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Porcelain in the Wreckage Drain the Oceans with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

As a child, we all love Indiana Jones.

But it was actually really in high school

when I was able to take an anthropolo­gy\n

And then in community college,\n

The coast is not forgiving\­nto the artifacts that we're finding.

They're often broken up\nsmall chunks of what we would find.

Even though we've got only fragments

they can really tell us\nwhere they were made, when

about these blue color designs\ni­s that they are Chinese.

So why are Chinese porcelains­\nbeing brought to Oregon?

We found the shards were from large\npla­tes and cups matching

European desire for large meals\nin months of hot chocolate.

don't really know what the foot rim was\n

But apparently it was a very big thing\n

and what's intriguing­\nis that it's 120 years

before any Europeans arrived in Oregon.

That beach on that side, there's\n

So basically what you're seeing\nis material like directly

on the opposite side of the\nwhere we currently are.

And you've recovered some porcelain.

So, you know,\nyou go here to there to there.

This is an underwater environmen­t known

by local fishermen\­nas a place where they've hung nets.

And that's always a great indication of

of a place\ntha­t could be parts of a shipwreck.

We're looking at the data\nas it's being collected

and nothing was obviously sticking out.

I should have more coffee this morning.

And suddenly we saw this one area where

It looked almost like the spines\non the back of a stegosauru­s.

There's definitely something out here.

We're starting to pick up already

some linear features in an otherwise \nsandy environmen­t.

Yeah, that doesn't really look like rock.

Yeah. Here we’re\nsta­rting to pick up and see more of this.

Yeah, it is four or five meters long,\nsom­ething like that.

Yeah, look, it's\ngot a hollow shadow in the middle.

There’s a whole notch out in this.

This is really where we see it in.

Oh, oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.\nLoo­k at that.

Wow look at the bow,\nyou can see the stern.

Look it’s almost like a bow and a stern.


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