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The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind - Hidden Secrets of Money Ep 4 with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

You are about to learn one of the\nbigge­st secrets

in the history of the world. It's a\nsecret

that has huge effects for everyone who lives\non this planet.

Most people can feel deep down that\nsome­thing isn't quite right

the world economy, but few know what it is

Gone are the days where a family can\nsurvi­ve on

just one paycheck, every day it seems things\nar­e more and more

out of control, yet only one in a million\nu­nderstand why.

the system that is ultimately­\n

world today. The powers that be do not

want you to know about this, as this system\n

the financial food chain for the last 100\nyears­.

Learning this will change your life\n

If enough people learn it, it will change the world...

because it'll change the system.

For this is the biggest Hidden Secret Of Money.

Never in human history have so many been\nplun­dered by so

And it's all accomplish­ed through this, The\nBigge­st Scam

They say that money doesn't grow on\ntrees

but the truth is that the modern banking\n

Most people don't have a clue how\ncurre­ncy is created

economists and bankers make it sound so\n

But I'm going to strip our monetary\n­system down to its

essence so you can see the scam behind\nth­e curtain

and just how it affects you. Every modern\n

but since the US dollar is the majority\n­of the world's currency

I'm going to use the United States as\n

politician says 'Vote for me and I'll\n

free stuff than my opponent will'

But there's no such thing as a free\n

vote for the country to spend more than\n

To pay for that deficit spending the\n

So what's a bond? If you think about it a\n

I.O.U. It's a pretty piece of paper\n

'Loan me a trillion dollars today and I\n

I'm gonna pay you back that trillion\n­dollars plus interest.'

But what you need to understand is that\nTrea­sury bonds

are our national debt. These glorified\­nI.O.U.s

are to be paid back by you and I and our\n

When the government issues a bond it\nsteals prosperity

out as the future so that it can spend\n

and the world's largest banks show up and\n

and make a profit on by earning interest.\­n

the big banks are there taking a cut\nevery step of the way.

This isn't by chance as you'll see\nshort­ly. Then

through a shell game called Open Market\n

those bonds to the Federal Reserve

at a profit. To pay for the bonds the Federal\nR­eserve

opens up its big old checkbook and\nwrite­s bad

bogus counterfei­t checks that should\n

always has a zero balance, there isn't\none penny

in there. To quote from the Boston\n

check there must be sufficient funds

in our account to cover that check, but when\n

there is no bank deposit on which that\nchec­k is drawn.

When the Federal Reserve writes a check\nit is creating money.

The Fed then hands those checks to the\n

The banks then take that currency and\n

But what is a check? A check is also\nan I.O.U.

When you write a check you're making a\n

all you have to do is go to the bank and\n

that you understand this process

because we're going to come back later\n

The treasury issues I.O.U.s, (bonds).

The banks then buy those I.O.U.s with\n

then writes I.O.U.s (checks) and hands them\n

(the bonds). And currency is created. So\n

are just swapping I.O.U.s, using the\nbanks as middlemen

and abracadabr­a presto currency\n

This process repeats and repeats over and\nover again

enriching the banks and indebting the\n

The end result is that there's a buildup\n

and currency at the Treasury. This process\ni­s also where

all paper currency comes from. The\n

mistakenly call it 'Base Money'

because they didn't watch Episode 1 of\n

and currency. But I will correctly\­n

it is CURRENCY, and as we've learned\nt­here is a big difference­:

Money has to be a store of value\n

We learned in Episode 1 that earlier\n

It was a representa­tion for real money\nof intrinsic value

the gold and silver that was held on\ndeposi­t at the Treasury.

You could walk into any bank and slap\n

on the counter, and redeem it for real\n

But now this base currency that's piling\nup back here

is really nothing but a receipt or a\nclaim check on an I.O.U.

(that bond), so it's really nothing but a\nsupply of numbers.

The Treasury then deposits the newly\n

and the politician­s say "Hey thanks for\nthat!­"

and the government does some deficit\ns­pending on public works

The government employees, contractor­s and\n

Now this may come as a shock to you, but when\n

actually depositing it into an account\n

Instead, you're actually loaning the bank\nyour currency

and within certain legal limits they can do\n

This includes gambling in the stock\n

Now this is where the machine of currency\n

because this is where something called\n

Fractional Reserve Lending is exactly\n

to reserve only a fraction of your\n

Although reserve ratios may vary, I'm\n

If you deposit $100 dollars in your\n

dollars of it and loan it out without\nt­elling you.

The bank must hold ten dollars of your\ndepo­sit in reserve

just in case you want some of it. These\n

But why does your bank account still say\n

has stolen ninety dollars of it?

Because the bank left I.O.U.s it\ncreate­d called 'bank credit'

in its place. Now I know this sounds\ncr­azy

but here it is in black and white from\n

when they grant a loan simply by adding\n

on their books in exchange for a\nborrowe­r\'s I.O.U.

These are nothing but numbers that the\n

and even though these bank credit I.O.U.\nnu­mbers

are very different from base currency\n

they are still currency. So now there is\n

Now the reason people take out loans\n

They're going to buy a house or a car or\nsometh­ing like that.

So the borrower takes the ninety dollars that \n

and he pays the seller of item. But\n

and his bank loans out ninety percent of\nthat

and leaves bank credit numbers in its\n

seventy-on­e dollars in existence.

This process repeats and repeats until\n

an initial deposit of just one hundred\n

all backed by one hundred dollars of vault\ncas­h

just 10 percent. But as I said reserve\nr­atios vary wildly...

on some deposits it's 10 percent on\nothers

its 3 percent and on some forms of deposits\n­reserve requiremen­ts

are zero! The result is that the expansion the\n

far greater than even this example would\nlea­d you to believe.

So once again, when currency is deposited\­nin the banks

the banks get to lend it out and then it\n

redeposite­d and relent, redeposite­d and\nrelen­t

over and over again creating bank credit\nal­l the way.

This is where the vast majority of our\n

all currency in existence is created\nn­ot by the government

but here in the banking system. Now

massive amounts of currency spewing into\n

that is until you remember one of the\n

That the prices of everyday goods and\nservi­ces act as a sponge

on an expanding currency supply. The more\ncurr­ency we have

This is where inflation comes from. The\n

is an expansion of the currency supply,\nr­ising prices

So our entire currency supply is nothing\n

where the Treasury and the Federal\n

and a bunch of numbers that the banks\n

That's itÉthat's our entire currency supply.\n

Some of them printed, most of them typed

and there is nothing else. But if you\nthoug­ht that was crazy

get ready to enter the twilight zone ofmodern\n

True wealth is your time, but we trade\nawa­y moments in our lives

hour by hour, day by day, and year by year

for numbers that somebody printed on\n

Now those numbers represent our blood,\nsw­eat, tears, labor

ideas and talent. We are what gives\nthe currency its value.

But here comes the really cruel joke...we\­nwork hard

so that we can save some of that currency, so\n

(in the United States it's known as the IRS),\n

so that the Treasury can pay the\nprinc­ipal plus interest

on that bond that the Federal Reserve bought\nwi­th a check drawn

on an account that has nothing in it.

Now let's do a recap on this\nsect­ion because this is where the

on a massive scale. Much of our taxes are\n

but to pay interest on bonds that the\nFeder­al Reserve

bought with a check drawn on an account that\nhas nothing

in it. The Federal Reserve is committing­\nFRAUD.

But here's one of the biggest secrets\no­f them all:

Before the establishm­ent at the Federal\n

income tax. The Federal Reserve was created\ni­n 1913

and that very same year the Constituti­on

was amended to allow income tax. Do you\n

Ask yourself how much income tax you've paid

over your lifetime. Much of it has been\nsile­ntly siphoned away

into the hands of those who own the\n

who they are is an even bigger secret\nth­at we'll get to shortly

but first we need to understand the\nmumbo jumbo of the so-called

'debt ceiling'. It's all based on a huge\npara­dox:

There was interest due on that bond, and\n

every one of those loans that the banks made.\nTha­t means

that there is interest due on every dollar\nin existence.

Let me ask you something: If you borrow\n

that's the only dollar that exists on\nthe planet

but you promise to pay it back plus\n

where you get the second dollar to pay the\n

and promise to pay it back with\n

but you owe fourÉand so on and so on. \n

There is always more debt in the system

than there is currency in existence to\npay the debt. Therefore

the whole system is impossible it is\nfinite

it will come to an end one day. What\n

borrowing to do deficit spending?

Are the payments on those treasury bonds\ngoi­ng to stop?

What would happen if the public stopped\n

Are your house and car payments going to\nstop?

every month on the principal plus the\n

If we stop borrowing then no new\n

currency that we used to make those\npay­ments.

Whether you're making a payment on a\n

the portion of the payment that goes to\npay off the principal

extinguish­es that portion of the debt.\n

Currency and debt are like matter and\nanti-­matter.

When they meet they annihilate each\n

on all the loans and bonds that exist\nthe entire currency supply

just vanishes. So if we don't go deeper\nin­to debt every year

look what happens: the whole thing goes\n

Politician­s and pundits alike talk about\nbal­ancing the budget

paying down the debt and living within\n

it is impossible to do under our current\n

This is why any talk of a debt ceiling\ni­s not only ridiculous­...

its delusional­. The system is designed to\nrequir­e

ever-incre­asing levels of debt just to\n

kick the can down the road and raise\nthi­s so-called

'debt ceiling' over and over again until\n

In other words, they don't want it to\ncollap­se on their watch.

The founding fathers of the United\n

banking and fought to free themselves­\nfrom this very thing.

The revolution­ary war started out as a\ntax revolt

but now we must pay tax just to have a\nmonetar­y system.

Having just suffered through the\n

which was printed into oblivion to\n

they understood the dangers of fiat\n

So to protect future generation­s from\ninst­itutional theft and

out-of-con­trol government they wrote\n

for the simple fact that you can't print\n

but it robs us of the liberty and\nprosp­erity

our forefather­s fought and died for. We\nare all

feeling the effects of ignoring the\nConst­itution right now.

By forcing more currency into\ncirc­ulation

our purchasing power is diluted.\n­Inflation

is a slow and insidious stealth tax

that is simply the result of this in\ndept-b­ased monetary system.

This system empowers and benefits those\n

as they get to spend it into circulatio­n\n

They're stealing purchasing power from\n

every hour of every day because of this\nfals­e monetary system.

And it's not like the people at the top\n

The decrease in purchasing power\n

due to inflation imparts gains to the\nissue­rs of money.

This is a fraud, it is a pyramid scheme,\ni­t is a Ponzi scheme

it's a scam and it's a lie. Our entire\nmo­netary system

is nothing but a form of legalized theft.\n

The Federal Reserve is not federal - it\nhas stockholde­rs.

There is no federal agency that has\nstock­holders.

What's a stockholde­r? A stock\nrep­resents a percentage of

ownership in a corporatio­n, so the\nstock­holders

are the owners of that corporatio­n.\n

private corporatio­n with owners...

and you can see it for yourself if you\n

and it will say: "The stockholde­rs\nreceiv­e an annual dividend of

six-percen­t." Now we know that the stock\n

to the largest banks in the United\n

acquisitio­ns through the years

you can't actually trace who owns the\n

very closely guarded secret. My guess\nwou­ld be that the owners

are those primary dealers, the banks that\nget to make a profit

by selling part of our national debt-\n

who buys them with a check from nothing!\n

and the interest on those bonds so that\n

Don't be alarmed if you don't quite\n

at first glance. Very few people do. It is\npurpos­ely complex.

The economist John Maynard Keynes once\nwrot­e:

By this means government may secretly\n­and unobserved

confiscate the wealth of the people and not\n

I believe that presented correctly

anyone can understand the system,\n

So let's do a recap and break it down\neven more...

The way this system works is that Step 1:

The government creates glorified I.O.U.s\n

and put the public on the hook to pay it\nback. Step 2:

I.O.U.s are swapped to create currency. The\nTreas­ury

sells the bonds to the banks. The banks\n

at a profit to the Federal Reserve, which\nthe­y probably own.

The Federal Reserve then opens its checkbook\­n

and buys those I.O.U.s with I.O.U.s it\nwrites

checks on a checking account that has a zero\nbala­nce.

Then they give those checks to the\n

and then the whole process repeats. This\n

and currency at the Treasury..­.which is\n

The Treasury then deposits the numbers\n

government and we get to Step 3:

The government spends the numbers on\npromis­es

public works, social programs and war.

Then the government employees,­\n

and we get to Step 4: Where the banks\n

I.O.U.s through Fractional Reserve\n

everyone's deposit and lend it out.

That currency gets redeposite­d and then\n

and the process repeats over and over\n

Then we work for some of those numbers\n

Where our numbers are taxed. We pay taxes\nto the IRS

who then turns our numbers over to the\n

principal plus the interest on bonds\n

with a check from nothing. Then we get to\nStep 6:

The Debt Ceiling Delusion. The system is\ndesign­ed to require

ever-incre­asing levels and debt and will\n

always kick the can down the road, they\n

And finally Step 7: The Secret Owners\nTa­ke Their Cut.

The world's largest banks own the Federal\n

selling our national debt top the Fed

they make a profit when the Fed pays\n

and the Fed pays them a six percent\nd­ividend on their

ownership of the Fed. This system

is fundamenta­lly evil. It funnels wealth\n

to the government and the banking sector.\n

and busts of modern economies

and it causes great disparity of wealth\n

AND - it is only possible because we no\nlonger use real money

we use currency. But worst of all it is a\nform of enslavemen­t.

BOND is the root word of BONDAGE.\n

is a promise to make us pay tax in the\nfutur­e.

Nobody asked you if you wanted to pay\n

enjoyed in the last century.

Nobody is asking our children if they\n

to pay for the prosperity we're enjoying\n

No generation has the right to contract\n­debts greater

than can be paid off during the course\nof its own existence.

By stealing prosperity from tomorrow so\nwe can spend it today

we enslave ourselves and future\nge­nerations.

Now this all sounds pretty bad but there\nis great hope

for YOU are the greatest threat to this\nfals­e monetary system.

This system relies on the public being\nign­orant of its workings.

Please share this knowledge with\n

that fully understand­s the system can\nbuild a better future

for generation­s to come. And now I leave you\nwith this quote

widely attributed to a former Director\n

manufactur­ers money out of nothing.

The process is perhaps the most\n

Banking was conceived in iniquity

and born in sin. Bankers own the earth.\nTa­ke it away from them

but leave them the power to create money and\n

they will create enough money to buy it\n

and pay the cost of your own slavery, let\n

This the Federal Reserve in Washington­\nDC

it's located on Constituti­on Street, and\n

York Fed being located on Liberty Street.

Both of them are unconstitu­tional both\n

and they transfer wealth away from us\nevery second of every day

to the Federal Reserve, to the government­\n

are now among the one in a million that can\n

so the big question is, what can you do\nabout it?

1: Watch this video until you can\ndescr­ibe

and teach it to others. Those who\nunder­stand the system

can make preparatio­ns for its unavoidabl­e\ncollaps­e

and protect themselves­. History shows that those\nwho don't

Share this video with everyone,\­n

takes is a mouse click or two

to get this message in front of millions.

Post this video on Facebook, Tweet it,\nemail it to loved ones.

Please share it wherever you can. \n3:

Join the conversati­on. The current world\n

meant to enrich a few at the expense\no­f the many...

there must be a better way. At\nHidden­SecretsOfM­

we've created an open source platform\n

world monetary system. We're calling on

every economist, every student, every\ncol­lege

every bright mind and anyone who cares\nto join the discussion­.

In educating ourselves and each other we\n

and maybe, just maybe win some of them back.

ÉJim Rickards, and Steve Forbes

Watch more episodes at \nHiddenSe­cretsOfMon­

[Ron Paul] I think your Episode 4 is

very beneficial­, very helpful, it's gonna\n

people, and like I've just been talking about

we have to change people's minds and the\n

and I think we're at this point now\n

several years..fou­r or five years have\n

in the previous ninety five years

so I think I an explanatio­n and diagrams\n

because quite frankly they're not going\n

not going to get in their high school

they're not going to get it in college\n

how this works. [Jim Rickards] You know for years\n

huh really studying gold and some of the things\n

monetary economist for decades you know\n

I was chief counsel and chief credit officer\n

I had an inside seat on the Treasury\n

former Vice Chairman of the Board of\nGovern­ors: Johnson and

David Mullins going back to the 80's and\n

talking about I thought it was

extremely accurate, extremely clear

I didn't think you were stretching on any\n

PhD course except that it was very easy\n

I think I think we're seeing a little\n

the following sense you know as you\n

well in 1913 there was no web there\nwas no YouTube, no Twitter

there was really no one to stand up and

oppose the Fed or call them out if you\n

that everyday Americans could follow.

That's not true now - with social media\nand everything else

you can reach out to millions and\n

what's going onÉI think you've done that

You've done it successful­ly I applaud it, I think it's\n

look forward to seeing it again, I know\n

[Steve Forbes] Well as we know the

Federal Reserve believes it can \n

not realize money is supposed to represent\­n

and what people don't realize is\nwhen the Fed does that

in effect as Keynes pointed out\nit's a form of taxation

it's a form of confiscati­on and because\np­eople don't see it

the politicos get away with it, but it\n

it just is corrosive throughout­\nsociety.

We're going to have a lot of turmoil in\nthe coming years

but it's going to be the kind of turmoil\n

So don't despair, get out there and\nfight because

the tide is gonna turn. This is going to\n

[James Anderson] This episode of Mike Maloney's \n

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