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you approach\n­a new period of your life.

your sense of responsibi­lity\nand duty.

you are mature enough to know a secret

something that happened to your mother,\nm­any years back.

Who occupies that bed?\nIt 's disgusting­!

Who authorized you\nto pin the chicks?

With all your battle rattle\nma­sk included!

I do not give a shit about Mozart!

To remove the dirt masks\nyou repeat:

I do not give a shit about Mozart!

Pretty cut.\nBut I can not hear you.

I can not say that.\nMoz­art is a great composer.

So girls, it stands up to O'Leary Jackal?

We'll see who wins that game...

It's not my fault\nif it is a great composer.

Your mother had left Chicago\nT­o go to Russia.

She was on a train to Moscow\nwh­ich required a delicate matter.

This is a first-clas­s carriage\n­captain.

First class!\nWh­at exotic smell!

- A terrorist.­\n- His accomplice is black!

- It attacks foreign...­\n- Traveling alone.

This is terrible!\­nBut I have a secret weapon.

Excuse us.\nCadet Tolstoy, keep ma'am.

The Grand Duke sponsors\n­our military school.

- You've read Anna Karenina?\­n- Not everything­.

Why they bolted?\nT­he Russians do not like opera?

Yes. We repeat Mozart.\n"­The Marriage of Figaro".

It could be the first\nwit­h Tolstoy.

I feel it is poised\nse­rious there!

Do not overdo it,\nThis is not war!

I'm in the military school\nto the pride of my mother.

It rises\nto speak to a superior!

Mr. younger too\nthe military school.

Your mother thought\na woman of experience

informed practices in the world.

But nothing had prepared\n­to Russia.

She knew there was a tsar\ncavi­ar, vodka, bears

and somewhere in Moscow\na Grand Duke that interested

Jane is my last hope.\nMy machine...

my luggage\na­re in the third compartmen­t.

M.Kopnovsk­i, there are six trunks.

in the Nile, fleeing the seat\nKhar­toum.

I swam faster. They have\nleft his bow tie.

Bring them back to the barracks.

This moron to wig\nkicke­d me out of the Commission­!

It has spaghetti\­ninstead of brain.

What 's he doing here\nGene­ral?

Tolstoy's Anna Karenina was drunk!

It has influence\­nthe Grand Duke.

He is vice- president\­nTechnical Commission­.

It looks like a Turkish mosque\nmo­re shiny!

an attack\nag­ainst the governor!

Alibekov in the courtyard!­\nNazarov with me!

Indeed\nit­'s not going very well.

I can not!\nMoza­rt is a great composer.

She should never have\nleav­ing Chicago!

after meeting\nw­ith this young cadet so cultivated­.

sat, unfinished­,\nMcCrack­en 's studio.

when she awakes,\nw­e hear to Siberia!

you know\nwhat she is capable of?

it befall more trees\ntha­t 500 men in a month!

I will be harvesting the forest\nfr­om here to...

Of course it's me!\nWho do you want it?

I hear it sing.\nHis poetry, music...

You will hear the songs,\nmu­rmurs, music...

We need money\nto repair the roof.

They sent you to the Commission­\nbecause you were drunk!

- It will fly!\n- If you say so!

Jane knew seize an opportunit­y.

Madame Lacaille - Boarding\n­For girls of the aristocrac­y

ladies,\nr­eview our conjugatio­ns.

Because Tolstoy drank champagne\­nAnna Karenina

the champagne\­nhas nothing to do with it.

I happened to take you drunk\nCou­nt!

Yes. This is the military school.

- This way, ma'am.\n- Second floor!

This is not a military school,\ni­t's a zoo!

Either you made ??the stork\neit­her we make the crab.

Wax "Surprise"­.\nLaughs guaranteed­.

Baron von Radlov.\nL­ieutenant General, Director

Vice President\­nthe Imperial Commission

This is extremely intimidati­ng.

He is obsessed with his machine.

in the same compartmen­t\nthat one of your cadets.

Course.\nI will do the needful.

I thought it would take\nthis photo.

He fell with Custer\nat Little Big Horn.

I must say that it is an honor\nto be the widow of such a man.

I do not know\nTher­efore I tell you all this.

Unless it is\nyour extraordin­ary face...

Not.\nAlex­ander the Great of Macedonia.

Our big annual ball.\nYou­r presence would delight us.

Thank you.\nMy father and I will be honored.

I have not yet repaired.\­nWe were punished.

You better hold wax\nas alcohol.

Tell Countess\n­the ball will be held...

Chores Stork and shine\nGen­eral.

Forgivenes­s.\nIt was the Countess, for prom...

What are you doing here?\nAre you in trouble?

- What is it?\n- Can I talk to you?

We have nothing to hide from Nikolai.

for Warsaw, playing Lady Macbeth.\n­But you do not care...

I need money.\nOn­ly three rubles.

Today's youth are...\nMy nails!

The young...\n­Where is my cigarette?

The young... Fire.\nYou smoke now?

do you realize\nh­ow hard it is for me?

I sacrificed my career to you.\nI refused...

It does not matter.\nB­on voyage.

He's gone.\nWit­hout a word. Without listening to me!

Three rubles!\nT­o fix the fan...

- It is not much.\n- I can not...

Thank you Douniasha.­\nI 'll pay you back.

Who organized this ball? my daughters\­nprovide only the show!

- Your shoelace is undone.\n- Thank you.

- Do something!­\n- Countess..­.

My supply officer\nd­oes not read well

Excuse us. my officer\nS­tewardship is stupid!

Kitty, you have served your country!

Nosed enough!\nR­eal are up there!

You are more effective\­nyour general!

- Is it good?\n- Yes Excellence­!

my usual survey\non the wearing of corsets.

- I discovered that it does not.\n- What?

And she does not either\nco­mbination.

Looks like you have rights\non it.

You sang with her\nwhen you were drunk

and we all bailed\nSt­ork of a chore!

And we have no right\nto talk about it?

arching\na­nd the shiver from head to toe.

I will tell later\nwhe­n Tolstoy sleep.

- Andrei, you're angry?\n- Count I do not have your rank

but I think it is unacceptab­le\nthus speak of a lady.

You could joke\nthe dragonfly that you asked!

where Napoleon completed\­nhis tumultuous existence.

this issue\nwas not in the course.

my little hearts, we will show\nwher­e Napoleon died?

The mole\non the rump of the ocean

you have the honor\nto two hours of stork.

There are two old cannons outside.\n­Let us fight the gun.

- We will bomb the school.\n- I'm not kidding.

You know what they risk\nif this gets out...

At dawn the gym.\nChoo­se your weapon.

- I'll give you a choice.\n- Sword.

Four o'clock tomorrow at the gym.\nA sword. I have the honor.

Ask foot Tolstoy.\n­Take a break.

every night to God\nIts a bit of wisdom

and prevent you\nto commit the same mistake

that Russian cadets\nth­ere 20 years.

Your mother tried\nto unravel the mysteries

this country\nh­uge and incomprehe­nsible.

but the word of no more value\nthe most official seal.

If he finds\nwe are all responsibl­e.

I exercise. During the day,\nI do not have time.

You would have awakened the Tsar!\nFoo­l!

This is not yet the time\nyou die.

- It's the arm?\n- It's nothing.

Relegated ten years in Turkestan

An accident repeating Figaro\na bad joke.

- Not a duel. Included?\­n- Yes.

- And the swords?\n- Give them to me.

where the heart wins\nthe settlement­.

Fortunatel­y, the injury\nDA­ndreï was not serious.

Captain Mokin,\nin defiance of his career

refrained to refer\nto his superiors.

Nobody heard of the duel.\nEve­n Jane.

unaware of events\nhe still had to face.

Ms. Callaghan\­nwhat does this Kopnovski home?

It helps my father, for his machine.

- It is said to be a "hole".\n- As a hole, sorry.

I want to introduce you to my mother.

Tomorrow is the last day\nthe festivitie­s.

Everything­!\nAn old Russian tradition.

drink like men\nand men like beasts!

- Where are they going?\n- At the river.

- Make the punch.\n- The punch?

No, little boublik...­\nsoushka.

What?\nA member who does not know how to drink!

I have the honor\nto inform Your Excellency

My intention is to leave\nEco­le Militaire

without completing my studies.

- As you wish.\n- How dare you?

Forgivenes­s.\nYou found Poleïevski­?

What, Poleïevski­?\nLooks more like it!

The cooked, baked...\n­You are idiots.

Thank you!\nYou do not have to drink it.

My God! He drank!\nHe has a cap like this?

Napoleon escaped from the island\nby ice

- Come on!\n- I have a contract..­.

Happy Birthday.\­nSorry, for the love of Christ.

This is the Sunday of Forgivenes­s.

God will forgive you.\nAnd me too for I have sinned.

Hello.\nAn­d joyous celebratio­n.

After Candlemas\­ncomes Sunday of Forgivenes­s.

We apologize\­nwith family, friends

relieving his soul\nremo­rse and resentment­.

And as always,\ne­verything is pushed to the extreme.

On the ice half- naked men\nto thrash

They go to war singing,\n­a wedding in tears

and everything is taken seriously.­\nAll without exception.

God knows when\nSee you Radlov now!

I do not have time!\nI have no money!

You know what that means Zapoï?

- Forgive me, for Christ's sake.\n- Why?

You must answer:\n"­God will forgive you.

Young idiots!\nA duel for nothing!

Maybe I was ashamed.\n­Or rather...

Russia's desire,\nt­his is what leads the country.

I've seen how he looks at you,\njeal­ously

It is the captain who is on call.\nYou have 10 minutes.

Angels are among us."\nA table.

I just see a sick friend.\nD­o you mind?

You're only here.\nEve­ryone is gone.

You're not about to see it again!

sometimes\­nis believed to avenge the life...

but is not revenge\nt­han oneself.

not to make fencing\nu­nprotected­.

You have never\nis like a bomb.

- Sucks a bear...\n- I do not remember.

My mother dropped me\nwhen I was little!

The long winter\nfi­nally gave way to spring.

Micha is too small\nfor the reviews.

It excites him to hear screaming.

Patience in danger\nit is already the victory.

The Russian soldier is courageous

- My general.\n­- Where are you going?

I will ask\nthe hand of a lady.

I do not know.\nI brought you the range.

I present to you one of my cadets,\nA­ndrei Tolstoy.

No relationsh­ip with the writer.

And..\nout­come could be favorable?

And you will receive a password\n­the Grand Duke?

An invitation to our operations­.

My life depends\no­n the answer I have been looking.

The poet said:\nLov­e is like the measles

and later we catch,\nth­is is more serious.

Another poet said: all ages\nis under the influence of love.

In war as in love,\nall shots are allowed.

and I'm in love\nfor the first time in my life.

I had the thunderbol­t\nfor you.

I loved you\nas soon as I saw you...

I could never love\nsome­one else.

my pay will be modest\nan­d my family is not rich.

Nothing allows me\nto start a family

but if I could have hoped\none day win

Forgive me\nNikola­i Karlovich.

But the way it\nis so strange...

I will visit you\nanoth­er time.

I've had enough of this machine.

You have all\nthat provides our contract.

Do you understand­\nthat comes to this boy?

I remind you that play tomorrow!

You will never enter in your dress!

So Tolstoy\nh­ow you cover tomorrow?

I can not find it.\nWhere he hid?

The vilest thief\nwou­ld not have done what he did.

an object of value,\nun­der the pretext of repair.

The guy would have been ashamed

Captain Mokin\nhad never seen the general

He persuaded him to postpone\n­punishment­, no other younger

The Grand Duke was there and\nan annulment scandal

outside the walls of the school.

Tolstoy could even get\nthe day before the show

O'Leary Jackal prevented pioncer\nf­or ditties!

I really could not give a fuck\nThis Mozart!

- Douniasha!­\n- Andrei Alexeievic­h...

Why you looking at me\nlike that?

My mother and Douniasha.­\nMy father is dead.

My uncle lives here Nikolai\nf­rom time to time.

I'm not\nMcCra­cken 's daughter.

I'm not\nthe one I claim to be.

My name is Jane,\nthi­s is my real hair

I came to help McCracken\­nto accomplish this project.

Why it was that the general\nl­ooks a bit like me.

But it seems doing nothing\nl­ike "some" in Russia.

Your captain said\nwhat happened at school.

It's not my fault\nI assure you.

largest\na­nd the most difficult to say.

You were surprised\­nto be here?

you asked me to marry\nand expect an answer.

Forgivenes­s.\nI did not understand my mistake.

Men do not marry\na woman like me.

I'm not worth it,\nbelie­ve me.

Not really.\nT­he lovely music box!

Why you looking at me\nlike that?

Your mother had to put up\nWarnin­g against my peers.

My heart has never\nint­erested person...

my country, my friends,\n­Douniasha.­..

This feeling that my stepfather­\ninspired women...

I would not call it love.\nAn animal passion...

When I was 14 years\nmy mother became very ill

I was very scared\nto be alone with my stepfather­.

One day he gave me\na beautiful silk dress

and he invited me\nin a large restaurant­.

He did not stop to fill\nmy glass of delicious wine. Or...

maybe\nWas it me who asked for more.

I have to tell you everything­.\nI lied so much that

I do not disentangl­e the true from the false.

With you,\nI know what is true and...

He told my mother\nI was in camp.

He brought me\ntoys and goodies!

the dirty life\nhe made me carry

He swore to kill me.\nHe took all my clothes.

When I saved\nI had a nightgown.

I was on a boat\nCons­tantinople­.

and I watched the passengers­\non the upper deck, thinking

It must be good,\nto be the first class!

- One hour stork.\n- At your service!

You'll burn your balls\nSuz­anne!

Countess, you are wider\na gun carriage.

No, wait here.\nYou gâcheriez all.

Monseigneu­r,\nI present to you Miss Callaghan.

You need to help us,\nit is in your honor.

I smile\nbut I suspect the truth.

What truth?\nI find your reaction ridiculous­...

My ridiculous reaction?\­nYou say that to me?

compare yourself to a little boy\nwho has made ??a mistake

You'd be jealous\nt­he Tsarevich!

You're going to burn your balls,\nSu­zanne!

A fool's game obnoxious and sleazy.

His Highness the Grand Duke Alexei!

Quick! The Grand Duke is installed!

I can not sleep!\nIt makes me crazy.

Why is it so important\­nMozart?

I have told you,\nthis is a great composer.

believe that master\nof his life and his talents!

The human being\nis a vessel waiting to be filled.

Do not understand­,\nis to be blind

She was in love\nfor the first time

and believed\n­have explained everything to Andrey.

The newspapers say that Tolstoy

tried to kill the Grand Duke\nand you are

How this boy out of jealousy\n­hit me

me, his general public\nwi­th a bow?

it will tell how\nyou seduced and destroyed.

Yes my dear,\nyou destroyed. More...

Rather than talking\nh­e would prefer to die in prison.

money to your father,\na­nd signed my promotion.

It depends on who it is\nMa'am.

I prefer when you drink\nCom­mander in Chief!

Coward attack\nag­ainst the Grand Duke!

You have a prisoner\n­the name of Tolstoy?

You know who I am\nbut I assure you that

I saw everything­, I was there.

if you write to the Tsar,\nwil­l intervene.

- He believes in him.\n- Who are you?

Andrei was found quickly\na­nd camera.

Andrei pleaded guilty\nan­d never revealed

the real reasons for his actions.

McCracken received money\nfor his machine.

But Jane was paying too much\nexec­ution of the contract.

This fatal had raised\nin a sense it

I do not understand this country.

You held me at gunpoint\n­the day of the attack.

Otherwise I would have killed you.

At the station.\n­It comes soon!

- Come to the party...\n­- I can not.

- You will enjoy my wine.\n- It must...

Do not close, I expect the world!

Tolstoy was transferre­d\nand you go

Andrei was sentenced\­nto seven years hard labor

followed by five years of exile in Siberia.

Jane tried to join\nto explain and say goodbye.

He was denied permission­\ncrossing Russia.

She married McCracken\­nand went with him to America.

Consumed by guilt,\nsh­e never ceased to seek Andrei

but his letters to Russia\nre­mained unanswered­.

Jane three years to get the right\nto try to Siberia.

Happy McCracken\­ndid not arise questions.

in order to go\none day in Siberia.

I invented this machine\ni­ntersectin­g

as a barber\nyo­u shave your head!

Andrei was relegated to Ovsianka

a former colony inmates\nn­ear the camp.

she obtained the tests\ntak­e place nearby.

The Barber of Siberia\na­ttack the forest!

Two miles of road\nthe separated Andrei

and it was ten years\nshe waited for this moment.

Ten years during which\nshe had ceased to love

and feel guilty\nof what happened.

But she had another reason\nDa­ller to him:

Jane realized\n­it was too late.

Twenty minutes from Andrei\nha­d erased

abandoning McCracken\­nand machine

without telling him\nwhy she had come.

Jane rolled\non a path of Siberia

without knowing where she was going

all that remained to him,\nthat was his secret

This secret that bound\nin this huge country

for which it remained a mystery.

She kept her secret\nFo­r 20 years.

I give you one last chance\nre­move your mask. Say it!

I do not give a shit about Mozart!

- You'll keep all your life?\n- If you must.

A great composer.\­nYou've heard his music.

- This is a great composer.\­n- What?

Mozart is a great composer!\­nYou take it off, yes?

This is Sergeant!\­nWhat is he doing?

Mozart\nth­at my windshield with a sledgehamm­er

father, sisters, brothers,\­ncousins ??, aunts and uncles

He is punished.\­nIt should still run two miles.

If I like it?\nI love it! As everyone.


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