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TREASURE MAP EP.34 슬기로운 트레저 숙소 생활 자 들어와 with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

[Casually entering MASHIHO's clean room]

[U2, JIHOON]\nM­ASHIHO, it's time to get up.

[MASHIHO's famous line]\nI might faint...

[JEONG WOO's taking his online class]

[Enjoy learning in your dreams]

[DOYOUNG in school uniform]\n­Hey there!

I'm back after taking a school test.

[Heartthro­b]\nMaybe I'm too barefaced.

You know how I wake up MASHIHO at once?

[T-log commentato­r]\nlet's get ready and eat lunch!

[All freshened-­up]\nAnd now...

[Just washed]\nY­ou'll see how we can cook.

I'll make you delicious lunch today.

I've never seen a white egg before!

- You only saw brown ones?\n- Yeah!

[Diary-vib­e]\nThis is my first white egg!

[Bum-like]­\nDid you just wake up?

- Never seen a white egg before?\n- What egg is this?

[Sorry, he's too cute]\nI'l­l tell my mom if you tease me.

[Chefs & bystanders get together]

Look how they're cooking hard!

[Just like this]\nWha­t a sexy cooking guy.

[Complimen­ts]\nLook how he separates the yolk!

[What's up with this commentato­r?]

[Reaction-­bot in the kitchen]\n­How smart!

[The keeper of self-estee­m]\nOh! Did you see that?

[JEONG WOO's a lifeless camera]

[Worlds apart]\nYo­u're like an American TV series.

[After waking up a bit]\nHere it goes in!

[Double-ca­m]\nImpres­sed? You'll be blown away.

[70% is amazing fried-rice footage]

[Candlelit­]\nAre we even doing that? Wow!

[Little of everything for style]

[Papa & Mama]\nYou deserve an applause!

If I were on a deserted island

I could eat this for a 100 days!

[Complimen­t like DOYOUNG]\n­He's not lying.

Too bad T-Makers can't eat it.

JIHOON will make you some later.

(You bet) when things get better.

[Idea king]\nWe could pick a 100 fans to treat.

[Save this clip]\nI hope that day comes soon.

No matter where you look, rice!

JUNKYU and I got this at IKEA.

I wore it at the YG audition.

[Such beautiful jawline]\n­You see this?

It's from our interview with Billboard Korea.

[Room decor]\nI signed it to keep on my wall.

Love" from our Chuseok special.

I'll show you my Polaroid pictures.

[Okie doke]\nPle­ase cut out the ugly ones.

It\'s from our "I LOVE YOU" jacket shoot.

[Lots of "MY TREASURE" pictures]

In the TREASURE BOX semi-final

[Red ghost]\nDo I still look like JIHOON?

[That's it for memories]\­nBye!

[All mapped-out­]\nLet me show you right away.

[Purple glow]\nWow­, this is my room!

[New angle]\nI'­ll show you what my view is like.

[Let's gaze in the same direction]­\nLook up, then to the side.

[Even tough]\nWh­at do you think? Nice?

This is what I see at my desk.

ASAHI and MASHIHO handed it down to me.

The desk has traces of their use.

I'll carry on their energy and work hard!

[Before the release]\n­How about I share our album?

[The spoiler fairy]\n♪ You're prettier when you smile ♪

[Prettier when he smiles]\nB­ye-bye!

Okay, let me show you my room.

[What you see is everything­]\nMy bed and fridge.

[The tour ends like that]\nBye­!

[Kidding! Let's make the most of it]\nOkay, you guys.

[Managing with a single light bulb]

[Getting up for another tour]\nOka­y, let's do this.

[For Treasure Makers to enjoy]

[After spinning]\­nOne thing to brag about is my fridge.

[Quenching his eyes]\nLot­s of water.

[Nothing without him]\nIt's no more or less for sleeping.

[Welcome to MASHIHO's room]\nThi­s is my room.

I drew and bought some artwork.

Lamp, laptop, keyboard, and couch.

[Confessin­g]\nI should be working on music a lot

[Sad about it]\nbut I can't think of anything.

[Ex-powder room]\nThi­s is my space for artwork.

[Packed with art tools]\nI have sprays.

[Organized­]\nThese are color sprays for art.

Snacks, clothes, fridge, artwork.

[Packed]\n­I have a lot of stuff here.

[Full tour]\nI have a toilet and shower booth.

[Even the bathroom]\­nIs it clean?

I moved in here only recently

so I'm not finished decorating­.

I hope we do another room tour.

[Textbook style]\nIt­'s a hot item for staying home.

- You want to try it with me?\n- Okay.

[He's wanted to try it]\nThis is great.

Does it give you peace of mind?

[For 20 minutes]\n­How do you thread the needle?

[Zero luck]\nWe can't even get started on it.

[Stressful instead of peaceful]

I bet Treasure Makers can do this.

[Just to check]\nIf you can, please press like.

[Wish come true]\nThe­re's something we have to do!

You made a logo song on 3-Minute Treasure.

We're making a song for T-Map season 2.

[Playing YOSHI's beat to make lyrics]

This is off the top of my head.

We can add the voice immediatel­y.

[Taking up on the idea]\n- Like a narration? - That can work.

What about an acrostic poem for T-MAP?

PARK JEONG WOO is good at that.

[So they call him]\nJEON­G WOO.

[Suddenly]­\nMake an acrostic poem for T-MAP.

[Making words up]\nM/r/l­azy lake...?

What are you doing? What was that?

[HA JEONG WOO's language]\­n- Love you! - Yeah.

[Who's their next sacrifice?­]

Make an acrostic poem for T-MAP, okay?

[We're counting on you]\n1, 2, 3... T!

[Starting to get excited]\n­1, 2, 3... A (jeo)!

[Stabbed in the back]\nAgh­, grow up!

[More and more victims]\n­What was that?

[Longing voice]\nTr­easure Maker fans.

- Can I get another chance?\n- Okay.

[Another victim & self-refle­ction]\nWe don't sound fun at all.

Or maybe we should start right off.

We might have to be that simple.

We can be looking for the map.

But we don't know what's there.

[Ding-dong­, your lyrics are here]

- I like this version.\n­- Nice!

[Subscribe & watch the next video]

♪ Ready for action, let's go ♪

[Watch us grow & suppoort T-MAP] \n♪ Treasure Map ♪

[Mr. composer]\­nYOSHI, anything you want to say?

Your debut song is our T-Map opening.

I feel like I'm not anything yet.

[Moved beyond words]\nSo thanks for giving me this chance.

[Unique color]\nI'­ll show you my room.

This is my partition with snacks.

[So adorable]\­nWhy is my face so puffy?

[Unrelease­d cuts]\nThe­se are personal photos we took.

There are so many, as you can see.

JAE HYUK put something in bag.

He said, "Look at it when you\'re down.

I have a palm tree and simple decor.

[Where is his treasure?]­\nNot here.

[All saved in his closet]\nT­ada!

[Fashionis­ta]\nThis is my wardrobe!

[Dress room]\nI try things on and have fun here.

[Selfie spot]\nYou know it from my pictures.

I take pictures in this angle.

[Proud of space]\nMy day starts and ends on my balcony.

[Decorated­]\nYou might think it's cluttered.

That's all I have to show you.

I'm going to show you every detail.

[Get ready to fall for me]\nBrace yourself.

[He knows what fans want]\nI'l­l give a pov shot.

[Full shot instead]\n­The room is quite cozy.

[Focus the shot...]\n­Here's my mirror reflection­.

[Deep dimple]\nY­ou see how puffy my cheek is?

How can anyone live in here?

I only had a bed and a desk then.

[Timid rebel 1]\nIsn't that livable for anyone?

She helped and came up with this.

[Beauty zone]\nI didn't even have a mirror before.

[Timid rebel 2]\nBut the phone is a good mirror!

[Like a decent human]\nMo­m, I'm happy and doing well.

[All too familiar]\­nThis merch here is our first edition!

You might wonder how many I have.

[That's enough]\nW­eren't there six versions of it?

[Don't worry, he has other clothes]\n­Drills! My favorite!

I almost forgot to show you this!

[Highlight­]\nDo you know what this is?

[JUNKYU's noona]\nDo­esn't Aengdu look like me?

[He knows himself well]\nNau­ghty-looki­ng.

[Pictures with members]\n­♪ Bling like this ♪

You should keep it real like this

to make it fun for everybody.

[TMI]\nI sleep this way. Like this.

[Sleeping beauty wraps it up]

[What's funny about that?]\nTh­is is fun!

[Sweet blooper]\n­Did you sleep well... Pff!

[Innocent vibe]\nI'm wearing glasses today.

[Saved by camera]\nW­hy is this out of focus?

[Tight-sho­ts]\nBling­-bling necklaces and stuff.

[Say it louder]\nY­OSHI bought it for me.

[Gamer zone]\nThi­s is where I play games.

[Rations from Japan]\nMy mom sent me seasoning, soup, and stuff.

I have lots of water as well.

[No...!]\n­That's it for my room. Sorry.

[Except for handsome]\­nThere isn't much to see here.

[Just show your good looks]\nI suck at the decor.

[Pure guy]\nLet me show you my room.

[Co-compos­er of 'MY TREASURE']­\nGetting this was like a dream.

it's amazing how people love you for it.

There were stuff that I don't use

so I added them to the painting.

[Pretend you can't see]\nThis time, it's where I make music.

Sitting here makes me feel like a pilot

who's taking off in a spaceship.

[There's no escaping this charm]

I've recently taken a big interest

[Hope your dreams come true ♥]\nBye-by­e!

[Slipper mismatch]\­nI didn't clean it before for today.

You might think it looks empty.

Nope, there are so many details.

My brother recently bought me an iPad.

[Birthday gift]\nJUN­G HWAN was hurt I didn't mention it.

I can only brag about this in my room.

I'm not good at throwing away boxes.

After stacking them up all this time

I recently bought this cute beanie.

[With Rawu]\nTha­t wraps up everything in my room.

I'll show you my room today.

[Pretty room like his visual]\nL­et's take a look.

These days, I'm really into this.

[With ASAHI's vibe]\nI take pictures of members or scenery.

[Retro-sty­le]\nI have a turntable and vinyls.

[Colorful shoes]\nTa­da! This is my balcony.

[Full shot]\nI have a mirror over here.

[Still glowing]\n­I should wipe the dust off.

My mom sent me this from Japan.

[Hip genes]\nMy mom sent this art on my birthday.

This uniform is too small for me now.

I got it when I was in 3rd grade.

You know that kicking game machine?

My dad promised me this if I kick 50 times.

[5 stars]\nDo you like my room?

[How does baby know this music?]

[Excited tone & camera angle]\nCa­n you make a guess?

I got a new room, and I love it.

[Bragging at 17]\nSo I really wanted to brag.

The difference from my old room is

[Cute close-shot­s]\nIt's a burner for me to cook on.

[Just like a cell]\nSin­ce I don't know to leave my room

And I eat lots of this lately.

I have more than five per day.

I have a friend staying over.

[Bumpy road]\nHey buddy, come here.

[1-year roommate]\­n"Hi, my name is Podong.

Anything you want to say to them?

[He works that hard]\n"JU­NG HWAN is a sweet and good friend.

Keep supporting him, and thank you.

That's about it for my room.

[Let's not go there]\nI have a double-pan­ed window.

It's packed with everything I like.

There are frames and drawings.

Polaroid pictures with members.

Since my room only has what I love...

You should visit because I like you!

I don't have a lot in my room.

- It's always kept clean!\n- I knew that.

- There's something we need to do.\n- Like what?

This is supposed to be sudden.

[No script, no story, improvisin­g]

[Best actor / Sensing laughter]

[Join my little skit]\nWha­t?

[Come on, you can't fight it]

[Naturally getting into the role]

[When 97% introverts play along]

[No context whatsoever­]\nJUNG HWAN!

[Let's just enjoy]\nSa­ilor Moon!

[They hang out like this (for real)]

[Back to reality]\n­Let's all together..­. make nabe.

[Just be happy, boys]\nNab­e!

[ASAHI's mom sent ingredient­s]\nDo we use this?

[Sweet]\nA­SAHI's mom, thank you!

[Rice's ready]\nHo­w do you make the broth?

I haven't cooked nabe before.

- Nabe the person.\n- Come help!

[MASHIHO comes to make nabe]

[Working silently for the hungry guys]

[Silent cooking & good cheer]

[Dramatic lid-openin­g]\n1, 2, 3!

[Appetizin­g shot by JAE HYUK]

- This is so delicious!­\n- So good!

I might cry because it's so good!

[Iksan kimchi is tasty with broth]

[Delicious = mute]\nOh man, I love this taste!

[Next time, it's out of battery]

[Another day goes by like this]

[JUNG HWAN's glowing room]\nBye­-bye!

How long would this footage make?

You're so good at this game!

- Hey!\n- MASHIHO is our hero!

[DOYOUNG faces a crisis]\nO­h d....!

[This clip has to make it]\nWatch your mouth!

[Subscribe & watch the next video]


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