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Sentence Stress and Intonation in English A Complete Guide with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

hello and welcome back to pronunciat­ion

in today's video i'm going to give you a

complete master class on sentence stress

make sure you stay until the end of the

video because i have a really nice

that will help you practice sentence

and get feedback on it so let's start

firstly with what kind of stress

english uses english is a stress time

and this basically means that you give

which we'll talk about in a moment more

when other words are weakened they sound

this is why when you're watching

something with subtitles for example

you understand everything and then you

turn off the subtitles and you think

what what was that word that sounded

but actually when you put the subtitles

it actually turns out to be these little

together and said very quickly and

of sentence stress we can compare a

to for example a syllable time language

a syllable time language basically gives

approximat­ely the same amount of time we

more time languages for example japanese

congrats you speak a more time language

this is very similar in a sense to

where you give each mora the same amount

university a lecture of mine described

more timing and syllable sign languages

and that's because we give certain words

in a language like english so let me

give you an example of what i mean

let's take this exercise here very

i hope you can count to four because

that's all you need to do right now

four okay that's the rhythm we're going

two three four let's try adding some

and three and four now notice what i did

three and four i didn't stress and

i only stressed the numbers and and

and we're using a weak form here

four let's add another word in there

one and a two and a three and a four

one and a two and a three and a four

again i'm not saying one and a two

and a three and a four okay that's quite

gonna start hurting in a moment but you

so in english we don't stress every

we're going to stress the numbers

because they're important here in this

but the and and ah are going to be

an er we're going to join them together

one and a two and a three and a four

now let's apply this same rule to a

so here i've got i want a cup of tea

so notice i'm not saying i want a cup of

it's not all stress i want a cup

of tea now when it comes to intonation

we're going to raise our pitch slightly

on those stressed words so we're not

going to read it all monotone like i

okay sounds very robotic in english if

you do that you'll be understood

but to an another person's ear it will

so raise your pitch on those stressed

i want a cup of tea now you're probably

great emma understood that but which

words are stressed and which ones are

i have a handy table for you what we can

english words into two different groups

and function words to name a few content

verbs question words and negative

auxiliary modal and negative words in

for our function words we have articles

modal verbs the verb to be pronouns

prepositio­ns and conjunctio­ns otherwise

connective­s so if we go back to our

i want a cup of tea we have i the

how it follows that list that i gave

before now let's change our sentence a

i would like a cup of tea this time

well it's the same as before pronoun

then we've got wood we've got a modal

but notice i'm not saying i would like

would becomes would i would like

uh it's the same after that actually

the noun let's take a look at this one

which of these words do you think will

okay you can pause have a think

she will be late to the party

she will be late to the party

is our modal verb and we don't usually

late is an adjective to the not to

to the party she will be late to the

here's another sentence a little bit

which ones do you think will be stressed

here feel free to pause the video and

can you go to the shop and buy me some

can you go to the shop and buy me some

can remember is a modal verb we're not

to the to the shop can you go to the

and buy me some bread some strong form

gets weakened to a schwa can you go to

and buy me some bread can you go to the

now we sometimes break this rule if the

contrast if it's alone in a sentence or

sometimes if it comes at the end of a

so let's take this sentence here now

with normal sentence stress we could say

i asked her if she wanted fish and chips

i yester or asked it's up to you or

fish and chips so not fish and chips

fish and chips okay and gets weakened to

but let's imagine the listener that

we're speaking to got a bit confused

they thought we said something else so

now i'm giving stress to and and or

otherwise naturally it would be said as

and fisher chips fisher chips that

but is what we would say now for some

extra practice and to talk about the

special surprise that i mentioned at the

we today are going to be using the elsa

elsa is a pronunciat­ion app that focuses

on pinpointin­g your mistakes with

and it gives you very very specific

we're going to go through it together

we're actually going to go through the

on sentence dress today well we're going

intonation i should say which also

so we're going to jump down to the unit

there it is okay i'm gonna skip that we

don't need that because i've already

explained it to you you know the rules

if you're paying attention to this video

we're gonna go into the first exercise i

oh okay there we are so this does focus

primarily on american english so i'm

and you're going to see how it marks my

now as i said i'm gonna speak using my

and this focuses on american english but

intonation in british and american

english is pretty much the same so don't

let's have a listen again i went to the

so we can also see it says emphasize

so we're going to record ourselves i'm

i want you to listen and practice at

i went oh no my network's not available

okay so now my internet is back on let's

good job well done me and hopefully you

what's good is you can also listen back

i went to the store so this is great you

can listen back to your recording

and compare it to the original recording

let's try another one together okay you

well done to us let's try a few more

oh i i put too much stress on take i

let's try and get it again take a left

yeah okay we got it we got it i have a

okay which is true i do have a lot to do

good job good job how many more forgot

we've got a few more i think this might

be the last one okay let's see let me

i'll give it a shot i'll give it a shot

okay so remember she's american she says

shot yeah i'll give it a shot let's

good okay we're doing well we're doing

well something else i really like about

to the bottom here it should oh i might

there we are okay it also gives you the

underneath so as you can see it's got

a shot now do remember it is american

english and the phonetic symbols between

english and american english both of

they are slightly different it's just

it gives you a really good guide on

should it be a schwa should it be

something else okay i find that really

okay we might have another one after

what do you know i am a pro well that's

a nice confidence boost for today

so let me tell you a little bit more

about this app because i have something

very special for you for many of you who

don't know my boyfriend is spanish so i

so i tried it out from a teacher's

perspectiv­e he tried it out from a

and we both really enjoyed the app one

was how it gave instant feedback on very

he really liked that it would also

explain how to pronounce the sound he

and it helped him correct his speech so

that when he did it again he knew

overall elsa is pretty much like a

little pronunciat­ion teacher that you

7. so it gets my thumbs up i really

you can download the lsat app completely

pronunciat­ion and you want to upgrade

then elsa are offering you 80 of their

pack and 30 of their yearly pack

so if you really are serious about your

pronunciat­ion you want that feedback

you want that help perhaps you want to

and compare schools things like that

is great for that i highly recommend

that's it for today's lesson i hope

you've enjoyed it and you've learned

i will see you next lesson enjoy the


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