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so you could be wasting your money

wasting your time and even risking your

life being tired prevents us from

achieving our full potential and every

schooling and our personal life in a

mere 24 hours I'm Seth nishiyama and I'm

here today to urge you guys to take more

naps my three main points are that naps

help reduce your anxiety they help

increase your productivi­ty and they help

improve your judgment because 1/3 of an

hour leaves you empowered so my first

main point naps help reduce anxiety so

have any of you guys ever taken a really

stressful class stressed you out I took

a class this year that was really

stressful for me it was engineerin­g

physics it was one of those classes

where you get the 62 on the test and

you're really happy because it turns out

the class average is 30 so I was

studying and working on this class all

day day in and day out and I was just

getting really stressed out and tired

about it and eventually I started taking

naps and I realized after I started

taking naps I felt better I felt less

stressed I felt more focused I felt like

I could get more done during the day and

actually did really well in the class

and I believe it's because I started

taking naps so song who is a writer and

she writes a lot about health and

wellness subjects and she wrote an

article for WebMD and she said that naps

help reduce the amount of stress

hormones in our body and then Brad berry

he works for a company called talent

smart which deals with fortune 500

companies and helps them manage their

employees and their teams and he says

that sleep deprivatio­n alone causes us

stress so by taking naps we're able to

reduce our sleep deprivatio­n and we're

able to reduce the amount of stress

hormones in our body because 1/3 of an

hour leaves you empowered and so my

second main point is that naps help

increase your productivi­ty so many

and businesses actually encouragin­g

their employees take naps because tired

employees aren't as productive and

causes them to lose money so yarrow he

writes for Business Insider which does

tech in news tech and business news and

he says that Google uses these things

called energy pods and they've been made

by metro naps and what they designed to

do is help you take the optimal nap so

they stick you in the perfect position

so that you have good blood circulatio­n

it relieves pressure off your back and

then it also plays ambient noise to help

you fall asleep and gives you a slight

vibration when it's time to wake up also

other places are encouragin­g people to

take naps my sister goes to Carnegie

Mellon University and they have energy

pods available there for the students

because they believe the student taking

naps will help the students become

better students and be more productive

and it also doesn't take very long to

get the benefits of a nap according to

Harvard six minutes in as little as six

minutes you can see the difference in

performanc­e with a nap the optimal nap

is 20 minutes but when taking naps you

can see improvemen­ts in areas such as

learning memory and creative thinking

Brody who is a writer who's writes a lot

about science and nutrition she's

written lots of books and articles about

it she says there's been many famous

snappers throughout history people like

Winston Churchill Albert Einstein

Napoleon Bonaparte and Thomas Edison all

took naps because they believed it

helped them be more productive and get

more done during the day because a third

of an hour leaves you empowered my third

main point is that naps help improve

your judgement so have any of you guys

ever regretted something like made a bad

decision or rash about something because

you were tired woke up on the wrong side

well according to Barnes he's an

associate professor at UW done lots of

research on sleep in the workplace he

says that when we're tired our judgment

becomes impaired and that were more

likely to produce unethical behavior and

so when we're tired not only does our

judgment become impaired and we produce

unethical behavior in the workplace but

Foundation says that when we're tired

were more likely to be in an accident

because being tired and pears are

driving ability because we're not able

to make as good of judgments and we have

lower reaction top times so the but one

way to counteract this they say is to

take a nap because we're taking a nap

you become rejuvenate­d and refreshed and

you're able to make better decisions and

judgments when on the road so it kind of

reminds me of this story my mother used

to like to tell me when she was in

medical school so there's this man who

worked in this factory and he came to

work one day and he was really tired and

his job was he was to manage the

machines that cut the metal and so a

piece of metal got stuck in the machine

and so he went over there and he reached

his hand in there and got the piece of

metal unstuck the only problem is is he

forgot to turn off the machine in his

hand ended up getting stuck in the

machine and they had to take apart the

machine and grab his mangled hand and

all the pieces and send him to the

hospital where my mom assisted in the

surgery and there they took wires and

used them to rebuild his hands it's kind

of like a shish kebab but when were

tired we can make mistakes because we

don't necessaril­y have as good of

judgment and by taking naps we can

hopefully increase our judgement skills

that we make better decisions and we

have better control over our actions

because the third one our leaves you in

power so today I talk to you guys about

why you should take more naps my three

main points where that naps help reduce

anxiety naps help increase your

productivi­ty and naps help improve your

judgement so I encourage you all to

start taking more naps because naps

aren't a waste of time they're not just

for kids not just for the elderly not

just for the sick everyone can benefit

from taking a nap because 1/3 of an hour

leaves you empowered and with that I


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