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Ridin Club Ep.1 - 라이딩 대결의 서막 NCT DREAM Riding Battle with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

(NCT DREAM is gathered at \nRiding Club secret place)

Hey, why is our secret place\nso deserted like this?

- You should attach that one then\n- I'll attach this one

- Okay okay okay..\n- Put some poster on a space without one

and Renjun Lee\nand Jaemin Lee

Hey, why don't you play a song

Play Miracle once, so that \nwe could sing together

I hold you in my arms and fly over

I hold you in my arms and fly over

Step on accelerato­r to pop up\nWe outta control ya ya

Jisung, what are you doing?\nCo­me over here

No, I'll put the poster where\nJis­ung's rapping

It's good to work hard on\nrappin­g as you face the wall

Hey, Chenle, teach me a little

red ginseng we received after getting

1st place on the World Riding Competitio­n?

We didn't receive it, remember

I mean.. after I drifted and..

and scored the final goal \nby mistake, you remember?

And we've never even touched \nthe red ginseng though?

Are we still considered as the \n1st place for such thing?

Ah, we achieved the 1st place

I spinned 3 rounds and \nflew without noticing

You guys were also there beside,\n

I don't know what we're talking about

(attaching the poster on his back)\n(gu­itar+game+­rap)

Step on the accelerato­r to pop up WE..

What did you say,\nwhat did you say?

Step on the accelerato­r to pop up \nWe outta control

Attach this one between the balloons

Attach this between the balloons you want

I thought I was gonna go fight

Try throwing a little bit above

Shall we just do a competitio­n for it?

Let's just play a game with this one

It's got a feeling \n(to receive it with your hands)

(let's do the competitio­n later)\nSh­all we do it later?

Try throwing it really high,\nabo­ut this high

Oh my god, the three came to me

To the side, to the side,\nto the left, to the left, to the right

We should go, we should go, argh

You're on the 8th place, 8th place

Ah, that's why nothing's around me

Oh I could see the people,\nI could see the people

The helmet is your life\nin riding crew

But there are (only) two \nhelmets here though..

That is American football (helmet) though?

That one's still hanging on mine

Hey, when do we go for the riding again?

The helmet is important\­n(for the riding crew)

I'll be always wearing the helmet

Hey, we're the riding crew, how could you..

Why do you keep saying that we should go

Hey, that one is a carbonated drink

Chenle, why are you keep\nplay­ing the game even in here

I was told that we should play..

I was told that we should play it here

You can't play games at home, can you?

That's why you're playing it\nafter coming here now, right?

Anyone wants to have a glass of \nthe carbonated water?

Hey, wasn't this one here since last year?

Ah, I feel relieved,\­nthree hours remaining still

It's our first time visiting here this year

But the expiration date is really okay, right?\n

Jisung, can you fit your head \ninside this (helmet)?

Hey hey, you try wearing it first,\nyo­u try wearing it first

Hey, if I can't fit in,\nyou could never fit yours

Chenle first, Chenle first, \nChenle first, please..

We'll start the big head competitio­n

As I see it, Chenle would lose

If you fit in, I could fit in

Try it, try it, it'd never fit in

Don't stretch it,\ndon't stretch it

Try it Jisung, try it quickly

What is it, his head could fit in?

When taking out the helmet,\nt­he face

I think my face got irregular.­. \nirregula­r shape now

Ah, I guess this helmet \ncould become a weapon

I vote 1 that you can't take it out

He'll be on this show with the \nhelmet on throughout today

I guess he can't wash his hair now

Hey, Haechan is also a fake, a fake

Yes, his head is bigger than one expects

Jeno, it looks empty on Jaemin's face\n

They're right there, right there

Jeno, Jaemin's face looks a bit empty today

- It's something you put on your face\n- Finish it already

I told you it's almost done \nabout three times

You should do it by yourself originally­,\nshould I help you out?

It's amazing that it's finished \nwithin 10 minutes

20 years? Only 10 years have passed

Ah, what are you doing,\nyo­u should do it better

I'll make you look pretty,\nt­rust me already

It's done, stop it,\nhey, stop it

Guys, hold his hands one by one

(the glitter is too small)\n

Yup.. Chenle should keep playing the game

Hey, attach a lot, attach a lot

Jaemin, come over here,\ncom­e over here

I'm practicing Daum game \nbroadcas­t right now

I'm working (and not playing)

Where is the Daum game broadcast though

- Look look\n- It looks really pretty

You're surprised \n(because it's too pretty), right?

Wait a sec, let me see my face

Okay Jisung, you should come as well

Are you really gonna do it?\nAre you really gonna do it?

No, I'll make you look \nreally pretty, quickly

Torku Makto\n(th­e bird from Avatar)

I'll show up in Avatar, alright?

Shall we spray yellow one for Jisung?

Okay, it's not pizza's topping here

It's expensive when you place \ntoo many toppings

It costs about 400,000 won, you know?

Why, look, it's pretty though

- Torku Makto\n- How can I erase it?

Okay, shall we sing a song now?

Shall we sing Miracle \ntogether after a long time?

Get out of here in a neat way

Just like the sunset at nightfall

I hold you with my arms and fly over

You don't know the lyrics, do you?

I'll kiss you on your lips \nwhile you're asleep

Please open the door to your mind

I've been keep saying 'ah',\nI don't know the lyrics

Hey, should we really go for it now?

Should we all run for it\nafter a long time?

Hey, how could you be so weak,\nyou­'re a man


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