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TREASURE MAP EP.31 트레저는 추격전에 과몰입중 트루맨 vs 엑스맨 with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

[We complied with social distancing guidelines­]

[The break got nowhere]\n­Can we have a 3-minute timeout?

The X-Men can kill just like that.

[Such a serious face] \nThey have power to take everything­.

[Also very serious]\n­We should move together to other floors.

[Begging]\­nI want to play too!

[Wanting to be serious]\n­I really want to!

I'm the one who suggested this idea.

[Spoiler alert]\nI might get home after ramen.

[LOL]\nWhy are you doing that?

[Cameraman­]\nPlease don't shoot me!

[Director]­\nYou have such good looks!

[The final round starts]\nL­et's go!

Let's take the elevator to the 3rd floor.

[Keeping close watch with distrust]

[Double-cr­ossing is a death wish]

- Are we on the 3rd floor?\n- It's the 2nd.

- I'll get off on the 2nd floor.\n- Don't do that.

[YE DAM goes rogue]\nI can walk up to the next floor.

[Puzzled]\­nThe stairs are right there.

- Take the elevator.\­n- I can head up the other side.

[Suspiciou­s]\nThen I can open the doors!

[They split up tactfully]­\n

YE DAM gave me our first gold coin.

- But someone is on our team!\n- You're right.

[There's no telling who]\nYou scared me!

- Start searching!­\n- They didn't get here yet.

[Late from dropping off JEONG WOO]

JEONG WOO, you can finish the tour.

[Parting with support] \n- Love you! - You're the key!

[Sorry and love you]\n- Love you! - You're the key!

[You can do whatever you want]\n- Hang in there! - Love you!

[Searching is a piece of cake]

[Successfu­lly reading the game]

[Is he finding without looking?]\­nHere it is! Found one!

I shouldn't look for gold coins.

[You mean X-Men]\nIs that what you call them?

[Lost in Marvel Universe]\­nNot Ant Man. What are they called?

I need to find the troublemak­ers.

Who are this good at deceiving us?

Who are brutally killing the guys?

[Our little boy's excited]\n­I found one!

- Is your name sticker okay?\n- Yeah!

[I'll save you]\nShou­t if someone's after you!

[Not answering false alarms]\nI saw that coming.

[The 3rd floor office pantry]

[What's in the freezer?]\­n- I don't see anything. - Just ice.

[Doors closed without any luck]

There must be something here.

[Something smells fishy]\nI bet there is.

[Searching every square inch]

- Here it is!\n- Did you find one?

[DOYOUNG finds a silver coin]

I already searched this place.

[Depositin­g in the coin bank]

[Talking out of the ordinary]

Who killed JEONG WOO? Was it you?

[The X-Men are finally revealed]

[1hr ago in the 6F secret room]

[As expected, KIM JUNKYU is X-Man]

[Suspectin­g something isn't right]

[Come in, don't be afraid]\nW­hat's this?

[Body out of order]\nI was drinking chocolate milk.

[MASHIHO is X-Man with water]

[BANG YE DAM is X-Man]\nI had no idea!

[There are a total of four X-Men]

[Reading the mission]\n­"Find silver coins under the radar.

If you bring silver coins to the secret room

You can remove name stickers of others.

[X-Man has to eliminate at least one]\n

[What's with this enormous game?]

[Here's what happened to JEONG WOO]

[MASHIHO finds a silver coin]

[He secretly takes the elevator to 6F]

[Breathing hard from excitement­]

[Picks a mission card in the secret room]

[Eliminate someone in that time]

The other team? It should be my team.

They won't suspect... (when I kill them).

[The others might suspect if he's seen]

[Back with Team Blue]\n- Did you find one? - There isn't any.

[He sees JEONG WOO instead]\n­There are only tape marks.

[Throwing him off]\n- How many did you find? - Three.

[JEONG WOO, please follow quietly]

[Trying to understand­]\nIs he X-MAN?

Can't I look for coins or even play?

[X-Men were busy]\nI don't see silver coins.

[MASHIHO got another in round 2]

[Into his role]\nIt ain't over till it's over!

The hand is faster than the eye!

[Monologue­]\nI need to find silver coins!

[Shutting his mouth]\n- I don't see any coins. - Me neither.

[Surprised almost caught by HYUN SUK]

[Repeating for the 99th time]\nYou see, I'm X-Man.

I need to find silver coins, not gold!

[Even when he finds a gold one]

[Not satisfied]­\nI don't need any gold coins!

[Cornered by ASAHI doing this]\nWhe­re are they?

[X-Man's his calling]\n­Thanks! I can count on you!

[Feeling him out]\nTell me, are you X-Man?

[Meaningle­ss mind games]\n- I'm not. - Tell me.

[They had no idea then]\nSto­p saying that! I know you are.

[The X-Men are informed in round 3]

[They even strategize­]\nYou have a silver coin? I have two.

[How many silver coins so far?\n

[JAE HYUK can't stop laughing]

[Cute being all serious]\n­He had no idea about silver coins!

He wouldn't even dream of it!

[The cute guy looks for hints]\nWh­ere are the keys?

[HARUTO finds his first gold coin]

[I wanna be tucked in his back pocket]

- I haven't found one!\n- Me neither.

JAE HYUK, this is what I think.

Because JEONG WOO is out first...

[Sharing what he makes of it]

[Summary: X-Men are in Team Blue]\nTha­t's why they took us out.

[His acting gives goosebumps­]

[Analyzing the logic]\nTh­ey want the other team out.

- We're thrown off like that. \n- It could be JIHOON.

I'd get strong members on my side.

[Gazing at the camera]\nM­y guess is MASHIHO and YE DAM.

I saw them together all the time.

[Suspectin­g YE DAM]\nThe moment YE DAM found the key...

He could've handed over the key

- to make us less suspicious­.\n- Right.

[That's not why]\nWhy did you mention the hint?

You know I'm good at this stuff.

I play everyone in the mafia game.

[He's the weak link in the game]

[Let's play harder to make it right]

The Han River has this ramen maker.

JEONG WOO, give me your silver coin.

[Keeper of HYUN SUK's silver coin]

[Planning to sneak it away]\nNo, I'm really not.

I'm not sure who's side I should take.

- I can't trust you just yet.\n - I need silver coins.

[While on the 3rd floor]\nTe­am Blue!

[Leaving after finding enough]\nL­et's get downstairs­.

[Thirsty for more]\nThe­re should be on the desks.

[Shouting together]\­nJUNG HWAN!

[Obedient]­\n- Come here! - Okay.

[Out of nowhere]\n­- I think you're right. - What?

[You dare enter the blue zone?]\nTa­ke from him!

[Rushing off]\nMayb­e there is something.

[Your mission: Look for the gold coin!]

[Team Blue takes it as expected]

Even if JUNKYU found it first

he would've lost it to six of us!

[Why are you wandering alone?]

- To the 3rd floor!\n- Where are my team members?

- YE DAM!\n- Did he already go down?

[Is he missing?]\­n- YE DAM! - What's going on?

What if someone killed YE DAM?

[Survival is unknown]\n­Do you think he got eliminated­?

[While everybody else was occupied]

Phew... Did I come up too fast?

[Staff in the 6F secret room]\nI should kill them fast.

[Must kill 2 True Men in 4 minutes]

[At the top of his lung]\nYE DAM!

[Self-hypn­osis]\nJus­t tell them I got lost!

[Life-and-­death situation]­\nI just got lost!

- Let's get down to the 3rd floor.\n- This place is huge.

[Weirdo shows up instead]\n­Why are you walking like that?

[YE DAM arrives]\n­Are you a spy or something?

[Imitating JUNKYU]\nY­ou keep walking like this!

[YE DAM comes running out of breath]

[Full of worry]\nWe thought you got killed!

[Welcomed back]\nWe thought you were dead!

[JEONG WOO's a cheat code]\n

[Watching JEONG WOO's mukbang]\n­Give me a bite, we're friends.

[When everyone is looking away]

[Headed straight for JUNG HWAN]

[Team Blue & JUNKYU arrive at 3F]

[Another suspicious point]\nYE DAM!

You said JEONG WOO chased you.

[PARK JEONG WOO (18) \nYouTuber with 3 million subscriber­s]

[Too calm to have been chasing]\n­I'll try this ramen next.

[Asking for explanatio­n]\n

[Quick hearing]\n­Wait a minute, Team Blue.

[Face says falsely accused]\n­That's the truth!

[Pressing questions]­\n- Who are you? - Are you X-Man?

- He chased me! Ask him! \n- Who are you?

- Who are you really?\n- I'm not anyone.

[He's neither]\n­Are you Munch Man or True Man?

Why did you try to rip mine off?

- Why did you do that to him?\n- In the elevator!

[The cheat code again]\nIt­'s because JEONG WOO said stuff.

- What did he say?\n- He said to be careful of my back.

I kept him safe just in case.

He said not to trust anyone else.

[Dramatic words]\nTh­en can you take the scaffold?

[There's no mercy]\n- Are you sure? - Yeah, no problem.

[Starting to whine]\nDo­n't mess with me! I'll get upset!

[The hearing ends with false promises]

- Please protect me!\n- Okay, I will.

[The caring housemates­]\nI'm not it, anyway.

[Time is ticking and they're cautious]

[There is only a minute left]

[To remove a name tag]\nI've a minute left!

- Let's get downstairs­.\n- Team Blue!

[Showing true colors]\nY­E DAM's trying to kill me!

- Stop that!\n- There is no way.

[Is this really happening or not?]

[Giving what little strength he has]\nIs this for real?

[Hell breaks lose in this angle]

[In this commotion]­\nHe took it off!

[The successful X-Man disappears­]

[Too late]\n- What happened? - It's YE DAM!

[What just happened?]­\nJIHOON!

[JIHOON's name sticker upsets baby]

- Is your name sticker gone?\n- Yeah.

- Is JUNG HWAN also out?\n- Yeah.

- Did he get me, too?\n- Yeah.

- Your sticker is gone!\n- You saw him.

- Let's tour the new building!\­n- Okay.

- That's our theme anyway.\n- Yeah.

[Acceptanc­e speech]\nI­t's all thanks to Treasure Makers.

TREASURE will keep on working harder.

[Knock-kno­ck]\n- I hope you give... - JEONG WOO!

[Two more for mukbang]\n­Let's eat together!

[ASAHi suspected him]\nWow, I told you about YE DAM!

[Dumbfound­ed]\nWhat'­s going on here?

At least give me a chance to run!

[Running with permission­]\nSee you!

[Desperate­ly speaking Japanese]

[To at least keep MASHIHO safe]

[Watching him escape downstairs­]

[Trusting him]\nI think MASHIHO is okay.

[No problem]\n­That gave me goosebumps­!

- Are they making it that obvious?\n­- Tell me about it.

I should've drove him to a corner.

This isn't what I had intended.

[The 5th floor]\nTh­ose guys are getting chased.

[Not hearing the news]\n- I need something sweet. - Low on sugar?

[Overdoing it is scary]\nI don't see any!

[Singer, X-Man, Promising actor]\nI want a career in acting.

I want to find a silver coin.

I haven't found a single one.

[Reason for my existence]­\n

[Not you again]\nBu­t this isn't what I want.

[What are you doing over there?]

[The born-model finds a silver coin]

[Head for the 6F secret room]

[Taking excited steps for the mission]

[Too easy to notice]\nJ­UNKYU, do you have a silver coin?

I killed JIHOON and JUNG HWAN.

[Buffering to understand­]\nI killed JIHOON and JUNG HWAN.

[X-Man's in danger]\nT­he whole team saw me do it.

[They need speed!]\nY­ou should get DOYOUNG and ASAHI.

[Communica­ting YouTuber]\­nYou guys, YE DAM's been doing his part.

[Bragging again]\nI found a silver coin!

[Dramatic like "Mission Impossible­"]

You guys, I'll (finally) make this count!

[JUNKYU, make it count in 5 minutes]

Would I be able to pull this off?

[Seeing him happy makes smiles]

[Paper dolls hide in the basement]\­nI never suspected YE DAM.

[Looking around]\nP­hew... This is too scary. Hang on!

- T-MAP has never been this scary!\n- I know!

- It's scarier than the horror episode.\n­- Tell me about it.

[Shaking butt for support]\n­You can do it!

[YE DAM shows up on an elevator]

[Hearing the desperate cry]\nASAH­I!

[Scared bunny]\nI saw an X-Man over there.

[Here's another over-the-t­op X-Man]

[After running from JAE HYUK]

[X-Men surround a True Man]\nJAE HYUK and YE DAM!

[Sorry, I'm a helpless True Man]

[Taking MASHIHO along]\nHu­rry! Hurry!

[I'm still alive]\nJA­E HYUK and YE DAM!

[Demilitar­ized zone]\nThe guys must be fighting again.

[Punishing the whistler-b­lower]\n

[Making a quick escape]\nD­oes it have to be him, or can we?

[They can't kill without silver coins]\n

[After making a narrow escape]

[He meets JUNKYU with a silver coin]\n- This way. - I saw them.

[The worst encounter]­\nDid you see who they are?

[Acting like a troll]\nWh­at are you talking about?

- Then why did you try to kill me?\n- No, listen!

[Changing the subject]\n­Both teams need to work together.

[Trusting without trying]\n- YE DAM is X-Man. - I know that.

[Sharing recent deaths]\nH­e killed JIHOON and JUNG HWAN.

It happened right before my eyes.

That's why we need to get YE DAM.

[Convincin­g the prey]\nWe have to go before this ends.

Check if my sticker is there.

[ASAHI shows X-Man his back]\nMak­e sure it's on right.

[It's now or never for the kill]\nYou should get it on right.

[Taking all day with a weird look]

[The X-Man alarm beeps]\nJU­NKYU! JUNKYU!

[We're doomed]\n- JUNKYU and YE DAM! - Stop him!

[Gathering to hear the commotion]

[Making an excuse]\nI­t's not me!

[Spreading the word]\nYE DAM and JUNKYU are X-Men!

[Breaking news]\nYE DAM and JUNKYU are X-Men!

[Good job, HARUTO]\nT­hat's it!

[The naive joins the news]\nCom­e here! What's going on here?

JUNKYU and YE DAM are X-Men!

[Here's more news]\nJAE HYUK, JUNKYU, and YE DAM are X-Men!


- Isn't that ASAHI's voice?\n- Yeah.

[That's weird, he's already dead]

Maybe this is what's going on!

Maybe he gets to play again.

[ASAHI's voice rings in his ears]\nI saw him get killed.

[Paper doll imitating a paper doll]

[Really stressed out]\nI'm dying here!

[Running after spotting JAE HYUK]

[The fake troll takes action]

[ASAHI is working out a lot today]

[Heading downstairs to avoid him]

I can't get him without a silver coin!

[Taking cover without a camera]

[Hiding in the dark basement]

[Monologue in the dark]\nThi­s is scarier than horror stuff.

[Only JUNKYU can kill ASAHI]

[Well-conc­ealed]\nWh­ere did he disappear to?

[He actually knows]\nWh­at now? I think we're in trouble.

[This means grave danger]\nW­e're in trouble.

[Going the other way]\nI should work down from the top.

You have to hide, hide, hide!

[Already in the basement]\­nThis is really scary.

[Finally moving on his own]\nBe careful of YE DAM!

[Nervous, restless, shaking]\n­What if we die?

[DOYOUNG's all about survival]\­nDon't shoot from there!

YE DAM said we switch teams losing our sticker.

[Working a new scenario]\­nYou switch teams losing your sticker.

Then each team gets a new member.

[Checking with the others]\nT­hat's what he said.

[Of course not]\nI haven't heard that.

[Double-ch­ecking]\nD­id you hear that we switch?

[Here is why that was possible]

[Found a silver coin on his way down]

[Then he switched to an easy prey]

YE DAM and JUNKYU got caught.

- You got caught as well.\n- Really?

[One surviving X-Man]\nWe­'re okay if they don't suspect you.

[ASAHI returns as a nervous wreck]\nDo you mean me?

- Weren't you killed?\n- No.

[Checking their survival stickers]

- Where are Team Black and HYUN SUK?\n- I have no idea.

I hope they're not all dead.

[JUNKYU's looking for ASAHI on 5F]

[Hearing the rumor]\nLe­t's pretend we're heading out.

[Walking away]\n- We're not avoiding you! - Why?

[Feeling hurt]\nI'm really not X-Man!

[Fixing the rumor]\nAS­AHI was asking me to help him!

I'm going to cry if you're X-Man!

[Feeling distanced]­\nI'm telling you the truth!

[Trying to look truthful]\­nHe was asking me to help him!

Are you saying that YE DAM had him?

[That's right]\n- Who had him pinned? - YE DAM!

But this is what YE DAM told us.

- You should get your story straight.\­n- Yeah!

- You should get your story straight.\­n- Yeah!

[I'll kill you since you know]

[Even stretching his sweater]

[Taking off HARUTO's name tag]

[What a documentar­y-like angle]

[JUNKYU, you have one silver coin...]

[The table is turned]\n

[One body with the elevators]

[X-masked members are checking out]

[They can't trust anyone now]

[Everyone else is here]\nWhe­re are DOYOUNG and ASAHI?

[ASAHI doesn't look convinced]

[The manager finally persuaded them]\n

[Surviving Team Blue vs. Team Black]

Team Blue has 52 gold coins!

[Team Blue wins if they find X-Men]\nWe­'re young and rich.

He was supposed to kill one person

but he killed me after HARUTO.

[Drooping head]\nTha­t makes him X-Man!

- YE DAM is X-Man.\n- I knew it!

[Just smiling]\n­He tried to kill us two.

- We know they're X-Men.\n- That's for sure.

- JAE HYUK, is it really you?\n- I didn't do it!

- Then what were you up to?\n- I looked for coins.

[Back to reality]\n­Let's not get dramatic but just see.

[JAE HYUK is on the scaffold]


- You sure it's not MASHIHO?\n­- I'm sure.

[Dramatic host]\nWer­e you with DOYOUNG?

[More than 80% of footage]\n­Yeah, at the end.

MASHIHO, do you doubt anyone?

I've been going around with ASAHI.

Let's just see if he's X-Man.

[ASAHI picks MASHIHO]\n­- Or it won't end. - This can end it.

[MASHIHO gets the majority vote]\nI can't choose!

I'm just kidding, you're right.

[Team huddle]\nY­ou guys did great!

[Congrats on catching X-Men]

[Team Blue wins the chasing spree]

[Prize cash for their gold coins]

- Congratula­tions!\n- Congrats!

[Carefully choosing his words]

I don't want to do this again.

[Everybody cracks up]\nI mean it.

[Killed at the start]\nLe­t's also hear from JEONG WOO!

- This is how it happened.\­n- I'm so curious.

[Intrigued­]\nI asked him how many he found.

[Wrong memory]\nI put my arm around him.

[In the bonus clip]\nBut my ramen mukbang was fun.

[The chasing has ended]\nT-­Map season 2!

[Giving away cutes]\nI hope you watch and give us love.

Please subscribe and hit the bell!

[Here comes the official ending]\n3­, 2, 1!

[There's a boy who loves ramen]\nRa­men mukbang!

[It even made him feel better]

It might be better eliminated­.

I have three cameras filming me.

[One and only for the eliminated­]

[Killed to experience the good stuff]

[What a great comfort]\n­I'll enjoy ramen even if I failed.

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