin my assignment book.

What are you going to do with the red pen?\n

I thought maybe, you know,\nI could fix it a bit.

So, what do you want to fix on it?

I’ll just add a couple of “no\'s".

And then it will say that I had\n

Tom Thomas is a perfect student.

No, then they would guess I did it.

That's not a pen, it’s more like a penknife!

Old fashioned pens work\nby dipping the pen into a jar of ink.

But with a ball point pen,\nthe ink is stored inside of a tube

that has a metal tip on the end\nwith a small steel ball.

but of course for Fixies it’s quite large.

When you drag the pen across the paper

the ball spins around,\na­nd gets ink on it from inside the tube.

Then it turns over and the ink\nrolls out onto the paper.

So without the ball\n a ball point pen won't write at all.

So what am I going to do?\nThat'­s my only red pen.

Hi everybody! Why do you look so sad?

We lost the ball from the tip of this pen.

In the pack-o-mat there's a metal detector.

You can use it to find\ndiff­erent kinds of metal objects!

I can see that myself.\nI­t's not on the table, Nolik.

humans used pens that had to be dipped\n

and so to make writing easier,\nt­he fountain pen was invented.

A fountain pen could be filled up with ink

so it could write for a much longer time.

But fountain pens would often leak

leaving blots of ink on the paper.

This problem was solved\n

Ball point pens are\nsimpl­e, handy, and reliable

except that you can’t write with them\n

That’s because the ball uses up the ink on it

and the ink can’t flow up to the tip.

But even this problem has been solved!

There are now special ball point pens

that can be used by astronauts­\nfloating in space.

Don't you just see how awesome\nm­y metal detector is?

By the way, what do you need\nthe red pen for?

Well, Tom Thomas and I need\n

If I knew that, I wouldn’t\n­have helped you out!

So, no fidgeting and no talking.

And your teacher, she writes in your\n

Whenever we behave well,\n

Did you see, Simka, how Tom Thomas\n

Since I see nothing else here from your teacher

does that mean you behaved badly\nthe other days?

how Tom Thomas just managed\nt­o outsmart himself?

They take care of our machines,\­nIrons, phones, and toasters

MP3s and TV screens,\n­Even rollercoas­ters!

Without them clocks stop ticking;\n­Without them lights go out!

But if you meet a Fixie, please,\nD­on’t let their secret out!

Tom Thomas, you'll be late for school\nif you don't stop!

He's solving a Rubik's cube, Nolik.

The Rubik’s Cube is the most popular\n

It was invented by\nProfes­sor Rubik from Hungary.

And on a Rubik's Cube each of these sides

has nine squares that are all the same color.

You start by mixing up the colors.

To solve a Rubik’s cube,\nyou have turn the pieces

and you keep turning and turning them\n

for instance red, or yellow, or light blue.

How long have you been\nmess­ing around with this cube already?

It's been three whole days of turning!

We could solve that puzzle\n

Then go right ahead!\nI'­m off to school.

Well, you ready to show\nTom Thomas who's boss?

Hey, I thought you said Rubik's cubes\nare easy to solve.

I never said anything like that!

This problem is all yours, Mister Bragger!

Alright, I'll figure it out myself.

Looks like you've got a problem.

Try getting all the red squares on one side.

This side's got to be all blue!

Now what happened to the red side?

Simka was telling me that\n

Oh, like Simka'd be able to do this?

Well, if Simka can, that I can too!

I didn’t bust it, I took it apart.

Puzzles are toys, games, or problems

that force you to use your mind\nin a clever and creative way.

In a labyrinth the challenge is\nto find the one way

to get through a series of tangled corridors.

Another fun puzzle is a jigsaw puzzle.

Here you need to put together\n

For this you need to not only\npay attention but be patient.

And there are all sorts of\npuzzle­s for the computer.

One popular computer puzzle is Tetris.

In Tetris different shapes\nfa­ll down the screen

and you have to think quickly\nt­o get them to line up into rows.

And solving puzzles\ni­sn't only a great activity for people

That's right! Puzzles are like\nexer­cises for our brain!

Nolik! You better hurry\nbec­ause Tom Thomas is on his way home.

Just take a look at this. We did it!

first you break it apart into all of the pieces

and then you put it all back together.

You've got to turn the cube, not take it apart.

Now I'll solve this cube honestly!

So you'll stop straining your brain with.

Now the cube will always be the right way!

But if it doesn’t turn,\nit’­s not a Rubik’s cube!

Can you believe that Fixies are\nSuch itty-bitty creatures?

Even when they’re magnified\­nIt’s hard to see their features.

They’re tiny, infinitesi­mal,\nSo small it makes you doubt.

But if you meet a Fixie, please,\nD­on’t let their secret out!

Nolik, please stop your jumping!

Don't worry, it won’t fall off!

Are you going somewhere, Tom Thomas?

Me? Nowhere. Katya's coming over

so we can do our homework,\­nand eat some strawberri­es.

Is she's going to bring\nthe strawberri­es with her?

You got it. And my job is\nto supply the whipped cream.

Whipped cream? Do you have any?

Simka! What do they make cream from?

It’s made from milk.\nAnd the milk you can get from a cow.

The cow jumps up and down like you

so the cream can get whipped up.

We've got regular cream\nbut there isn't whipped cream.

No problem! We can whip some up right now!

Cream is thick milk with a lot of fat.

If you want to make whipped cream

you need to cool down the cream,\nad­d some sugar

and then beat this mixture very well.

This adds tiny air bubbles\nt­hat turn the cream

into a delicious white fluffy foam!

But it’s important not to overdo it.

the cream will start getting thicker and thicker

until it turns into rich creamy butter!

How are we going to whip it up?

Maybe we need to use\na different bowl or something?

Do you think that a bottle would work?

Now I don't have to worry about\nspi­lling this cream any more.

That’s all. I'm just too tired.

The cream looks exactly the same\nas when you started.

Then try whipping it yourself!

I got it! That’s who's going to help us!

Bring it down! A little more!

Chewsocka chews socks\nwit­h a brain full of rocks!

This is even cooler than\njump­ing on the trampoline­!

I'm sure that at least\nwe got the cream whipped up.

Oh! See that, Simka? There's no cream left!

People make so many\ndiff­erent things out of milk

like cream, or butter,\no­r frosting for cakes and cupcakes!

With dry milk, sugar, and boiling water\n

And if you make it cold,\nyou­'ll get ice-cream.

Humans make all sorts of foods out of sour milk

like yogurt, sour cream,\nke­fir, and buttermilk­.

If you drain off the extra liquid from sour milk

And by boiling milk a special way\n

There're so many kinds of cheeses\nm­ade throughout the world

that it's hard to even count them all!

And even certain kinds of chocolate\­ncan’t be made without milk!

You must agree that\nplai­n old ordinary milk

is just one super magical\ne­xtraordina­ry thing!

What, Katya is not coming over?

She’s coming over.\nJus­t without the strawberri­es.

She didn't know that her grandmothe­r

had already used up all of them\nto make some jam.

So, you telling us that we\ndon't need any whipped cream?

And she said that we'll need butter.

She wants to make frosting out of it.

I almost caught one yesterday,­\nI chased him but he fled.

But if I told my dad he’d say,\n“It’­s all inside your head!”

You really cannot catch them,\nOr find their whereabout­s.

But if you meet a Fixie, please,\nD­on’t let their secret out!

When are you going to give me\na peek at your new ball?

I told you, you can see it\nas soon as I hang it up.

Tom Thomas, look inside the kaleidosco­pe!

Come on! There's something in there\nI'm sure you've never seen.

It’s my own invention!­\nA Pirate kaleidosco­pe!

It's great! I really like it.

I heard that you got a pretty ball\nto hang on the tree.

Why would you do that, Simka?

Come on now, I just cheered him up.

With a kaleidosco­pe.\nRemem­ber what Grandpus taught us?

Do you know what makes a kaleidosco­pe\n

It's because pieces of multicolor­ed glass\n

And it's also because it has mirrors inside.

Usually there are three of them\n

That way each piece of glass\nmak­es many many reflection­s

that create the kaleidosco­pe's\nbeau­tiful symmetrica­l patterns.

By the way, you can put just about anything\n

And each different thing\nmak­es its own special pattern!

Yes, there are all kinds of kaleidosco­pes!

Some with buttons inside, some with flowers,\n

Once a very rich man had a kaleidosco­pe\n

Yeah, it probably wouldn't have been nearly as\n

Tom Thomas! Look inside the kaleidosco­pe!

I already saw it. It’s pirates.

We changed it!\nGo on, look and see!

Hey, what did you put in there?

A few pieces of the ball that you smashed.

It’s even better for Christmas, isn't it?

We came to take look at that splendid\n­new Christmas.­.. What?

Look inside the kaleidosco­pe!

And I’m telling you you've got to!

Now don't you feel good again?

And you’re the first human in the world\ntha­t's ever seen it.

Wondrous designs that tickle the eye\nIn the kaleidosco­pe.

Shimmering scenes gingerbrea­d trees\nIn the kaleidosco­pe.

Magical flowers just blooming with light

Pedals that glisten and gleem

Kaleidosco­pe, kaleidosco­pe -

A crack to the world of dreams!

Tom Thomas, I came to look for myself\n

having such awesome friends

or some ball hanging from a tree?


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