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[Receive safety training before jumping in the beach]

[First water leisure]\n­[Fly Fish]


[The moment DOYOUNG hops on, \n

[The boat moves towards the deep ocean]

[They keep giggling with the fast speed]

[Our fashionist­a steals the spotlight with his blue goggles]

[YE DAM shows off his shining teeth \nout of excitement­]

[If happiness was born into a person,\ni­t would be these two]

[Fast diving into the waves and wind]

[Just when they reached the deep ocean,]

[The boat starts flying in the air]

[Next up is JAE HYUK & JEONG WOO]

Don't be scared! It's honestly the best!

[JAE HYUK & JEONG WOO takes off]

-Oh so this is how it feels\n-Oh it feels like this!

Guys we are currently trying to \n

[The atmosphere is slightly different\­nto the previous team]

But I can't see what's in front of me!

[JEONG WOO]\nMy stomach hurts a lot!


[Please love TREASURE]\­nWe will do our best for you guys!

[Their audio really doesn't take a break]

[The boat finally flies above the surface]

[JAE HYUK and JEONG WOO are flying]

[Communica­tion doesn't stop even in the sky]

-Guys we are above ground!\n-­Guys, we are currently in the sky!

[Their audio resonates though Bali's sky]

[These kiddos like to communicat­e]\nGuys, it is a bit scary...

[JEONG WOO's precious vocals takes over Bali's beach]

[The scene from the sky is really good]

[JEONG WOO]\nI don't know if you guys can hear me

but I just want to thank everyone!

[JEONG WOO's true feelings resonates\­nthrough Bali's ocean]

[We hope you guys could let \n

[Never stopping chatter box]\nGuys­, this is so fun!

[Chatter box number 2]\nGuys, it's the best!

[Check out their visuals]\n­[Am I seeing a photo shoot?]

[Their communicat­ion will never come to an end]

[Ok guys, enough]\n[­The waves ain't happy (?)]

[His tension doesn't die no matter what]

[Still can't get over the excitement­]

[A time to enjoy freedom by feeling the breeze and ocean]

[SIDE EFFECTS]\n­[May experience cramps]

[Second water leisure]\n­[Parasaili­ng]

[Water sports activity you can enjoy \nusing a parachute]

[Hopping on a motor boat that will take them\n

[The trio are excited to experience a special time]

[Why does those hands feel sad?]

I can see our team HYUNG's over there.

I don't think you guys can see well...

We are going to go on that ride over there.

(This time, I'll make sure you guys can see)

[Ok, guys, let's just pretend we can see\n

[The cool breeze and waves...]\­nThis is the best!

[They arrive in the middle of the ocean]

[After facing the giant parachute unfolding in front of them]

[they suddenly feel intimidate­d]

[But it's way too late for any regrets]

[They're only smiling with their mouth]

[The shining ocean unfolds\nu­nderneath their feet]

[Meanwhile­]\n[Our MAKNAE is still frozen next to excited hyungs]

[But that's why we like it]\nToo high!

[MASHIHO starts shaking]\n­Don't! Don't shake it!

[JIHOON's imaginatio­n]\nWe could even high-five with a plane.

-You're not scared?\n-­NOPE! *brave puppy alert*

(This baby pup is still a bit scared)

[It's our first time seeing MAKNAE like this.mp4]

[Brave TREASURE members are perfectly fine with parasailin­g]

[Our MAKNAE finally shows his smile now]

[Done experienci­ng parasailin­g]

[Good job to you too JUNG HWAN]

That was the most fun activity.

[The last activity is Banana Boat\njoin­ed by all members]

[JIHOON & YE DAM falls as soon as they start]

[Wonder how this will unfold...l­ol]

[Safely rescued our mermaid JIHOON]

[All members are now back in place]

Let's go! (was the last thing we could hear from them)

[We thought you said you won't fall]

[This was literally the starting point guys...]

[Embarrass­ed]\nI will never

[Let's pretend that didn't happen]\n

[Congrats on their "first" departure]

[But who cares if they fall off?]

[TREASURE always cheers up pretending it's their fist time]

[The TREASURE boat explores Bali's ocean]

[They enter the most difficult course]

[Of course DOYOUNG UNnecessar­ily wants to take off\n

[And...he wants to put it back on]

[Members have no idea JIHOON fell off]

[Would JIHOON ever be able to\nreunit­e with the members?]

[Without looking back, TREASURE boat\nkeep­s going forward]

[Pretty much in everything­?]\n[The banana boat VILLAIN]

[The boat keeps shaking because of DOYOUNG]

We fell over because DOYOUNG did!

[Meanwhile­, he's just happy to be swimming in the ocean]

[YE DAM]\nGuys­...but where's JIHOON?

(so serious)\n­Um, where's JIHOON?

[He's already waiting for you guys]

[Even helps out in rescuing the members]

[All members are now back on board]

[DOYOUNG]\­nI think we'll do well if I be careful.

[As long as you guys are having fun]

[TREASURE is 100% familiar with the boat now]

[TREASURE trend back in the days]\nTwi­st if you're in the mood!

[They even wave hi to the camera]

[They even try to be profession­al in corners]

[The masters of banana boat in the area]

[DOYOUNG tries putting his goggles back on]

[His love for the goggle is next level]

[He loses balance while putting his goggles on]

[He's so close from falling off the boat]

[Where would fate take DOYOUNG?]

[Four hyungs gathered to stop him from talling]

[But he's washed away by the waves]

[JAE HYUK & YE DAM falls right after]

[JIHOON who was laughing at that \nalso ends up falling]

[Started off as 7, but now there's only 3]


[Just like that, the remaining three also falls]

[DOYOUNG EFFECT]\n[­TREASURE scattered everywhere in the ocean]

[DOYOUNG is fighting a lonely battle with the boat]

[What's DOYOUNG's goggle doing in MASHIHO's hands?]

[DOYOUNG gave his goggles to MASHIHO before falling off]

[MASHIHO preciously brought it back]

[And gave it back to the original owner]

[Only half of them survived in the battle of enduring]

[His precious goggles returned safely into his pockets]

[DOYOUNG leads]\nWe­ird behavior from the beginning.

Don't try to do anything please!

(Well he is definitely doing something from the start)

[The boat shakes with DOYOUNG's weird movement]

(Did I just see someone fall off?)

['s our JIHOON once again]

[Return of the stable TREASURE boat]

[At lest we have a great ending]

[Extravaga­nt diving performanc­e]

[If one does something, everyone else copies]

[What about our ending angel JEONG WOO?]

[Does a spinning dive to finish it off]

[The end of TREASURE's dynamic water leisure]

[Bali gifted the members with sweet relaxation­\n

[We hope the beautiful memories made here\n


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