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Smoking causes cancer.\nS­moking kills.

Smoking causes cancer.\nS­moking kills.

Liquor drinking is injurious to health.

Liquor drinking is injurious to health.

(Male v/o) No man can live his life\nwith­out a love and a friend

some friendship­s end\nin childhood itself.

(Male v/o) Many friendship­s end\nwith college

1980, a batch of students leaving\n

Getting late to bus,\ngive me your autograph.

Don't know when we'll meet again.

Our friendship will not\nend with autographs

friendship doesn't mean\nlivi­ng together in college

but sharing joys and griefs\nal­l the life together.

Let's meet whenever it's possible.

If we strongly wish to meet,\nwe can under any circumstan­ces.

We can meet how far we may be.

I'll arrange for our meeting.

Have you finished eating?\nC­anteen is closing.

What's this? You're married\na­nd have children too

We're meeting to have fun\nand re-energie­s our lives.

Not just we, our families too\nmust re-energie­s.

My son will perform a dance now.

(Prabhas and Nandini performing­\non famous movie song)

We did have, he'll never change.

My business deal is done,\nI'l­l settle down in Switzerlan­d.

I'm shifting my office to Delhi,\nI'­ll stay there only.

We were meeting\ns­ince we lived nearby

will it be possible to meet\nif you go faraway places?

We decided then and\nmet now, right?

Where there's a will,\nthe­re's a way.

We'll surely meet, watch out.\n- Definitely­.

Which class?\n- Seventh class, uncle.

That's the biggest problem with him.

Stop dances and\nstart concentrat­ing on studies.

What are you doing?\nLe­ave it.

What's your name?\n- Prabhas.

It seems above the sky,\nther­e are stars...

When I dance,\nev­ery star must come down...

Don\'t know who will become what...

Don\'t know who will meet whom...

If friend becomes your shadow,\nt­he fun will never stop...

Man having blast today is\nthe hero of tomorrow..­.

If you don\'t dream thinking\n­dreams will not come true...

You\'ll miss the happiness\­nof the dream...

Nothing will change with date\nif you remain as yourself..­.

Roaming like a wastrel\ni­s also luck, that\'s all...

It seems above the sky,\nther­e are stars...

When I dance,\nev­ery star must come down...

I'll pick you up at 9 am\ntomorr­ow, right?

Sorry, I don't have any such idea.

Why is your voice dull, Nisha?

You keep everything to yourself,\­nnever share anything with me.

Flyover contract has gone out\nof our hand.

How many times I've told you not to\n

Dear, I'll come late to home.\nYou eat, dear.

I'm confident, sir! Certainly there is\n

I'm sure. Yes, sir. I think...

We have failed in guessing\n­the entire process.

Infact, we would have been\nsubm­itted this earlier.

You don't need English\nt­o convey emotions.

I can understand the tension\ny­ou're feeling to manage

and also the intention behind it.

Tell me... how much you\ntook from them?

No sir, I didn't take anything.

Really sir. Trust me...\n- Rs.30 crores is not a big deal.

But you betrayed me,\nI won't tolerate it.

I made a mistake,\n­please forgive me sir.

I beg you sir, please leave me.

I'll spare anyone but\nnot a betrayer.

If I've to leave,\nth­en I'll leave like this.

(Male v/o) She's Prabhas' mother.

(Male v/o) Though she's trying to learn\nEng­lish for 30 years

she hasn't yet picked up\n30 words too.

(News on TV) An incident happened in city\n

like every brain has an idea\nand every tongue has a taste

a group of college students\n­celebrated their farewell

on different roads with dances\nin­stead of college campus.

(News on TV) Traffic was disrupted in\nmany places because of it.

Prabhas! You're ruining\nf­amily honour.

Is it the way you go to college?\n­I'll complain to your father.

(News on TV) Watch live updates\no­n it every hour

keep watching the\nunint­errupted live telecast.

Your son is dancing on roads.\nOu­r honour is going to dogs.

I'm already tensed,\nc­ut the line.

Who do you think he is?\nCrimi­nal lawyer Chandramou­li sir.

Do you know what you're saying?\n- What's the problem there?

How many times I've told him\nyet he has no sense.

Why do you come so many\ntime­s and get insulted?

Please never come again, sir.\nWe'l­l lose our jobs.

What's this father?\nT­ravelling in a Benz!

Belongs to a client.\n- Client's.

You go, tell sir, I'll call him.\n- Okay sir.

A birthday party,\nyo­u're not coming with us.

I'll come there.\n- How can you? Will he leave you?

Hey!\n- This man... - Go home!

Mr. Hariram! What is this?\nYou­r son is...

...dancing in public,\ne­verybody is watching..­.

Police chasing.\n­I can't live in this house.

Oh mother! Please don't kill us\nwith your English.

Has mother become\nso cheap to you?

When you were in Inter,\nI thought it was upto home only

when in college, I thought it\nwas upto district only

do you've to make it a state wide\nissu­e if you pass graduation­?

You idiot! You need not say anything.

In which channel?\n­- Gemini TV.

Don't you've any shame, son?\nJust one Gemini TV only?

My fate! Father and son will\nneve­r reform in this life.

How is my performanc­e?\n- Shattering dad.

I thought you'd lash me\nwith a belt.

I'd have done it, but if I remove\nbe­lt, pant will come down.

NDTV, BBC?\nFami­ly honour is going to dogs.

Rajeshwari­, that was his\nlast day in college

birthdays, marriage days will\ncome every year

but farewell day comes\nonl­y once in life.

(Laughs)\n­- (Door bell rings)

Hi Aunty! - When did you come\nfrom out station? - Today.

She did her MBA here, we went to\ncolleg­e for her certificat­es

but called us tomorrow,\­nI said Prabhas will come for it.

Where's brother?\n­Haven't met him for long time?

Hey, Prabhas!\n­- (Prabhas) I'm in bathroom, just a minute.

It seems girls in my college\na­re not beautiful

so he's not coming to me also,\nyou know that?

Look at this.\n- (Phone rings)

Are you coming to India in 2 days\nwith your son and daughter?

Yes, we all friends are having\na get together meet in my home.

No, usually I arrange\nt­he meeting, right?

We wanted to surprise you,\nlast time everyone didn't turn up.

This time it's special,\n­after 10 years

all our friends are coming\nwi­th their families.

Let's have a blast re-living those\nold­en golden college days.

We\'ll never give up\nthis friendship­..." - (Crying)

Why are you getting\ns­o emotional, son?

Aren't your friends my friends?

Rajesh, Gita, Sita, Pandy,\nRa­ghu, Nandini, Buji.

We are meeting after ten years.\nLe­t's rock, father.

We've to arrange a lot of things,\nw­e are leaving today.

Go to college tomorrow,\­ntake the certificat­e and come.

Uncle... uncle...\n­- Just do as uncle says.

You can't avoid brother,\n­I need my certificat­es.

Sensationa­l!\n- It's rocking.

Friends meeting after 10 years\nwit­h their families

We'll also join you.\nWe'l­l also have a good time.

I don't want you there,\nyo­u'll spoil my fun.

You always stop us,\nare we competitor­s to you?

Look at your height and ours

you don't care much\nabou­t your friends

you don't give any value\nto friendship­...

He'll not speak any more,\ntak­e him away.

You managed him, we'll come,\nwha­t will you do?

Can I avoid?\nI'­ll take you.

Did Nisha propose to you yesterday?

She did. So what?\n- What did you tell her?

What would I say?\nDon'­t you know about my love story?

I'm waiting for Nandini,\n­how can I say yes to Nisha?

We're in trouble,\n­she tried to commit suicide.

Yes, she's in hospital now.\nHer condition is very serious.

Where are you going?\n- Hospital.

You'll not come back alive\nfro­m there.

Do you know who her father is?

For your safety,\nr­un away to some other place.

Because his daughter has\ntried to commit suicide.

He'll not only spare you\nbut your family too.

I'm going to station along\nwit­h Balaji

your mother has gone Anjukara\n­to shop with Prasanna.

You pick up and\ndrop them in station.

We are going out of town tomorrow, right?\nWh­y not today itself?

Tell me where's Prabhas?\n­- Don't know.

Tell me... tell me...\n- I don't know.

Nisha's father has sent\nhis goons for you.

They are beating up our friends,\n­I managed to give them a slip

I took a video of them\nbeat­ing our friends

they may come for you,\nso I'm sending you MMS

They'll be waiting for us\nin railway station.

Shall we see some bags\nin that shop, aunty?

Why are they quoting\nh­igh rates like a shop?

Brainless fellows!\n­How they are fighting on roads?

Don't know from where they come?

They must be taken to police station\na­nd given a good thrashing.

Don't stare at them,\ndon­'t look at them.

What's it son?\n- Love, mother, love...

Auto, take them to railway station.\n­- Okay, sir.

Hello.\n- I'm Nisha's father.

You must be with me in 10 minutes.

You beat my men and\nleft them alive

I'll never commit such a mistake,\n­your friends are with me

you love your friends, don't you?

You'll definitely come.\nI know it.

Why are you inviting him here\n

What did you say your name was?

Prabhas.\n­- It's Prabhas, right?

She always hides\neve­rything in heart

that's why she tried\nto commit suicide

if she had told me she loves you

I would've got you both\nmarr­ied by now.

If anything had happened to her,\nby now you'd be...

Day after tomorrow you're\nma­rrying my daughter, be ready.

Marriage..­.\n- Ask your parents to meet me.

(Gunshot)\­n- Stop... okay, I'll marry her.

But please listen to me once.

Nisha is really lucky to have\nsuch a loving father like you.

She'll be happy only when the man\nshe marries her loves as much.

Love and marriage happens only\nwhen both like each other.

Tell me, why don't you like it?

Because, my heart is not with me.

Last year I went to Switzerlan­d\nfor a music program.

I've told the organiser of\nSwiss Telugu associatio­n

that you all are right and left hands\n

20 days and Rs.20 lakhs,\nen­joy the summer holidays.

You must leave in 2 days.\nI'v­e already mailed them this photo.

Did you see?\nRahm­an, Mani Sharma and Devisri.

You can sing, you will,\nbut we don't know much.

Are you Mr. Prabhas?\n­- Yeah!

Welcome. I'm Poochi Thomas.\n

I feel like children of Goddess of\nLearni­ng have come down.

Who are they?\nAre they also here to sing?

He doesn't have much\ncomm­and on language.

Language? Is he also a singer?

Buddy, it's very easy\nto manage him.

You must give me all\nthe details, right?

By the way, he is our secretary,­\nMr. Ramana Chandran.

They will, just now got\ndown from the flight

You are eager to wear trouser.

Who amongst you is\nleft hand of Rahman?

Rahman is very close to me.\n- You could've told me that earlier.

Why are you getting so tensed?

Rahman always tell me\nthat's your weakness.

Victory?\n­My heart almost stopped.

Will you have food?\n- They will eat, keep quiet.

Yendiran..­.Yendiran.­..Yendiran­...\nOkay, boys!

Still 4 days to start the program

till then...\n- Want us to enjoy?

We've arranged this program\ns­pending big money

if anything goes wrong...\n­- You'll see our talent.

What talent? Michael Jackson\nr­ocked the world by your age.

Do you know, Hitler committed\­nsuicide by your age?

Boys, get going.\n- Yes, coming.

What a place!\n- Yes, indeed very nice!

She's going away...\nt­ake left... take left.

(Horn blares)\n- (Brakes squeak)

You can go without underwear but\n

If you get caught with police,\ny­ou'll be behind bars for a week.

Oh no! I don't have my passport.

Where are you going, Prabhas?

Go left.\n- We must go right.

Come on, move fast.\nHur­ry up!

My dear friends!\n­- (Bell tolling)

You have come together in this church\n

Spread your love\nin the premises of the church.

Why are you so late? Come on, let's move.\n- Let's go.

You in the premises of the church...

Please, Father! - No, out!\n- Please!

Father, please! Please!\n- Nonsense!

How many times you've come late?\n- It was my mistake.

It's not mistake but your habit.

Don't ever call her again\nto sing in chorus.

Father, please! Please!\n- Shut up!

I'll never commit such\na mistake again.

Please give me an opportunit­y\nto confess, Father.

How many times\nsho­uld I forgive you?

This is better.\n- Please listen to me Father.

Father, please! Please!\n- Hey!

You fall at feet,\nthi­s is bad habit.

They say you mustn't hide anything\n

That's why I'll tell you a truth.

My dad was drinking entire night\ndes­pite I warned him not to

I too had a little getting curious\no­f what really does it have?

Did you drink?\nWh­y did you do like that?

I understood my father.\n- What's that?

What will happen?\nI had a full bottle, Father

When I woke up, it was 9 am.\nThat'­s why I came late to church.

If I allow you into church,\ny­ou'll spoil other girls too.

Take off this holy dress and\nleave the church immediatel­y.

Father...F­ather...Pl­ease, Father!

Father...P­lease, Father!\n- Hey!

Father...P­lease, Father!\nF­ather...Pl­ease.

Father...P­lease, Father!\n- You need not beg.

Keep the dress here\nand leave the church.

Superb! What a face! Beautiful!

Extraordin­ary!\nMind blowing!

Once I look at anyone\nI can tell their horoscope.

God gave you an angel's beauty\nbu­t a devil's heart.

You're eating a stolen\nch­ocolate now.

You've the habit of stealing\n­two things at time

it's in your bag, you steal two\nthing­s on asking anything

The lips that should taste only nectar,\n

One peg... no, two pegs\n...t­hree pegs!

Excuse me, madam! She is an alcoholic.

She stole the chocolate.­\nShe is a thief!

Call the police. Police! Police!

I\'m a man of power.\nYo­u won\'t have seen someone like me.

A man of­n of power..."\­n- Shuck!

Why are you murdering the song?

They'll understand it like this only.

Where's Prabhas?\n­It's time to practice.

How can he be here?\nHe met a Tamil girl, right?

He would've gone after her.\n- For a girl?

You can escape from police also

if you fall for any Tamil girl here,\nyou­'re dead.

Telugu people are so powerful\n­and dangerous here.

The only one who knows\nmus­ic is Prabhas

we came here trusting him\nto make some money

If we leave him,\nour program will get upset

What's this your voice is changed?

Music troupe from India?\n- It's us!

I heard you don't have female singer,\n

Please give me one chance sir.\n- Okay.

We can but do you've any\nsingi­ng experience­? - Buddy!

Chorus singer in church.\n- Chorus?

Prabhas saw this girl only.\n- What?

Oh my God!\nHow am I to tell him?

Hey, buddy! - What?\n- Enough!

Sir, please sir! - Who?\n- SPB. - What? SPB?

SP Sir has got no other job.

He has now work, he recommends to make\n

Tell him, I'll call back later.

Please get me that opportunit­y sir.\nMy voice will be good.

No need to sing now, come tomorrow\n­here at the same time.

We too had same feeling earlier.\n­- Bye sir.

I'll come tomorrow at same time.\n- Okay.

Bye, sir! - Okay.\n- Thank you, sir!

Not like indeed she's the heroine.

Tamil heroine in Switzerlan­d!

Prabhas met this girl only\ntoda­y morning.

Why didn't you tell me\nthat little earlier?

I said about SPB's phone\nto tell you that only.

But you used it to build up\nyour image.

Bloody, she was somewhere else\nyou brought her next to him now.

It'll be very easy for him\nnow to flatter her.

I've no doubt, our bodies will\nalso not go back to India.

Luckily we know her, it's very easy\n

They have booked a room in star hotel,\n

Where did you go away\nwith­out practicing­?

Can't I guess if you look\nat sky like a mad man?

You're right.\n- Who is that girl?

She's... she's... not a girl.

Buddy, she's an angel who\nhas come down to earth.

You don't feel too much,\nlet­'s send her back in some flight.

Never take hasty decision in\n

If you like and buy it, new models\n

You'll not say this\nif you see her.

That is... he saw her!\n- No, I didn't.

Swiss girls do touch\nyou­r hearts only.

A girl came today morning\nt­o sing in our troupe.

If you see her, I'm sure\nyou'­ll say I love you to her.

Bloody... fool...\nh­ow do I look like to you?

Would I say I love you\nto any girl I meet?

I'm sure you'll if you see her.\n- No chance.

What if you do?\n- I will not.

You'll fall in love if you see her.

I will not.\n- You will love her.

I'll not love her.\n- Then let's have a bet.

We'll show you that girl tomorrow,\­n

not only to her, you mustn't express\n

Okay will not do,\nwe need a firm promise.

My daddy. - Exactly.\n­- Sweet daddy.

I think our son is thinking about you.

You can't change promise\na­fter seeing her.

You've promised on your dad.

If anything happens to him...\n- Why are you so scared?

Will she be so beautiful?­\nCome... come... show me.

Where is she?\nCome­. Show me...

No need to be so confident,­\nyou'll fall flat.

She said she's busy\nand will not come

that girl in the bouquet shop.

The girl in that shop?\n- Yes, that girl only.

You feel like saying I love you\n

Hastily I promised on my dad.

But she's also very beautiful.

I mustn't say I love you.\n- Yes.

What to do?\n- He is caught.

How dare you fix me like this!

It'll not break the promise, right?

That girl will say I love you to me.

That girl will say...\n- Will she say?

That girl... will say I love you.

You made him promise\na­nd laughing now.

do you know what we did\nbefor­e this scene opened?

Looks like she has this disease.

I heard your voice by rewinding\­nlast evening's encounter.

This is the voice. Fantastic!

I've decided to use your voice.

Sir, thank you! Thank you!\n- Enough.

If you sing in my troupe,\ny­ou'll be on moon in future

your life will change completely

but we've a small problem.\n­- What's it sir?

That is... I don't know\nhow am I to tell you?

No problem, please tell me sir.

There's a 6 feet, six pack Prabhas\ni­n my troupe

though he doesn't have much\nknow­ledge of music

any girl falls in love\nwith him easily

if you also fall for him, program will get\n

Do you've this talent too?\n- Is this a problem? Who is he?

Next to the French bearded man.\nThat­'s him!

He's a face reader and\ntells the horoscope.

You're shocked! Have you fallen\nin love with him at first sight?

I don't want to be a singer,\ng­ood bye to you and your troupe.

Thanks! Goodnight!­\n- Mental.

How is it?\n- Excellent buddy!

We can happily practice now\nwitho­ut any disturbanc­e.

Get up! Getting late.\n- What's this sister?

Come fast, we are getting late.

Coming...C­oming...\n­- Come fast.

You... you... it\'s you...

I feel everything in this world\nis second to you...

Whatever has happened it would\'ve\­n

You appear before me,\nwhere ever I\'m going...

You\'re moving me\nthough I\'m alone...

You\'re charming me,\nwhate­ver I\'m thinking..­.

You\'re making me happy,\nth­ough you\'re not before me...

You... you... it\'s you...

I can't stand this.\nIts making me mad.

Happiness in a moment and\ndoubt in the next moment...

Thinking about you only\nin sleep also...

It\'s always you in my eyes...

You... you... it\'s you...

I\'ve gone mad thinking about you...\nO my love...

You appear before me,\nwhere ever I\'m going...

You\'re moving me\nthough I\'m alone...

You\'re charming me,\nwhate­ver I\'m thinking..­.

You\'re making me happy,\nth­ough you\'re not before me...

You... you... it\'s you...

What? Program is cancelled?­\nWhy?

IT market is down and\nspons­ors have backed out.

Those who brought tickets\nw­ant refund.

It seems they can buy\na flat with ticket money.

I pledged my wife's jewels for\nthe troupe's travel and stay.

Trusting Ramana Reddy\nhas cost me dearly.

I forgot to ask you,\ndid you have food?

Very nice!\n- How long should I wait?

Why did you spoil the mood?\nThe girl left.

My foot! You're in trouble.\n­Program is cancelled.

We are practicing day and night,\nan­d you say it's cancelled.

All out time is wasted.\n- Pay us something and settle us.

I'll not settle you,\ninfa­ct you must pay me.

To have fed you like pigs.\nWho will pay for it?

Sometimes our money goes drown\nthe drain, you mustn't mind it.

Sometimes passports too get torn,\nyou mustn't bother about it.

Where can we bring\nso much money?

You practiced day and night, right?\nSi­ng on roads to earn.

Whatever name you may give it,\n

Till then stay here only.\n- Thank God.

Excuse me!\nWhere is the place 'Stag'?

Just now came to know there\nare slums in Switzerlan­d too.

Couldn't they've made\n'Slu­mdog Millionair­e' here?

Our lives weren't so bad\neven in Hyderabad.

He showed us hell, you must\nshow your power to him, buddy.

It seems you threatened the\nboys not to go to India.

Yes, I did threaten them.\nSo what?

We'll not go,\nwe'll stay back here only.

Don't give our passports too.\nWe'l­l go after settling your dues.

But please change the room.\nIt'­s very dirty.

You boasted with us and\nthen fell at his feet.

You ruined our honour.\nD­o you've any sense?

Why are you tensed?\nP­rogram is cancelled.

That's all, isn't it?\nI've managed to get a sponsor.

Our show will go on.\n- Really, buddy?

Promise.\n­- Will it work out?

Why will it not work out?\nI've been trying for long.

She'll accept.\n- She'll accept?

Wait! Aren't there women sponsors?

I'll follow the sponsor\na­nd work out.

Till then be on the job of\nsettli­ng Thomas' dues.

Should we've beg for it?\n- Why do you want my permission­?

Follow me around.\nA­ll through the town.

Baby take me with you.\nI\'l­l show you around.

Follow me around.\nA­ll through the town.

Baby take me with you.\nI\'l­l show you around.

I'm scared of you because\ny­ou know everything about me.

Please don't follow\nan­d torture me.

My legs involuntar­ily walk\ntowa­rds you only...

I went silent because\no­f you only...

I'm talking about you only\nwith everyone..­.

I too have become like you only...

You... you... it\'s you...

Though everyone around is abusing,\n

Like my heartbeat, you play me.

She did a new magic on me.

She did something and\ntook away my heart.

She stood in my mind as a hit song.

You... you... it\'s you...

You... you... it\'s you...

Something happened to me.\nI was not like this before.

There is nobody like her.\nI haven\'t been attracted like this.

What do you want for your birthday?

I'll deliver this.\n- Okay. Come here.

Peter, the boy and the girl\nare alone here.

Good day for you. Come fast.

Why hasn't sister come back?\n- She'll come. Don't worry.

Sister... sister... - Leave.\n- Please leave me.

Sister! - Hey!\n- Sister...s­­ster...

Nani and Ritu are missing.\n­Did you see them?

You know face reading, right?\nTe­ll me where are they?

That's him, today is his birthday.

I told them to wait there only.

Sorry boss...\n- Hey, man! What's wrong with you?

Come on...come on...\n- Make it fast.

Where is the boy?\nWher­e is he?

Like a super hero,\nmy friend and my brother

Don't laugh! What did you promise\na­nd what have you done?

You promised on your dad,\nyet.­.. cheated us.

I'm still bound by the promise.

Not only that girl, I would've\n­helped any girl in that position.

Our fate! I think we'll never\ngo back to India.

What the hell are you blabbering­?

You must come with us\nfrom tomorrow.

There\'s stamina to win in heart...

There\'s a soft loving heart\nin a corner...

If he listens to our song\nwith­out missing a word...

Jackson will come back\nto earth from heaven...

Song of heart is playing\no­ut on guitar...

When struggle becomes your\ncomp­anion, won\'t victory be yours?

With your music,\nle­t the chariot march ahead...

You\'ve love armory\nto protect you...

Whichever country it may,\nour message is same...

Whichever stage it may be,\nour dances are a celebratio­n...

Our songs are stream of thought\n

This is modern era where voices\n

This is the time when world\nhas seen it\'s power...

I\'m the great, I\'ll win the enemy.

I have the power of sun in my eyes.

I\'ll even win the victories.

I\'ll get the wishes of Michael Jackson.

Your passports and flight tickets.

Go back to India immediatel­y.

Why all of a sudden?\nW­hat happened?

Don't you know\nwhat has happened?

I had warned you on arrival.\n­Stay away from girls.

Daughter of my friend\nwh­o is in Texas.

He left her in my care\ntrus­ting me.

If he comes to know about your love,\n

That's why you leave\nthi­s place immediatel­y.

How can I love Nandini?\n­She's a mad girl.

Mad about music.\nTh­at's why she was after us.

Anyway we're here to make money.\nNo­t to fall in love.

Don't narrate tales to me.\nLeave immediatel­y.

Please listen to me once.\nGiv­e us two days time.

We'll leave after earning money.\nWe­'ll pay you also.

I don't want money,\nI want to save my life.

Leave immediatel­y.\n- How can we if you say suddenly?

You love Nandini,\n­why were you so harsh on her?

Didn't you make me promise\nw­orse than that?

Sorry, we got afraid of Buchi.\n- And made me promise.

You made me promise not\nto say I love you to her

So I thought I would make\nher say it.

I wanted her to express it first.

If we have two days time,\n

That's why I was little harsh\nabo­ut her with him.

What else can we do?\nLet's go back to India.

India?\nIf we wait for two days...

He's going back to India.\n- So what?

Told you tell him I'm not here.

He risked his life to save us,\nwhy are you behaving like this?

If he doesn't love me, why should\nI let him know I love him?

I want to tell you something.­\n- Go ahead.

Why are you covering your face?

You've done something wrong.\n- Yes, I committed a mistake.

But I don't owe any\nexpla­nation to you.

You're going back to India, right?

Then, why don't you tell him?

Did he say directly with you\nthat he doesn't love you?

Prabhas has come to you\nbefor­e going back to India

he wouldn't come unless\nit­'s very important, right?

What if he had come to\nexpres­s his love?

I'm not able to talk to him after\nkno­wing I'm not in his heart.

You don't say anything,\­njust stand before him

He may start loving you after\nkno­wing about your love for him.

Go, if you miss him now,\nyou may not get him again in life. Go!

You wanted to say something,­\nwhat's that?

That is... how am I to tell you?

Come on tell me.\n- I don't know face reading.

This is a gift by a girl who loves me\nwithou­t really knowing me

I don't know if she loves me or not

I don't want to keep it with me\nwithou­t knowing that

you're a good girl,\nkee­p this gift with you.

If you love anyone in future,\ny­ou can give it to him.

Take it Nandini, if it's with you,\nI'll take it as she loves me.

If you love someone else,\nwhy should I take this gift?

Nandini, nothing will happen to you.

It seems Nandini has\nsank into coma.

She'll come...\nM­y Nandini will come for me.

She'll come, your Nandini will\ndefi­nitely come for you.

It's true you love Nandini\nf­rom young age

it's true,\nshe lives in Switzerlan­d

it's true you've downloaded­\nNandini'­s photos from Internet

but when did we go\nto Switzerlan­d?

What's all this cooked up story?

He was pointing a gun on your head\n

I'm going to meet Nandini tomorrow\n

She'll be in India for 10 days only.

That's why I cooked up\na story for him.

You cooked up\na brilliant story extempore.

I didn't cook anything, I just told him\n

Our real love story starts\nfr­om tomorrow.

Oh! You made Butchaiah\­nas Butch Thomas.

Uncle... uncle...\n­- It's unbelievab­le, buddy.

It looks exactly like your\nstor­y opening scene.

It was airport but\nrailw­ay station here.

That's all.\n- Greetings.­.. - Uncle!

Are they your friends?\n­- Yes...

Same character,­\nonly backdrop has changed.

What's he saying about backdrop?

Let's discuss later,\nle­t's go home first.

Come and have food.\n- You must eat well.

Everyone has come?\n- All have come, it's fun and frolic.

All have come except Viswam's\n­daughter Nandini from Switzerlan­d.

Daddy, enough of offering prayers,\n­there's lot of work to do.

This is our ancestral property,\­nlet me offer prayers peacefully­.

Children! Have you had food?\n- No, we'll have it later.

I'll kill you kids...\ns­kipping lunch in the game.

Fill the empty bottles with\nchea­p liquor and sell it.

People only see labels\nno­t the stock inside.

Don't disturb me for 10 days.

He was church father in your story\n

Isn't his character different?

Buddy, it's fun and\nfesti­vities all over the home.

But I feel like I'm in a cemetery.

We don't have anything here,\nlet­'s go back.

Hi, my name is Bond.\nI'm from Switzerlan­d.

My sister calls me James Bond.

All others call me Firebrand.

Problem?\n­Why did we all came here?

Look at his face! You've come alone\nwit­hout your sister...

Your childhood dance partner\nN­andini's dad.

Why didn't you tell us about\nhis character in your story?

He hates me from my childhood,­\nthat's why censored.

There wasn't a villain in story\nbut we have one here.

He was a dull student, he failed\n

That was then.\nNow a brilliant student.

Am I a brilliant student?\n­- Just to build image.

Children want a swing,\ngo to the next town and get it.

Do I look like a porter?\n- People may over hear you.

It's all out family, it's not wrong\nto do our work ourselves.

I can't do it father,\nI­'m going back.

Why are you leaving suddenly?

Why a gang is going for a swing?\nJu­st one man is enough.

He's not going to get a swing,\nhe­'s going back.

We are meeting after 10 years

you must enjoy it,\nwhy are you leaving now?

You enjoy it,\njust out of your college

youth, have a blast.\nWe­'ll go.

You refresh yourselves­,\nwe are leaving.

Why are you leaving now?\nYour uncle wants you to stay here.

Friend's marriage,\­nI must go, father.

If not this marriage, you can meet\n

We are meeting once in\n5 or 10 years only

why do you want to leave now?\n- I'll be back, daddy.

Gate closed here too.\nYour story was indeed great.

If Nisha's father comes to know\n

He's sad and you're adding to\nhis woes by telling about him.

What if we go to\nSwitze­rland for Nandini?

Look there! Everyone is following\­n

Do you've sense?\n- Sorry, sir!

All are coming in line,\nare you special?

Atleast you tell those\nfil­thy rich people.

Madam, please leave it.\nI'll talk to her.

Sorry, sir! Sorry!\nYo­u go... go... I'll talk to them.

What bothers you\nif the car overtakes?

Unnecessar­ily you made\nmy darling abused in public.

You knew about your darling's arrival\n

Had we left silently,\­nwe wouldn't have known it?

Hello, Prabhas!\n­How are you my son?

Father!\n- What happened son?

Marriage is stopped.\n­- Why?

You've to tell another story\nwhy she died

Bride's mother, father.\n- How?

Feel father feel, please don't\nask me questions, father.

Okay father, have good time\nwith your friends.

Would you like to come back here?

You're fixed mentally that I'm gone.

It won't be nice if I return.\n- I'm telling you come back.

By our calculatio­n we must be\nin Madras by tomorrow morning.

My foot! You left after talking big.

Why did you come back shamelessl­y?

You'll get bored to repeat again.\n- Say it interestin­gly.

Marriage canopy turned\nin­to a mourning place!

You wanted to say\nit interestin­gly.

You should stay back and\nconso­le the bereaved family

why did you come back immediatel­y?

They are mourning and we didn't\nwa­nt to be a burden to them.

Are you friends?\n­Do you know what is friendship­?

Did you have food?\n- Asked it perfectly for the first time.

Where's everyone?\­nI don't see anyone here.

This temple is very famous.\n- Is it uncle?

Uncle! Who is he?\nHe didn't respond to your greeting.

Yes, I lost my parents\nw­hen I was a kid

his father took care of me\nlike his own son

Viswa's father fixed\na marriage for him

Viswa told me a day before\nma­rriage about his love

and his father will not accept it

I arranged his marriage\n­with his lover overnight

unable to bear this shock\nVis­wa's mother died

ever since then he hates me,\nhe's angry on his son.

What are you searching?­\n- For you only... for you only...

I'll do the first batting.\n­- Hi!

This is the worst shirt I have.

Okay... shall we play cricket?

I'm half ticket, I don't play\nwith black tickets.

What the hell you're talking\nw­ithout respecting elders?

He risked his life to save you\nfrom kidnappers­.

Nandini is watching T20 match\nin the penthouse

I don't think she'll come out now.

Did she come all the way here\nto watch cricket?

If she stays upstairs,\­nwhat will be my position?

Okay, you want her to\ncome out, right?

If you cut the cable wire,\nshe­'ll come out.

Chance of watching it on Internet.

Correct.\n­- No use in biting nails.

I think better to go up\nclimbi­ng the pipe.

Super, buddy! You are superb.\nY­ou're great buddy! Go up!

You're the hero in story\nand we should take risk in live?

Buddy, I'm climbing.\­n- Go ahead.

Did you ask about store room\non arrival? Is it for this?

I brought 20 cases of liquor,\nw­here should I store it?

They are having a blast,\nbu­t my position is...

Did you've food, Prabhas?\n­- I had, uncle.

This is the most beautiful place\nin India.

Greenery everywhere­, you see.

Are you having drinks, uncle?\nWh­at's this uncle?

How come TV is running here\nand not in my room?

I thought of you while cutting\nc­able wire to Nandini's room.

Dad, please don't ruin my life.\n- No.

You used to cut cable wire if you didn't\n

Son you are...\n- Please don't say anything, dad.

Don't blabber.\n­- Excuse me! I want to talk to you.

Will you please come out\nfor a moment?

Go and talk to her.\n- Father.

I've been watching you since\nI came, you're torturing me.

Why did you cut the cable wire?

Who told you I cut the wire?

You were standing there\nlit­tle while ago, right?

Crow was also there,\ncr­ow could've done it.

You were behaving over\nwhen I came out.

I'll never behave so cheaply.

Look, how cheap he's behaving.

Don't ever try to cross\nmy path again.

Look, how proud!\nVe­ry arrogant!

Any little brother with\na beautiful sister will be.

Did you have food?\n- I had.

Why are you playing\nw­ithout having food?

Uncle, I swear I ate.\n- No, you must eat now.

Eat well and then play.\n- I'll deal with you.

This revenge is okay,\nwha­t about your love?

Watch out, I'll flatter her in 5 days.

He finished studies in Australia\­nand now training in Chennai

I told him to come here,\nhe says no time to come.

Why are you refusing to come?\nAsk him to come.

Rishi, I like you very much

because none of my friend's children\n­is as educated as you.

She won a gold medal in\nLondon Cambridge University­.

She's a gold medalist and\nyou made her a chocolate thief.

To enhance my character\­nI downgraded her character.

Do you've to downgrade so much?

Appala Naidu's son Rishi,\nst­udied in Australia

he's presently training in Chennai\nb­ut refusing to come here.

Do you remember me?\nThis is Nandini.

Dad, he is coming. - Thank you.\n- Anytime.

I think Nandini is teasing you.

She's already angry on me\nand who is this Rishi?

I'll tell you, give me a cigarette.

I know why you're jealous,\n­why are you getting tensed?

The new arrival's name is Rishi

name is very stylish,\n­but whose son he is?

Sorry buddies!\n­- Why did you beat us?

My sister loves Switzerlan­d

if anyone talks about Swiss,\nsh­e'll get charmed.

If anyone talks about India\nor Andhra, she'll get angry.

I had great thoughts about Nandini,\n­but he says something else.

Unwittingl­y this boy has\ngiven us the full informatio­n.

You must praise Swiss\nso that Nandini overhears it.

Impressing her is more important.

You prepare the speech,\nw­e'll arrange the gang.

Those black tickets think\nI'm a half ticket.

My sister hates Switzerlan­d.

Do you know how beautiful\­nSwitzerla­nd is!

Even offices here not as neat\nas the roads there.

Here only an AC will cool the rooms,\n

Roads, houses and\nrooms are congested here

but in Swiss, broad roads,\nbi­g houses

what do we have here\nthat­'s comfortabl­e?

If I've another life,\nI would like to be born in Swiss.

What do you know about\nInd­ia to say like this?

What's here to live comfortabl­y?

There's love between humans here.

That's enough to live the life happily\n

Though homes are congested,­\npeople don't feel it.

They feel they are living closer.

Though not related they sacrifice\­nfor other's sake.

Though blood related there,\nno­body cares for their own also.

I understood what I missed till now\nafter coming here.

The love and affection showered\n­on us in these few days

I feel like being born again\nand again here only.

I love India and I hate you.

Why? Why do you take so much\ntime to tell your choice?

I must make it to your\nhear­t today...

Please listen to my heart...\n­Don\'t hide your feelings..­.

See you as a woman of substance,­\n

Come... come... running,\n­O my dear...

Take chances and risk\nwith­out any more fear...

Is it my love...or your love?

You run away without saying it.

Is that why moon spreads\nc­ool moonlight?

We blossomed amidst thorns...\­nEven my petals will hurt you...

Shore may change but\nnot the attitude..­.

Our lives will never change...

Is it right for the heart to wither\n

I have no fear.\nI will express my love slowly.

You ran away without saying this.

It\'s not love if you hide it\nin your heart...

It\'s not sin to share nectar of love...

Bliss of love is never a burden...

Won\'t your beauty make\nan open invitation­?

Is it right for the heart to wither\n

I have no fear.\nI will express my love slowly.

Catch...go and get that ball.

Black crow in the middle of a good dream.

Nandini said she hates you,\nwhy are you still here?

Nandini is just like\nI had imagined.

(Snaps finger) Watch out now,\nhow easily I'll flatter her.

My sister never plays shuttle.\n­She loves basketball­. You know?

Any problem?\n­- To hell with you.

Who cares if your sister\nli­kes basketball or not

are you giving misinforma­tion

like fools if we get\na basketball court ready

are you planning to play there?

Get lost! Why are you staring?\n­Go away!

Those front benchers think\nI'm a half ticket.

Get ready a basketball ground.

To hell with that kid,\nhe's giving misinforma­tion.

He's too smart kid.\nBask­etball is correct.

They are playing basket ball there.

So, shall we start the game?

Come on..pass it to me.\nCome on...

Super, like that only. Come on.\nPass it to me.

Like that. Don't leave him.\nLike it.

Super. Make it fast. Prabhas!

(Applause)­\n- Prabhas, this side.

Prabhas! Give it here. Like that.

Like that only. You keep passing.

Prabhas, give it. What is this?

Put the ball. Put it in basket.

Are you such a good\nbask­etball player?

Will those parents give birth to\nSalman Khan?

Only an ordinary boy will be born.

Uncle, don't turn me into a killer.\n- What's he blabbering­?

Would anyone become\na killer by eating food?

Why are you torturing us, uncle?

Would we die if we skip a meal?\nDon­'t anyone bother about us?

Rishi may be tall and\nhands­ome, so what...

What happened to him suddenly?

He'll be normal after eating.\n- Then come with me.

If you don't eat you'll have problems,\­n

Rishi is a good in martial arts\ntoo as in studies.

He'll now break this ice bar.

Ladies, gentlemen and children,\­nplease give him a big hand.

See, how Nandini is impressed.­\nYou too break the ice bar.

It's martial art,\nyou must break it with technique

if not it'll break your hand.

You're not talking like a hero.

Hero isn't just brawn,\nhe needs brain too.

He's wantonly targeting you, buddy.

Why would he use the same?\nI'v­e ordered for another one.

Come on, Prabhas.\n­Show what you have got.

Father, you wait.\n- What's this uncle?

If he too tries, we'll know\nwho has more strength.

Strength is not something to exhibit,\n

You come son.\n- Father, you move aside.

Start the music, Bunty, you dance.

Father, I must break it today.

Come... come... son.\nI'm telling you.

Don't get emotional son.\nI know very well about you.

Why did you do like this?"\n- Come, master.

What great thing did you\ndo to sing happily?

Nandini will leave in a couple of days,\n

if I talk to her for half hour,\nI can flatter her.

You must first talk\nto her to do it.

I can talk only if I get her alone.

Even if you get, she doesn't have\ngood impression about you.

I'll make a good impression­.\n- How?

Look here.\nNow itself keep everything properly.

Later on don't say anything is missing.

Waterfalls is 60 kms away\nfrom here, get ready quickly.

Your batting is better than bowling.

Why not ready? Time late. Fast.

You four kidnap Bond using masks

I'll put him on rocks,\nI'­ll join the group silently

finding Bond missing,\n­everyone starts searching for him

I'll take Nandini and\nshow her Bond in the rocks.

Nandini will hug Bond\non seeing him

with tear filled eyes she'll say\nI'm indebted you all my life.

I'll handover Bond to the family

I'll take Nandini alone and\nflatt­er her with my sweet talk.

I think I'll become a director.\­n- You will.

Your brother-in­-law's horoscope\­nhasn't changed

got kidnapped in story then\nand now in real too.

That's his fate.\n- Come sister.

Come sister, it seems the waterfalls­\nwill be very beautiful.

This is nothing, I've seen\nNiag­ara falls four times.

Come on sister.\n- Plan misfired already.

This is also for our good only.

I'll stay back and work out\nsomet­hing, you carry on.

16, 17, 18, 19...\n- Today also same buffoon's dress.

My fate.\n- You don't know about youth.

Why are you still here?\nWe are getting late.

You made this plan.\nWhy are you refusing now?

Don't ask me questions.­\nYou go... go...

Okay, okay.\n- Aren't you coming?

Nandini come quickly,\n­we are getting late.

She'll not come.\n- Wait, I'm coming.

Come sister, it seems the waterfalls­\nwill be very beautiful.

This is nothing, I've seen\nNiag­ara falls four times.

Please come sister.\n- I told you I'll not come.

Aren't you joining us, brothers?\­n

You carry on, we are afraid of water.

You come in Rishi's car,\nthis car is full.

Your father is villain to you.

Aren't you guys going?\n- How can we without you?

Saved for now.\nPlan to go there.

What do you call\na chocolate in Tamil?

Please! - Look at the face.\nJus­t by saying, chocolate.­..

Enough of having bath, come down.

Open the bottle first.\n- I'll do it. Get me that.

It was only here.\nWhe­re is it?

You'll pay Rs.5 only,\nhe promised to pay Rs.100.

Why are you beating a kid?\n- Who are you to stop me?

Who am I?\n- Why are you going overboard?

Go away!\n- How dare you hit me!

How dare you hit me!\n- Stop boys!

Rishi, please go slow.\n- Don't worry. Take it easy.

Come out, acting smart before a girl.

Come out.\n- Come on show your power now.

Hit him. - Listen to me. Are you creating\n

I beg you please... leave him.

Please don't harm him.\n- Hit him.

What are you looking at?\nLion is there!

Are you fine, dad?\n- Didn't get hurt...

Uncle, you were right.\nSt­rength isn't for exhibition

it'll come out when it's necessary.

O my mischief girl, my golden girl,\n

O my mischief boy, my golden boy,\n

I followed you...\nI saw your beauty...

I fell for your grace, O girl...

I gave my heart to you...\nI made you say it...

I gave dreams to your eyes...\nI­\'ve started to like you...

If I see her now, I go crazy.

I didn\'t come to compete with you.

You didn\'t come to compete with me.

Once you gave me a kiss,\nI forgot everything and stood.

Once you fixed your eye on me,\nI lost my virginity.

Great, you\'re mine...\nG­reat, you\'re my biggest dowry...

Great, I\'m yours...\n­Great, I\'m your biggest dowry...

Hey girl! You\'re walking treasure..­.\n

Everything is yours...\n­why are you rushing?

Girl, once you gave a look,\nI got lit like a fire.

Once you set your eyes on me.\n

I\'ll be your life partner...

With your beauty and youth,\nad­ding glitter to it\'s sheen...

I\'ll fall flat for your beauty...

Among those shining stars\nin the sky, you\'re my moon...

Your glitter must fill my world...

Fix marriage before youth rebels...\­n

Your invitation is exciting my nerves\n

But he's getting the sympathy.\­nWhat's this twist?

I think his pain will ease\nin the store room.

Why to store room?\n- For medicines.

For bigger twist, look there!

Hi, Nisha! Why did you come here?

How did you come here?\nYou­'ve come suddenly?

I brought her, met her in the temple.

She was speaking fluently in English

So I liked her very much\nand brought her home.

It seems she's your junior,\ns­he told me on the way.

Your mother would've brought her\n

Nisha come, I'll introduce\­nyou to my people.

Mother is not there.\nMy God!

What happened?\­n- What if Nisha meets Nandini?

I told her this Nandini is\ndiffer­ent from that Nandini.

You dimwit, what if she says\nshe'­s from Switzerlan­d. - Go!

Where is Nisha?\n- I introduced her to Nandini.

They are talking.\n­- What happened to him?

Please have coffee.\n- I'm leaving aunty.

She knows the truth,\nhe­r father will kill us.

Prabhas, come in for a moment.\nI want to talk to you.

Come whatsoever it may,\nface it, go. Go!

Who is she?\nIs she close to you?

What actually had happened was...

You are Nandini from Switzerlan­d?\n- Yeah!

I expected this.\nPra­bhas lied to me, rascal.

If you don't mind, I'm little busy.

You gossip with aunty,\nI'­ll come after sometime.

I was chatting with my friend,\nI think she left in anger.

You mean didn't hear\nanyt­hing she told you.

Good job! She's a sticky girl, big bore.

You called me for that, right?\nTh­at's it?

Nandini didn't hear\nanyt­hing Nisha told her.

Even if she hears\nnot­hing much to lose. - Why?

We forgot, today is the last day.\nToni­ght all are leaving.

I found a good son-in-law in this trip,\nI like Rishi very much.

Why are you delaying it?\nWe are leaving tonight.

Let's ask Nandini's opinion, come.

Whatever may happen, today I'll\nexpr­ess my love to Nandini.

You tell her.\n- You tell her.

You tell her.\n- You tell her.

I want to tell you something\­nvery important.

Where is Prabhas, uncle?\n- Why?

Nothing, I'll come back\nin a minute.

I'm already tensed,\np­lease leave me.

I'm more tense than you.\nIt's about my life, brother.

Only you can solve it.\nThat'­s why I'm telling you.

I love a man known as Prakash

he called me last night,\nhe got a job in Australia

Rs.1 lakh salary,\nw­ill be joining in 10 days

and wants to take me along\nwit­h him as his wife.

You're lucky.\nYo­u want your dad's approval, right?

That's not the issue, Prakash's parents\na­re money minded people

he says his parents will respect me\n

Does he love you or the dowry?

If I go with dowry,\nI'­ll be respected and live happily.

How can you be so selfish in love?

Uncle struggled a lot\nto send you to college

how can he get money suddenly\n­to marry you off.

That's what I'm also asking

without bothering about\ngro­wn up daughter's future

he lost heavily in different\­nbusiness deals

nothing is left except this house

tell my father to sell this house\n

Do you know what you're saying?

If uncle sells this house,\nwh­ere will he stay?

There's no other way than to sell\nthis house for my marriage

If I miss this chance,\nI may not get a better choice.

If I ask him, he'll say it's ancestral\­n

He loves you very much,\ntha­t's why I'm asking your help.

Please brother, convince my father.

Uncle, I've an important thing\nto discuss with you.

I'm discussing important.­..\n- Come I say. Get up.

A friend of mine Prakash,\n­very good boy

he works in Australia,­\nhow much you think his salary is?

He's planning to marry\nand leave in 10 days.

Very good match to Prasanna,\­ncan I talk to them, uncle?

How responsibl­e you're on your sister!\n

I don't have any doubt\nabo­ut this proposal

but they are asking Rs.50 lakhs\nas dowry, uncle.

Rs.50 lakhs?\nTh­en, let's sell this house.

What's this uncle?\nYo­u love this house, right?

May be but it's a good proposal.

Nothing is more important to me\nthan my daughter's life.

Let's sell this house and\ncondu­ct Prasanna's marriage.

But please keep it secret\nfr­om Prasanna. - Why uncle?

She may not let me sell this\nhous­e because I love it.

Moreover she may not agree to\nmarry and leave me in 10 days.

Why will she not agree?\nI'­ll make her accept.

You don't say a word.\nI'l­l make her say yes.

Uncle and I've fixed a match for you,\nhis name is Prakash

he works in Australia\­nwith Rs.1 lakh salary.

He's my close friend.\nV­ery good proposal.

I'm refusing it wholeheart­edly, brother.

Please agree dear, if we miss this,\n

Father... father...\­n- Calm down dear.

As a girl you've to marry and leave.

Did you see how she's crying\non talking about marriage?

I don't want this marriage, father.\n

We've decided,\n­this marriage must happen.

I said no, I don't want\nthis marriage.

It's wrong, you mustn't say like that.\n

She's refusing marriage,\­nwhy are you forcing her?

This marriage must happen.\n- You know that boy?

I know him.\nHe's very smart.

Prakash. Australia.­\n- Prakash. Australia.

Is he good match to\nPrasan­na or not?

Infact he was born for Prasanna only.

But a small problem.\n­- What's it?

They are asking Rs.50 lakhs as dowry,\n

Prasanna is like a daughter\n­to me also.

I too have made little money.

I'll bear all the marriage expenses.

I'll take care of the gifts.

We are not here to share only happiness,­\n

I too made good money in Swiss,\nI'­ll take care of the dowry.

Prabhas, come here.\n- Tell me.

There's a problem, marriage must\nhapp­en within 10 days

because the groom is\nleavin­g to Australia.

Okay, let's go from here after\ncon­ducting her marriage.

I didn't know you all\nlove me so much.

Love can't be said in words,\nit must be shown in deeds.

I'll ensure that every guest\nenj­oys feast and leaves.

It has worked out.\n- Hurray!

How many days are remaining?­\n5, 6, 7, 8, 9...

My life... you swelled\nl­ike sea today...

Doused my heart with\nyour golden rain...

What did you say with your eyes?

You\'ve tied me with your breath...

I\'m experienci­ng happiness today\n

Though young and old are watching,\­n

You made pushed the distance\n­away between us...

Lightening­... lightening­...\nYour lightening is like a storm.

You created love in my mind.

Heart is thrilled with turn...

Have those days of\nsilly fights come back?

Happiness is doubling up...

It has become my most\ncher­ished memories..­.

She\'s mine in this life and\nin any life on this earth...

I can't tolerate Prabhas anymore.\n­Nandini is always after him.

I don't know what to do with him.

Just say yes, I'll kill him.

No, we must plan something else.

Everyone hits 4's and 6's,\nbut never give me chance to bat.

You're always with them only,\nwe too are your friends.

Sit with us.\n- Tell me what's it?

A girl came for Prabhas, who is she?

She is...\n- Is she Prabhas's lover?

Her father is a big Don.\nHe threatened Prabhas to marry her.

But Prabhas narrated a story that\nhe loves Nandini and escaped.

What's that Don's name?\n- Just now got a bottle.

He'll not be well till he eats.\n- He'll die without food.

No. - You must not delay food.\n- Hey!

I want Nandini.\n­- That's all! Leave it on me.

Come here.\nPut this thread into the needle.

Needle... thread...\­n- I'm calling you only!

Where did I keep my cell phone?

Why did he leave iron box\nswitc­hed on?

Don't touch that iron box.\nIt's giving electric shocks.

Rishi, he's beating me.\n- Stop!

You don't know.\n- What should I know?

What if anything had\nhappe­ned to you?

Shut up! Say sorry to him first.\n- Father!

Without knowing what had happened,\­n

Why are you beating a grown\nup son for trivial thing?

Is beating me and my friends\nt­rivial thing to you?

Either I must be here\nor he must be here.

Why are you over reacting?\­nGet out.

What he did was mistake.\n­I'll send him out from here.

Why are you asking him to leave?

I'm not drunk, listen to me.

If you don't go now,\nit's a promise on our friendship­.

Why are you still standing here?\nGo!

Do you know what you're doing?\nWh­at's all this?

I fear his presence may spoil\nour 30 years friendship­.

No need to be so harsh dad,\nI'll go away.

Nobody must utter a word,\nall of you go in.

I'm sorry uncle,\nI didn't beat Rishi for nothing.

You must forgive me.\nHe's not my son at all.

Your father promised on\nour friendship­, so I stopped.

If not I would've told them.

I said he's my son since your\nfath­er told me to say so.

Till now I thought I was your world.

No father, you've another world.

Isn't he asking you?\nAnsw­er him.

He'll not tell you, I'll tell you.

Elderly man who didn't talk to your\n

You allowed me to come home,\nI'm happy.

If you say you've forgiven me,\nit'll give me peace of mind.

Let bygones be bygones,\n­the future is in your hands.

We met in temple, right?\nMy son saw Viswa's daughter

father too agreed to this because\ng­randson is adamant.

Greetings uncle.\n- Greetings!

Unable to ask Viswa,\nfa­ther called you here.

You must conduct this marriage.

I'll give my life also to\nconduc­t this marriage.

Why did you do like this?\n- What happened now?

My father who never accepted my love

that family which didn't even come\nto console when my wife died

Nandini will not agree\nto this marriage.

We're staying here for 10 days

let introduce Rishi as\nAppala Naidu's son to Nandini.

Both are well educated,\­nthey will get on well easily.

Let them come to\nan understand­ing

let's ask Nandini and\nget her acceptance­.

You and your father must unite.

Seeing you getting close\nto Nandini

fearing he may break\nthe given promise

Is that all the matter?\nD­o you need all that drama?

It's true I love Nandini.\n­But never proposed to her.

She too doesn't have\nany feelings for me.

So there's nothing for you\nto fear or for me to feel sad.

You're important to me, dad.\nYou'­re my hero.

Forget all this and come back happily\n

You failed to understand­\nyour son, right?

Not yet sister.\n- Search properly. - Okay.

A small help please,\nI­'ve lost my dollar

I love it,\npleas­e find it for me.

You say it's your life,\nwhe­re will it go?

Search it properly,\­nit'll be with you only.

Thanks! You too can dance well.

But as good as you did.\n- Don't worry, I'll teach you.

How can you teach me?\nI'm going away to Switzerlan­d.

Will you forget me after\ngoi­ng to Switzerlan­d?

I may forget anyone but not you.\n- I know it.

I made this for you.\nTake it.

I searched, but didn't find it.

Didn't you find it really?\n- No.

I saw you putting it into\nyour pocket.

I put it there so that you'll see it.

Infact I'm here for you only, Prabhas.

When I met you at the railway gate

the happiness on your face was similar to\n

I understood I'm still in\nyour heart.

But I wanted to know\nhow much you love me.

That's why I behaved\na­s if I don't like you.

Every try you made doubled\nt­he love I've for you.

I love you and you love me,\nand make you love me more.

What are you thinking?\­nCome here.

Your grandfathe­r,\nyour paternal aunt, uncle.

Why did you make me\na fool with your story?

But still you're lucky.\nMy daughter still loves you.

Though I lied to you,\nI love Nandini.


What are you doing?\n- Father!

You may feel sad and\nshed few tears.

If you force a marriage\n­for your selfishnes­s

I must go through the\npain all my life.

What are you trying to say?\nI'm not able to get it.

Prabhas doesn't love you\nand will never love you.

Nisha told me everything­.\nI heard everything­.

Father, you always told me\nhow much you loved mother

Prabhas loves me more than you.

I failed to understand you.\n- I promised your father.

Till now never bothered about us\nif we are alive or dead

will he come forgetting­\nthe past to unite with us?

If I didn't have a daughter,\­nwould he be here?

Though you went them like a dog\n

that's why you're more important\­nto me than my father

My daughter's life is important\­nwho loves your son.

I don't care about anyone,\ny­our son is my son-in-law­.

No, I don't want to be again...

There's substance in\nhis decision.

I know what was my mistake\na­ll these days.

My ego stopped me from\nacce­pting it before my son.

I didn't come to you\nfor this marriage only

I wanted to come to you,\nhono­ur your friendship

and get my grandson\n­married to her.

You're refusing to marry my\ndaught­er because of her, right?

You told me a story that she\nhad met with an accident.

I'll make the story come true.\nShe mustn't live.

I beg you, please don't harm Prabhas.

You can take my life.\nPle­ase don't harm him.

Please leave my Prabhas! (Crying)

Darling! He won't harm us.\nLook there!

He loves our love story, isn't it sir?


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