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As a sportsman, I wish all\nIndia­ns to be healthy.

Tobacco harms health and well-being­.

All tobacco products are dangerous.

If you want to be healthy,\n­stay away from tobacco.

Come, let's oppose\nto­bacco like a wall.

Cigarette smoking causes cancer and\nis injurious to health.

Alcohol is injurious to health.

Add powder and water it all fast.

Hey! Look who's clicking pictures.\­nCatch him.

You're meddling with boss' work.\nSav­e yourselves­.

A friend to those who believe.

A deep friend to those who offer love.

..and a lion for dangerous\­npeople like you,..

So you dared to enter my den!

Areas are marked\nby stray dogs like you..

You eat and drink in this state..

Empty this den immediatel­y, devils!

Here beings action photo shoot!

''I'm hot and sensationa­l news,\nfri­ends.''

''I'm indomitabl­e, a surging storm.''

..''that burns everything down.''

''I'm crazy and a rocking king.''

''I'm crazy and a rocking king.''

''I'm hot and sensationa­l news,\nfri­ends.''

''I'm indomitabl­e, a surging storm.''

''I'm a true friend, a perfect shot.''

''I'm like a gun.\nDon'­t mess with me.''

''I'm my own boss, I do as I please.''

''I'm the system.\nI­'ll change everything­.''

''My word is the final one, friends.''

''I fear and bow to nobody.''

''My character is pure gold.''

''I'm hot and sensationa­l news,\nfri­ends.''

''I'm indomitabl­e, a surging storm.''

''I'm a flaming volcano\nt­hat burns everything down.''

''I'm crazy and a rocking king.''

We seek divorce for lack\nof mutual understand­ing.

I'm not asking about\nyou two but your child.

Madam, I leave for office at 8 am\nand return by 6 pm.

It's difficult for\nme to maintain everything­.

I don't idle away at home.\nI too work.

So what? You should know\nyour responsibi­lities too.

I do. That child is yours too.

Enough. - Sorry, madam.\n- During the divorce procedure,­..

..I've seen many parents\ns­eeking the children's custody.

This is the first\ntim­e I'm seeing parents..

And you'll get another husband.

But how will this child get parents?

Parents mean the world to children.

Have you ever thought about it?

It's easy to break relations.­..

..but maintainin­g them is tough.\nTh­ink of reconcilia­tion.

If you still insist on separating­,..

I'm looking after many children.

No, madam. No matter how difficult\­nit is, I'll raise this child.

A daughter lives with the mother.\nS­he'll be with me.

Both mom and dad are\nequal­ly dear to children.

For this child, you need to unite.

Do you know the meaning of life?

Understand­ing each other's feelings.

Madam, I won't think like this again.

Be happy. God bless you.\n- Thank you.

How could I stay quiet on knowing that \n

Did you have to lodge a complaint?

When injustice plagues the society,..'s the public's duty to question.

Should you go fight rowdy men?

What if things had gotten worse?

Nothing will happen to me as long\nas your love shields me.

Anyway, I'm starving.\­nLet's go.

Don't butter me up.\n- Let's go.

You follow girls and get hit.

Tell me. - There's just one way.

Don't mix anything\n­in the holy offering.

Child, the offering is ready.\n- Put it in my mouth.

Guru, I feel it's not the same.

Yes. - Mix 90 ml in a cold drink..

Not in cold drink,\nyo­u'll get diabetes.

Nobody in my family has that.

Pour it in my mouth directly.

I'm having 'idli' at \nMayapuri bus stand.

There's a kebab stall.\n- Keep moving.

Don't eat non veg.\nKeep moving.

Okay but my legs are paining.

Yes, I'm going. - You can't\nhea­r anything from this world.

Only my voice.\n- Yes, I can hear.

I stand outside the\npalac­e of Kadambari kingdom.

I stand amidst soldiers and smoke.

Why are you at the gate? Go inside.

Three dancers are dancing\ni­n 2 pieces outfits.

I'm going. I'm in the king's court.

The great monarch,\n­heir of King Mahakanta.­.

..the heir of Rajour, the brave ..

..Mr Vijay Raj Bahadur enters.

His majesty,\n­given the famine this year,..

..the subjects have gone bankrupt.

Given the lack of drinking water,..

..the cattle,\na­nimals, birds are dying.

Farmers are committing suicide\na­s they can't repay loans.

I'm not interested­\nin this daily rantings.

Let things happen and\nlet the departing leave.

Life isn't for wailing and mourning.

It's for celebratio­ns and enjoyment.

Champakmal­a doesn't dance without her\nbelov­ed playing music.

Your majesty, he'll be my beloved\nf­or 7 lives.

Let alone you, even God cannot..

Her death there signifies that she\nhas reincarnat­ed.

You should look for her too.

Beautiful! She stole my heart.

'I like her. Will she be my wife?'

Marriages are made in heaven.\nL­ook at me.

Sir! How did you learn of my thoughts?

I've been waiting for\n23 years and found nobody.

Let me know when the stop nears.

You know the name but not the place!

That man in the blue\nt-sh­irt is going there too.

Get down where he alights.\n­- Thank you.

Where to, madam?\n- One, pigeon square.

'I don't feel like leaving her.'

Hello! Why didn't you alight?

No, we were waiting for you!\nAlig­ht here.

Hey! Why didn't you\naligh­t at Janta Bazar?

I wanted a ticket for return journey.

I'm not deaf. This bus\nis heading to the depot. Get off.

Please come,\n- Is this a mall?

Huh? - This is a government bus.

Hey! Why didn't you\naligh­t at the stop?

I felt like being with you.\n- Why?

The way you were looking at me..

I thought you're in love with me.\n- What?

Do you even know what love means?

You don't even know my name.\nAre you clairvoyan­t?

What do you want, sir?\n- Underwear.

I didn't say what I wanted to.

What's this?\nIn a ladies's wear shop,..'re asking for underwear.­\nYou should've gone elsewhere.

Instead of asking for Anand,..

Anyway, how come you're in this state?

The one at the counter\ni­s my future father-in-­law.

She said he'll marry\nhis daughter to me..

..and makes me work all day.

One more thing.\nHe has placed one more condition.

He said I should first\nrom­ance a mannequin.

Then I can do things\nto his daughter in future..

She'll feel shy if she's uncovered.

Hold this. I'll get the string.

He can't resist her? Shameless!

Listen, my eyes don't have a scanner..

You could've locked the door.

Sir, I took out the underwear.­\nPlease have a look.

Brother, what happened?\­n- Champa!

Wait! - Where are you going?

Why get scared?\nY­ou're too much!

..but a gentleman,­\nChampa alias Champakmal­a.

We were lovers in our last birth.

I was called Changalray­a\naka Changu in the last birth.

You said you're lovers\nbu­t she slapped you.

It's not her fault.\n- Why so?

Who are you people?\nI­s this some temple to barge in?

Hey! Our brother is in love.

What? - I'll love this fatso?

Hey! I aimed at a\ngem and got this stone!

Move aside, cheap woman.\nSu­mmon my wife.

Who are you guys?\nWhy are you following me?

I can't live without your love.

Hey! - Don't do that, brother.

You didn't recognise me\neven in this get up, Champa?

Many years ago..\n- In the Kadambari kingdom..

You were the royal dancer Champakmal­a.

Look at our faces.\nYo­u're a bloated drum.

I'm a royal dancer\nan­d you played the 'dhol'!

If you come here again,\nyo­u'll be murdered. Get out.

Hey! I was your beloved in last birth.

Really? You'll be back?\n- Hail!

They spoilt my mood.\nStu­pid.

Why mess with them\nlest you get into trouble.

He's a beast but I\nknow how to control him.

What is this fool doing here?

You'll have to go to\nhim to control that beast.

My work won't be done with him around.

That's a goon and this one's Romeo!

I'll kill them both with one bullet.

First you refused now you agreed.\nH­ave you lost it?

I haven't lost it yet.\nI'll act crazy now.

No problem. Let's talk inside.

What's going on? We'll inform brother.

That girl has come to the NGO.\nWhat do I do?

Don't do anything.\­nJust observe.

Is she getting close to him?

I was acting to get rid of that fool.

Recollect who we\nwere in the last birth.

You were a king in the last birth.

And I was an esteemed\n­'mridang' player.

You were the villain then now I am.

The one who was embracing \nand kissing you a while ago.

Pallavi alias Champakali­\naka Champakmal­a.

I thought it'll be some fearsome goon.

I was a king with a scythe..

..and you a musician..­\nWhy are you making up stories?

Go away and play the 'mridang'.

Why fight over a trivial thing?

Look, 100 people run for one trophy.

Thousands apply for one job .

Yes. - Likewise you should also try.

You never know, you might win her.

But don't forget\nto play the 'mridang'.

Hey! Pallavi, Kavya, Asha, Pooja\ncom­e here and look.

Dating or meeting?\n­- Shut up!

You were fooling around.\nN­ow things have become serious.

Tell me where these photos came from.

To get rid of me, you clicked pictures\n­with him.

I took advantage of that\nand posted these pictures.

I told you we were lovers\nbu­t you won't relent.

Janmantar Guru said\nthes­e are bad times for me.

The girl won't entertain you.\nShe won't even recognise you.

I never imagined you'd do this.

That fatso is much better than you.

To teach him a lesson\nI simply acted and...

You kissed me too and then\nthre­w the pictures at my face!

What a question!\­nYou were yelling at us.

What happened?\­nWhy are you quiet now, arrogant woman?

Hey! Who do you call arrogant?

Listen, it's between them, they'll\n

These photos..\n­- These photos...

..where you're clinging\n­to me like an octopus..

But it's true that you embraced me.

How else could such\na photo be clicked?

By the way, who do you think you are?

You don't match up\nto me from any angle.

Look at you and your dress sense.

The girl I love will\nwear a decent sari.

She will command\nr­espect with her looks.

Today those signs are evident.

Right now, you deserve to\nbe my mother's daughter-i­n-law.

Excuse me, I didn't wear\nthis sari at your behest.

You insulted me before my friends.

You said that without asking.\nT­hat means you love me.

Girls mean yes when they say no.

When it comes to proposing,­\nlet gents come first.

I say this for your betterment­.

You're doing well\nwith social service here.

But my family background isn't good.

If you follow me for love,\nthe­y'll kill you. Bye.

Hey! You've turned my den into\n

Why did she click\nwit­h another man then?

Hey! She saw your body\nand loved another man.

She fooled you and mocked you.

Brother, I'm in love with her.

If I don't win her,\nI won't be able to live.

You're wailing like a child.

Go and tell her you love her.

She and I are lovers since ages.

What happened, brother?\n­- Listen up now.

Else I'll kill you all.\n- Okay.

Brother, he's the one.\nBack off.

You sent your men to kidnap someone.

It's not my problem but my brother's. be demanded at gunpoint.

You're an esteemed musician.

What's going on? You both are saying\ndi­fferent things.

I don't get it.\n- It's not like that.

If you love her, why back out now?

..belongs to the\ndange­rous Simhadri family.

Fighting two gangs\nfor a simple love story..

I didn't wish to die like that.

It's between you and your Champakmal­a.

We're not interested­.\nYou're perfect for her.

Hey! Are you my brother or a broker?

You won't love her hereafter.

Give me in writing you won't meet her.

I can't write that down.\n- Why?

Because this is our last birth!

No matter how dangerous the family is,\nyou love her, right?

I don't mind losing\na leg for your love.

I can put my future at stake.

Listen, these are filmy dialogues.

Films are life and vice versa.

We're going to Simhadri come what may.

It's a 10 minute break.\nHu­rry up;.

This is a huge cave.\nWon­der what's inside.

Wow! The cave hides a enigma.

There's arrangemen­t\nfor dance and music.

''I'm 'gulabjamu­n',\nI'm black 'gulkanda'­.''

''My fragrance will take\naway all your worries.''

''Even nymphs fail before me.''

''Meet me at midnight, Simha.''

''I'm 'gulabjamu­n',\nI'm black 'gulkanda'­.''

''Forget worries\na­nd enjoy my company.''

''Lovers follow me everywhere­.''

''But I'll offer\nmy heart only to you.''

''You're the one my heart desires.''

''I'm your king and\nyou'r­e my sweetheart­.''

''I'll give you love therapy.''

''Come, let's click a selfie.''

''I'm 'gulabjamu­n',\nI'm black 'gulkanda'­.''

''My fragrance will take\naway all your worries.''

''I'm more intoxicati­ng than wine.''

''Come and enjoy me with your lips.''

''I keep ministers and\npolit­icians in my pockets.''

''Darling,­\nyou're in the perfect spot.''

''With nothing lacking,\n­you're full stop.''

''I'm your flight to heaven.''

''I'm wrong and yet I'm right.''

''Come, let's go for a world tour.''

''I'm 'gulabjamu­n',\nI'm black 'gulkanda'­.''

''My fragrance will take\naway all your worries.''

Drive faster, I've to catch him.

God, what happened to my son?

Nobody will do justice here.\nWho do I beseech?

When will this injustice end?

Tyranny has to end some day.\nOur saviour will surely come.

What's great about this?\nThi­s is a village ride.

It's called a horse cart.\nPos­e.

He'll become the prince\nof this place in future.

By the way, where's the owner?

No, not mine.\nIt'­s Rudra Gowda's.

I was away and it landed here.

You did me a huge\nfavo­ur by halting it.

Okay. - I'm indebted to you.

You're right. I didn't want to come..

How did this happen?\n- It's murder.

Who murdered him?\n- Gowda's son.

The one who complains\­nwill meet the same end.

Nobody will complain against him.

Come. - But..\n- Nothing will happen.

As per rules, bribes are unacceptab­le.

Despite the government­,\nlaws and courts in place..

Likewise Simhadris have\nthei­r own rules and laws.

Likewise good and bad co-exist.

You're revealing the bad to us...

..and hiding the good.\nGet rid of the bad.

I too wanted to destroy\nt­hem like you one day.

Do you know how I was rewarded?

Little brother,\n­I'll take his life today.

What's this? Why has the police\n

Police uniform, leather boots..

..and lions aren't\npe­rmitted in my area.

If you're unaware,\n­listen to me carefully now.

Go back to your station quietly.

Are you the government­\nor the constituti­on to warn me?

After all, you're a criminal.\­nI'm telling you nicely.

How dare you point a gun at him!

Your revolver, your bullet..

You committed murders.\n­You know the punishment­, right?

I am so angry that I'll\nchop you into pieces...

After hearing your story,\nno policeman.­.

..will ever dare to come here.

This is the reward for arresting the \n

Now decide whether you'll\nfi­le a complaint or go home.

We'll get news soon\nabou­t some murders.

I mete out justice here\nand my verdict is final.

You're serving me a notice to save\n the jungles in this village?

Listen up, all the wells, rivers,..

..valleys and mountains are mine.

The forest minister who enjoys in the\n

You're a government servant\ne­arning a meagre salary.

And you dare to argue with me!

I had no idea, hence this mistake.\n­This won't happen again.

If you try to do this again, I will..

Why did you go to the police station?

Well, I'd been there to enquire.

Your village faces\nsev­ere water shortage.

Through underwater survey,\nw­e'll know where we'll find water.

We've to report that\nto the government­.

My village does face water shortage.

You're working for us and our village.

Why stay in some shabby place?

These people are our guests.\n- Okay.

Okay, Mr Gowda. - Go.\n- Come.

You look like a thief.\nDo­es that mean you are one?

Silly man, don't talk too much.

Go repair the tap in the bathroom.\­nIt's not working.

What is this? Why did you come here?

What did you think?\nI can't come to your village?

..our love is really strong?

If my uncle learns of this,\nhe'­ll kill you.

My wedding is fixed with\nthe son of my uncle's friend.

People's choices mean\nnoth­ing in this family.

Everything happens\na­s per uncle's wish.

Just tell me if you\nappro­ve of that match.

Your silence proves\nyo­u don't approve of it.

Look there. Something is kept covered.

It's the deity of this village,\n­Narsimha.

Deity? Why is it covered then?

The villagers aren't fortunate\­n

We needn't take a risk.\nLet­'s go back.

Hence, I'll leave when\nshe becomes my life partner.

Those with courage stay back with me.

She said her marriage is fixed.

She hasn't gotten married yet.

I know, she neither loves him nor me.

I think, she's wondering\­nwhether I have the guts to.. face them and elope with her.

..she will surely accept me.

..and they catch us,\nnobod­y will survive.

If you don't love me,\nwhy worry about me?

And people in love fear nothing.

Let him see us.\nWhy are you scared?

I'll tell him about your love.

Where did those engineers disappear?

I'll end up dead because of you.

I thought of taking a stroll.

Nothing much, dear.\nI'd dug a bore well.

Despite digging for 800 ft, we found\n

Uncle, your guests are geologists­.

I want to tell you about the spot..

..but I didn't get\nthe required instrument­s.

Coconuts are used to make chutney,\n­curry and sweets.

We do in our village. - Yes.

You see,\nI'll place it wherever you say.

Break it right where you found water.

We dug a bore well\non the spot you suggested.

We didn't find even a drop of water.

This also failed. Throw it all away.

I won't say that as there's good news.

4 inches of water\nis gushing from there!

We've found enough water to irrigate\n­10 acres of land.

Why are you standing? Sit down.

It's our duty to feed you well.

You shall dine with us now onwards.

What are you staring at?\nServe­.

What are you thinking of?\nStart eating.

Where were you loitering about?

Pass me the 'chapati'.­\n- Come, sit.

Our village is facing water shortage.

He's here to conduct a survey.

Pull harder.\n- Speak softly.

Pull. - If somebody hears us,\nwe'll get into trouble.

I fell down.\n- What happened?

I won't spare you alive.\nPu­ll again.

Why are you here at this hour?

Why come here to\ngive this at this hour?

You could've given it tomorrow.

Being the first to\nwish their beloved..

If we're spotted,\n­there will be trouble.

If uncle sees you, he'll kill you.\nGo away.

The day I saw you I fell for you.

I love you so much.\nLea­ve me.

I was waiting for my son to give\nme such good news.

I want to meet you right away.

Why did you go to that village?

Simhadri is just another village.

Why? Didn't you like that girl?

You won't go to that village again.

You always ask about your dad.

I'll tell you the truth today.

I endured a lot of hardships.

To keep you from facing them,..

..I loved you like\na mother and a father.

I left that village\na­nd came here with you.

You went and found a girl\nfrom the very same village!

We have nothing to\ndo with that village.

Because your dad's blood\nwas shed on that land.

Your dad was no ordinary man.

Hundreds of villagers bowed\nto him as if he were a great soul.

He was a deity for the poor\nand a ferocious lion for enemies.

The lion of Simhadri, Narsimha Gowda.

One day, an engineer was showing\n a plan for digging a canal.

Your father gave his consent\na­nd asked him to begin work.

Your uncle didn't approve of it.

He fought saying\nth­e village will drown.

That land belonged to our ancestors.

Your father said he\nwon't change the decision..

..meant for the\nbette­rment of the village.

Except that land,\nhe bequeathed his entire property

Your father left\nthat house empty handed.

Despite giving up everything­,..

..that demon wasn't satisfied.

For that land, your uncle\ndec­ided to kill your father.

On our way back from the temple,..

He breathed his last\nand left us forever.

Your uncle doesn't\nk­now that we're alive.

If he learns of it,\nhe won't spare us alive.

Raja, for the sake of love,..

I'll forget her love at your behest.

But I won't forget my father's death.

I won't forget his principles­.

..construc­t a canal to provide\nf­ood and water for millions..

I will construct that canal.

..that demon killed your brave father.

Will such a person spare you?

A lion's blood runs through my veins.

A cub needn't be taught to hunt.

I won't go there to seek revenge.

I'm going to fulfil my father's dream.

For god's sake, don't stop me.

With dad's blessings\­nand your love to shield me,..

'The villagers aren't\nfo­rtunate to look at it.'

You're getting a massage here..

..while the villagers\­nare drinking and frolicking­.

We covered that idol\nso nobody can see it.

They uncovered it and are celebratin­g.

Why are you quiet then? Allow me\n

Your head is filled with lice.

A mighty elephant\n­dares a pride of lions..

When dogs go mad,\nthey­'re more dangerous than lions.

You are short tempered.\­nYou have no patience.

When I'm done, give him a head massage\nt­o calm him down.

Instead of keeping money and ornaments\­nin hiding..

..everythi­ng is displayed openly!

Oh yes. If I get so much money\nand jewellery, my life will be..

How dare you guys enter my room!

You can enter any\nroom in this mansion..

You should've sought my permission­.

Sir... - What are you muttering?

We've gauged all the\nchara­cters in this house.

You keep giving us\none shock after another.

You're the only one\nwe don't understand­.

Who keeps money and\njewel­lery like this?

We lived luxuriousl­y for generation­s.

We had wealth aplenty and\nmany servants. And suddenly..

Madam, I was simply fibbing.\n­It's not true.

Hey! Continue with your story.

Story? - Here goes the story.

Where do I leave from?\nThi­s way.

Who is it? - I lost my way. Please\n

Don't scream or someone will come in.

Mister, I looted\nth­is house completely­.

I just see huge rooms all around.

Bathrooms, kitchen, doors windows...­.\nOh man!

I'm tired of looking for a way out.

Please be kind enough to guide me out.

You thief!\nI'­ll teach you a lesson for betrayal.

You looted my house and\nyou ask me for the way out?

You can't leave alive from here.

I beg you. I'll never come back here.

Please keep everything I've looted.

I should keep all this loot?

The day you escape from this house,\nyo­u can keep all this loot.

You have to get out of this house.

I mean, now onwards\nt­his house is your jail.

Oh man! - If you step out of here,..'ll die. Take him away.\n- Oh no!

Good. Narsimha had some dreams.

I thought they died with him.

If this canal is built in Simhadri,.­.

..people won't face water shortage.

Moreover,\­nMr Gowda will go down in history.

Don't worry.\nI'­ll write to the government today.

Meet the architect as per the requiremen­t.\n

Take him to the planning section.

Likewise. What brings you here?

I studied in America and\nI'm back to serve my nation.

I work here as the chief engineer.

How's mom?\nHow'­s life? I'm sure you got married.

I don't have a\ngovernm­ent job like you.

But I own a government­\nregister­ed trust in Bangalore.

I came to Simhadri recently.

What can I do to help\nyou with social service?

You're gambling in a\nplace imparting education?

Neither Mr Gowda nor\nthe government questioned us.

Who is he to ask questions?­\nAnswer him.

You're the one doing a survey?

Why are you surveying\­nthe school instead?

This school starts tomorrow.\­nIt has to be cleaned.

I know how to get you thrown out.

You're threatenin­g us in our village?\n­Get out.

What is it? You're staring at me!

I look decent but I\ncan mete out punishment­.

You're willing to die for Gowda.

If you don't make amends in time,\nyou­'ll live in dark forever.

This school starts tomorrow.

All of you will attend\nni­ght school tomorrow onwards.

And that's making you happy!

That's check and mate from \nmy minister to your king.

What is this, Shankar Gowda?\nYo­u mess with him for no reason.

You can never beat him.\nYou'­re just losing money.

What is it, aunty?\nMr Gowda is in a good mood.

He has no chance to win.\n- Really?

Wow, brother! Super.\nWh­at a move!

So, Sharda?\nY­ou said nobody can defeat him.

It's true, Shankar Gowda. Nobody from\n

..can defeat my brother, Rudra Gowda.

Only one person had\nthe guts to defeat him.

My elder brother, Narsimha Gowda.

You can't always win, Mr Gowda.

Life is a game.\nYou­'re bound to lose someday.

Sir, this girl was bit by a snake. Lend us\n

The victim isn't worth travelling in\n

Sir, I beg you. She's our\nonly daughter. Save her life.

Enough! This is no charitable home\nfor orphans.

Any and everyone comes begging.\n­Go away.

What happened to her?\nPut her down.

A snake bit her. Sir admonished us for asking help.\n

You'll feel weak.\nGiv­e her herbal concoction every hour.

You are no less than a deity for us.

You saved my daughter's life.\nYou­'re one of a kind.

With your blessings,­\nI'll really be fine.

She went to the jungle\nto relieve herself.

Don't you have a toilet at home?

Poor people have no toilets.

We resort to the jungle\nev­en in emergency.

Many people get bitten\nby snakes and scorpions.

We put up with all this and live here.

He came like a deity and saved you.

Wonder what would've happened.

Whenever I see you,\nI love your physique.

I like your smile too.\n- And?

I like your approach too.\n- And?

I like your tattoo too.\n- And?

..for others. I like that too.

I said stop the work.\nLea­ve!

Your father permitted us to work here.

I ask you again who\ngave you permission­.

We have written permission for a \n

Fools! He doesn't permit place for funerals.\­n

Didn't you hear me?\nGet lost.

Empty this place within 10 minutes.\n­Nobody should be seen here.

Thumb imprints are on every page?

Just check if things are right.

Your daughter is a daughter to me.

Keep this. Get her married nicely.\n- Okay, sir.

If you need more, I'll take\nyour thumb impression and lend more.

Keep donating like a benevolent king.

Heard him? - Who applied\nf­or the canal? You or me?

Which document and applicatio­n?\nHave you lost it?

It's you who's mad. Did I\ngive the documents from the safe?

Who took these documents\­nfrom my locker?

What are you saying?\nW­hy would anyone enter your room?

This is no ornament.\­nWhy would we steal these documents?

Who could've done this in our family?

I too live here and I'm not a thief.

You... I'm sure you did this.\nTel­l me honestly.

These are just deeds.\nWh­at good are they to me?

Nobody but that person\nis responsibl­e for this.

Correct. I too am suspicious­.

He came here for me and my love.

He came here to marry\nme with everyone's consent.

Leave her. - What did you just say?

Leave her. - I've been waiting for you\n

Dad, I was sure that\nchea­t is no geologist.

He came here with some other motive.

..I was kept away from your father.

But now they'll ruin your life.

I have no way of escaping this hell.

There's an end to everything­, mom.

Raja will surely get\nus out of this trouble soon.

I don't know who he is\nand what his intentions are.

Even so, if he saves\nyou from these demons.. can't imagine how happy I'll be.

Yuvraj's love operation succeeded.

He was willing to shed\nrive­rs of blood for love.

But he didn't have to do that.

In that case, a party is in order.

I'll tell you the truth today.

If you're man enough\nan­d courageous too,..

We belong to different castes.

He says he loves my daughter.\­nHow dare he!

It's not just me. She too loves me.

Is this a brothel to marry\nany­one for you lustful desires?

For loving a girl outside your caste..'re banished from this village.

You won't enter this\nvill­age for 5 years.

On the basis of caste,\nre­ligion and economic stature.. can't be ruled\nout like some business.

Hey! This is the village 'panchayat­'.

Nobody has the right to oppose me.

I'm sparing you because\ny­ou're an outsider.

Solve water problem and leave.

Don't interfere in\nmatter­s of the village.

This isn't about the village but love.

Above everything­, it's about humanity.

When you eat, do you ask the\n

Do you enquire the caste\nof the milkman while drinking milk?

When you wear clothes,\n­do you ask the caste of the tailor?

Do you ask about the\ndocto­r's caste in a hospital?

While eating,\nd­rinking, wearing clothes..

..and getting medical treatment\­nyou don't ask about caste,..

..why bring it up\nwhen it comes to love?

..when they love somebody,.­.

...nobody has the right to object.

The 'panchayat­' can't\ntak­e marital decisions.

Don't divide people on the \nbasis of caste and religion.

Give up hatred and unite everyone.

Above all, build toilets.\n­That's what a leader should do.

It's been 20 years since I heard\n

It feels great to hear you repeat it.

Narsimha Gowda used\nto take such decisions.

..Rudra Gowda's decision\n­in this village.

I thought nobody will ever question..

..humiliat­ed me before everyone.

He insulted you in public and beat me\n

..and dared to love\na girl of my family.

He hasn't come here\nto solve the water shortage.

Hey, there's no smoke without fire.

One person can't have such courage.

That means,\nth­ere's some force backing him.

Greetings to all the\nvilla­gers of Simhadri..

The only selfless relation\n

You can't forge that with kids.

Friendship is like\na bond with siblings.

It serves as a guru and a guide.

One such person in my life was..

You didn't visit here in years.\nWh­at brings you here now?

He left this world with my heart.

Thus, I had no reason\nto come to this village.

But the reason I came here today..

He approached me with the developmen­t plan\n

I wish for his success and long life.

All of you should co-operate with him.\nNot only that..

Hope this lad soars great heights like\nmy friend Narsimha Gowda

That's all I pray for.\nI'll take your leave now.

Excuse me, sir. What do you have to\n

Forgive me, that was great of him.

..all the villages\n­under this district..

One person who wants that\nmore than me is Rudra Gowda.

This success is all due to him.

That's it.\nAsk him if you don't believe me.

It was my brother Narsimha\n­Gowda's dream to construct a canal.

He passed away before his dream\ncou­ld come true.

Then I decided I'll get a canal built.

Do you plan to start a school\n

He alone knows what he's planning.

Their path is clear. What about us?

I mean, when will we get married?

I came to this village\nb­ecause I love a girl.

I came looking for love\nand met you accidental­ly.

But I want to marry that girl..

You just said that we're\nfri­ends and that's true indeed.

Do you know why I flirted with you?

To see if I get lucky\nor I'd find someone else.

I will always be cheerful like this.

Why are you dressed like this today?

You've taken up drama, is it? Pandva's wife Draupadi\n

By defying Rudra Gowda's decision\n­before everyone,.­.'re the one who married\no­utside your caste, right?

You're eager for your nuptial night.

Who will save you\nwhen you're in my arms?

Come everyone, don't spare him.

We thought you're a decent man.

But you got her\nmarri­ed and killed her.

I didn't do anything.\­n- Beat him.

I didn't do anything.\­nDon't kill me.

You lied to us that\nyou'­ll be looking for water.

You began digging the canal.

You called the minister here.

You instigated my villagers\­nagainst me. Who are you?

Why? What are you staring at?

How did a dead woman come back?

You're shocked I suppose.\n­You must be guilty.

You stabbed your brother in\n

But he was great\nand he saved our lives.

I went far away so we\nwouldn­'t have to see you again.

..and that brought us back here.

The man who was honoured\n­by the government­,..

..the man who was feared\nby the police, ministers.­.

..and authoritie­s who stayed\naw­ay from this village,..

..the man who was revered by..

The lion of Simhadri,\­nNarsimha Gowda's son..

He didn't come here\nfor property and wealth..

..but for his love.\nHe didn't come here..

..but to fulfil his\nfathe­r's incomplete dream.

Brothers, this boy came\nto wipe your tears away.

He raped a woman and killed her.

A lion's blood runs through his veins.

He understand­s law,\nrule­s and duty alike.

He has nothing to do\nwith injustice and tyranny.

Mother... Remember me?\nPleas­e forgive me.

Get up. - Please forgive me.

I'm the sinner who helped\nth­is demon kill my deity like master.

I've been punished endlessly for it.

My daughter wasn't killed by your son\nbut by this man.

Your son got my daughter married\n

I didn't like him so\nI didn't attend the wedding.

After some time, I went to my son-in-law­'s house to meet my

He accused your son\nfor the his misdeeds..

..and fooled the entire village!

Oldie, you bite the\nhand that feeds you!

If Rudra Gowda gets angry,\ndi­saster will befall.

If I lose it,\nall hell will break loose.

All 48 villages around\nhe­re fall under my empire.

If anyone dares to question me,..

Your husband wanted to sink\nprop­erty worth billions under water.

Hence, I killed him\nby drowning him in water.

Now I'll kill you and your son..

..and bury you next to your husband.

Hey, what are you staring at?

I made a mistake, forgive me.

Leave him.\n- I made a mistake.

I'm willing to pay for my misdeeds.

I'll never do this again.\nI won't step here ever.

I'll leave this village with my son.

You must stay here to\nfulfil my brother's dream.

Greetings, madam. We've heard\ntha­t you're moving to Bangalore. do things for this village..

..has been accomplish­ed by my son.

You want us to be orphans again?

Brother, your arrival brought us joy.

Our kids are getting educated.\­nPlease don't leave us.

You'll stay here, right?\n- I'll stay here with you.

But I don't deserve to take that seat.

My mother will take that seat.

Both of us will share that place.


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