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I guess I'm just taking a break we had

this really cool adventure saving earth

and that was pretty happy anyway so I

needed some me time and I came to

Australia and that's when I moved in

with Daryl hello and here we are you

know it's a nice flat as you can see and

we get along well yeah I guess I just

wanted to be around average everyday

people and Daryl is an average sort of

everyday guy so it works out well while

I'm here I'm trying to get involved with

the lobby's who's this purple weirdo

surprised who actually knew that was to

give back to the community Daryl here is

electronic letter I'm writing to Captain

America and Iron Man there seems to be

something very intense going on between

them and I want to offer my help with my

services dear Tony Stark how's it going

I heard you and Captain America we're

having some relationsh­ip problems dear

Steve Rogers do you remember when i

goaded you into killing those prisoners

and you made me swear to never tell the

other Avengers if there's any other

secrets you need kept just let me know

because I'm not up to much what are you

doing later I was working what's he

doing he's working keep out Daryl

costume for battles the Mjolnir over

here taking a nap something I've been

roasting in the Sun for a number of

weeks now and it's almost already

delicious question what Infinity stones

a lot of informatio­n and ideas and what

I like to call little clues speckled

around the place and who is the man in

the purple chair is purple it's a magic

glove doesn't like standing up fury what

does he really know and is fury his real

name or is it actually pronounced furry

little mill near here our sunglasses in

case gets bright and the rainbow Grinch

which often it does or if you lift up

what's he holding me I never wear

cut-offs how do I keep waking up and

come off small new pants going in Carlos

coming out you mm-hmm oh by the way

heard from Tony Stark and Captain

America I didn't contact you I haven't

received a single phone call one second

hey t-bone how many times do we have to

go over this no amount of money is gonna

get me to join your little pissing

what here talk to Thor yeah he's sort of

been waiting hear from you I have him

right here oh you can't right now okay

am I disappoint­ed that they didn't

no yes touch with you I don't I don't

have a phone he doesn't have a phone

send a raven I just start my own team

team Thor of course and it would be me

with blood and gore and then I remove

the villains head from his body has guts

flew everywhere and of course I ate his

eyeballs so we can never find his way

back to the halls of Valhalla I'm just

taking a break this is a very different

experience­s and this certainly is one of

them anyway I ended up here in Australia

and moved in with Daryl hello we split

the rent of course divide the duties

queen Daryl cleans the toilet mainly

because you do most of the damage in

I'm a prince from another world and I'm

used to giant shiny golden castles so

this is kind of ridiculous in a lot of

ways but you know am i managing thoughts

great his kind is very strong he has a

particular point of view but there's

another side which I understand it can

be frustratin­g connect for he's

massively out of touch just things like

this he destroyed Connect four and this

has been in the family for quite a while

and I can't tell him that sort of stuff

I hear cleaning it up he just doesn't

seem to have a concept of time I say

and he really deals with things in

centuries I guess he's often said I'll

get to it next century I can't pay rent

with these things one's a pumpkin and

these Asgardian coins they're not worthy

in Asgard those coins these coins are

worth bazillion human dollars okay

no one will exchange these go to the

market set up a store yeah right

yeah asgardian where previously owned by

four I'm the celebrity that will sell

like hotcakes you might need to think

about getting a getting a job yeah I

have a job you know my job is I saved

the planet did maybe you should get a

job I have a job really eating the

Machine with the words that come out of

it this is knowledge knowledge is power

no it's not knowledge is not power

that's power the brain is a muscle and

that's a muscle and that's a muscle

there you're all muscles this is all

so I am covered in brains and I have

more brains than you so do you think

maybe we could just think that we need

to serve it I don't think we can get a

surgeon get a serve that came out of a

conversati­on about me saying could you

pay some rent and then his next thought

is I'll get a servant I don't see how

those two things are connected so Shane

there's nothing too hard really the

usual stuff polishing this guy here

cleaning my armor after adventures and

battles they'll be blood and sweat and

grime on them sharpening my swords

writing of my legendary tales but really

trained the main thing you'll be doing

as my servant is to get a job and to pay

my rent and you be paid in Asgardian

excellent oh you're hired now bring me

some more Mead he's essentiall­y an

illegal alien I'm dreading the knock on

the door and his reaction - where's your

passport we were all the best of friends

and um then they had the disagreeme­nt

stop talking and there was a fight but

not one of them bothered to call me and

that's just one thing that we'll have to

learn about life but friendship is not

they're nothing lasts nothing earth is a

place that I've I've come to love and I

feel to a second home and I'm very

protective of the humans because they

are so helpless and ridiculous let's go

to bed it's just me and Darryl now yeah

and we don't need anybody else just his

best friends forever we'll have to get

you an outfit yeah maybe a cape or

something yeah what about this John try

so my last housemate left all of a

but fortunatel­y through my work a

position came up in Los Angeles so I

needed to find a new housemate hello the

grand master was the only one who

answered my Craigslist ad yeah imagine

that I was the only one well lucky me

at first I thought he was just another

Hollywood type person then I realized he

was more than likely from another planet

I like learning about your culture what

do you call this toast yes I come from

Sekar it's a haven for lost things that

sounds kind of poetic but it's really

kind of a catch-all place and now

without boring you with the details I

had formerly infrared or a long period

of time a an assistant slash bodyguard

named topaz and now you know what for a

new assistant and you know who seems to

fit the bill just perfectly believe

about is Darrell he's starting to make

me dress up in topaz Hazama he's getting

me to do a lot of things for him do the

dishes drive him around and I also do

he says he's over 1 million years old

which I find hard to believe because he

acts quite young almost immature he is a

really nice guy it's the first thing I

noticed about him he's very charming

I'm his wife but sometimes he completely

loses his temper I don't do this for

everybody but I'm going to share with

you some of the drawings that I've made

here in Daryl's house they're all of

Daryl now watch this so here's the first

tickle-tic­kle-tickle this is Daryl on a

horse always so happy and the horse has

my face did you notice that's also Daryl

oh my dolly well look at this here is

Terrell hmm asleep right there and of

course he's dreaming about me my eye

fell upon him and then I kind of knew it

right away he's kind of like my muse he

just he just interests me strangely what

well uh you know I'm fixing to move in

on this new planet now I've kind of

taken a liking to it so I'm gonna rule

earth lately he started talking about

taking her there I'm not sure how he

would go about starting to take over

Earth but we made a video peoples of

planet Earth my name is Grand Master and

I am about to become your ruler

those who resist me let me say will

become melted this is my melting stick

yeah if people displease me I can melt

them how many how many views we got one

one that's not bad but that's just us

because we're watching it maybe you need

to refresh the refresh the waiter okay

and how many you views do we have now

now we've got two ah good good - so

we're we're now we're in business that

second one is us - we've seen it twice

we might need to make another video

advertisin­g the original video you know

anybody who could play your music some

of yours some of your work friends from

new new new Wow David yeah why are you

playing a cymbal Dorp when I'm we're

obviously doing a zetz why are you doing

all right from from the table one two a

one two three I don't want to go to

sleep without clearing up a few things

I apologize for melting David we might

want to call his parents and just let

them know I guess I should be the one to

but can we practice what I'm just gonna

say yes yeah okay ring ring ring ring

hello who's this this is mrs. Richardson

sure that's the best way to stop well

let's see what happens you try to

channel her vet mrs. Richardson oh how

are you mrs. Richardson you can call me

Grand Master mrs. Richardson what are

you wearing I'm just wearing a nightgown

oh you've gotta be kidding what color

mrs. Richardson David's melted so you

may be wondering what will become of

Darryl when I take over this planet well

he's going to rule beside me well he's

gonna stand beside me and I rule I'm

gonna be ruling but he's gonna be

standing beside me I don't like saying

this but you look at him and he stares

right back at you and I can't tell if he

wants to just hang out or milk me I love

I love you too I didn't force him to say

that that warms me terrifical­ly thank

you I think I never thought I'll say

this but I'm really beginning to miss my


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