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this week on BuzzFeed installed we

covered the Trump family this one

happened recently and believe me I

doesn't even begin to describe this one

it's very strange my interest is piqued

really yeah you said that with a

complete dead face so I can never tell

when you're being serious my interest is

piqued okay don't do that better nope

that wasn't better let's get into it on

Monday August 29th 2016 and Silve in

Australia 51 year old mark Trump and 53

year old jacoba drop along with their

three children 29 year old Rihanna 25

year old Mitchell and 22 year old Ella

all inexplicab­ly fled their farm this

strange family road trip was set into

motion a hunt for the family that would

captivate Australian media local police

sergeant mark Knight called it quote the

most bizarre case in 30 years end quote

as officials were baffled as to why the

Trump family simply ran away from their

home the seemingly healthy and stable

mark in jacoba Trump ran an earthmovin­g

business along with the berry farm where

all of their children worked seven days

they're making their kids work seven

days a week my parents would maybe be

like empty the dishwasher on a you know

a Thursday and I'd be like this is

[\xa0__\xa­0] it is excessive I guess I'd run

away from my parents if they made me

work seven days a week especially if I

was shoveling horseshit moving dirt I'd

faked my own death hold man ok you took

it a step either I'd set the barn on

fire and throw a cadaver in there and

flee the country later when police

investigat­ed their home they found the

following mobile phones passports and

credit cards the trip it appeared was

meant to be cash only and quote off the

spur-of-th­e-moment vacations you strike

me as one of those idiots who likes to

put their phone down and go walk into

the woods and experience nature and all

that [\xa0__\xa­0] absolutely not get eaten

by a bear no that's not me at all

either way leaving your house at this

day and age without your phone without

your credit cards that's already a death

sentence you can't do that it's not

smart isn't that's part you can't even

use Apple pay on your phone I've been to

places nowadays that don't even accept

cash the family left in twenty

they drove for the first day and night

till they reached Bathurst roughly 500

miles away from their home in Sylvan

unlike the rest of his family 25-year

old Mitchell trompe brought his cell

Mitchell you traitor you're a traitor to

the Trump clan he seems he didn't want

to disconnect or he was thinking maybe

my family's insane exactly however

roughly 19 miles into their trip near

Warburton his parents forced him to

throw his phone out the window because

they were convinced it was being used to

track them if your parents told you at

age 25 to throw your phone out the

window would you do it no he did it this

is what happens when you live on a farm

what wide generaliza­tion you're gonna

make about people on farms I just think

you got to read some some culture watch

some two-and-a-­half men I don't care

just connect you know popular media and

know what the world is thinking

otherwise you go nuts yeah cuz nothing

says sanity and civilizati­on like a Red

Robin right they have bottomless onion

rings they do have bottomless fries

they're they're pretty good yeah the

next day on Tuesday August 30th Mitchell

left the family around 7:00 a.m. the

family later headed out from Bathurst

toward the jenolan caves that Tuesday at

the jenolan caves Rihanna and Ella broke

off from the family by stealing a car

they drove this car to Goulburn where

they reported their parents as missing

but from there Ella and Rihanna

strangely split up Rihanna Trump was

found in the back of Keith's Whitaker's

Ford f-250 he was driving when he felt a

kick he came to a stop Whitaker called

Rihanna was catatonic and did not know

her name or location this actually

happened he was driving he felt it okay

cuz I go I must have not tired was a

girl who didn't know her own name how

scary is that you don't think you'd be

scared if you went into your truck bed

and you looked and there was a girl and

she was just like I probably like get

out of my truck bed and if she didn't

respond would you touch her would you

think oh she's turning into a zombie is

she no cuz I'm not an idiot Ella Trump

Tuesday night and the police were

already there when police began to

investigat­e the Trump home the place was

unlocked and in disarray according to

the Daily Telegraph police found

evidence that the Trump's had gone

through years of their farms financial

there were several piles of documents

throughout the home including passports

and credit cards of every family member

as mentioned before an officer is quoted

saying quote the piles were very ordered

and they were clearly looking for

how much trouble could a family of

farmers get into a pretty fair amount of

we cool thousand dollars did the bear

down the street the bear down the street

that's their neighbors right like a bear

that lives in a little cave farmers and

bears don't mix this is a Bears this is

our clearly a cartoonish example I was

giving one good cartoon I've never even

seen a cartoon where a farm there's a

there's Goldilocks and the three bears

there's nothing in that story about the

Bears owning cows or chickens or going

out in milking something were you not

picturing a farm in your head when you

know it's just bears in the woods that

could be a farm it's not a farm

it's just bears they own a house they

they're eating porridge one day later on

Mitchell Trump the first Trump sibling

to break off from the family arrived

home via the train meanwhile his parents

Wangaratta and also separated jacoba

headed north while Mark remained in

Wangaratta where it is believed that

mark is linked to a case where a young

couple was dangerousl­y tailgated by a

car of the same make in color that mark

was driving on Wednesday night around

10:00 p.m. the couple was playing

Pokemon go at the time the young man

driving is quoted saying I could barely

see his headlights because he was that

close to my car and quote I imagine this

is a little bit more than they bargained

for when they were trying to find that

Pikachu but some serious tailgating

right there that's some shitty driving

when the young man pulled the car over

the car tailgating them would also stop

they claimed that eventually mr. Trump

out of the car and ran towards them but

he stopped in the middle of the road and

stared at them he then walked into

winning Garrity's mayor park and

that's [\xa0__\xa­0] terrifying how scary is

it you just lock your door you're in a

car drive away that's not that scary and

then you know if the doors don't work

and he starts breaking a window then

time to die that's a bummer let's see at

that point it's like I'm dead I guess I

don't have anything else to worry about

so at what point is the fear coming for

you about when the life is draining out

police searched the park but no one was

found the car still had the keys in the

ignition in an effort to track down mark

Trump the police investigat­ed Miller's

Cottage motel in Wangaratta where a room

had been broken into they believed he

might have stayed there for the night on

mrs. drop took public transporta­tion to

yes and tried to book a motel in the

city allegedly a member of the public

helped escort her to a hospital in Yass

where the hospital staff recognized her

and called the police if a woman comes

up and is trying to rent a hotel room

and she doesn't have ID and you're in

McDonald cash she's like I don't know

where I am or what my name is I'd be

like okay wouldn't you just take a seat

yeah make some phone calls it's true yes

true it's very kind of that it's by its

kind looking out for look out for your

fellow man and and lady on Saturday

September 3rd five days after first

leaving his home mark Trump was found

wandering down a road in Wangaratta

around 5:50 p.m. he was promptly

questioned by the police and give it a

mental health assessment he spent five

hours at the station before he was

escorted out by a family member and gave

the waiting media the finger though mark

would later publicly apologized for

quote the hurt and concern caused by

and quite rude of him to act like it's

of course people want to know what the

hell's going on with you oh yeah excuse

the public we're wondering about your

safety sir it does make me realize I

don't get people the middle finger

enough like if someone's like hey you

want to grab some salads for lunch

they'd be like it's meaner without the

noise oh so it's just kind of be like

yeah that's like how Adam Sandler made

his career yeah basically basically by

making fart noises in the next day

Mitchell and Ella appear before media

thanking police and media for finding

their father they do not go into detail

about what happened in essentiall­y state

that they are still perplexed by it

weird that they just go along with it I

guess they're their parents but you know

it's a long road trip can you imagine

them just in the backseat kind of

exchanging glances with each other like

what's well one of them seems like he

was the only one who was not on board so

he imagined what imagine his plight he

was in the back and he's like you know

when you're you and you're in a

situation you're like this is dumb and

you try to give someone to look like I'm

what are we doing and they don't give

you anything they're like if you just

turn to the sister he's just like and

they're like and you're just like oh I

guess I'll go [\xa0__\xa­0] myself then what's

weird to me is the fact that after the

fact they don't know what happens though

they're still confused considerin­g that

the family had no history of mental

illness and also the fact that Sergeant

investigat­ion says there was no sign of

outstandin­g debts or being part of a

church or cult many have wondered what

triggered the family to simply leave

their home and furthermor­e what

individual­ly that being said let's get

into the theories the first theory is

that the Trump's were poisoned by an

environmen­tal toxin on their farm

causing them to have bizarre delusions

but there doesn't seem to be anything

mold that's all I got some moldy

Cheerios maybe some bad cheese I don't

know that cheese that's thing I don't do

this the second theory is just internet

speculatio­n that perhaps the mob had

been involved maybe there was truly

somebody after the Tron family so this

given town at one point the entire

family had planned to flee the country

and necessary they had changed their

minds because they decided that he was

possible that their passports would be

tracked love that the only reason why

they didn't leave the country was like

oh we could do that they're gonna track

our passports not do you think it's a

little weird that we're just leaving our

country they wanted to go somewhere

where technology couldn't reach them

credit cards and traceable items were

clearly left behind and if you recall an

officer did note that quote they were

clearly looking for something and quote

however if they were truly fearful for

their lives it's a bit strange that mark

and jacoba Trump would allow their kids

to leave the car which in my opinion

makes this theory unlikely did they mean

to let them leave though or did the kids

bolt you wouldn't think that if your

kids bolted you want to be like you've

got to press on well unless the kids

rent like they stopped at a rest stop

the kids ran and hid somewhere and then

proceeded to run away then guess what

are you gonna do that you're gonna go

find your kids not if I'm trying to get

off the grid well the grid no more kids

they would be very selfish parents at

that point in my opinion if you thought

your family was in danger enough to take

them away from the home why not go after

them if you think you're truly being you

know tracked well they don't seem like

they make good decisions Ryan I'm just

saying that's what this theory doesn't

make sense I guess I don't know it

doesn't make sense to me yeah but their

theory is that the family collective­ly

suffered from a delusion called folia do

it is a rare psychologi­cal condition

that can affect closed families the term

was coined after a French married couple

that began exhibiting delusional and

paranoid behavior the couple believed

that their home was targeted by people

who would spread dust and lint

throughout their home while wearing the

couple's shoes as they slept how did

this dust get here he must have been

wearing our shoes and doing a little

dance at night I just think of all the

delusions you could have that's the most

funny and harmless one though doctors

were unsure who first began the

delusional behavior it was clear that

they were reinforcin­g each other's

paranoia over 90% of cases of folia do

have been couples parents and children

and siblings media coverage later

revealed that jacoba and mark Trump had

been showing increasing signs of mental

stress allegedly one of them believed

that someone was out to rob them and

kill them when asked what had possibly

triggered the trip ella stated quote it

I still feel confused I think our state

of Mayans wasn't in the best place and

there's no one reason for it it's

end quote in the end the perplexing

Trump excursion covered almost 1,000

miles with no definitive answer as to

why leaving the case for now unsolved

all right well once again we've solved

nothing that was fun yeah that's a good

one good yarn it was a good yarn fun for

a fun fun to do a little story without

so much death death you know what's good

about this one it's unsolved but the

people are still walking around

breathing yeah there's just some

shenanigan­s yeah do you think you could

become part of a shared delusion or I

yeah I think it creeps up on you Ryan I

don't think so I think so anytime I've

ever offered even a little bit of a

delusional thought you immediatel­y shut

susceptibl­e to shared delusions and then

it happens to the people who are says

you know victim to that probably think

they're fine they don't know what's

happening what if we're in a shared

delusion right now what if we think

we're talking to cameras and we're doing

an episode of buzz being itself when in

fact we're actually not doing that at

what if no one's watching this this is

all in our mind it could be this could

be the most elaborate delusion of all

and we're talking about shared delusions

which in the term is actually a weird


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