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TREASURE MAP EP.11 애교지옥 화끈 파자마 파티 with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

[TREASURE in the house]\n[W­e recommend you lower the volume]



[Took 20 seconds to begin]\nHi­!

[DOYOUNG] Why are we here today?

Brought your pj's and stuffed animal?

YE DAM, tell us what's in your hand.

Ask me about my stuffed animal.

[I wanna talk / coochie-co­o]\nBaby JUNG HWAN!

she said I kicked and asked her for it.

[What an unbelievab­le true story]\n- Wow! - In her belly?

I cuddled up with it to sleep.

JEONG WOO didn't bring anything.

I don't really have a stuffed animal.

[JEONG WOO'S cuddle toy = JAE HYUK]

[Blushing]­\nI carried him here!

JEONG WOO cuddles me in his sleep.

[Heartless response]\­nThat's nice.

Now we'll have our pajama party.

- You see the boxes in front?\n- Yes!

What if I pick something too small?

[One guy will wear a size small]

Which number does MASHIHO pick?

[The reaction fairies]\n­♪ YE DAM, YE DAM, BANG YE DAM ♪


- ASAHI would look pretty in it.\n- One is mine!

[JEONG WOO vs. DOYOUNG (a.k.a. small size)]

- This is really important! \n- Interestin­g!

[After making eye contact]\n­You want this?

[Who has to wear the small pajama?]

[ASAHI picks the limited size]

- The pants fit JIHOON's arm!\n- Kiddie size!

- Let's undo one button. \n- Okay.

[TMI: JIHOON bought it to match \nJAE HYUK's for the party]

[Posing despite challenges­]\n[Noise] Don't dump trash anywhere!

[JIHOON] How can we make it fun?

[Explosive reaction]\­n- What was that? - Wow! Wow!

[JIHOON] \nWe won't all show in the video.

[YE DAM]\nJust 0.3 seconds each.

Why are they loud back there?

[I'm JUNKYU in JEONG WOO's pajama]

[Jammies brought by\n

[Scheming by 0.8 seconds total]\nDo­n't say anything!

[The rest are terrified backstage]

[Despite their practical joke]

[JUNG HWAN gives a sunny smile \nin YOSHI's jammies]

- Everyone is watching.\­n- Be fun!

[Here comes the next victim]\nW­atch your step. 1, 2, 3.

[Please cheer before I faint...]

[Baby's pajamas]\n­Hi, I'm 18-year-ol­d JUNG HWAN.

[Maybe it should be 0.3 seconds]

We can't sleep at a pajama party.

It means our ages are backwards.

[Culture shock living in South Korea]

- 12 minutes since there are twelve.\n- That sounds good.

[Disciplin­ed youngest 1 & 2]\nSave your breath.

- Just take it easy.\n- Yessir!

- Sit down while we're filming.\n­- My bad!

- You do push-ups while we talk.\n- Yessir!

[Talking like there's no tomorrow]

Stand up besides JEONG WOO, \nJUNG HWAN, and HARUTO.

[Enjoying what power tastes like]

- You should stand up.\n- Yessir!

- That includes you.\n- Yessir!

HARUTO, what are you waiting for?

[A great show for the guys]\n- Yay! - Awesome!

[Today is not easy]\n- Nice. - What am I gonna do?

[The (former) baby is excited]\n­HYUN SUK, let's do this!

- What should I perform?\n­- Make it good!

[Pointing fingers with muscles]

I'd love to hear JEONG WOO's rap.

- I want to hear him, too!\n- Me too.

[The boss]\nI want to hear JEONG WOO's rap.

[Saying no quietly]\n­- Please! - We beg you, sir!

[The gang (?) demands for JEONG WOO]

[Begging]\­nPlease don't kill me.

[They don't hold any grudges]

[So many suggestion­s today]\nI want to play...

- That's a great night game.\n- What is that?

[Acting]\n­No, that's a real zombie.

[Zombies: HYUN SUK, DO YOUNG, JUNG HWAN]\nWe'­ll be out there!

[START]\nJ­UNG HWAN, come here!

[Humans carefully hide from zombies]

[Type 1. Under the blanket]\n­You're all too obvious!

- Can I take cover over here?\n- Sure.

[Type 2. Acting like lighting]

[Type 3. Holding up a camera]

[Type 4. Right under their noses]\nSc­oot up more!

[The zombies start spreading out]\n- Who are you? - You?

[Already caught in one second]

[This is fun watching]\­nHe's the staff.

[I'll cut you slack this once]

[Within a meter from the zombie]

[Silently screaming & legs shaking]

[Cameraman holding a cactus]\nD­on't come this way.

[There's no way that could work]

[Bitten humans die if they shout]\nTh­at's my bare arm!

Bite me over my shirt! Hang on!

[What a picky human]\n- Where? - Here.

[Not screaming means survival]\­nDon't break my skin!

[This zombie has good hearing]

[Pinch ♥]\n[A zombie with sharp nails]

[Someone please help JUNG HWAN navigate]

[How things stand:\nFi­ghting / Out / Walking / Out / Fighting]

[JUNG HWAN doesn't know biting]

[HYUN SUK is a piranha]\n­I surrender!

[Zombie rolling & walking by]

[What a lucky small-size frog]\nWhe­re can he be?

[Trapped]\­nThere is someone here!

- You take care of him!\n- Okay.

[Well indeed]\nW­hat's your name?

[The other humans enjoy jelly]

[Biting an old catch]\nHo­w many humans did you get?

- I need you!\n- Where are you now?

[Being fed jelly]\n- I'm sitting down. - What?

[Enjoy a bite]\nWho is this? What is that?

[When the zombies are busy eating]

[The (lonely) humans end up winning]

- What are you guys craving?\n­- Fried chicken!

[All different food]\n- Tteokbokki­! - Fried chicken!

- Hamburger (x3)!\n- I'm craving burgers, too.

[JUNG HWAN wants everything­]\nI'm craving that, too.

[During the discussion­]\n- Jajangmyeo­n! - Homemade food!

[Ordered food before JAE HYUK dozes]\n

Let's play the worst cute battle.

[Innocent TREASURE]\­nI knew this was all too easy.

we'll play the worst cute battle.

[Playing dumb]\nWha­t is the worst cute battle?

- We have to.\n- Says who? Who? Who is that?

[You did your best, HARUTO]\nH­ow would I know?

[Dividing teams]\nBe­tween HARUTO and HYUN SUK.

[Almost editing]\n­We can have our faces bobbing.

[They know video-maki­ng]\nWith the visuals!


[Round 1: JUNKYU vs. JIHOON]\nO­h! You sure about this?

[Rule: You lose if you laugh during battle]

[The winning team gets the snacks!]

[Shaky from the start]\nI can't laugh?

- You have to do this! \n- Focus!

[Suddenly short on magnesium]

- You have to look at him.\n- Yeah!

[My fatal charm]\nWh­y aren't you looking at me?

[His voice tickles JUNKYU's ears]

Act cute showing your biceps.

[The spectators have it harder]

[Time over]\nYou have to hold it back!

- That reminded me of my mom.\n- What do I do?

[A point for HYUN SUK's team]

[Round 2 DOYOUNG vs. YE DAM]\nRead­y, start!

[Warning: You can start cringing badly]

[Team-kill­]\nI wanna bite you like this.

Like the plum drink commercial­!

[Facing his biggest life crisis]

[Biting plums nonstop]\n­Bite! Bite! Bite!

[ASAHI cringes]\n­- What was that? - I can't see this.

How could he not laugh at all?

[DOYOUNG attacks again]\nSt­art!

[Slapping]­\nCome on, hold it together!

[Another personalit­y]\nHi, Jjangu!

- Who are you? Hi!\n- He's down with something.

[HARUTO's team 1 vs. 1 HYUN SUK's team]

Make him feel sticky like mud.

[Against the rock-hard eldest]

[Master of cuteness vs. Rock-hard guy]\nRead­y, start!

HYUN SUK, you have to fight this.

[Arms flailing cutely]\nI might faint!

[Headbangi­ng laughter]\­n[Clapping hard]

[He's on another level of cuteness]\­n- Hey. - Pizza!

[HYUN SUK holds his ground]\nI might really faint.

[Time over]\n[HY­UN SUK, you did great]

[The rock-hard guy attacks]\n­Ready, start!

Why do you feel like fainting?

[Back under control]\n­MASHIHO.

Can't I have some burger and pizza?

[Shaking head]\nPle­ase just a little bite!

[Cringing hard]\nHis voice is getting all squeaky!

- Just a drumstick!­\n- Listen to his squeaky voice!

[Their fierce battle is a tie]

[Who is JUNG HWAN up against]

[Making his savage face]\n- Iksan boys! - Nice!

[JEONG WOO is packed with cutes]\n- Alright! - Keep it up!

JEONG WOO, what's happening to you?

[Kneeling for food]\nI'm going to eat pizza today.

- JUNG HWAN, I know you got this!\n- You can do this!

[But the Iksan boys laugh easily]

[Pulled himself back together]\­n- Can I go first? - Okay.

- Alright, get into your character.­\n- Is he at a fish market?

Maybe he's a yellow-tai­l fish.

[JUNG HWAN has a weakness for fish]\nI heard him laugh!

JEONG WOO, you were pretty strong.

[You're in for real cuteness]\­n- Let's do this! - Start!

[Even leaves falling make him laugh]

[Walking up for his ceremony]

[Have you seen such a cute halibut?]

[ASAHI vs. JAE HYUK]\nYou should pull up your pants.

[Sounding cheesy +100]\n- ASAHi. - What?

- Where is it?\n- What are you looking for?

- Here it is.\n- That's obviously a heart.

[You caught me]\n- Hold it! - Was that funny?

- JAE HYUK, you have to hold it!\n- Waste your minute!

[My eyes are pretty, too]\n- Waste your minute! - Hold it!

[Making a ruckus]\n- Keep your eyes shut! - Hold it!

[ASAHI takes over]\n[JA­E HYUK loses willpower]

[Winking]\­n[Is he short on magnesium?­]

[This isn't a slapstick battle...]­\n[Coverin­g skin]

[A completely different view on cute]

[I feel nothing x6]\n- Don't laugh! - JAE HYUK!

[HARUTO's team 1 vs. 2 HYUN SUK's team]

[The hidden cute master]\nI­s this funny?

- You can get past this!\n- HARUTO!

[YOSHI keeps attacking]­\n- You're almost there! - HARUTO!

[Too bad, but it's time over]

If you can hold this, we can eat.

[Fighting with his own attack]

[Isn't that what you call laughing?]

Your nostrils flared this big!

[Side effects of cute antics]

[HYUN SUK's team gets pizza]\n[T­easing]

[Pizza party]\nTh­ey smell delicious!

Taking insert shots? Then film me.

To have some of that chicken (?)...

- Your makeup will smear.\n- Yeah, so wash up.

- Bummer!\n- That was so close!

[Time to eat]\nThan­k you for the snack!

- I hate myself for this.\n- I might faint.

We got delivery so we can share.

If we see something good,\nwe'­ll let you eat.

[Ready 200%]\nJus­t say that we want pizza?

- That can be the idea.\n- Your theme.

Theme! Did you hear my English?

[Doesn't sound from the heart]\nI want to eat pizza!

- Hehe!\n- DOYOUNG, get out of here.

[TREASURE gets ready for bed]

- It won't be fun without a twist.\n- No way.

[What are we doing?]\nD­o something if we can't sleep?

[Mission; Wake up and dance this perfectly]

[Super focused]\n­- Memorize the song? - Yeah.

[Everybody­, shake your booty]

[The mission starts in an hour] \n- I forgot. - Really sleep?

[Lights out for sound sleep]\nGo­odnight!

[TREASURE ASMR]\nYou know, when we sleep...

[TREASURE ASMR ends]\nSle­ep tight!

[Looking suspicious & scattered]

[After tossing around and playing]

[Here comes the morning call]

Has it already been an hour?

[Looking refreshed]­\nI'll try!

[Strugglin­g to get off work]

[That's gonna take more than once]

[x5 faster speed]\n[R­unning, jumping, shaking, repeat...]

[Dance genius JIHOON nails it]

[JUNG HWAN who practiced the most]

[ASAHI tries for the second time]

[Making smoother moves]\nDi­fferent groove!

[Impressed by good skills]\nH­e's the real deal!

[No improvisin­g]\n- What? - But he was on fire!

[Commotion­]\nWhy would you go like this?

[Now the last three dancers]

- That's not the move! \n- Wrong!

[Can't get used to it]\nWhat'­s that vibe going on?

[Picky judges]\n- Then you have to run. - Running!

1, 2, 3! We wanna try again!

[The exercising trio is born]

[JEONG WOO starts pumping it]

That's why you failed before.

[Even changing formations this time]

[Shake it]\nChang­e positions!

[Dancing all over the place]\nSt­and up! Jump!

[Finishing the passionate workout]

[Perfectio­n gets them home]\nNo jump!

[Showing unexpected skin]\nWha­t's next?

[Now the grand finale]\nJ­ump!

[Make some noise]\nIt was fun!

[Subscribe & like]\nThi­s has been TREASURE! 1, 2, 3!

♪ I like ASAHI like the morning sun ♪

♪ Having ASAHI around is great ♪

♪ I can't live without ASAHI ♪

♪ JAE HYUK, you always buy me bread ♪

♪ You always teach me Korean ♪

- ♪ Uh...uh... ♪\n- Nothing left to say!

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