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SUBEp01: LAY got special eyes and began spiritual adventure 张艺兴异瞳看穿万物 Golden Eyes 黄金瞳 iQiyi with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

If you don't have your phone, that means no pictures,r­ight?

What a beautiful face in the photo! Clever boy!

If there aren't photos,... ...did the reunion even happen?

...on his phone in the office all day.

How much more can you play with your phone?

The only good things about the job are the benefits.

I'll be able to save up some money before 30.

Foreign companies are still the best.

I think Yue has it the easiest. Right,Yue?

My dad insists on having me take over his company.

I have hundreds of people depending on me every day.

I'll be happy not to throw it all away...

Zhuang Rui,that pawn shop of yours isn't too shabby either.

What's the career progressio­n like?

There isn't really any room for growth.

I might make some money if all goes well though.

Let's not talk about this and sing.

Our ride is here. We'll be going now.

He has called us a cab. It's over there.

I'll manage. -Alright. We're leaving.

Beijing University History Department Alumni Reunion.

Boss,the cops will be here soon. Let's hurry up and leave.

Who said you could take off the dressing?

You're pretty ballsy,are­n't you?

Good. You're coming along nicely.

If there aren't any complicati­ons, you may be discharged­.

I'm telling you, if this wound...

...was a couple inches closer to your eyes,you'd be blind by now.

Have you been here before? You haven't,ri­ght?

I'm telling you,almost all my patients don't recover.

Are you sure I sound familiar?

Can you take off your mask and show me your face?

Don't you think I look like...

That's it. The one who's always playing the villain.

Everyone in the lab says I do.

You look more like a singer to me.

Go make payment. Do you have a medical card?

That's not it. My eyes just don't feel right.

It's fine. I just looked at it. that I have just undressed your eyes,...

...your vision might be a little blurred.

That's not it. Things are a little too clear.

That just proves that your eyes are fine.

Can I go back to the way I was before?

What do you mean? You want to see things less clearly? night with the lights off.

When you are watching TV,get as close to the screen as possible.

Is something wrong with you,kid?

You're trying to deteriorat­e your own vision.

Can't you be a little nicer to him?

If you interrogat­e him today, Sir Ding won't be pleased.

You,wait for me here. -Boss.....

Looks like you really are a cop.

I even brought a gift. Take it.

How do you know if you haven't eaten it?

Even so,you still have to eat it.

What's wrong with you? -Eat it.

You may leave if there's nothing else.

You have to catch the criminals!

Let me tell you how we do things around here.

You scratch my back, I scratch yours.

...underst­and what that means.

It means that if you provide us a useful lead...

...and we apprehend the criminals.

I have already told you everything I know.

There were 3 armed men wearing masks.

They were very quick. That's it.

You still have a bright future if you think this through.

Don't let your emotions ruin your future.

What were you up to that night?

I went to the karaoke with my friends. The karaoke.

How did you get there? -How? I took the subway.

What time did it end? -Around 11 pm.

Why did you go back to the pawnshop after that?

I left my phone there,offi­cer.

Why did you need your phone? -Why? Because I needed to use it.

What for? -To send photos to my friends.

What photos? -Just some private photos.

Then how did you get back to the pawnshop?

I walked. -Why didn't you take the subway?

The subway had already stopped running.

I wanted to call a cab but I didn't have my phone.

How were you going to share your photos without your phone?

That's why I went back to the pawnshop,o­fficer.

You went to a reunion without your phone.

Then right after the reunion you just had to share...

The moment you entered the shop...

...there just happened to be a robbery taking place.

Was it really a coincidenc­e? -It was.

There are consequenc­es when you lie.

That's not it,officer­. Why would I lie?

A lie only leads to even more lies.

Must we really do this? I'm an honest guy.

That's why I want to understand­.

They're trying to get rid of the witness. Isn't it obvious?

...3 minutes after he opened the doors.

The robbery took less than 5 minutes.

Do you think it's possible without someone on the inside?

Would you believe me if I told you he wasn't the mole?

The thing is they never tried to break through...

...the security gate or the safe.

All they did was look around in the lobby for a bit.

...if Zhuang Rui was really a mole,...

...why was everything in the shop mostly untouched?

...but only the contents of this display case was untouched.

The manager said that it was worthless though.

Take it to the lab technician­s and see what they can find.

Boss,I've looked through the security footage.

Was this robbery a spontaneou­s one?

We won't be working this case anyway. Forget it.

As long as there's a crime, we're on it.

You've only been quiet for a few days.

The head of the Second Division just left me...

...about 5 or 6 complaints about you.

Hand this case over to the Second Division.

Focus on the antique theft case.

But,I..... -You can't keep working...

...on other people's cases. -I understand­.

I'm only pursuing this case because I found a lead.

I even put the report on your desk this morning. Did you not see

You're always busy so it's fine you haven't read it.

However,I am officially requesting­...

...that the antique theft case and this pawnshop robbery... investigat­ed as a single case.

Today,the lab technician­s just completed the ballistics analysis.

The ammunition used at the pawnshop..­.

...and the ammunition used by the tomb raiders...

The bullet casings left behind at the scene is proof of that.

I also suspect that there must be a reason...

...why there was a sudden change in their MO.

We need to get to the bottom of this as fast as we can...

...and prepare ourselves for what's to come.

The employee at the pawnshop is the only witness we have.

I plan on using him to solve the case.

If that's the case, follow up on your lead.

I'll handle the Second Division. -Thank you,Sir Ding.

The failure of this mission is all our fault.

A small shop like that doesn't have security measures.

Who knew that there would be someone in the shop...

My men were afraid. That's why they opened fire.

What was it... ...that scared you all like this?

You aren't afraid of the dead, why would you be afraid of a man?

...we don't really have much experience with this.

It was broken in the crossfire.

If you really like it, I'll get another one for you.

...but broken or not, I still want it.

Thank you for your hard work,Zhuan­g.

This is just a token of our appreciati­on.

Having you resign sounds better than being fired,righ­t?

...was referred into this company by me.

Exactly. It is only because you referred him...

...that we're only having him resign.

The company is even offering a severance package.

Uncle De,you know the cops will come asking around.

Why did he open the doors for the robbers?

...and because we trust you, we also trust him.

Zhuang,ple­ase accept this. Take it.

You know how much we value character in this field.

The most important thing in a man is to be straight and just.

He's a perfect example of that.

Young people should really learn from him.

Thank you for taking care of Zhuang all this while.

A young man like you should cheer up.

There's plenty of other opportunit­ies.

Zhuang,all you have are opportunit­ies in the future.

Uncle De,can you take a look at this for me?

Do you think it's from the Ming or Qing Dynasty?

When the Ming Dynasty fell... ...and when the Qing Dynasty rose is

Are you okay? -I'm fine,Uncle De.

I'm really sorry about today. Having you come out here for me.

Smooth. There's hope for you yet.

Looks like this wasn't a wasted year for you.

Everyone has bad times. You just have to ride it out.

This is your thing. I can't accept this.

It's not worth much. Think of it as a lucky charm.

I might start my own business.

No matter what, I'll give it my all. should be a part of the sharing economy.

That's a sure fire way to make money.

The essence of the sharing economy... the transfer of power from the business owners to the

Do you think this is a new idea?

Actually, landlords have that kind of power.

People like us who couldn't afford houses before...

...obvious­ly can't afford them now. Right?

...we would be living on the streets.

Around RMB200,000­. -RMB200,00­0?

However,th­is temporary setback... not an indictment of the sharing economy as a whole.

This is the way the world works now.

The faster you enter the market, the sooner you'll make money.

Get rid of those historical books you're reading now.

What have you shared? Why do people hate you so much?

Since when do you like rubbing salt on my wounds?

You're lucky we're best friends.

...but I didn't think you were even worse off than me.

What else can I do? Start over again!

That's good. I don't want to be bringing dumplings.­.. you in prison over the New Year.

For people who do what we do, debt is endless.

Some 80-year-ol­d customer pawned it here.

Told me it was a family heirloom.

It's worth at least RMB100,000­. Maybe more.

You studied History,ri­ght? Take a look.

Didn't you study History? Look at it.

How about it? -It's pretty much worthless.

How long have you worked there? Why do you have such poor taste?

I think this is really valuable.

It'll fetch a hefty sum of money.

When we get the money, let's pay off your rent...

Coming back from the brink. That's us.


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