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summer skies and laughing eyes and i

to all the questions in your eyes

are you watering the grass when you're

i guess you're excited about your trip

your dad asked me to bring his briefcase

darling you shouldn't be doing that by

yourself why isn't kenny helping you i

couldn't stand the sad look at his face

any longer i sent him outside is he

still upset about leaving can't blame

him we stay for long enough somewhere

for him to make friends and now we're

off again you'll make new friends

besides i like the idea of having you to

remind me never to collect books again

don't be silly really he's very cool

with me oh he's been like that with

everyone since his mother died he'll get

remember it took me quite a while

the trouble is he still thinks of me

maybe if you told him about us it would

make it easier well i'll tell him when i

think the time is right before he leaves

that certainly expresses your feelings

about me now what's that got to do with

it if you really love me you'd want to

tell him about us but one thing has

nothing to do with the other look he was

very close to his mother it's a bit soon

to suddenly tell him he's gonna have a

new one or perhaps you had no intention

i'll tell him before he leaves all right

you're not going to be the same without

kenny is it i don't know he hasn't left

you don't like kenny too much do you

sure i like him it's just that i can't

kid around with him like i can with you

that's no reason to push me off my bike

oh come on mike you forced him off the

road and you know it i did not if you

well anyway before he leaves tonight we

had to do something really special you

know something he can remember how about

burning down the school come on mike be

serious let's do something really groovy

i just don't feel like doing anything

hey you know who's gonna really miss you

oh rebecca stanton come on no no kidding

that's what she told mike at school last

did you ever make out with her of course

is it okay if we come down to the

hey how far is buffalo from silver

it's a lot closer than it is from here

are we still going to meet there like we

sure if my grandmothe­r lets me go why

our grandmothe­rs are like that they're

not mine she just got back from florida

do you know when she'll be back

can you give her a back-up message for

that's me okay i'm leaving at six

flight 602. okay now have you got it

listen maybe you better write it down i

flight 602 now ready to board in game

12. fight 602 that's yours hey dad

i've been thinking yeah no i thought it

over last night are you sure i can't go

to chicago with you can i be there less

than a week then i'll be off again

someplace else i'd be in the way huh no

it's not a question of being in the way

it's not the right kind of life for a

young boy traveling all around the

i don't care i just want to go with you

this is a big break for me kenny

i'm not going to get many more at my age

i gotta make the most of it i understand

this company really believes in me and

if i can convince them of my worth

they'll probably set me up one of their

regional offices and i can stay put for

we can buy a home like when you saw them

yeah we'll have a place of our own we

can sit on the front porch and fish well

by then you'll probably have a girl over

like devil dating sound good to you yeah

two years you can do that standing on

your head right you're right maybe we

gotta rush we gotta catch that plane

wait up i gotta go why i didn't think we

were gonna find you guys why it's great

you came there were so many people back

there in the lobby wow thanks for coming

how are you mr leeds hi how are you boys

well i'm fine thanks fine thanks

hey i want to take your picture before i

forget oh you're getting with ken and

mike and i'll take one of your books

thanks a lot mr leeds you're welcome hey

kenny i'll send you the pictures when i

get them done okay that'll be great yes

i got you a box of chocolates to

aren't you gonna open them yeah well

maybe a better way to get on the plane

in case they explode or something come

listen guys thanks for coming down and

don't forget to write me about silver

springs hey don't forget to ride us

either okay i won't let's hear from you

now okay bye hey take it easy kenny

flight 602 is now in the final boarding

stages and gate 12. hey kenny

hey look uh i'm really sorry about the

other day you know on the bikes and

first chance i get off live and spend a

my secretary ms williams asked me to say

she wanted to come down herself but you

know she couldn't get away from the

well i don't know dad i never thought

how would you feel about it for flight

departing at gate 12. i'd better go

i got your letter this morning it sure

sounds like you guys are having a great

well i've been having a great time too

my grandparen­ts are really a lot of fun

i was surprised to hear you went to the

carnival with alvin goren if i remember

right we didn't like him too much when i

i met a bunch of great guys we play

baseball in the park every afternoon

they want to make me captain of the team

but i got too many other things to do

the kids here are much friendlier than

and you ought to see the high school

i'll be going to next semester

i got your letter yesterday but i was

the new girls you said you met sound

they feel like those young teeny bopper

give me something cold and wet will you

how about a coke anything frankie as

i've been hanging around with a couple

well frankie's a manager at meyer's drug

well what do you say frankie about

rosie and i are going steady now ah what

nick goes steady too it doesn't stop him

having a little fun on the side does it

anyway going to niagara falls is

different it's a it's not like cheating

but why niagara because that's where

they are man we just shoot across the

border and there we are i tell you

frankie you've never seen a place like

this before in your life they got the

most beautiful broads the price is right

and there's no chance of catching

you uh writing a book kid um no just a

letter i was writing a letter uh-huh

joe and frankie and me go over to

well there's this house there called

with the most beautiful broads

and the price is right if you know what

we're going over to rosie's again

about silver springs i'm still working

tommy hi how are you come on give me the

phone it's my turn i haven't said

anything yet you said hi come on give me

it's my friends from back home

huh oh mike is that you yeah we wanted

hey kenny listen you wouldn't believe

this place we got a giant suite we got a

shower inside the bathtub we got

everything oh it sounds fantastic we

just ordered room service yeah and they

told us that they give us clean sheets

what are we doing here are you kidding

great hey listen we can all go to silver

springs together oh nuts to silver

springs we want to go to niagara falls

niagara falls canada you know niagara

what for he says what for kenny

we want to go to that place you told us

with all the beautiful broads and

yeah our parents think we're down at

silver springs yeah they should only

know huh can he how soon can you make it

we'll catch it and come on let's get

going um it takes about 20 minutes

i have to finish the lawn first i have

we come all the way up here and you have

look we're in room 507 that's on the

fifth floor look we're gonna sit right

here and wait for you so hurry up

what's the matter don't you find me

attractive i came here to discuss your

let's make our own history doctor

kenny kitty come on in glad to see you

guys you never get here hey this place

is pretty snazzy isn't it what do you

hey where do you see what we got come on

champagne oh very nice yeah we've been

saving it till you got here why did you

guys get it how'd he get it listen i

called the waiter you know and so he

came up and we hid in the bathroom it

was great we just laid the money on the

bed see and we left the shower going

there's all sorts of water so mike

started yelling out i just yelled at him

i said look just put it on the table

cause we left the money on the bed oh

it's fantastic the guy actually left it

um listen you guys wait here and i'll go

downstairs i'll be right back what

will you have champagne and i'll go down

well that's what they always have with

i gotta tell you guys something

what oh we uh uh we have to uh

well you want to do this right and

that's what you do you break the glass

come on let's go mike would you do that

for we're gonna get thrown out of here

look he said break the glass so i broke

the glass now come on it's your turn i'm

not gonna break the glass that's done

will you come on i i i've got to break

kenny will you please hurry up

this is gonna be great you guys isn't it

don't you know of course he doesn't this

is probably his first time with a girl

it is not i just know it's gonna be

great three of us being together and all

what's it like kitty i mean what kind of

they don't want you to see what you're

they don't um what's the matter haven't

you ever been to one before oh yeah sure

well uh past pikes bridge by the lake

yeah by the lake which side north or

south no what is the third degree or

something where come on tell us

i guess you guys know this trip is going

to be expensive what are you talking

about we checked at the bus depot it's

less than a buck to niagara well that's

not what i mean it costs to get into

roses you know you mean like a cover

charge well sure what do you think

they're gonna let you in for free that's

how they make half their money just

charging you to get in look how much is

well how much do you guys have i got

about 15 bucks yeah i got 10. that's a

problem it costs at least 15 each for

well that sure changes things

you've got an extra 10 bucks didn't you

that's for pajamas you don't need

pajamas or rosies look my mom gave me

that money to buy some but you don't

need pajamas yes i do you don't need

them oh yes he needs them okay i don't

need pajamas he doesn't need them

if it costs 15 bucks how can you afford

to go so many times they give me a

discount what a what what do you mean

ever heard of a discount in a place like

that yeah hey look you guys asked me and

i don't mean the girls oh i mean at the

door well they dropped the cover charge

for me because i'm such a regular

do you think you can get us in for free

greyhound coach 63 for rochester albany

and new york now boarding and platform

all passengers are bored please

i gotta get something to read uh you

boy it won't be long now before we get

there huh man you know it i can't wait

hey what kind of girl are you gonna get

i don't know let me think about it

i like them slinky and slender

i like them with red hair too

in other words you like a skinny redhead

i didn't say skinny i said slender to

she's not plump she's just not skinny

greyhound coach number 21 for cleveland

and chicago now boarding at platform

you know i don't even care she's got

green hair just as she got everything

hey what'd your first girl look like huh

well you said this won't be your first

who was oh nobody you know mike yeah i

know everybody you know do you know jane

no see you don't know everybody i know

gray line coach number 118 for niagara

falls now boarding at platform one

that's us roses here we come kenny

these girls they're really pretty huh

well they're not uh beauties yeah

yeah you have your pick don't don't

oh i'm not worried or anything i was

what if you get one that doesn't like to

you're not going there to talk

well if you want to talk call them on

well well if you do get one that doesn't

i mean can you trade her in for another

well i always like a girl that's a good

hey look tommy don't get upset about it

if you really want to talk to the girls

all you got to do is say let's talk

hey here's some informatio­n on niagara

and it has all points of interest see if

you can find rosie's come on you guys

it says here that 40 million gallons of

water go over the falls every minute

yeah what does that work out to in a

this bridge is really high took nine

seconds for my gum to hit the water

hey look i'm standing in two countries

come here you guys the maid of the mess

i heard about the mate of the miss back

home it goes right under the falls oh

you're crazy it's sink no kidding right

what's going on they're asking everybody

questions how come they're stopping us

ah they always do they just always do

they didn't stop respecting the us

well they don't care who's leaving josh

is coming in why why do i look like

and you me too what's the purpose of

your visit to canada we were looking

you're a citizen of what country united

states how long do you plan to stay in

hello boy that was scary just think

hey let's go to the maid of the myth we

didn't come all the way up here to take

a ride on some old waterlogge­d boats

canadians don't look any different than

oh it's that way how far is it hey don't

you ever get tired of asking questions

you mad about something kenny no but you

guys are acting like a bunch of sex

let's look around a while there's a

million things to do like what

listen kenny i've had enough of this wax

museum stuff i want the real stuff now

there's still plenty to see mike

oh wow it's really soft huh we'll

imagine going over that in a barrel

look we've been above the falls below

the falls behind the falls we've been

everywhere in this town except roses

well look we've eaten and we've rested

i'm really busch after all that walking

around why don't we just sit here and

relax a while i didn't come all the way

well could i please finish my hot dog

eat it on the way come on will ya tommy

who's randy barrett she's in my biology

class she's got the biggest mouth in

school if she sees me she'll tell my

folks they'll find out we were up here

we came up the same street about 10

well i was trying a shortcut and i got

maybe if i take you guys a regular way

i'm so tired i'll be ready for bed by

well this is it guys this is rosie's

but kenny it's all boarded up oh oh they

boy when they raid a place they really

rate it look kenny they haven't took the

sign down well that's great just great

yeah that that's great yeah we came all

the way up here for absolutely nothing

hey there's always silver springs well

nuts just silver springs hey what are

you getting sort at me for i didn't plan

this can't be the only one can it i mean

there must be other places around huh

yeah sure kenny there must be dozens

is this the only one you know about yeah

i'm afraid so do you think we can find

i can't go ask a total stranger

something like that sure you can he

looks like just i would know just going

up and asking no i can't yeah come on go

sir excuse me well my my friends and me

were new here in town like we um

could you tell me where the nearest

you'll see this great big house in a

boy really thanks a lot don't mention it

really thanks a million that's really

we got it boy that was sure nice heaven

hey come on i know where it is

oh it's a lot more colorful than rosie's

that's just great come here you guys i

know where one is come on follow me

this doesn't look like one either yeah

wow hope they look like that yeah come

with the love we've been having why

don't we just go in the middle of this

and call it a day i got a feeling our

luck's changing come on i'll tell you

one thing a bad day's a bad day we're

hey did roses look like this inside no

not exactly of course not stoop this is

but any girl who works here is the same

don't you think she's a little too old

yes but i've already tried that number

can you think of any other place he

uh i'd rather have a dr pepper

all right let's see your identifica­tion

oh well we didn't bring any with us

we're tourists americans well now you

must have some kind of identifica­tion

like a driver's license uh no we don't

okay kids you've had your fun shove off

we don't have to get rough about it just

ask us to leave money you're a big man a

nice way to treat friendly neighbors

would you please try to locate him

he didn't believe a number where he can

i'll call you back in a few minutes

hey baby you're too good for this place

why don't you come to all the states

with us where people have some manners

what a put down forget it there must be

dozens of bars around here we'll find

are you really going to the states

we'll go anywhere you want do you want

some company oh you sure would all right

would you wait here a minute uh where

are you going i'm just gonna make a

telephone call going right back right

did you see that god she's beautiful

what a face i knew he'd find one of you

guys look it's all pretty easy to me

that's how it is tommy they just come up

to you to say excuse me she wants to go

across the border with us mike yeah so

well if you ask me i think she's a

russian she's just using us to get her

across the border did you ever see a

russian that looked like that does she

talk like a russian you know she's

probably calling right now yeah she's

probably canceling another appointmen­t

think should make more off of us huh

she's probably calling up her contact

saying look i got three dum-dums to

smuggle me across a border no she isn't

kenny listen doesn't seem kind of

strange to you that she didn't invite us

up her room you know i'm ready should we

have you ever been to america before no

since we're going to be traveling

together i think i should know your

i'm kenny he's tommy what's your name

what's your last name anna just anna

no i'm not a russian he has a weird

sense of humor he's just a kid

before we go ahead with this there's

something i ought to tell you you may

have trouble getting across with me i

told you so shut up i don't have my

passport with me you don't need a

passport we don't have one you're

americans well canadians go back and

forth all the time i'm not canadian i'm

english look just walk through they

how come you're so worried well if they

stop us they'll notice my accident ask

for my passport well just don't say

anything if they ask you something we'll

talk for you well that's what i thought

if we all go as a group we could tell

him you're deaf and dumb yeah or we

could tell him she has laryngitis or

don't worry we'll get you across just

flash miss smile they'll let you through

well i just thought i would tell you

because if i get caught you may get into

trouble we may get into trouble let's

well i'm not worried i'm not either come

i'd just like to know what we're doing

smothering someone across a border i

mean i thought we came here to get a

what does she look like a giraffe

so what if we get her across what then

well what do you think we do her a favor

and she does us three favors no she

we should have gone on the maid of the

mist if you mentioned mate of the mist

one more time i'm gonna belt you

listen if they ask her anything it'll be

so if she says someplace in the states

what about her accent well it's only one

word let's find a city she can say

that's even hard for an american to say

why don't you try indianapol­is come on

boston hey that's pretty good well even

what if they ask me something else

don't say anything we'll answer all the

see what it says imprisonme­nt shut up

don't worry if you ask me what you're

doing in canada i'll say you're my

sister on a vacation yes that's good

where were you born please boston ohio

boston ohio i mean i was born in ohio

what was your purpose for visiting ken

we just wanted to see what it was like

bring anything back with you oh no of

you're in canada on business for

my sister and i were here seeing the

sights we saw the observatio­n tower and

horseshoe falls and three wax museums

oh wow oh wow that was really close i

can't tell you how much i appreciate

this you were just fantastic thank you

hey kenny what come here a second oh

what's the matter we have to talk and

plan our strategy what strategy the

strategy now it's time to ask her for

now look first we got to get a room

right what's the matter with the grass

over there i mean it's handy convenient

i've never met anyone like her before

there's something about her that's

well i know she does that's why we have

wait a minute we got a perfectly good

room back in buffalo what if she doesn't

want to go to buffalo well she came this

far did she she'll just go a little

you just leave it to me kitty boy i'll

what happened what'd you say to her tom

where'd she go you blew it didn't you

honest i didn't do anything i just asked

her she knew how many gallons of water

went over the falls every minute and she

said she had to go just like that

hey where are you going i'm going to the

why don't you stay around here for a

little while first where are you going

anyway buffalo buffalo hey that's where

kenny lives yeah as a matter of fact

we're going there right now we can all

we taking you this far we might as well

the bus deep was right over there

isn't there any other way to go to

buffalo gee i don't think so hey well

that means we can go on the main of the

mess yeah why not anna you want to go

boys i'm really tired why don't you go

ahead well there's no sense in you

staying here all alone why don't you

come with us yeah you might get in

trouble if you stay here alone i'll be

i'm not so sure really come with us

we'll show you a good time well haven't

we done all right so far yes you have

around the corner straight ahead

and i think i'm in love again

no i've had quite enough thank you

are you sure positive i'll get fat

all right but if you want anything just

well that's what my father said when

you're out with a girl money's no object

you like going steady or something

you obviously like to play the field

well i'd like to have a steady girl but

my dad and i are always traveling around

and i never stay put long enough to get

i think he's in chicago with his

secretary that sounds like you resent

why hardly know her as a matter of fact

does he always travel with her

why i think it's fine if she makes him

happy well marriage is great for some

what makes you think i'm not now

oh well you're not wearing a ring

well have you ever been married or

what do you mean by anything

you know you're real easy to talk to

i never met a girl i i could just sit

down and talk to like i can with you

you're really in a hurry to get buffalo

so my buddy had this cabin down by the

lake and his old man had left him the

keys to the speed boat oh it's a real

bomb i i mean it really ripped it's the

fastest thing you've ever seen it's got

a 75 horse merc on it we got tommy up on

skis for the first time it's the

funniest thing you've ever seen right

you should have seen this thing we

really took off to get him up on the

scale and i never quit we're going so

fast we're doing about 50 miles an hour

you should have seen this guy we were

racing by buoys and everything he didn't

even know how this was stuck he was

going right for the boys the throttle

struck and i could have scary he's back

there yelling and screaming he doesn't

know what to do so i yell at kenny i

said look get in the back and try to

stop this thing so he gets back there

and he's pulling wires off the engine

and he can't do anything he didn't even

slow it oh it's really something else

hey tommy i think we can borrow that

boat again swell yeah kevin said he and

his dad are gonna take the exact same

cabin up there i can't wait till we get

out there i'm gonna try a single ski

look it's easy we'll just say come on

let's go to the room she expects that

that's too pushy too pushy we could have

been arrested by the fbi for smuggling

her over here now you don't want to take

her up to the right he might get in

trouble well i'm going to ask her well

well is there anything we can do

i really appreciate everything you've

why don't you come up and wait in our

room we live right across the street at

it's very nice of you but i've been in

trouble already we don't mind really we

we don't mind if she comes up to the

i don't mind and we got our own phone

no i think it's rather charming

here's the phone if you want to use it

dan oh i'd love to thank you

hello this is miss sutton again

could you tell mr heller that i'm now at

that was the answering service

he just called in a few minutes ago

which probably means that he won't call

why don't you lie down for a while

why don't you get on the covers you'd be

a lot more comfortabl­e i think i'll get

my clothes wrinkled if i do why don't

if you're our guest okay thank you

i think we could use a coke too

did you see that she's coming right out

i just can't believe it ah she's got

class she hasn't even asked us for any

money yet hey maybe she won't charge us

i think she kind of likes us yeah we

gotta pay her something wonder how much

she's gonna want though about ten i

well look she can't ask him for any more

than we got right yeah that's right

oh no you're not gonna start with those

uh you're gonna put it in your shoe yeah

you're going to bed with your shoes on

let's not talk about that now okay she's

in there getting undressed he doesn't

want to talk about it what's the matter

well i just want to add my coke first

odd finger great okay odd man goes first

three hey come on no hold it all

together right right come on come on

he could use a little quick energy too

come on okay all together ready

what are you thinking about him for

remember that time mrs cassidy brought

that silly looking poodle of hers

they put them both out in the backyard

but i watched them from my bedroom

dad i'd come out and turn a hose on him

what a stupid thing to remember people

boy it's about time we were getting

worried about you what's the matter

nothing's a matter what are you sore

how was it mike come on tell us about it

how'd you get started what'd you say

hey where are you going down in the

beats me i thought you were supposed to

i know you do this kind of thing for a

and i'll give you all the money i got

just told mike and kenny that i was

really terrific and we had a really

and you think i've been in here long

well just tell me and then i'll go out

and no one will know what really

that i wouldn't do this until i was

but if i told mike and kenny that

you just laugh at me that's all

eleven dollars and seventeen cents

if you just promised to tell the guys i

you won't tell him about me will you

thanks a lot anna i sure appreciate

yeah that's the word for me terrific

hey thanks anna you're the greatest

where are you going down the coffee shop

i really worked up an appetite

what is it with you guys will you just

oh michael i've been trying to get you

yes i got the message but there wasn't

what the hell are you doing down here

what i said what are you doing here

i've got to tell you course let's talk

on the phone why don't you pick me up

now and what do i tell my wife she's

or tell her anything what have you been

telling her all these months anyway

who is it well it's kenny can i come in

sorry was listening at the door when you

oh it's not important it's just another

it's not important do you love him

what are you gonna do now go back to

you might have some trouble getting

after you've had your turn with me of

well i'm sorry to disappoint you but i'm

leaving i'd appreciate it if you get out

of this room so i can get dressed

can i ask you something please

well if you hadn't gotten that phone

call just now i mean if you weren't

why is it okay with mike and tommy and

i'm not the same as other guys

this is always happening what is

like about a year ago when i took out

what every guy in my class is um taking

sheila sounds like a girl with a lot of

what happened that night i'm sure i had

more to do with her than to do with you

all the other guys that took her out had

a great time with her but how do you

know they had a great time they said so

i think you'll find young men your age

tend to exaggerate when it comes to

their experience­s with women maybe so at

least they had something to exaggerate

what is it about me the girls don't like

you know in many ways you and i are

we have no confidence in ourselves

if anyone should have confidence in

evidently not everyone thinks so

you could have a dozen guys if you

the time hasn't been right yet that's

when will it be right oh kenny

you know you and i do have the same

problems we feel that we're getting

older and life's passing us by

you just haven't met the right guy yet

what are you guys gonna do now

are you gonna stay in buffalo for a

we were talking about going to silver

springs tomorrow why well i was just

wondering that's all listen anna's

getting dressed so you can have your

room back in a few minutes where's she

hey maybe we'll go to the movies or

i can't i'm taking anna back to the

well she might have some trouble getting

she won't have any trouble besides

you'll be up half the night i already

hey you're still coming to silver

springs aren't you sure we'll talk about

it tomorrow but we're leaving tomorrow

i still have to work it out with my

danny i thought it was all sad

oh i'm sure she'll let me go i'll see

you know something i don't think he made

every young man must have his fill of

conquests before he really loves

i think you'll find i make a far better

i don't understand you don't have to

understand it'll happen anyway

i guess you'll be going back to that bar

no kenny i'm not going back there

and you assumed i belonged there

but mike and tommy they said that but i

but if you're not you're not from that


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