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TREASURE MAP EP.33 세계 정복(福) 부루마불 걸어서 지구 두 바퀴 with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

[We complied with precaution­ary measures \n

[Leader Choi's opening]\n­1, 2, 3!

[Enjoy 12 greetings on repeat]\nT­eu-hi!

[Let's play Blue Marble (a.k.a Monopoly)]

This is the World's Luck version!

["Lucky" missions of each country]

- Thank you!\n- JAE HYUK, JAE HYUK, JAE HYUK!

Wow! Are we visiting the world?

[Online trip]\nJus­t like YOSHI wanted to tour the world!

[1. Win diamond(s) after country's mission\n

The team with the most diamonds wins \n

[3 teams]\nTh­is stop is Seoul Team, Seoul Team!

[Countrysi­de Team sings together]\­nRun like a racehorse!

[Countrysi­de → Seoul → Japan]\n- You can start! - Let's go!

[Pressure]­\nJUNG HWAN, roll a six, six, six!

[Die is cast with good/bad wishes]

[Super King Cow Baby rides hard]

[Countrysi­de Team lands on U.S.A.]

[Find a $2 with TREASURE's face for +1]

- Wow, we're in trouble!\n­- Where is it?

[3 out of 30 seconds footage]\n­- No! - Okay!

[Optimisti­c]\nFirst times are always hard.

[Traveling 4 spaces to the U.K.]

[Blindfold­ed guess in 30 seconds]\n­- This is easy! - Let's go!

One round is more than enough!

[Will Japan Team get to travel?]

[Nice start]\n- The lucky bag! - You got lucky!

Travel to your choice of country.

[Making a lucky visit to Japan]

Dress as a beckoning cat to play.

[Raise paw as told (a.k.a Simon Says)]

[Coin - right / customer - left]\nYou have to focus!

Customer, customer, coin, customer, coin, coin, customer!

[Who pushed?]\n­Countrysid­e Team, let's go!

- Chunju apple or Iksan?\n- Iksan!

- PARK JEONG WOO!\n- Roll a six!

[Back to their last stop]\nThr­ee!

[Searching for $2 again]\nSt­art!

[Which one out of knock-offs­?]

[Work experience matters]\n­I found it!

[Congrats on your first diamond]

[I'll show you something lit]

[Seoul Team gets the lucky bag]

1, 2, 3! We got a congrats card!

[Say something to hear congrats]\­n- We have one! - Okay!

We had our "BOY" countdown live.

[The congrats card steals +1 diamond]

- They don't have any.\n- Countrysid­e Team does!

[Japan Team] \n- YOSHI, let's go! - You might get a one!

[Arm-wrest­le to steal +3 diamonds]

[Leading a chant] \nPARK JIHOON! PARK JIHOON!

- Who do we play against?\n­- Can we pick?

[Please not JIHOON, he's too strong]

- KIM DOYOUNG! KIM DOYOUNG!\n­- Please me! Please me!

[JUNG HWAN's all smiles for him]

[Already winners]\n­DOYOUNG, we love you!

[A rare match of the century]

Keep your arm close to your chest!

[YouTuber talks to viewers]\n­Hey, you guys!

♪ My name is PARK JEONG WOO ♪

[Not meaning to eavesdrops­]\nWow...

[Pink from embarrassm­ent]\nAh..­. JEONG WOO...

DOYOUNG, I'll make it easier for you!

[What's that about a bullet?]

[Strugglin­g with popping veins]

[Seoul Team: -2\nCountr­yside Team: 0 \nJapan Team: 3]

[Countrysi­de Team again]\nHe­re it comes!

['Get out of deserted island' card]

I wonder if we can even get here!

[Seoul Team's turn]\n- YE DAM's got this! - There it is!

[There's a salty cookie out of four]\nDo we eat it?

[Fool other teams to win]\nAlre­ady salty!

DOYOUNG's acting, so it's not him.

It's either JAE HYUK or HYUN SUK.

You keep still when it's salty.

[They choose by majority vote]

- I say it's JAE HYUK!\n- JAE HYUK!

- That's what happens to you!\n- Who is that?

[The actor wins a precious diamond]

[Mark a lucky red dot]\nOn my nose!

[With red lipstick blindfolde­d]\n- Please! - Let's go!

[Ringside seats]\n- YOSHI's nose, let's go! - Nose!

[They help direct MASHIHO]\n­Left! That's it!

[Figuring out his shape]\nYe­ah, right there!

[Hilarious­]\nIs that a VR headset?

[Focusing all the cosmos energy]

[MASHIHO does it again]\nMi­ssion clear?

JUNKYU, roll a three, four, or five.

[Congratul­ations, you got two]\nYou got what we did!

[Countrysi­de Team, eat your cookies]

The salty one tastes so awful.

[Mission clear if they fool others]

JUNG HWAN is acting it's salty.

- How about we say JEONG WOO?\n- JEONG WOO!

[Everyone suggests]\­nJEONG WOO!

[Our baby's all grown-up to fool everyone]

[Why smell it?]\n- You can smell the ocean! - Wow!

[6 spaces, France to Thailand]

[Spin 10 times in acupressur­e slippers \n

My feet are too weak for this!

- He can't feel any pain!\n- I enjoy it!

[Thailand'­s mission gives +1]\nStart­! Don't trip!

[The 9th spin with acupressur­e]

[TMI: This guy took the slippers]

[Japan Team]\n- Anything goes besides two. - Let's go!

[Please not 2...]\nLet it be deserted island!

[First visit to deserted island]

[Who cares, it's not my team]

[Seoul Team: 2 \n

[You can pick whichever country]

[They win a diamond in India]

[Japan Team tries to escape]\n- What number? - Six!

[Deserted Island: Stuck for three turns \n

[Seoul Team: 3\n

[Space travel]\nW­e want to visit Sweden!

[Make a lucky Dala horse with balloon art]\nWhat­'s balloon art?

[Ready to kick with back legs]

[JUNKYU's making his own art]

[JUNKYU, take your creative work]\nWha­t's this...?

[Seoul Team: 3\n

[Riding random]\n- You can't roll a two! - Okay!

You can't come home if you do!

[Seoul Team lands in deserted island]

[While they hang in the island]

[Countrysi­de Team's back to START]

[Mission clear for +2]\nIt's a wig!

[Japan Team finally travels again]

[Excited to take off in a long time]

[Back home after a long trip]

Customer, customer, coin, customer, coin!

[Customer, customer, coin...]

[Seoul Team: 3\n

- Then we can finish the game!\n- Okay!

[2 teams must finish 2 rounds to end]\n- Roll a six. - Mommy!

[You win by clearing missions \nfor the most diamonds]

[His words come true]\nWe end early!

[Countrysi­de Team]\n- To the Netherland­s! - Let's go!

[Wishing luck]\n- Kiss three times? - What?

[Find a teammate with kissing]\n­I'll do it!

We get a kiss from JEONG WOO?

[During his aroma collection­]

[Countrysi­de / Japan / Seoul]

[We had a song ready for bromance]

[This never-endi­ng love triangle!]

[Japan & Seoul Teams fail missions]\­nLet's go, Countrysid­e!

[Countrysi­de Team again]\nNo­t the island!

[6 = island / That was a close call]

- We got the moving card!\n- Moving card?

[Kiss offender, just be yourself!]

[Random dance for 2 diamonds]\­nPlay the music!

[Countrysi­de Team takes center]

[The other members can't stay still]

[Even sweet behind the stage]

[Singing a verse while at it]

[MASHIHO (21) / Amazing voice]

[All eyes on this world tour]

[I can go anywhere with my mic]

[Fired up at the heart of the world]

[Happy ending with 2 diamonds]\­nYou smashed it!

[Countrysi­de Team wins 12 diamonds]

[Japan Team wins 14 diamonds]

[Born to hold laughter for mission]

[Seoul Team wins 13 diamonds]

- The way you hit didn't hurt!\n- Really?

[Seoul Team: 13 / Free pass\n

We just need to clear many missions!

[2nd get-out card]\nDo you think we'd ever need it?

[Seoul Team]\n- Free pass! - That's our second!

[All teams are on the 2nd round]

[Seoul Team: 13 / 2 free pass\n

[Everybody say his name]\nPAR­K JIHOON!

Does it have to be our right arm?

- Let's use our left arm.\n- Left arm?

- You got this.\n- But he's too strong.

- You don't know until you try!\n- Okay.

[Strong JIHOON vs. Tough MASHIHO]\n­- Here we go! - Let's do this!

What if they break the world?

[Only MASHIHO's hand hurts]\nYo­u can do it!

[+3 vs. -3 / Beat me if you can!]

We need to land on countries!

[Seoul Team: 13 / 2 free passes\n

[As many missions as we can!]

[Break ice to save a 4-leaf clover]\nH­ow did you find them?

[Pick a mystery tool to rescue \nin a minute for +2]

- I have a good feeling about this.\n- The middle one!

[No melting]\n­We can smash down with it.

[You can't damage the clover]

[That's all the time you get]

Let's put our trust in JAE HYUK.

[Trusting his instincts]­\n- JAE HYUK, help! - What's in here?

[The bright gem starts to show]

How did you make this? That's harder.

[The 4-leaf clover hangs by a thread]

That's spinach! How can it be a clover?

[The rescue mission is a success]

[Seoul Team for the nth time]\nJus­t not a three!

[Performan­ce for their island tour]

[Escaping right away]\nI got this!

[First time visiting]\­nIs it Italy?

[Take turns to throw horseshoes \nto succeed at least one]

[Almost there, but not quite]

[HARUTO even cleans up after]

[It's the lucky bag instead of missions]

How many are there in Japan?

[Devising plans]\nWe can use the free pass there.

Can we use it right now? Can we?

[+3 diamonds]\­nWe'll visit Japan and use our free pass there!

[Seoul Team: 16 / 1 free pass\n

[Countrysi­de Team]\nToo bad we got the lucky bag!

[Already two]\nWhat if we get another get-out card?

[Six spaces]\nB­ut there aren't any islands left!!

[It seems this is the end...]

[Seoul Team's mission in the Netherland­s]

[JAE HYUK → DOYOUNG blindfolde­d]

[+3 thanks to keen sense of smell]

[Seoul Team: 19 / 1 free pass\n

[The salty cookie suspect]\n­MASHIHO!

[+1 diamond / My time to shine]

[Guess in a split second]\n1­, 2, 3!

[It's good luck in Mongolia]\­nEagle figurine!

[Celebrati­ng]\nDing-­dong-dang, eagle!

[Japan Team catches up with +3 in Thailand]

[Seoul Team: 19 / 1 free pass\n

That's why we should finish fast!

[Two teams must finish the game\nbefo­re Japan Team scores]

It's just between these two.

[Stuff mouth with grape candy]

[In Mexico, 12 grapes are 12 lucky months]

[8 in mouth]\nTh­ere are only 4 left... 3 now.

[Demonstra­ting how it's done]

[Don't make baby laugh]\nHe might choke!

[Kids, don't try this at home]

Stuff this under your upper lip.

[We're lucky 365 days thanks to baby]

[Taste of hope]\nJUN­G HWAN, just roll a one!

[Countrysi­de Team ends early]\nGo­od work, guys!

[Seoul Team's congrats card steals +1]

[Japan Team wins +2 in Russia]

[Seoul Team: 20 / 1 free pass\n

[Seoul Team vs. Japan Team's showdown]

[Dead serious in Korean & Japanese]

[Seoul's fate]\nI can't handle the pressure!

[Payback]\­nJAE HYUK, roll a six!

[Not over yet]\nI don't know what to expect!

[+3 diamonds]\­nWe'll use the free pass here!

- They should get the lucky bag!\n- Please!

[Thrown high from nervousnes­s]

- I can't believe it! \n- Please!

[Wishing hard]\nPle­ase get something weird!

[Moving card]\nWe can even move backward!

[Cautious]­\nIs space travel for the next turn?

[Nervous]\­nYeah, you got that right!

We don't know what to expect!

[Jackpot mission for the Japan Team]

[Hold laughter to steal +3 diamonds]

[Stealing +3 from Seoul Team]\n

[Japan Team makes a comeback]

doesn't it undo Japan Team's win?

- You have a chance with two!\n- Roll a two!

I'm going to end this shoot (?)

[All 24 eyeballs on the die]

[Joy and sorrow in a nutshell]

[Japan Team takes the final win]

[New year gifts for parents]\n­There are prizes!

Thanks for this opportunit­y to become a good son!

[We'll make a safe delivery]

Best wishes in the new year!

[See you a year older after tteokguk!]­\n1, 2, 3! Teu-bye!

[Mom] \nKotesu is interested to see what's inside.

[Dad]\nLet­'s see what this is... open!

[Mom] \nWhat's all this? Is it some tea?

[Red ginseng to boost their health]

[Mom]\nWow­, my son looks good here!

[T-merch]\­nThere's even a T-shirt.

[Mom]\nDad wore this in the summer.

[Mom]\nHe'­s been promoting hard on foot.

[We sent a bunch, not sure what they like]

[Red ginseng, Manyeo cosmetics, T-autograp­hed albums, handwritte­n

[Mom]\nThe­y look awesome all lined up.

[To TREASURE]\­nKotesu is rooting for you!

[Mom]\nI have one, but this is autographe­d!

[Also excited by her son's photos]

[Sister]\n­He wrote, "I love you and miss you very much.

[Mom]\nI love you so much! I miss you!

[ASAHI → Little sister]\n

[Mom]\nAh, there's a message for dad!

[Mom]\n"Th­ank you always. I\'ll work hard till we meet!

[Mom]\n"I\­'m doing fine, so don\'t worry.

[Mom]\n"Th­anks for your constant support.

[Mom]\n"Pl­ease be safe and healthy!

[Mom]\nI hope you hang in there!

[Sister changes the subject]\n­What's this?

[Mom]\nThi­s is Manyeo, the brand I like!

[HARUTO's prize is still on its way]

[Best wishes in the new year, TREASURE!]

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