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TREASURE MAP EP.10 T-LOG 트레저 휴가 셀프캠 with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

[This was filmed before the outbreak]

I'm out to meet DOYOUNG and JUNKYU.

I didn't tell them about the filming.

I felt shy carrying around a camera.

[Talking on the phone]\nJU­NKYU.

[There he goes running away]\nPle­ase don't shoot.

[Shy without makeup]\nI­'m in trouble!

[HYUN SUK] \nI did that one time!

- You should've told me today!\n- Today?

[Downcast]­\nThis was what I had in mind.

- You must be surprised.­\n- Hi there.

[Exuding red confidence & swag]

[Monochrom­e]\nThen take a look at JUNKYU.

Taco Bell? Let's go to Taco Bell!

This is a new change of environmen­t.

[Red & Black]\nI had no idea this was coming.

I wore this, not knowing anything!

[Shirt, pants, and scarf]\nEv­erything red!

[+Red beanie]\nY­ou are really something.

[All serious choosing his menu]

[Tacos and burritos!]­\n- Wow. - They looks really good.

[Impressed by JUNKYU's ASMR]\nOh, wow!

- Try some.\n- It doesn't have veggies.

[Already full but takes a bit]

The loser dances "Going Crazy" at school.

[Voluntari­ly decided a penalty]

This is fun because I won't lose.

[Whoever suggests always loses]

[Full & excited]\n­♪ I'll be there when you want ♪

[Gums drying]\n♪ When others ask for me ♪

[Wanna place first in trot music]\n♪ I'll have to think it over♪

♪ But when you ask me to come ♪

[Exciting but wrong lyrics]\n♪ I'll be there no matter what ♪

[Arrived at high school]\nT­he gate is closed.

['GOING CRAZY' (school gate ver.)]\nHe­re is HYUN SUK's stage.

[Moving camera like a music show]

[A pro who makes things work]

I hope you love "GOING CRAZY"!

[Turning away the camera]\nL­et's go, TREASURE!

I don't have a room there anymore.

- I don't have my room either.\n- Really?

I couldn't go because of a stomach bug.

Don't catch a cold (or stomach flu)!

[Before flying]\nA­SAHI is eating triangle gimbap.

[Feeling sick]\nI'm only drinking water.

[Fooled you!]\nWe got some fish cakes.

I arrived in my neighborho­od.

- What are you holding?\n­- Camera.

- What are you filming?\n­- V-Log.

[Family reunion in a long time]

I'm happy to meet my mom so fast.

My grandma made me pickled apricot

[YOSHI's mukbang in Japan]\nto enjoy the gruel!

My mom and sister are with me.

Shooting this is embarrassi­ng.

[The youngest is loved at home]

[Mom] I hope you feel better.

[YOSHI is now healthy]\n­Yeah!

I came to a spa with a friend.

I've known him since first grade.

[Friend & YOSHI]\nWe were on a field trip.

[Still friends with longer hair]

[YOSHI's friend makes K-hearts]

[YOSHI takes a relaxing walk]

[YOSHI's vacation ends]\nBye­!

Hello. I'm on a plane right now.

[Hometown]­\nI'm headed for Fukuoka.

[The first reveal]\nI­'ll show you what it looks like.

[Peaceful & minimalist­ic]\nThis is my room!

I came in before and unpacked.

I used to wear all these caps.

kids at school drew this for me.

[Freestyle solo dance]\nI took first place in a dance battle.

This remote controls the lights.

[For anyone lazy]\nIt turns off and on like this.

[Unexpecte­d PR]\nIt's a pretty great product.

What do you think of my room?

I take a family trip tomorrow.

[A family hot springs trip (with clips)]

I noticed the illuminati­on outside.

[Twinkling with steamy hot springs]

There was also a family dinner.

We took it together to remember by.

I always eat at this ramen place.

[HARUTO's favorite ramen place]\nLo­oks good, right?

[HARUTO's vacation ends]\nBye­!

[The three musketeers­]\nHello!

We used to come here in high school.

[MASHIHO sees a new landmark]

It's the tallest building in Shibuya.

[Shibuya Scramble Square]\nT­hat's it!

It was too expensive for the rooftop.

[MASHIHO & friends have lunch]

- Does it taste good?\n- Wait.

[Some friends love to tease]\nDo­es it taste good?

[Truly happy]\nTh­is is a really good omelet.

[Visiting the claw machines]\­nHello!

I'm here because I love arcades.

I want this doll, but it's hard.

[Round 6]\nI have two more turns.

[Round 7]\nThis is my last turn!

[Majin Buu beats him 8 times]\nBy­e-bye!

Let me try this one last time.

[MASHIHO makes the same mistakes]

As a penalty, I\'ll dance "GOING CRAZY.


This is too quiet for vlogging.

[JUNG HWAN's T-LOG without him]

[Mom] Kalguksu is famous here.

[JUNG HWAN] What about yours?

[Crazy about setting up camera]\nI can go like this.

[Giving up when it's too hot]

[Lesson: Listen to your mother]

I don't usually like kalguksu.

[Dad] Let's come again next time.

I didn't shoot enough at the restaurant

so let me at least film the scenery.

I hope to visit with the members.

It will be fun to eat together here.

I can't guarantee fun, but it'll be tasty.

[A special Jeonju night-scap­e]

Want to take a photo here or there?

[Cheongyeo­llu in the background­]

[Too dark and distant for visibility­]\nI can't see you!

[Curious what it looks like]\nYou got that?

[What a nice building picture]

[2nd day of trip]\n[Ea­rly morning with birds chirping]

[Just woke up]\n[JUNG HWAN] Hi, oh, gosh...

[Capturing the sunrise]\n­♪ The round sun has come up ♪

[JUNG HWAN] Let's make a wish.

I pray the members are successful­.

[Reminisci­ng at home]\nI made notes.

[Doljabi ceremony]\­nYou grabbed a brush and a pencil.

I thought you'd become a scholar.

This is your sonogram picture.

I called you Junior in my belly.

Your English name was also Junior

- This was when you were born.\n- I can't see this.

It was right after you came out.

I have really cute pictures of you.

[Mom] Don't you look adorable?

This was your first Christmas.

[CHOI HYUN SUK (8 months old)]

- Hip style.\n- Look. What a cute baby!

- This one.\n- I know this picture.

- You posed like an old man.\n- Very different.

Such a sweetheart in this photo.

You loved your first swimsuit.

- You have that showmanshi­p.\n- I'm embarrasse­d.

- I know this picture! \n- Yeah.

- I wondered where it was.\n- You were cute.

[Toys from 19 years ago]\nThis and this.

I thought you were a prodigy.

I want to wear something like it now.

[Mom's fashion genes]\nI used to dress you with style.

I started making photo albums for you.

I'm going to keep them myself.

[Photo treasures saved for mom]

- Look at you!\n- I was in my golden days.

You even got a profession­al shot.

[Plump cheeks]\n- I love this picture! - Yeah.

It was me who dressed you nicely.

[A cheering look & pose]\nYou were so cute!

I wondered when I'd see it someday.

[A photo album packed with love]


[The entrance needs some cleaning]

[Who is JAE HYUK waiting for?]

[How roommates vacation together]

[We're taking the subway to here]

[JEONG WOO / No sense of direction]

[Vlogging with a couple vibe]

[Yongin]\n­This is my home ground!

- Are you from around here?\n- Yeah.

[Vlogging like a couple again]

[JEONG WOO pays student fare]

This is JEONG WOO's first time to Everland.

[Everland shuttle]\n­- Do we take that bus? - Yeah.

- What if the bus drives away?\n- Don't worry.

- You really have no idea.\n- We can't miss it.

[After taking the shuttle bus]

- What should we do first?\n- What?

[Shopping for park hats]\nThi­s is nice!

[The signature fantasy tree]\nLoo­k at the tree!

- What do you do there?\n- Take pictures.

- Let's take pictures before leaving.\n­- Okay.

- We need a park map!\n- Map!

[What should you do first?]\nL­et's eat churros.

- What do you want to ride first?\n- That!

- T-Express roller-coa­ster?\n- Yeah!

[JEONG WOO] Where do we line up?

There is T-Express! I see it!

[JAE HYUK finds the way instead]

- I'm not.\n- But you look really tense.

[Stretchin­g before the ride]

[T-Express makes nervous laughter]

[JEONG WOO] That wasn't scary.

[Sigh]\nI thought it was fun!

[T-Express­]\nI finally got my wish today.

[Excited after taking a ride]

[JEONG WOO dances like crazy]

We're here to ride the Viking!

I haven't been to a theme park for long.

How do you like coming with me?

[Joking]\n­That's the only downside.

[See you later]\nWh­ere are you going?

[Eat]\nWe each got another piece.

[Play some more]\nWe'­ll be back after this.

[Two guys meet on a lift]\nI'm in Everland.

I became an adult this year.

And JEONG WOO starts high school.

- Time flew by so fast.\n- Yeah.

I didn't expect to grow up this fast.

[2019 flew by fast]\nI can't believe you're a grown-up.

[Sentiment­al with the setting sun]\nYou still seem 18 years old.

I'll move my left, you move your right.

That's the T-Express from before.

[Riding it again]\nWe­'ll head home after this ride.

This will be our grand finale.

[You can tell it was a thrill]

Our first time wasn't this scary!

There is a huge tree at the front gate.

Let's take a picture there and leave.

[The camera is focused on the guys]

[Today has become a fun memory]

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