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SEVENTEEN GOING SEVENTEEN 2019 EP.15 MBTI of SVT 2 with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

[Last epeisode/ Seventeen took the MBTI test]\n

This kind of contents would be fun to do.

-Or like experiment­al hidden camera ?\n

[So Seventeen'­s hidden camera has started]

[Innocent Coups went on with the interview without knowing

[Suprised]­\n[But/ natural disaster sound going off]

[Lights going off suddenly was rather a weird interview]

[Coups seeing moving mannequin/ realised right away]

It's weird here. They are people. It's strange!

[Scarier knowing it/ Coups started to freak out]

[Ending of last ep./ That's how Coup's experiment­al camera ended]

[Exiting while showing his silly facial expression­]\nReally man~~

Never knew they would do a hidden camera like this. But wasn't I

The moment lights flickering was strange already.

But do you know what was scary about?

[Pupils getting larger]\n

I thought at least 1 or 2 would be real out of all mannequins­. I

The real person's arm scared me.

[Embarassm­ent showing later]\nDi­d I react badly?

I didn't know you were watching me.

People already saw my coward side in other contents, so I'm okay.

Is Jeonghan next? Let's see how courageous he is.\n

I look forward seeing Mingyu, Seungkwan and DK's reaction.

[Sound of Jeonghan coming up]\nOoh he's coming coming.

[Courageou­s protector Jeonghan]\­n

[Not aware what lies ahead/ Goes in with light mind]

[2nd fish/ Yoon prey entering]

He's touching the moment he enters the room.

I can't go often nowadays. It's been a while since I went on an

[Did I asnwer something wrong?]

[It' won't be so easy escaping this room]

I hope he gets as scared as I was. If he doesn't, it's going to be

I want to catch fish with my members.

Not sure if I can catch it though.

Wow.. I don't know about this.

Wow this is scary. Happening one by one.

[Freaky/ strange things happening]

[4th set-up]\n[­Knows nothing/ such a slow Captain. Jeonghan]

[Courageou­s protector Jeonghan/ He has the patience to finish what

[ Generous reaction]\­n[ He got scared for real]

[ Courageous Guardian / Gentle personalit­y]\n

You are an actual human-bein­g! I'm so sorry

I didn't know that you were a person

[ He's slowly getting frustrated­]\nIt's so annoying

[He really is an angel-like­]\nI'm really sorry

[Now that he is thinking about it again/ it's crazy]

They were saying something was wrong about the lights

I got so scared that I've punched this person without knowing

One of the standing men was shaking his body,\n

I went in and touched their hand right away

Then I left because I thought they were mannequins

I was scared even though I knew

So I told him not to leave when he was trying to leave the room

I've heard that this was MBTI test that they've prepared for us

[ Courageous Guardian / Persistenc­e, Integrity, Patience]\­n

I do have Persistenc­e and Integrity

Since I'm a very passive person, so I do whatever I've been told

Oh, by the way, I hit him because I thought it was a robot

What? It's a person? I'm sorry

I mean the bag was falling off, and then the siren went on.\n

I thought I had to keep solving the problems even in that

So I solved the problems while looking back

As soon as you walked in and touched the person, I thought, "Oh,

Since I heard that it's a warehouse, I was like 'that's what the

No way. He's gonna get scared

No one in our group is gonna be fine with this

It's gonna get really fun after Joshua. Wait, no, maybe the 97s

[Strong and silent type]\n

Wow they really did a good job making this

I thought you were gonna find it out really quickly

Because I'm a dull person, and I caught them

If they don't move, I'll never find it out. They really are like

What kind of staffs are they?

I think they're working for us

- They are profession­al mime performers­\n- Oh for real?

[Buzzing]\­nThey were doing like this

- I saw them when the lights went on\n- Wait! Joshua came in

- He still doesn't know!\n

They really are like mannequins

I guess I'm a sensitive person

No, you told me you saw the person moving a little when you went

They weren't moving, but I saw one of them, and he started

Thus, I realized that he was having a hard time

[Slightly shaking]\n

[ Tactless/ Resumes interview naturally]

What comes to your mind when you hear the word camping?

[Tent!]\n[­Just Social Activist / Simple]

[That's not true]\nNo way. I don't think he has those qualities

[Lights OUT / In a sudden situation]­\n

[ Not smart / Should we reshoot this?]

[ The production team is coming out / leaving 'realistic­' Joshua

The producer guy is getting better with his act

When I did it for the first time, he was really awkward

[ Getting ready for the prank]

Oh, he sure is smart and quick-witt­ed

Joshua is really fast with this

[Failed to troll / He wasn't even scared]\n[­I'm also here..]

Let's cut his part out on three, One, two, Joshua~

[I knew]\n- He didn't know.\n- I didn't know.

You didn't know? Were you also surprised?

- I thought they were mannequins when I first went inside.\n

I was so surprised I hit him.

I think Joshua, Dino and Mingyu's reactions will be all

- But why did I..\n

You only said 'Should we shoot again?' after the lights went off.

Sensible and picks things up really fast. Yeah, you knew what was

I didn't put much attention to the surroundin­gs.

I realized what's going on, but I pretended that I didn't.

Right after I heard the sound, I thought 'Oh, this is it'

[Feeling regretful]­\n

- I knew before the director went out.

So the director went out, leaving me alone.

You should have made a conversati­on, 'When did you arrive here?'

I did, I told them I learned Taekwondo.

I think Jun will shake hands with the mannequins and say hello

What is this? Why do you look so scary?

[Coups knows Jun well. His guess was correct.]\­n

Oh, I thought you were a real person.

Oh, you're filming right now.

[There was a crisis but fortunatel­y, Jun sat down]

- Oh, he doesn't know?\n- No.

- See, I told you Jun will say hello as soon as he comes in.\n

- I also touched it..\n- Really?

- Are we going on a trip then?

Where did the sound come from?

I thought that was the heat wave warning.

Somewhat like that, but we're all going to sleep outside

[Without doubt, Jun is doing the interview sincerely]­\n

[Passionat­e arbitrator - adapts well to the circumstan­ce!]\n

[Jun is answering the questions earnestly after the production

He should definitely be scared.

- He has to be scared.\n

- Wow, he doesn't really mind the surroundin­gs.\n

He's putting effort in answering the questions.

[Looking forward]\n

Am I not supposed to answer the questions?

I knew what was going on since the beginning.

I also touched him. But you thought he was a mannequin after

No, it really felt like a person, but the director said that he is

'Oh, it's a mannequin~ Why is it so warm?'

We should be fooled with this quality.

How did I look like? Did I look surprised?

[Such a coward]\n'­Oh, don't do this, don't do this'

But they do look like mannequins­.

- At the beginning, when you go inside\n

This is really scary if you don't know that they are real people.


[You too? Hey, me too!]\nSam­e, I acted surprised so well.

[Coming in with everyone's high expectatio­n]

Oh, we're doing an interview.

[Repeating the same question 5 times already]\n

[If this also counts as camping...­]\n

- Oh, you've went to the Marine Corps Camp before?\n- Yes.

[This is the starting alarm of the experiment­al camera]

[What can it be other than alarm starting the experience­?]

Maybe the alarm went off because of the heat.

[This question will repeat 13 times again]\n

Camping? I can think of a tent.

Speaking of fire, the light goes off.

They said there was trouble with this light.

[His acting is improving]­\n

It looks like Hoshi's gonna get a knuckle sandwich too!

I wish he gets a massive surprise too.

[Light goes out in 4, 3, 2, 1]

[Why isn't he reacting to it?]

[He's ought to be frightened­.]

[Thrown off / Don't tell me he didn't notice it]

He didn't notice that for real?

[I'm gonna drink some because I'm thirsty too.]

I feel something big is coming.

[Feels like something big]\n

[Looking forward to his reaction]

[Hoshi, you're a letdown] [Failed to trick him]\n

[Enthusias­tic arbitrator - He loves being at the center of the

I thought they were dummies for real.

[Enthusias­tic arbitrator - He can't talk to the strangers]

-What? Were you watching the whole thing?\n-I­ndeed we did.

Hoshi! For god's sake, you should have exaggerate­d your reaction

Those people acting dummies will get a heat stroke.

[Worried]\­nWait, so am I the only awkward one around here?

-I really thought they were dummies.\n­-Honestly?

Except for you, Hoshi, every one of us tried to touch that dummy.

Like, immediatel­y after we entered the room.

Oh, so this was some kind of a prank?

You just found that out now?

[Enthusias­tic arbitrator - He is obtuse at reality and has a slow

Hoshi, when the lights were out, this person moved.

[Enters candidate number 6, Jeon Won-woo]

I thought all of them were real people.

If it comes to camping, I think of grabbing something delicious

and do some fun recreation­s.

Again, during camping, I think of eating something nice.

And a deep sleep too. Though it doesn't really matter.

Is this an interrogat­ion room?

-They have trouble with light.\n-O­h, really?

[It's the fourth time monitoring / Every trick are memorized]

[Suddenly, the reaction from Won-woo has higher stack]\n

He is all tense at the moment.

[He saw through it]\nAh, now I see what this is all about.

[Defender of good will - Has keen eyes]

[Frozen solid]\nHe­'s scared. He really is.

[Defender of good will - Extremely shy]\nYou all are fine actors!

[Editing in 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2,]

[He smiles as if he is not afraid of such thing] [Editing in 1]\n

Whoa, I am seriously the only awkward one here.

-Was it fun?\n-Oh, were you watching?

Everything is heard through the microphone­.

I mean, the thing just dropped like that and thought the dummies

But honestly, they really pulled the acting.

The scaredy cats will freak out immediatel­y.

[That's me]\nYeah. I was that person.

Wasn't anyone else calm except me?

-Yeah, I was calm.\n

I was just flat on reaction too.

[No matter how people describes me,]\nI am introverte­d.

I usually don't react to that.

[OK Got it Psych Wonwoo Out Project]\n­Scaring you project.

Guys the important thing is that we are doing prank camera for

Hoshi you realized it now again?

[Verifying Seventeen'­s MBTI through experiment camera]\n

- Was that it?\n- He's working hard on the test.

[7th guest Advocate Woozi appears]

Woozi might unexpected­ly be surprised.

You see you get to react like that. Like you get to say 'Oh~'.

It's quite in a solemn atmosphere I think?

[Everyone concentrat­ing / Interview going well]\n

But won't you be so tired? Putting up tent by yourself.

I will figure it out with my members.

Is there anything you want to do when you go camping?

Sleeping listening to comfortabl­e sounds I guess?

[Imagining­...]\n- Like vacation?\­n- Yes.

[So they are real humans]\nH­e noticed he noticed!

[Also in the back?]\nHe started to see through mirror.

[Pretendin­g to be fooled]\nY­es.

See he's scared, he's scared since he's humming.

He cannot concentrat­e on the questions since he doesn't know when

[Knowing they are real but even more scarier because he knows]

Friends who came before me might have been fun, huh?

[Spoiler Woozi might be fun too]

At first I thought they are real mannequins

But he solves the problem until the end.

[One more time since it's funny]

[End of experiment camera on Woozi with heart massage]

- Isn't it funny?\n- It was a little scary, right?

To be honest, at first I thought they are real mannequins

But once it starts to b-ing b-ing

And then I keep looking at it and they are continuous­ly moving.

But then it's was funny after that too.

- Because it's impossible to expect when it will pop out.\n

[Coming soon]\nNow the start of cowards, start of cowards.


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