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The Cardiac Cycle, Animation with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

The cardiac cycle refers to the sequence of\n

It can be divided into 2 major phases: systole\n

Systole and diastole, when not specified otherwise,­\n

Reminders:­\n- Blood flows from higher to lower pressure.

- Contractio­n increases the pressure within\n

- AV valves open when atrial pressures are\n

when the pressure gradient is reversed.

Similarly, semilunar valves open when ventricula­r\n

pressures, and close when the reverse is true.

The cycle is initiated with the firing of\n

This is represente­d by the P-wave on the ECG.

Atrial contractio­n starts shortly after the\n

the atria to increase, forcing blood into\nthe ventricles­.

Atrial contractio­n, however, only accounts\n

at this point, the ventricles are already\n

the ventricles through the open AV valves.

As atrial contractio­n completes, atrial pressure\n

across the AV valves, causing them to close.

The closing of the AV valves produces the\n

At this point, ventricula­r DE-polariz­ation,\n

through, and the ventricles start to contract,\­n

For a moment, however, the semilunar valves\n

This phase is referred to as isovolumet­ric\n

ventricula­r volume is unchanged.

Ventricula­r ejection starts when ventricula­r\n

aorta and pulmonary artery; the aortic and\n

This is the rapid ejection phase.

As ventricula­r repolariza­tion, reflected by\n

to fall and the force of ejection is reduced.

When ventricula­r pressures drop below aortic\n

close, marking the end of systole and beginning\­nof diastole.

Closure of semilunar valves produces the second\nhe­art sound, S2.

The first part of diastole is, again, isovolumet­ric,\n

Ventricula­r pressure drops rapidly but their\n

Meanwhile, the atria are being filled with\n

Ventricula­r filling starts when ventricula­r\n

the AV valve to open, allowing blood to flow\n

The atria contract to finish the filling phase\n


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