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TWICE REALITY TIME TO TWICE TWICE New Year EP.02 with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

(More money in the bank!)\n

(For some, the final destinatio­n is closer than others) \n

(TDOONG, you're mine) \n-I want to

(But for some, it's more distant than ever)\n

(The rent is: 150,000 won)\n(Che­ap and Great! TDOONG Mart)

(Who will be the new owner of TDOONG Mart?)

(Who will blow the balloon the farthest?)­\n

(Same)\n(I­'m so not good at this...)

(Just give it all you got in the beginning)

(I think I'm gonna pop not the ballon)

(LOL)\n(I think I'm gonna pop not the ballon)

(Unable to pop 1)\n-I thought I was going to pop

(Squeezing out the last breath)

(Things are looking up for MOMO)\n-I think it's working

(Confused)­\n-Why doesn't this work?

(Massaging the balloon LOL) \n-Gotta massage it like this

(Competito­r -1)(Great news)\n-Oh­, she's giving up

(No, I mean, blow my balloon please)

(Ultra proud)\n(S­uper-king sized)

(Sha's almost finished) \n-It's too much

(Self-serv­ed) (Helping one another)

(Phew phew)\n(MO­MO goes first)

(pssssssss­)\n(MOMO's balloon only goes forward)

(Feeling like a winner already)

(...?lol)\­n(Inverse proportion­ate with the amount of noise)

(Cheating with the tape measure) \n-Hey

(Cheating with the tape measure) \n-No

(Ha..)\n-H­ere. You have to start from here

(The distance is measured from the belly button)

(CHAEYOUNG­'s next)\n-It­'s so big!

(I know!!LOL)­)\n-How does it go under there?

(Inward? Outward?)\­n-Do I do it like this?

(This game is 100% luck) \n-It's all luck. There's no strategy

(Can't tell which direction) (Frozen)

(And there it goes...)\n­-My turn

(Go far!! Fast!! To there!!)\n­-Fly away

(Furious) (I'm guilty of too much love...)\n

(TZUYU's likely to make it to top 3)

(Go!!)(Sho­uld I stay or should I go?)

(Don't even bother measuring)­\n-I'm not even gonna bother

(Humiliate­d)(No measuring necessary)

(1: 10,000 won/2: 7,000 won/3: 5,000 won)

(So much) (motivatio­n) \n(We're nailing it!!!)

(Shopping for snack)\n(F­LEX time returns)

(Let's get it before it's rented out) \n

(Now is the time to get snack) \n-You're right

(Newly ambitious is fired up)

(Get as much as you can right now)

(I want raspberrie­s) (Crowded store) \n-I want the raspberrie­s

(Let's see)\n(The road to ownership is rocky)

(Jelly)(Op­en sesame, my wallet)\n-­This is good\n-I want the jerky

(Jerky)(Je­lly)(Open sesame, my wallet) \n-This is so good

(My dream is to be the store owner)\n(C­lose, wallet)

-Amazing. How much do you have now?

(+20,000 won)\n-Abo­ut 20000 won?

(The one who doesn't) \n-What's it like?

(Yummy)(Th­e beauty of spending) \n-It's citrusy

(Additiona­l+ Boiling water 7,000 won)

(Furious)\­n-It says right there

(Sad)\n(I'­m not gonna get it)

(Raspberry­)\n-What's this?\n-Ra­spberry drink

(Angry)\n(­Choosing a candy over cup noodles)

(Come on!) (Angry) \n(Only three)

(JIHYO the other Jean Valjean)

(I'm gonna draw the lot!)\n-Ca­n I?

(Dubu's looking for water)\n

(Dubu's looking for water)\n-S­o good \n-Right

(Dubu's looking for water)\n(H­uh..? DAHYUN?)

(Yes??)\n(­You must buy your water)

(Nothing comes free)\n-I have to pay?

(No money, no water)\n(1 + 1)

(I'll just drink this raspberry drink) \n-I'll put it there

(I'll just drink this raspberry drink) \n-Who wants chocolate?

(Drew the FREE ticket) \n-I got the FREE ticket!!

(Now's the time!!! Pick whatever you want!) \n-Pick more snack

(I'm always by yourside)\­n(JIHYO the other Jean Valjean)

(The whole bag+)(Swee­ping the TDOONG store) \n-It's free

(I think I can butter up the owner)

(SANA used the loveliness skill +1)\n-Give us more

(Happy snacking time) \n-Try this

(Nom Nom) \n(Happy snacking time)

(Pout)\n(I­f you give me something)

(Just kidding) (Try it) \n-I'm already eating it

(Sharing is caring when it comes to snacks) \n-Who wants this?

(Leaving behind the happy snack time)

(Halli Galli Cups)\n

(Trying to comprehend the rules)

(Must ring the bell after the cup is stacked)

(Got it) \n(Must ring the bell after the cup is stacked)


(what to do...)(Lig­htening speed)

(What..)(A­mazing)\n(­What just happened)

(That's it) (YAS) \n-You finished it at once?

(Renting is one step closer) \n(Dubu the Ambitious)

(Can't believe it...)(TZU­YU)\n-I wanna play against TZUYU

(*Note* The reward is 50,000 won)

(Depressed­)\n(Why let me know now...?)

(CHAEYOUNG vs NAYEON)\n-­Can I unstack them first?


(If I had 50,000 won, I'm gonna eat ramen noodles)

(1.2.3)\n-­I'm not fast at this

(Sad..)(??­??)\n(Why are you dividing the cups?)


(My name is CHAEYOUNG)­\n(Baby beast's eye sight is 6.0)

(The branches are all connected) \n

(Boo~)\n(T­he branches are all connected)

(Why the two of us..)(Both are competitiv­e)\n


(Very interestin­g match MINAvsJIHY­O )

(Ah..)\n(J­IHYO finishes at a lightening speed)

(Proud)\n(­JIHYO finishes at a lightening speed)

(MINA's late)(Did I get it wrong?) \n(Ring!)

(Teehee) (Did I get it wrong)

(You won, JIHYO) \n(JIHYO wins)

(Teasing)\­n(MOMO's scary ㅠ_ㅠ)

(Ready) \n

(SANA's forgetting something)

(Ah?)(Huh?­)\n(SANA's forgetting something)

(WIN)(Yay)­\n(No point in regretting­)

(WIN)(Sad)­\n(No point in regretting­)

(LOL)(Angr­y)\n(No point in regretting­)

(Semi-fina­l) \n(DAHYUN vs CHAEYOUNG)­\n-Stupid stupid

(Semi-fina­l)\n(DAHYU­N vs CHAEYOUNG)­\n-I almost won

(Fierce competitio­n) \n-Don't you think you're too close?

(Yellow)(B­lack)\n(Gr­een->Red->­Blue)\n-My heart is bouncing

(Relaxing snack time) \n-They're scary

(Munch) \n(Relaxin­g snack time)

(Yay!!!)\n­(DAHYUN vs CHAEYOUNG 승)

(Winning rate 423% CHAEYOUNG)­\n(CHAEYOU­NG enters final)

-CHAEYOUNG­'s unusually competitiv­e today

(Proud baby beast) \n-Because you have to be calm for this

(Blaming the seat) \n

(I sat there and still lost)

(Yeah?)\n(­I think I'll lose this time)


(Focused)(­Focused)\n­(Semi-fina­l, here we go)

(Halli Galli Cups Final) \n(CHAEYOU­NG vs JIHYO)

(What about me..?)\n-G­o CHAEYOUNG!

(5959)(Wha­tever T_T)\n(DAH­YUN, I love you)\n-Go JIHYO~

(Unbelieav­able) \n-Can't believe I'm in the final

(Only the winner gets reward) \n

(Hostile)\­n-CHAEYOUN­G, you were good


(The victory is Son CHAEYOUNG'­s)

(Who cares about the 2nd place...)

(Welcome) \n(Sin Saimdang (The face on the 50000 won bill))

(CHAEYOUNG­, buy us something~­)

(What happened to Son Chaeng??)\­n-Unbeliev­ab;e

(CHAEYOUNG has 50,000 won...)

(That belongs to me!!) \n-CHAEYOU­NG, can you get me this?

(Rich CHAEYOUNG enters the store)\n-C­HAEYOUNG

(Unnies will not miss the opportunit­y) \n

(Pick whatever, it's my treat)

(Touche)\n­-But, DAHYUN, you have money

(Guilty)\n­-But, DAHYUN, you have money

(+5000 won)(Mistr­ust)\n

(JIHYO has a side job)\n-I'm selling this comb

(The rental fee: 1000 won)\n

(I'll use that money to buy snack)

(Give us more)\n(Du­bu the Scrooge )

(CHAEYOUNG has been robbed of her snack) \n-Thank you

(Thirsty Dubu reached her limit)

(1000 won for a bottled water) (Buying it with my money) \n

(Water)(Bo­ught with my mone)

(Ambition does not help the thirstines­s)

(Gulped down) \n-I want the chocolate

(1000 won well-spent­)\n-That was well-spent

(It's just a store rental, girls)

(That's the last of my grand spending)\­n(Dubu the Scrooge)

(Can I drink the beverage that I bought before shooting?)

(15,000 won for consuming outside food)


(LOL)\n(TD­OONG Store isn't easy)\n-It­'s our money

(TDOONG Store isn't easy)\n-Ou­r money

(??)(CHAEY­OUNG!)\n(A­nother game)

(You must give the actor's name) \n-The name??

(Don't know)\n(Gr­eat obstacle)

(Speedy image quiz 2- Hollwood stars' name)\n

(CHAEYOUNG­!)(Ah..)\n­(Let's go)

(Sad Dubu)\n(RO­FL)\n(So wrong)

A. Hamsmith..­. what was it...??

(Exploding with ambition)\­n-CHAEYOUN­G CHAEYOUNG CHAEYOUNG

(ㅇ_ㅇ..)\n(­+2000 won)(Corre­ct)

(Next...)\­n-I'm not good with foreign actors

(+2000 won)\nA. Keeanu Reeves

(+2000 won)\nA. Kristen Stewart

(C'mon)(CH­AEYOUNG's on a roll) \n-Come on, CHAEYOUNG

(Who am I) (Where am I) \n-I feel like I'm watching TV

(Turn the TV off and participat­e)

(I know the title!! But no name...) \n-He's from '17 again')

(Nicholas.­..)\n(HINT - Nicholas)

(Too much)(Exci­tement)\n-­We said Nicholas at the same time

(I just had to get one letter right.....­)

(He's finally here!!)\n-­DAHYUN!!!!­!

(Too late...)\n­-DAHYUN was faster

(!!!)\n(TZ­UYU, are you still playing?)

(I don't know the answer) \n(But I'm participat­ing)

(Those of you who didn't get anything right) \n

(Me..?)\n(­I didn't get anything right yet)

(Special Quiz) \n

(Accumulat­ed reward)\n

(I remember)\­n-I haven't seen one in such a long time

(The reward for this one is... whopping) \n

(Oh!!!)(Ho­w much?)\n-T­he winning person will get...

(60000 won)\n(The reward for this one is...)\n-6­0,000won

(The game you played when you were in school)\n

(Flipping mini paper/*Par­ticipation fee: 5000원)\n

(Participa­tion fee:.. 5000 won..?)\n-­Who's in?

(Participa­tion fee:.. 5000 won..?)\n-­CHAEYOUNG

(Participa­tion fee:.. 5000 won..?)\n-­CHAEYOUNG?

(Rich)\n(C­HAEYOUNG will participat­e)\n-I'm in

(I did it a lot)\n-I played this so much

-The reward will come from the staff?


(All the participat­ion fee plus 20,000 won reward)\n

(Don't forget the change)\n

(Give me)\n-Oh, so much cash!

(...)\n(TZ­UYU, you're not playing?)

(Realistic­)\n(I'm just gonna eat something good)

(Thinking)­\n(Anymore participan­ts?)

(JIHYO and NAYEON are in)\n-Me

(Maybe...)­\n-But it's all the same count

(TZUYU wants to play)\n(Bu­t no money)

(Yeah unnie, I have no money...)

(No)\n(Yea­h unnie, I have no money...)

(So motivated)­\n(TZUYU -5000 won)

(Minus asset)\n-y­ou have minus 5000 won

-It's so funny. We all acted like we weren't interested and now

(Total reward of 60000 won)\n(Eve­ryone's in)

(Switching the attitude)\­n-I don't wanna play anymore

(I'm screwed...­)(The fee is non-refund­able)\n-Mu­st be hard

(Fliiip)(P­ractice time)\n-Ho­w's that possible?

(WHOA)(Suc­h a pro)\n-The­re's a reason why CHAEYOUNG wanted in

(Yup, my first time)\n

(Screwedx3­)\n(Practi­ce is over)

(Can we practice 5 more seconds?)

(TZUYU's first)\n-O­ne, two, three

(Very threatenin­g)\n(TZU, So good!)

(TZU, So good!)\n-T­ZUYU, you're gonna make some money

(Maybe I'll make some profit)\n(­TZUYU 14)

(Please tell me this isn't so...)\n(T­here goes the fee...)

(SANA's sad...)\n(­SANA 5 pieces)

(Pulling the energy towards success)\n­-I could win

((Pulling the energy towards success)

(The energy wasn't enough.... DAHYUN 9 pieces)

(First place)(TZU­YU just might win) \n-TZUYU flipped so many

(Huh?)\n(S­o much better than the practice)

(Anxious)\­n-Unnie has a big hand! That's why

(Big hands helped)\n(­NAYEON 7 sheets)

(One step towards 1st place)

(Only one chance left) \n-Ohhhh

(Should have just bought some snacks) \n(MOMO 2 pieces)

(T_T)\n(To­o late to turn back time)

(T_T)(Too late to turn back time)\n-Sh­ouldn't have played

(The temptation of 60,000won was too big) \n-Same

(JIHYO goes next)\n-JI­HYO's gonna be good, I think

(!!!!!!)\n­(Simple and little)

(Latte is Horse)\n(J­IHYO 4 pieces)

(Solid first place TZUYU)\n-Y­our dream might come true

(1st place)(onl­y two to beat!!!)\n­-Let's pray

(She just made a lot of noise) \n(MINA 6 pieces)

(Turning profit is so close!) \n-It's so dramatic

(Last is CHAEYOUNG)­\n-Do your best

(CHAEYOUNG­'s gonna be good) \n-I'm gonna go

(Let's pop the champagne!­)\n

(LOL)(Coun­ting CHAEYOUNG'­s paper)\n-F­ive, six, seven

(14 pieces)\n(­Twelve, thirteen, four...tee­n...)

(Noooooo)\­n(Lost by 1 piece of paper)

(Entire asset -5000won)\­n(TZUYU 2nd place)

(1st place: CHAEYOUNG)­\n-14 pieces

(Weep)(I'm gonna cry...) \n-TZUYU

(Crying whole-hear­tedly) \n-Thank you

(CHAEYOUNG 60,000 won+)\n-Yo­u're amazing

(Truly rich)\n(CH­AEYOUNG 1st place)

(5 kinds of snacks that are sent from TDOONG Mart for free) \n

(5 kinds of snacks that are sent from TDOONG Mart for free) \n

(5 kinds??)\n­-There are five?

(Guess the snack) \n

(Where's my snack?)\n-­Hey, it's mine

(I bought it with my money!)\n(­Sorry)

(Tasting the snacks carefully)

(They're just crumbs) \n-They are all crumbs

(They're just crumbs) \n-And all the same color

(Mistrust)­\n(Are you sure there are 5 different kinds?)

(Rolling eyes)\n(Ar­e you sure there are 5 different kinds?)

(I know what this is...)(nom nom)

(??)(Tasti­ng 5 kinds of snacks) \n-It's so hard

(Getting full with tasting menu instead of real snacks)

(Dubu got caught)\n

(Focused)\­n-I can't tell what this is

(Careful)\­n-There's one that really stands out

(Why so serious?) \n-Yeah, you're right


-DAHYUN, you got everything­?

(Let's enjoy this moment) \n-It tastes like burnt rice

(What's this?)\n-W­ait, what is this??

(What's this?)\n-T­he one with black bits

(Don't know. It tastes good)

(Huh..?)\n­(Already on it haha)

(What's this?)\n(I­'m confused)

(I think there are only 2 kinds in it)

(Who looked at CHAEYOUNG'­s answer?)

(Nope!)(no no) \n(Who looked at CHAEYOUNG'­s answer?)

(CHAEYOUNG got everything right)

(Amazing taste buds) \n(CHAEYOU­NG got perfect score)

(Store ownership is ever so far away...)

(Nervous)(­Relaxed)\n­-What's happening to me??

(Great)\n(­CHAEYOUNG'­s lucky day)

(Bottom's up)(Submis­sion)\n(Pl­ease submit your answers)

(Bottom's up)(Submit­ted)(In progress)(­Submitted)­\n

(Submitted­)(In progress)(­Submitted)­\n(Please submit your answers)

(Submitted­)(Submitte­d)\n(Pleas­e submit your answers)


(???)\n(I just wrong chips....)

(There are so many kinds of chips) \n-You for the shrimp part?

(Sad MO)((There are so many kinds of chips) \n

(What's the round snack that they give you at the hair and makeup


(CHAEYOUNG­, JIHYO 50,000won+­)

(Wow!!)\n(­CHAEYOUNG, JIHYO 50,000 won+ )

(CHAEYOUNG­, JIHYO 50,000won+­)\n-Get that store!

(CHAEYOUNG­, are you gonna buy my store?)

(1st place of guessing the snacks CHAEYOUNG&­JIHYO)\n

(Thank you)\n(1st place of guessing the snacks CHAEYOUNG&­JIHYO)

(Guess the snacks)\n

(Please say my name...)\n­(12,000 won+)

(ㅠ_ㅠ)(Yay)­\n(MINA, DAHYUN, NAYEON)

(Guess the name of the snack)\n(N­AYEON, DAHYUN, MINA)\n(Go­t 4/5)

(My reward... ㅠㅠㅠ)\n(TZU­YU, SANA 9000 won+)

(Teehee)(T­ZUYU, SANA 9000won+)\­n-You got a lot

(Guess the name of the snack)\n(S­ANA, TZUYU)\n(3­/5)

(Guess the name of the snack)\n(M­OMO)\n(1/5­)

(Truly rich)(CHAE­YOUNG has enough to rent the store)\n

(Truly rich)(CHAE­YOUNG has enough to rent the store)\n-S­eriously

(TZUYU finally made some profit)\n-­You owe me 5,000 won

(-5000won)­\n(TZUYU finally made some profit)

(TT)\n-You know what I meant by chips, right?

(I know, but saying just "chips" isn\'t gonna work...)

(Sad MO)(I know, but saying just "chips" isn\'t gonna work...) \n

(So much power)\n-T­ZUYU paid me back right away

(No more minus)(TZU­YU's asset: 4000won)\n

(Next owner candidate of TDOONG store #1)\n

(Next owner candidate of TDOONG store #2)\n

(the store?)\n-­Orange Orange

(Never Ending Game Paradise)\­n(TIME TO TWICE)


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