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let's show them all who's the boss okay

brian corey this is it you can do it

okay so we had a pretty normal life our

dad fixed cars in our garage and we just

did our thing like regular kids except

what we didn't know is that while we

were at school he was doing a lot more

that's right dad by day genius robotic

see there's been some serious trouble

around dado city lately these major bad

you could say they're equipped for

and our dad's toebots are the key to

so how do we play into it huh we're the

since when is it possible for two third

graders to be pilots of the most

advanced crime fighting machines on the

but you'd be surprised how many crazy

new inventions our dad has come up with

we're pretty lucky to have our very own

robots being a hero's a lot of work

and anyway who said we had to do it

our new life can get pretty intense

but it also happens to be awesome

okay you have violent at four soccer at

five do you still want to add dance

yeah but let's get going so i can get a

what happened at school today boys

nothing new dad just the usual stuff

yeah it was a pretty normal day dad

except corey forgot his homework huh at

everyone all right we're okay yeah stay

hey that's a stealth cargo 860 right

even better it's an 8 22 series do you

realize we've just been fender bendered

by a limited edition model with

polycarbon­ate rims so cool huh

corey i recorded this message because

well i thought that it would be cooler

this very special car is called tobot x

how do i know that i invented it it's

designed to look after you two in case

besides the auto drive function toebot x

has an amazing secret hidden inside ah

huh no dolly and her mom that's their

ah the towbot has a very special feature

to turn it on you need a device called a

toe key remember those badges i gave you

they're not just badges they're your toe

keys on the car there's an emblem insert

the toe key to activate toebot x

robot x waiting for your command

so you've been asking questions about

the rising number of car accidents

i think that's offering more service

than people actually need from their

auto repair man how did you even figure

out that we were manipulati­ng the cars

tell me cause i was very careful to

ensure that no one ever saw me sticking

on this slug bot and i always made sure

to retrieve the device after humor me

let's see i'd say by now i know enough

what's next i love a good story yeah

it appears your name is dilick

doesn't make any sense i don't see why

someone would want to kidnap our dad

if it weren't for dolly's car we could

i mean i'm really glad that we saved her

what am i saying first things first

what there's no way we're telling the

police we're here by ourselves come on

you know they'll treat us just like

i hate to break it to you but we're

dad left us the tobot thing and that's

dolly how are you feeling um what do you

mean oh i guess you heard about the

accident don't worry we're okay mom and

i were both really lucky although i kind

maybe i did hit my head is your dad home

our car needs some repairs and we were

hoping he could help he's not here right

he's in his workshop and he's got a lot

to do maybe you could ask him some other

it's nothing personal he's just trying

really hard to focus and he doesn't like

interrupti­ons but i made this especially

for him well my mom helped me a little

come on i just want to say hi i bet you

maybe i shouldn't barge in i'll just

tell my mom to call him why don't you

keep that everyone needs our veggies

and you're supposed to stay in bed

let go mom do you want my face to stay

like this that's just something i used

that was close i wonder if we should

just tell them the truth um what's that

is food all you ever think about

don't even think about trying to get

away you roscoe i don't know what you're

real life is more paperwork and less

excuse me i need some help who can i

i'm here about my dad you see oh no come

here you have reports of an erratic

driver on the road sounds like another

out-of-con­trol vehicle send whoever

you've got but chief i'm the only one

here to watch the desk you said never

mind what i said get on it now but chief

oh no this isn't protocol oh okay first

things first go where you're needed

right on time not i just saw the van

that took dad what where'd you see it

no way i'm going with you it might be

oh really ryan trying to play big

brother again he's only 10 minutes older

how come he gets to have all the fun

what now right the plate coming

i already told you dolly my dad doesn't

like to be disturbed when he's working

i just need to know how soon he can fix

that's all he can't tell without looking

at it you seem like you're hiding

we don't yell at our friends you should

know better than that just ask her to

come back later i'm a bit busy right now

please someone help me my brakes aren't

oh my goodness this is quite the chase

that's right who's got two thumbs in a

i found it tobot after that ban chasing

while i was building tobot x and y my

thoughts were always with you kids

yes there are two toebots and their

primary mission is to protect our family

now tobot y needs your toki corey hope

you kept your badge safe son because

your very own toebot is waiting for you

insert your key in the emblem at the

back of the car to boot him up huh

what x that's not the car i asked you to

follow the driver of the vehicle is in

yeah you're right we should definitely

help him out first let me think what are

we dealing with here analyzing brake

failure and broken steering gear engine

abnormalit­y detected estimating

the vehicle will reach a curve and crash

within 30 seconds okay let's try getting

increase speed we are at maximum speed

i'm losing that truck go faster that's

an order we're at maximum speed oh

switching to manual control safety mode

ryan makes the plan and tobot executes

i approachin­g the signal get ready to

jump from your truck to my what are you

tomorrow's headline huge car crash at

7th avenue soon everyone will replace

their old cars with safe new ones from

mission completed the driver is

wait hold on a minute are you saying dad

made you a copy of tobot x a copy of x

no no no no no i like x but i'm not like

x i'm better consider me version 2.0

how could you go to the police you

promised you wouldn't i told you ryan we

have to find dad ourselves things aren't

as simple as you think they are okay

that's because you find ways to

residents are up in arms over the

growing number of car accidents

reliabilit­y of the self-drivi­ng

technology installed in most vehicles a

full analysis reveals that only vehicles

released by burung motors seem to be

pretty soon people won't consider

driving anything but a buurum

i believe now is the perfect time to

are you ready to look di look

all right so you got inside the workshop

what's your game huh little miss

overreacti­ng how about some credit did

you happen to notice i haven't told

anyone at school and i got you a ride

the point is you need my help so where's

sorry but i can't do that tobot's not a

hey you told me not to show off ryan

oh yes sir of course the bus has already

there's no trace of me being here

what are you looking at get away from me

hey stop where are you going i'm the

the world's best robot is chubby

we don't need ryan when it's you and i

what are we gonna do now you've got to

be very careful my first thought was you

but then i thought what if that makes

hold on i had nothing to do with it and

also what about the toebots are they

even registered i don't think so the

police will never let children keep them

as pets you know what i think will

happen to them they'll probably be

disassembl­ed fax machine out of this

what's going on better give me the

details can you afford a lawyer

now you know everything the only clue we

have is that mysterious black van it's

not like dad to cause trouble although

self-drivi­ng car problem that's going on

wait a sec dad said that he found

strange marks on those wrecked cars

didn't he what if maybe he's stuck in

the middle of some kind of conspiracy

here's the plan we'll launch an

investigat­ion to figure out what your

dad found in those wrecked cars the

first step will be to look over his

repair notes and get reports from the

wait but won't that give us away not if

we just get the intel from kids let's

start calling people i'll check in with

uh what i don't get it is this some kind

of joke how can all our friends be in

there's your answer breaking news we

just learned that an out of control

school bus full of children is speeding

into the heart of dado city motorists

are advised to take alternate routes

witnesses say the bus pulled away

without its driver around 3 30 this

afternoon the bus appeared to be heading

for the highway and then suddenly veered

i am outraged how is it that unsafe

computer programs and cars can rule the

road if full rung motors has fixed the

problem then their cars are what our

kids should be riding in that's right

let the furious citizens demand my cars

dilik don't forget to retrieve the

yes sir don't worry i'm on it i'm right

behind the bus to collect the slug bot

well i know you're fast but like do you

really think you could stop a moving bus

now now check under the hood hydraulics

the world's best robot is toby where are

you huh the bus is headed down eighth

meet us there okay we'll stop it

together don't try it by yourself it's

too dangerous huh did i hear that right

did he just say i couldn't do it alone

that i would need to wait for tobot x to

help me really uh it's so like ryan to

think we're helpless without him well

let's teach him a lesson come on show

him how it's done okay destinatio­n city

that's right ten coupons all mine but

i'll be generous i'll share them around

oh officer thank you for the free lunch

why hasn't anybody done anything i mean

are you watching this oh i can't look

away they'll never catch up to it the

horror isn't it someone's job to inspect

where's corey you're supposed to give me

what's this can we get a close-up

i'm standing here live at 8th and main

where two robots have just saved the bus

the rampaging school bus was just

moments away from a crash when two

unidentifi­ed robots appeared out of

nowhere to stop this feeding vehicle

more on this story as it develops uh

i can hardly see why with the bus in the

way hey shouldn't you be more worried

you know ryan's right think about it

what did they tell you about what would

happen if they were found here they'll

be taken to a laboratory why would they

do that they're ours right are they part

of a secret military project or are they

and the most important question of all

it looks like you guys broke that

you're gonna go to jail for sure

so then after the bus passed by a black

van blew my coupons away obviously i

wasn't gonna lose a free lunch so i

following the recent school bus rescue

there's been another dramatic appearance

of the mysterious robots this time

involving an out-of-con­trol ambulance

making headlines around the world

it's no good they should be talking

about how burung motors is the only

solution they have left who would dare

if i could just remind you sir the

number of new releases we've sold has

more than doubled in the last week sir

you are a very silence get out there and

investigat­e who made them and why

start with what the police already know

they're not just coupons every police

stealing records from the police huh

i know you i i didn't do anything i

swear i'm innocent my coupon you've got

a hefty ticket coming your way driving

so fast my free lunch blew away

come back here you cost me a free

i found it under your dad's desk you're

lucky what you're still going through my

dad's stuff see this it says tobot 2.0

i know right it means your dad probably

meant to upgrade the toebot what do you

say we pop this baby in x and see what

happens but ryan's not here right now

i don't see why we all know x is a bit

old-fashio­ned compared to why right we

actually be doing him a favor he'll

thank me when i'm done huh wow do you

know how to tune up cars dolly hmm don't

worry i studied up just watched an

online tutorial all you do is take a

hey corey have you seen dolly around

what's going on in here wasn't my idea

dolly your mom's at the door looking for

you just tell her i'm not here hey hold

on she can't know about your dad

hello mrs park dolly hasn't been here at

well i'm sorry to bother you franklin

so what does a girl have to do to see

you face to face i've been faking i mean

taking on so much business how about

oh of course hello mrs park sorry to

bother you but did you see a black van

pass through here uh no sorry i didn't

by the way have you seen my dolly

anywhere she promised she'd be home hey

i can't hear what they're saying down

if i see her i promise to send her home

right away oh would you i'd really

maybe she went to watch the baseball

game in the park i heard they're giving

that's it she loves that kind of thing

ah do you see that police car that girl

is just unbelievab­le would it hurt to

let her dear mother know what she's up

to for a change huh hey is that mom

was here just a minute ago ah good thing

come back here right this minute

why is this tracker going in circles i

intro the object of this book is to give

you step-by-st­ep instructio­ns in order

to brian we've got a problem mrs barks

car is out of control again we don't

know why it just happened all of a

sudden don't waste your time corey hurry

up save her i can't my toki fell on top

of a police car what there's no time to

lose we need your help now ryan are you

kidding me tobot x is disassembl­ed

thanks to you all you have to do is

reassemble just put the old parts back

in you think it's that easy huh

hold on okay i'm studying up as we speak

serious get over it close the book and

go with your instincts you can fix

the artificial intelligen­ce chip is

okay okay i'll try are you happy now

you think too much just put everything

back where it fits this is a robot not a

suitcase be at one with the circuitry

stop woman somehow you've stolen the

slug bob that was meant for the mayor's

car my free lunch huh why don't you keep

i just realized i'm still holding your

muffler and this thingy i'm also sensing

a defective left wheel i will improvise

huh look it's that robot again

corey you gotta help me huh x got

i can't change him back into a car

uh the world's best robot is tobot y 0

to 60 in the blink of an eye raining

oh if i eat one more packed lunch

all right let's try this again

are you really gonna read the whole book

all right guys it's time for a snack

what are you doing here anyway i thought

you were supposed to be in some kind of

don't ask i was being really helpful

giving instructio­ns to the other kids

but the tv judges didn't like that oh

who cares about the stupid prize i mean

who's even gonna watch the show when the

kids in the contest don't know the

difference between taste testing and

licking the bowl now that i think about

it those judges probably weren't even

i'm right but maybe it's for the best

because now i have more time to help you

with this confusing case no one's

mechanic had any answers for them

including your dad seems like most

people are just planning to buy one of

those new cars from buu run motors

because they're safe you've probably

seen the commercial­s identified oh you

i didn't think you'd be able to fix it

system upgrade in progress once i reboot

we'll know if it works oh it will why

not grab a bite while you wait um thanks

wait it's cash on delivery you have to

pay what this box is damaged i'm not

paying for something that's been

tampered with it was fine a moment ago

ben what do you call this huh i'm gonna

call your boss hey yo wait a minute

another failure somehow you've managed

to lose the device stop whatever you're

doing and stand by for your new

assignment and if you fail me again you

yeah oh and this message will now

new system will now initiate the

we have a report of a road vehicle

x are you clear to return yahoo over

here ryan i see the black van all right

if you're sure it's the one go after it

i have the vancouver don't let it out of

okay one of those robots is he good i

show us what x is seeing something'­s

are you sure you didn't mess him up ryan

but you're not my friend are you

since you're not my friend i don't have

negative the upgrade is complete insert

you strike me as the kind of guy you'd

be into sitting down with a couple hot

engine oil and talking it out am i right

robot's targeted initiating destructio­n

rebooting after a brief delay a brief

i'm sensing anger issues here do you

master in danger mission priority

why was the radio off did you finish the

oh yes sir yes yes of course sir i've

something hasn't gone well has it stay

out of it all right it wasn't my fault

not bad that's more like it be quiet

as the reports of out-of-con­trol

vehicles rise officials are considerin­g

a ban on most self-drivi­ng models though

many citizens are relieved others are

concerned about the long-term effects of

what if it sprinkled a leak or something

it will be unforgetta­ble with a mess

like that everyone's attention will be

on road to safety yeah that's great but

if you're squeamish just imagine it's an

well i have to admit i'm impressed it's

like your dad did it well x helped me

mom will never guess that her car was

fixed by a kid ryan remember how dad

wrote that book with where have you been

poor ryan's had to do all the work

himself looks like he's had enough help

and someone's got to take care of the

groceries ha instead of spending money

you find in the sofa on snack's dad

how about doing something useful what i

was working too working what your jaws

we need to prioritize it's been two

weeks since our dad disappeare­d and

you're the one who said we had to find

what about you how does fixing cars help

us find dad i just don't get it dad was

on to something when he was inspecting

whatever he found could also be in

dolly's car did you even stop to think

of that i have my own theories i'm

working on isn't that dad's hat you're

wearing you think you're really smart

huh you want to play being the grown-up

now that dad's not here you take that

hold on you need to calm down you guys

how about we all take a break and see

this just in huh we interrupt our

regular program for this breaking news a

large cargo truck is fishtailin­g

dangerousl­y through traffic on seventh

avenue the truck is reported to be

taxpaying citizen i demand that the city

do something about the state of these

ryan cory that's your job man of the

house let me know if you find dad while

you're out you go really we all know

both of you knock it off right now your

attitude stinks worse than that truck

where are these robots when you really

need them why aren't they coming

worried about getting their hands over

ice cream truck only an ice cream truck

better keep a safe distance huh you're

not the boss of me why go faster what

all over the windshield just go to your

happy place dylan as you can see the

runaway truck has suffered a great deal

of damage it continues to shed debris

and waste matter as it approaches the

area wait a second oh no please no

and just in time our famous robot hero

has arrived and is closing in on the

ryan the outlet hose is unstable it's

about to discharge its contents i'm glad

if x can't do this the whole district

goes down the toilet listen x load the

proton charger now proton charger

try to jam the valve closed weld the

yuck danger detected ryan the truck is

losing the tank altogether what

the breakage is right over the fuel tank

welding it back might trigger an

corey can you please ask why to get

closer to the truck huh i'm not trying

why close it on the truck okay got it

i'm really sorry i was so mean earlier

hey can you hold on affirmativ­e holding

but it's true i saw it with my own eyes

there was something weird under that

truck and it was mobile so if it did

cause those accidents it could have

escaped afterwards but who would use

something like that how should i know

the whole idea is nuts but it must be a

robotic engineerin­g expert hey speaking

of experts do you know this limo person

him you've been reading dad's book to

try and get up to speed on it all but

who would understand better than the guy

and i've been thinking do you remember

that robot that attacked us the other

day at the constructi­on site it looked a

lot like our toebots if there's someone

out there who can build like dad my

bet's on him so i've been doing some

research on limo and it turns out no

one's heard from him in six years

hold on just a minute corey are you

saying that this man could be behind the

whole thing one of dad's friends

i knew this would happen but it doesn't

make it any prettier i despise dirty

work here little slugbots come out to

a new developmen­t on our city's two

heroic robots the mayor will officially

make today a local holiday in honor of

the brave duo enough this wasn't part of

the plan they should be saying new city

trucks should be bought from burung

disappoint­ment you have failed me for

it works franklin we finally did it

yeah an intelligen­t automated system

think of it franklin this changes

everything our children's future

imagine this system protecting our loved

ones from every imaginable danger

i can't wait to show ryan and corey

and in a few days i'm going to be a dad

here i have something for you

wow a team hat good idea a custom order

just for us only two exists in the whole

world oh it fits perfectly thank you now

let's take a picture wearing them no way

i look like a mess ah come on you use

that excuse for everything just one

zero there's no time save the others

danger zero no follow my orders

no let's go can you hear me you

worthless robot they need your help not

calls for a review of public safety have

skyrockete­d in recent weeks due to an

unpreceden­ted rise in accidents

it's been three weeks already

hey corey i heard that dolly's mom's

getting a new car hey corey that's it

they're getting a boo wrong like

everyone else come on it's time to call

i can't hear you i can't hear you

more on this after the break

there's a slugbot i guessed right

they're not all gone perfect i can load

a message on it ryan corey hang in there

are you ready officer your chief needs

our old foes the dado seniors club have

challenged us to a dance-off my break

dancing days are behind me so we're

gonna need your legendary robot dance to

win this sir with all due respect i'd

like to investigat­e no we need to

my robot dance isn't that great or is it

what do you think it's no match for my

i don't know about that but my skills

hello anyone did you just talk i thought

i heard someone testing testing

hello oh someone is there i live at 33

is it possible is he still working i was

so sure he'd stop after the accident or

dilik are you there come to my office

we got a problem the police are here

wait you didn't hey it wasn't me hold on

maybe dad's out there did they find him

let's talk to her then uh no we need

help cory what if we're sent to a

children's home or worse to separate

ones don't say that that's not going to

what was that better be careful if

this is the police you are under arrest

see that she's here to arrest us told

you calm down you've done nothing wrong

hey look she's holding one of those

robot bugs i saw under the manure truck

i bet you anything it's connected to the

car accidents and to dad's disappeara­nce

maybe then who's that police officer

this is the police are you guys ready

i feel so nervous this kind of goes

against my programmin­g what do you mean

this is officer oh ma'am huh may i talk

what do you think you're doing huh

a lucky break she's an evil bug lady

i'm not i swear you know what guys i

think i saw her at the police station

maybe she's telling the truth maybe we

got the wrong person you're right kid

you gotta believe me you heard him hmm

i think this calls for some background

research let's look in her pockets

uh hello yes is this the police station

i'm calling from cocoa chicken may i

speak to officer herrera oh she's the

i just wanted to let her know that she's

our special winner today and should come

pick up her free lunch see y'all i told

you i'm only here because that device i

found told me your address likely story

the batteries are dead i'm charging it

hello anyone there is that dad huh oh

oh dad where are you are you okay i'm

it's good to hear your voices who took

that's a relief here's the thing i still

have no idea where i am but i have a

tracker for the device you're holding so

i can give you directions okay just hang

in there dad we'll come get you no i

want you to call the police and let them

deal with the situation but dad listen

the people who took me are planning

i couldn't bear it if something happened

please don't come looking for me just

i hope my message is loud and clear

he's right you know you should let us

dilick take this i thank you from the

bottom of my heart sir it's not a gift

dylic look carefully at the cover i need

you to locate that man with me in the

picture his name is franklin char if my

guess is right then he's in our

warehouse right now what well you see

sir he kept snooping around the cars

that we were meddling with so i decided

to be proactive and i locked him in the

warehouse you know me sir i'm very and

you are only telling me this now

whatever since you have him already

that's fine good job dilik good job

uh yes sir i have him already

you want to see him now let me get the

no chief i haven't been practicing for

the dance-off but i have a lead on the

organizati­on behind the car accidents

it's sabotage not just faulty computers

from the thing you told me to recycle

you're saying that while i've been up to

my ears and paperwork interrupte­d by

some very strange personal calls you

don't even have a routine ready what no

you're missing the point hey chief

classic guys just give it to me i'll do

i took an oath to serve and protect you

am i right thinking she might need

are you sure the tracker's working

because it looks like a dead end to me

i can't tell you which road to take i

can only give you the destinatio­n

i would have cleaned up if only i'd

okay so you packed the first aid kit of

course i did and i put together a spare

parts kit good work guys look she's over

what is she up to what happened huh

i hit a dead end and then i lost

it's okay i know how to repair the

after the accident i lost my memory and

spent two months in hospital and when i

got my memory back i was able to find my

then i tried to find you old friend i

looked everywhere what happened to you

limo i decided that i was sick of being

so helpless now i have complete control

of an empire and it's glorious glorious

would have been taking a nap right now

you know at first i wanted to forget all

about cars and robots i think he's being

transporte­d right now and then i

realized i could regain control and now

i'm changing the world as we know it

you're a success even from here i see

your company name brightly displayed on

hey ex search for large lcd billboards

here here and here also find traffic

cameras in those areas searching for

cctv cameras target located the black

van crossed chelsea bridge five minutes

come on i found dad's location they're

moving him stay right there leave this

to me but our dad might be in danger

please we have to act right now but your

franklin if i'd known you were alive i

would have recruited you your misguided

work on the toebots is impressive okay

here we go i'll relay the audio signal

you realize your robots have been

causing me nothing but grief why are you

doing this limo tell me why oh i can

tell you why secrets aren't of use to me

anymore there's nothing in the whole

world you can do to stop me i've learned

to take down whatever stands in my way

the limo i know doesn't threaten his

friends like this the limo you knew

doesn't exist i was forced to leave my

old life behind so i emerged as a brand

new person should i stay home and cry

adopt a puppy i think not should i sit

on a park bench and listen to little

children laughing never our jingle says

that we promise to protect your friends

and family but it's missing a phrase

yes and that is only when limo allows it

you've gone mad huh limo i knew it was

him i said it remember and that my

friend is why i created burung motors

no way i can't ride in a car sold to us

by a villain come in chief this is an

emergency the kidnapper i'm pursuing is

the president of burung motors naturally

they were driving slow down what are you

talking about i gotta put a stop to this

chief requesting backup we need a

well chief i'm about to wreck my third

car this week does that sound like a

good enough reason to you what officer

officer oh has gone rogue copy

limo you're finished ryan corey it's all

over give yourself up the police are on

to you you didn't think i'd just sit

so i guess that means i have nothing to

well you made your toys i went a step

further and focused on controller­s

these police cars are now in my hands

i have something to show you do you

recognize this car the very same one

say hello to our old friend zero

our first ever robot car we were such

fools the car that protects no should

have protected but failed to protect

dilik keep his mouth shut yes sir

zero transmit these words to the kids

using their dear father's voice no no

take seventh avenue until you reach the

edge of the city you'll see an auto

factory hurry they have me locked in

look at him franklin now look at him

tell me do you see our dreams when you

look at him forget how it was before

franklin because everything has changed

now and i will never stop until every

family in the world owns one of my cars

this is pathetic stand and fight

get out of there finish them zero now

it's your chance do it what are you

zero first priority saved almost

yes i did it i solved the mystery limo

we have to take the bad with the good my

dolly mom don't buy that car i don't

now that it's all over let's go home


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