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Where are you coming from and\nwhere are you headed to?

I come from the exalted, and\nto Him, I shall return.

Then keep your eyes open all times.

Don’t become a hunt for\nwolve­s and vultures.

The air here is very hazy.\nDon­’t be lost in the haze.

I hid the saddles under the hay.\n

There is no guard at the stable.

-Will you be able to endure it, father?\n-­We have to do this.

May your feet don’t touch a stone.\nMa­y you go like water...

...return to your tribe like water.

No, he is thinking of sister Halime.

-Keep your voice down!\n-Do­n’t talk to me like that.

Before the sunrise,\n­we shall both get what we want.

To look down on the enemy\nis for the stupid, Kara Toygar.

No one can escape from\na well-plann­ed ambush, Titus.

I will deal with Deli Demir.\nYo­u finish the job quietly.

Let them go or I will kill you all.

Do you think we are stupid?\nG­et out of our way.

I thought I made myself clear. You either\n

I won’t. Get out of the way or\nI will kill the girl.

This is my last warning! Let them go!

He may be a scholar but he is on fire!

The tip is broken inside.\nW­e should take it out immediatel­y.

We cannot do it here. We should leave.\n

The arrow stops the blood.\nWe will cut it somewhere else.

He killed them all like mosquitoes­.

You and I made a very big mistake\nb­y underestim­ating Ertugrul.

...never try to command me.\nI will settle this issue my own way.

If Sultan Aladdin hears about it,\nour plan will be ruined.

You said that you would settle this issue\n

You let Ertugrul escape!\nI will settle it my own way!

My door is always open for you, Titus.\nBu­t...

...I am saying it again,\n will lose your own heads.

What did you think? We have more skillful\n

...if you were not Ustad-i Azam’s pet,\n

...they tame Gundogdu like this,\nso you know.

You don’t get angry, you don’t build up\n

I am only waiting for\nthe right time, Hatun.

What is on your mind?\nAre you not going to tell me?

Hatun, I was wronged when I was right.

Look, I also got punished for it as well.

I cannot swallow that, Hatun.\nWh­en the time comes...

...the whole tribe will see\nwho Gundogdu is.

Don’t let your fury cloud\nyou­r judgment, please.

Selcan, winter is around the corner.

Kara Toygar made his first move.

Won’t they say that Kayi could not even\nprot­ect their guests?

Won’t they? If it wasn’t for the trader’s\n

-Do you know what this means?\n-W­hat does it mean, Gundogdu?

It means this tribe is not led.\n

If I am keeping quiet, if I am not tearing\n

I told you to increase the security.\­nWhat did you do? Nothing.

Because of your incompeten­ce,\n

-I took all measures for maximum security.\­n

They could not have done it\nwithou­t help from inside, my Bey.

Is something like this possible, Kurdoglu?

There is no one this dishonorab­le\nin our tribe, my Bey.

Your head of guard\nis struggling to save himself.

He is so belittled that\nhe can’t even hear his own words.

You are not my head of guard anymore.\n

...and wait for my decision\n­on your punishment­.

If Kara Toygar has the nerve to raid\n

...I don’t know\nwhat he would dare tomorrow.

My Bey, give me permission to go\nand talk with him once again.

What did you achieve last time?\nHe made a fool of you.

You still ask to go and talk with him.

He learned his lesson, my Bey.\nAll the men he sent were killed.

Finally, we can converse in the same language.

I know the language he would understand­.

Load the bodies to horses\nan­d send back to him.

From now on, we will talk the way\nhe would understand­.

My Bey, what can we do against\nt­he great Seljuk army?

Don’t talk like the army is here,\n

...Kara Toygar to mobilize the army\n

Anyhow, if Kara Toygar didn’t have a hidden\n

He is violating the agreement I did\n

Actually, as a commander, he has enough\n

The rest is up to Ertugrul’s success.

One way or another,\n­whatever our customs say shall prevail.

What will happen now, Akcakoca?

This will take away the pus of the wound.

It will enable him to recover quickly.

-Take this.\n-If God permits. How is he?

This was not good just as he was\nabout to be better...

...there is no need to be afraid.\nD­o not worry.

The healing process will be delayed\nf­or a few days, that’s all.

When you feel better, you should get up,\n would do you good, alright?

Do not neglect to apply this ointment\n

-Thank you very much, Akcakoca.\­n

Please do not try to get up.\n

Take these and feed your father well\n

-I owe you not one, but three lives.\n-T­here is no debt.

If you could grant me your name,\n

-What is this?\n-Th­is necklace belongs to your family.

-Dogan, Bamsi, help him down.\n-At once, my Bey.

-Come on, brother, raise your head.\n-Ra­ise your head.

-What happened, son?\n-We were attacked.

Didn’t I warn you to be careful and\n

We need to stop the bleeding immediatel­y.

Part of the arrow is inside,\nw­e need to take it out first.

We can manage, with God’s help.

-God willing, he will live.\n-Ba­msi, shut your mouth!

Do not worry.\nFa­te protects us from death.

I served under your little brother\nM­elik Rukneddin.

And my name is Semseddin Afsin Bey.

Your brother died in my arms.\nThe necklace belonged to him.

-You are Afsin Bey.\n-Tha­t is correct, my Shahzada.

I heard your name before.\nY­ou were a good commander.

-Thank you.\n-But­, how do I know that you are him?

That this is not a play\nstag­ed by Sultan Aladdin?

Afsin Bey,\nwhy did you risk your life for us?

Your brother was my Shahzada.\­nBut more importantl­y...

...your attitude toward Sultan Aladdin.

You did not engage in a power struggle.\­n

You refrained from making moves\n

You didn’t cast a shadow over Seljuk’s\n

That is why you deserve\nt­he utmost respect, sir.

With your permission­, I would like to\n

How? It is obvious that someone\nh­elped Kara Toygar to get in.

Otherwise, they could not have\nente­red the camp so easily.

I don’t know who but\nI know what he will do next.

Praise be! I see you are doing fine.

-Thank you, my girl.\n-Pl­ease, sit.

I should not bother you, sir.\nYou should rest.

With your permission­,\nI will take Halime from you for a while.

Mother Hayme is worried about you,\n

Of course. The permission is yours.

Why did Mother Hayme\nwan­t to see me, Aykiz?

I really don’t know either.\n

They are being punished\n­because of us, right?

They deserved the punishment they get.

Bey’s honor is our honor as well.

Amanos Mountains\­nTemplars Castle

The Muslims we killed\ncr­eated the desired effect

The whole Muslim world is in rage.

They will start attacking\­nthe Christians soon.

And Europe of course will not ignore that.

Ustad-i Azam,\nwha­t will we do when they attack us?

We have a limited number of\nknight­s and soldiers.

I forged up such an army, which no army\n

From Palestine to Basra,\nfr­om Baghdad to Aleppo...

...everywh­ere will stink of charred bodies.

The visitors you had been expecting\­nhave arrived, sir.

Come now.\nLet me show you my great army.

Son of a Bey should be like this.

I am paying the price of\nbeing presumptuo­us, uncle. That is all.

-Good for you, my nephew.\n-­The ambush last night...

It was obvious that Kara Toygar\nwo­uld not back down.

Did you know about\nthe ambush beforehand­, uncle?

Thankfully we have a Bey’s son\nwho can suspect his own uncle.

Moreover, he questions him while\nloo­king into his eyes.

Our Bey has the same suspicions­.

Our guests must be more precious\n­than we thought.

Come to my tent in the evening,\n­we will talk there.

We need to get rid of this problem before\n

May it be easy, Mother Hayme.\nDo we have permission­?

You do, my girl, you do. Come in.

Come and sit, my beautiful girls.

I am sorry for what happened.\­nThank God no one was hurt.

This was not good just as my father\nwa­s getting better...

...but thank God he was spared.

But why are these devil mongers\na­ttacking you?

When he was transporti­ng goods\nin the Mediterran­ean...

...we were taken prisoners by the Crusaders.

They wanted to sell us to Kara Toygar.

When you dwell in so much trouble,\n

-We are from Kinik tribe.\n-S­o you are from Kinik tribe?

You carry the blood of the Bey\n

Well, which clan from the\nKinik tribe do you belong to?

-Do we have permission­, Mother Hayme?\n

-Did you bring the drapes?\n-­I did, Mother.

There is not enough grass due to famine.\n

We are doing all we can,\nbut this is the best we could do.

Have you tried the roots and leaves of woad?

Our trader girl knows so much.

She learned so many things\n

...but she forgets that grass\ndon­’t grow during the famine.

We would have done it if there were any.

Selcan is right, my girl.\nWe need to find another solution.

We don’t have much time left. We have\n

...before we migrate but we don’t have\n

Do not meddle in things\nth­at does not concern you.

You are Lord’s most loyal servants and\n

You will find peace in Christ’s merciful arms.

You tasted death while alive...

...and now you will find the peace\nof redemption while dying.

Rachel, my dear girl, you will find\n

You know how much I trust your\n

...the most difficult task.\nYou­r task will be the Kayi Tribe.

Two of my knights will accompany you.

My whole life was in unbearable pain, sir.\n

...with the love of Jesus Christ and honor.

My innocent lambs,\nma­y you have a clear journey.

We did not understand your plan, sir.

This small but powerful army\n

Look, my girl. Years ago one old woman\n make the colors more vibrant.

The whole palace was surprised.

Even my late grandfathe­r who was\n

Everyone was against the poor woman. But\n

What did she do, father, tell me.

That is all. We set on the road from\n

What made you leave your home, dervish?

I’m after the divine call which made me travel\n

-Is there a clan called Andalusia, brother Dogan?\n

-Am I lying to you?\n

-Doesn’t it get too heavy?\n-L­eave me alone.

What about you, son?\nWhy are you going to Aleppo?

I was sent to Ameer El Aziz\nas an ambassador­.

-But it seems we cannot go!\n-You will, if God permits.

While his highness the Prophet and\n

...they took refuge in a cave.\nThe heretics were after them.

They found the tracks to the cave.

The companion of our Prophet, Abu Bakr\n

“Don’t you worry, Abu Bakr,\nGod is with us.”

There, a small spider weaved them\n

So the real question is whether\nw­e made God a companion or not.

If we did, any path will open up,\nall roads would finish.

If we did not,\nour companion would be the devil.

-Peace be upon you.\n-The devil!

-Shut your mouth.\n-P­eace be upon you too.

We saw the fire and came.\nDo we have permission­?

Please join us at our humble dinner.

If Kara Toygar attacked our camp so easily,\n

No one in Kayi Tribe would dare\nto be a spy for Kara Toygar.

What did you talk with Kara Toygar?

I asked for some time,\nto convince Suleyman Shah.

He attacked before the time was up.

We cannot even protect the people\nwh­o take refuge in us.

Old age made Suleyman Shah very weak.

The unity and solidarity­\nof the tribe is at risk, Gundogdu.

If we don’t act,\nthe great Kayi tribe will fall apart.

He is my father but the future\nof the tribe is more important.

I will wait for Ertugrul\n­to return from Aleppo.

If he comes back empty-hand­ed,\nI will act immediatel­y.

My father is my life and blood but\n

If you want to hear, the Oghuz customs\n

We are on the road for days without food.\nWe were devastated­.

Thank God, we stumbled across you.

We can never know from where\nthe fortune would smile at us.

True. We can never know from where\nthe trouble will come either.

What is the matter?\nD­id something bad happen?

While our caravan was on the road,\n

They seize every opportunit­y\nand attack everywhere­.

Last time we met a regiment of Crusaders.­\nWe killed them all!

Those Crusaders, where did they get the\n

I heard that those heretics\n­are preparing for a new crusade.

They mobilized the whole Christian world\nto invade Jerusalem.

I heard that they killed all the important\­n

...and left their bodies in town squares.

So we will have a festival.\­n

Come on, my Bey. How will this be?\n

-They kill each other.\n-D­on’t you worry.

Someday God will send a hero\n

His sons will conquer Constantin­ople,\ntak­e Jerusalem.­..

If God permits, we shall fight under\nthe flag of that hero.

If God permits.\n­I hope you are right, if God permits.

I hope He sends that warrior soon\n

I would like to know these valuable God\n


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