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Street Fighter Resurrection Chapter 1 SUB INDO with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

the raging demon of darkness has battled

i thought myself all but lost to the

keep it up people may mistake you for me

hey i'm afraid classes are finished

today but if you come back tomorrow my

membership team will sign you up i

traveled a long way to be here today

there's a waiting list no you don't

i've already trained in the best i want

to test myself against the best so came

out of sensei's your grandfathe­r

i was sad to hear about his passing

and when they killed him they killed a

so it's my mission to honor him by

proving his techniques on the world

it's an honor to meet his young

but if you will excuse me the gym is now

i look forward to seeing what you're

you said you needed to train so see what

i'm made of right now and i guarantee

you a workout you're not gonna forget

some people just need a lesson to manage

get in the ring now let's start with

confirmed compliance status unknown

assess mission combat readiness then

the third party has entered control

please advise target unknown scanning

use the intel to leverage compliance

check out the girl i've got this

you better stop talking you maniac

i'm sorry you had to be this way

i needed to confirm your state of combat

potential you are the allies i seek

you all need to come with me we have our

first mission to complete we are not

going anywhere with you i suggest you

get the hell out of my gym before we

hey do you want to explain what the hell

how do you know me why would i possibly

was killed in cold blood by a shadow

you want a reckoning with a man who

i have jumped a little else since

then you need to come with me now

and i will help you have your vengeance

laura wait don't even try just listen to

grandfathe­r but if you follow him if you

you may cross a line that you can't come

she doesn't know what she's getting

we had an uninvited guest to deal with

i need you both on a flight to london

chun li and kami are currently engaged

in operations now we believe shadolu is

about to rear its head we need your

assistance i'll brief you both in the

here we go again you ready for this

matt prolong into paul special branch

new york egg shadowly task force i've

agent chadley told me to expect you

external contractor­s if you will they've

aided the task force in the past their

any intel that may affect the safety of

my team i expect you to brief me on

right i better give you a sit rep every

two of our best agents daniels and amari

alias mr aziz are in deep cover posing

as a terrorist cell buying arms they'll

be heading up alpha team what do we have

undetectab­le that would change the game

it was county white of delta red they

gave my team the heads up in this arms

then i get chan lee pulling rank on my

operation and now the three of you show

up you really believe shadow is back

all the latest intel we have would make

a strong case for it agent mcadams it's

look sharp game faces on you know your

comes off until negotiatio­ns begin alpha

team you have a green light godspeed

alpha team arriving at destinatio­n

standby i've hacked into the cctv of the

all tangoes are ready to greet them

but you are not the man i am doing

business with first we verify down

five million non-sequen­tial notes as

alpha teen columns are back online

i want ids on all of them daniels we

need eyes on the show running in the car

the weaponry delivered is as promised

now to see what we have really come to

permits check sectors wonderful sound

can we run facial recognitio­n negative

a high-value shadow operative

m.i.a presumed dead she was an assassin

one of bison's personal bodyguards

it's a pleasure to finally meet you

there appears to be some confusion in my

get me and eat your rubble team

assistant superinten­dent mcadams

i would like to thank my former comrade

although she commits actions against us

she will always ultimately serve us

interval will bear witness to the first

tactical demonstrat­ion of a super weapon

this dark bomb will destroy the life

force of all living things within a one

mile radius starting with your alpha

a dark had obama with that weapon

decapre fronting this sting i'd say

you need to send us in no need i've got

bravo team in position ready to reach

any bravo units please respond this is

contact the met we need two firearms

teams at our disposal right now

laura what's your location nash i'm here

where are you i had some interpol

we take out the shadow perimeter

this weapon contains no convention­al

explosives or radioactiv­e elements

making it undetectab­le by convention­al

bombs of a far greater yield are to be

delivered to terrorist cells the world

behold the storm which is coming your

when you cut the power i'll make my

limited team what is your status what

just happened did we do that negative

brother units are still offline

i'm getting down there come on

this is a dress sweeping warehouse speed

call up your support unit or execute

bring up the cctv footage from the last

15 minutes i want to see everything

that's coming out of that building

secure that bomb at all costs

daniels this is hq respond please this

is urgent go ahead control secure the

bomb at all costs cause yep take point

i'll take the rear let's do it

i'll cover you come on let's go

my lord my unit is compromise­d i request

affirmativ­e i still have the package

she's heading for the basement she's got

i shall remain here and see it is done

i'm not ready to die again just yet

remember why we resurrecte­d you soldier

we're giving you a second chance

i knew it was you but how could it be

my lord will be more surprised

there are many more where that came from

that's where i'll be ending next

i don't know what you're talking about

i'll only ask you one more time

it makes no difference your fate is the

you two got a lot of good men back there

don't no we're with you this time let

fights in space in the philippine­s


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