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拐个皇帝回现代The Emperor Through to the Modern 第一集 EP1 with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

Promise me. You will get home alive.

I do not agree. I do not agree.

If you aren't here, what's the point of going back alone.

We will meet in the next life after death.

I don't want to. Leave quickly.

The tornado's coming! Run quickly! Run quickly!

Give me back my Jia Ye! Give me back my Jia Ye!

Miao Lian, How can you wear clothes like this?

Your Majesty, Your Majesty come here faster.

Your Majesty, Your Majesty, your concubine is here

Your Majesty, you've already caught Feng Chao Yi

Now is the time to let Feng Zhao Yi caught other people.

Let me help you cover your eyes.

Come here, sister, we are here.

Quickly come and catch me. Where are you?

Oh no! Feng Zhao Yi fell into the water!

She's awake. She's awake. She's finally awake.

Oh my. Milady, this Your Majesty.

This is a filming session right?

What is she is talking about. I don't understand­.

Milady, where are you going? Lovely wife.

Don't scare me like that. Milady...

Are you being frightened by something?

I've been a coward since childhood.

What purse? Is it the money pack?

Who here would use the money pack?

Miao Lian, what are you talking about?

What wrong with you? Don't come any closer!

Quickly wake up! Quickly wake up! Quickly wake up!

Feng Zhao Yi is out of normal, is her body possessed by devil?

Hurry. Hurry and call a doctor.

Eat some lychee to relieve your worries.

It's already been 3 months, how can she still wake up?

The doctor said she surely had some dirty disease.

But His Majesty has already gone there.

This is Zhao Yang Palace Milady.

Have you really forgotten everything­?

Milady. His Majesty is here, I'll help you lie down.

Milady, I'm just helping you lie down.

Milady, please wait for a moment!

Your Majesty, you shouldn't enter this dirty place.

I've come here to visit Feng Zhao Yi. It's nothing that I cannot

Miao Lian, Have you recovered a bit?

Milady, His Majesty is calling you.

Milady, His Majesty is calling you.

Dr Liu, come and cure the sickness of Miao Lian!

What disease does Feng Zhao Yi have?

In my opinion, something unclean is surroundin­g her.

Her body is possibly possessed by ghost.

making Feng Zhao Yi talk crazily and unable to remember others.

Another way of saying it, is that this is beyond my ability.

It exceeds the skills of a doctor.

Then what did I hire you for?!

You say His Majesty is "The Greatness of Tai Zong

so all these antiques is all real!

If I brought this, how much would it be worth?

So, right now, which dynasty is it?

The neighbouri­ng country calls us DaTang.

I've heard of TangSong, but I've never heard of SongTang before.

Does that mean it's the Song dynasty...

But during the Northern and Southern dynasties there was a Liu

Milady, you really are sick. You've even lost your memory.

I really have travelled through time.

I should be a beautiful woman now.

Isn't this is still the original of me?

Milady, you never said such discouragi­ng words before.

The doctor said, when you're sick, you need to be calm.

you liked to come here with Your Majesty.

Feng Zhao Yi, is quite the loved by His Majesty.

Milady, you're the wife who His Majesty loves the most.

Because of this, so many others wives are jealous of you.


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