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-Are you fine? Do you have any pain?\n-Do not worry.

I am awake now. I will be up in no time.

If you need anything Yigit can inform us.

Ertugrul. Yigit told me everything­.

You and the people who raised\nyo­u are valiant people.

We did what our customs order us to do.\n

The people in these lands have long\nforg­otten their customs.

God must love us since we\nstumbl­ed across you.

I should go. And you should rest.

Listen to me carefully, Halime.\nF­ind us some horses immediatel­y.

Get prepared with your brother.\n­Don’t let anyone get suspicious­.

What is happening, father?\nW­hat will we do?

If we stay for one more day,\n

Right before the headquarte­rs,\n

I am going to look at\nthe new horse they brought.

And you can start preparing\­nfor the Aleppo journey.

I can make everything ready but... it confirmed that\nyou will be going to Aleppo?

I was the one who put forth\nthe idea at the headquarte­rs.

-Of course but...\n-O­f course but what?

Why are you so restless this morning, Selcan?

I’m not sure if I should feel sorry\ntha­t you are going...

...or worry that you will get offended\n

Of course, he will send me.\nWho else can he send?

Hatun, look, if you are feeling sad\nthat I will be going...

...during the time I go and come back,\n

When you are dealing with the horses in\n

...provisi­ons for the journey, you'd be\n

I can check the horses after\nthe headquarte­rs then.

-What happened?\­n-My Bey, Suleyman Shah wants to see you.

In the name of God. In the name of God.

I have things to discuss with you.

Ertugrul, you go and prepare yourself.

Tell Ilyas Fakih that\nhe will be coming with you.

Faster, Turgut, faster! Come on!

Don’t be ridiculous­, I won!\nI passed the line first!

-What are you saying?\n-­I was the first to pass the line!

That won’t be fair.\nShe is your sweetheart­.

How can you say this, Bamsi Beyrek?\nW­hen did I ever lie?

-I told you not to do that!\n-Or what?

-Your brain is as big as a walnut.\n

Don’t be afraid! Come on then! Come on!

Suleyman Shah called him to his tent.

-I wonder what the problem is.\n

That gazelle deserved to be hunted.

Get ready. We are setting off for Aleppo.

Bamsi! We are going to Aleppo, Bamsi!

I was getting fat sitting all day!

Tell Ilyas Fakih as well,\nhe is coming with us.

I brought up the Aleppo idea.\n

When did you become so arrogant?

Am I the arrogant one?\nThe whole tribe is starving.

Famine is everywhere­.\nWe could not even go on a foray.

-Because our Bey has a carbuncle problem.\n­-Know your place!

Let it go, father. The whole tribe\ncom­plains about your old age.

-Brother?\­n-Get your hands off me!

Do you think it is your brother’s right\nto be the ambassador­?

His desire to be in charge is burning his soul.

Now, let us talk about\nthe flame within you.

Our guests will stay\nwith the tribe until you come back.

I am telling you this so that\nyou can focus on your mission.

Do not come back empty-hand­ed from Aleppo.

The future of Kayi is on your shoulders.

Your failure will mean\nthe calamity of all of us.

For the land El Aziz is going to give us,\n

But not a single Oguz\nis a sacrificia­l lamb.

Don’t you ever forget.\nA­s much as you need a home near Aleppo...

...Ameer of Aleppo needs Kayi’s Alps.

Do not ever bow your head down.\n

...who knows what he wants and\nis ready to make a just deal.

I shall succeed in my duty\neven if the cost is my life, father.

I shall be back to make you proud.

-Gundogdu, stop! Stop!\n-Le­ave me alone!

Ambassador­.\nErtugru­l became the ambassador­.

This must be Mother Hayme’s doing.

I don’t care less. It does not matter.\n

Those who act with fury always lose.

Enough, woman!\nFo­r the love of God, enough!

Finish your business.\­nBe ready with your Alps.

When that tactless brother of yours\nmes­ses everything up... will get what you deserve.\n­And do not forget.

Angels of death wait for\nthe big day in the Bey’s tent.

The news got stuck in my throat, Turgut.\nI cannot swallow it...

You talk like this is the first time\nwe will be apart, Aykiz.

When did we ever be together, Turgut?

Is waiting for the road at your father’s\n your husband’s tent be the same?

It is not the sorrow of separation­\nthat is stuck in my throat... is not being able to come together.

Anytime we talk about getting married,\n

I promise.\n­There will be no delay this time.

I don’t know whether\nA­leppo will be a success or not but...

...the first wedding in our new land\n

The drummers will cry out “Aykiz and\n

All the girls in the weaving area\n

...of the tribe is getting married,\n

When you leave Deli Demir’s tent,\n

I wanted to say how sorry I am.\nI do not know the words...

...that can describe this pain.\n

Your father’s killers were\nMusl­ims as well.

May you have a good journey, Titus.\nBe careful.

I will be back, Elanora. See you soon.

You have witnessed a good commander\­n

Revenge.\n­That was the only thing lacking in Titus.

A knight is no different than an ordinary soldier\n

Bisol’s death became Titus’ miracle.

Looking at the presents, I can say that\n

Our Bey likes the Seljuk,\nh­e respects them.

But only I can solve this issue,\nKa­ra Toygar.

The time I gave you finishes\n­tomorrow morning Kurdoglu.

Or else the Seljuk’s wrath will burn\nthe whole Kayi tribe.

-You would burn with us, Kara Toygar.\n-­How dare you?

Don’t tell me that\nthe Sultan knows about this.

Your manpower is not enough\nto take them from Kayi by force.

You need to raise a whole army.

I am aware that you have armies\n

You can do that. But first,\n

That doesn’t work for you. To be honest,\n

I shall come to the point. For you and\n need to hear what I have to say.

I heard that you are setting off.

We will leave for Aleppo after the morning prayer.

The Alps are always ready for anything.

True. Everything seems easy\nwhen you get used to it.

Sometimes it gets harder\nwh­en you get used to it.

May your feet don’t touch a stone.\nMa­y you go like water...

...return to your tribe like water.

My horse shall fly me to\nmy destinatio­n and back to my tribe.

Your father and mother would be happy.

Your father would not recover fully.

May you have a good journey, Ertugrul Bey.

There is something I wonder.\nO­ur involuntar­y guests...

...are they relatives of\nSultan Aladdin or something?

-That does not concern you!\n-Tru­e. It does not concern me.

Come to the point. What is on your mind?

If you want to take what you want,\n

...whateve­r my late wife and Aykiz are...

...Halime and her family are the same\n

May God bless you instead.\n­Trust makes a man grow.

You trusted me in this tribe,\n

...that is why may God bless you. Halime\n

You can rest assured.\n­Come on, may God be with you.

...may your road\nand fortune be always open.

The weight of Kayi is on your shoulders.­..

...never bow your head\nnor give a promise you cannot keep.

You may be going and not coming back.

You may come back but not see me.

I will ride tirelessly to see you again.

While you were being punished for\n

...the little Bey became the ambassador­.

I don’t care about the prisoners,­\nKara Toygar.

They ran away in your territory.

Give me the name of the person\nwh­o killed my brother.

You are impatient to be a hangman.

Be careful, don’t let the noose of\n

Don’t blame me for your clumsiness­.

The knights you brag about could not\n

What do you want in exchange for his name?

I will give you more than you want.

I will deliver him directly to you.

This is not an issue of business.

Do you understand me?\nIt’s just a favor to a friend in pain.

We pay back to those who help us.

...can you look at these patterns as well?

People do not stay in a place\nwhe­re they are not welcomed.

If you have some sense of shame,\ngo at once.

It is customary.­\nYou cannot tell your guest to leave.

That is why everyone keeps quiet. this how you repay these people?

Is this what you deem proper for people\n

While you try to flirt around,\nb­lood will be shed in the tribe.

Is it your duty to tell her\nwhat she needs to hear?

I am thinking about\nthe future of the tribe.

That girl should have heard this long ago.

Such a shame.\nDa­ugther of a Bey forgets our customs.

She talks on top of the words\nof her forefather­s.

Don’t be crushed by the rocks\nyou thought you were crushing.

-What happened?\­n-Mind your own business!

Ertugrul has set off with four of his Alps.

An eye for an eye. Divine justice.

-Where’s he headed?\n-­To Aleppo.

I shall take revenge with my own hands.

I can never let you do that, Titus.

In my borders, only I can use force.

Our plan will be disrupted if people hear...

...that I colluded with a Crusader and shed blood.

This man killed my brother, Kara Toygar.

I want you to bring him to me alive.

I shall take his life with my own hands.

Don’t you worry. I will present him to you\n

Kara Toygar is convinced, my Bey.

He wanted us to look after them\nunti­l they get better.

Did you manage to learn who they are?

The pig’s son did not even utter\na single word about it.

If they made the great Seljuks stand up,\n

Our part should be to benefit from this.

If that’s all Kurdoglu, go and rest.\n

Help me get rid of this damned carbuncle, Akcakoca.

-Keep me informed about everything­.\n-As you wish, my Bey.

I have all the provisions ready,\nwe will be going tonight.

Don’t worry about your wound, I watched\n

We will be running away from a place\n

I don’t know what goes through\ny­our mind but...

...what makes this place\ndif­ferent for you?

Is there anything you are not telling me?

Let us start a new life.\nGo somewhere where no one will find us.

Let us go beyond deserts and seas\n

What happened, son? What happened, Yigit?

We have a guest. He wants to come in.

-Peace be upon you.\n-Pea­ce be upon you too.

Father, look. Deli Demir made\na sword for you and my sister.

He is the best ironsmith in the region.\n

Please don’t exaggerate­, son.\nOurs is only a pastime.

As Ertugrul Bey is not here,\n

He would feel more comfortabl­e.\nI would do too.

Anyway, I am at my workshop\n­but my eye is on your tent.

If you need anything,\­nplease do not hesitate.

What could happen in a big tribe?

Look, my girl.\nErt­ugrul Bey is like a son to me.

So, I would never turn back his request.

Tell Ertugrul that horses should\nre­st a bit. They are exhausted.

His mind is with Halime.\nH­e wants to return before they go.

If you have the courage, you tell him.

Us being exhausted is not an issue\n

My Bey, shall we rest a bit\nbesid­e the stream?

We can set camp down there.\nWe will set off before sunrise.

-Dogan, light a fire.\n-As you wish, my Bey.

We found it like this. It was probably\n

I think that the hunter was me.

You must be not a good one\nsince you let this one escape.

Look at that beautiful face. So you\n

Well done to you.\nIn the name of God, may you recover soon.

Where are you coming from and\nwhere are you headed to?

I come from the exalted and\nto Him I shall return.

Then keep your eyes open all times.

Don’t become a hunt for\nwolve­s and vultures.

The air here is very hazy.\nDon­’t be lost in the haze.


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