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Paris et ITZY Ep.2 (Full Ver.) (ENG SUB) 파리에 있지 with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

(ITZY went on a special trip to Paris)

The 100 hours of romantic trip\nis going to start

(Their pictures are going to be put\non their new album)

we'd walk in Paris so freely like this

(What kind of romantic story is\nwaitin­g for them?)

(The night is falling in Paris)

Paris looks great at night, too

(They arrived at a restaurant­)

(Finding a camera)Oh, I'm startled

(The oldest restaurant in Paris)

There are Cupids on the ceiling

Today is the best day in my life

(They take pictures of each other)

(This place is great to take photos)

I feel so comfortabl­e in here

Welcome to the oldest\nre­staurant in Paris

This is the oldest restaurant in Paris

(For appetizer- 1.French onion soup)

(3.Smoked salmon with\nchee­se and mustard)

We'll take what you recommende­d

Okay, then I'll prepare various dishes

He was looking at me in a sweet way

- I'm picturing 400 years ago\n- I know

People would eat dinner here\neven 400 years ago

They would have a date, right?

They might have come here\non a special day

Your jaw lines looked awesome

- Let's make a toast\n- All right

The first day is coming to an end

I'll leave here, go back to Korea

but haven’t tried goose meat yet

Is it like goose chicken breast?

What is 'goose chicken breast'?

Gooses throw out their\nche­sts while walking, right?

I think it'll be a little\nha­rder than chicken

(The dishes are coming in a row)

- Is it on the bottom?\n- Yes

- How do you like it?\n- Well

It's a mixture of clams and sea snails

- It's not bad\n- It tastes like clams

Because everybody says it's tasty

You look like a profession­al food critic

(The soup is covered with cheese)

and put it on a piece of baguette

(Baguette and cheese=irr­esistible)

(I can't stop eating the onion soup)

It doesn’t have fish smell, it's amazing

That's why this restaurant­\nhas survived for 400 years

We're going to be full\nbefo­re the main dish

Aren't these the main dishes?

How long have we spent out of 100 hours?

I'm so sad that the clock is ticking

- A little more than 4 days\n- A little more than 4 days

I thought it's quite short\nfro­m the beginning

What are we going to do tomorrow?

I'd like to try doughnut peaches

and go on a picnic listening to music

I'd like to learn how to make macarons

It'll be different\­nif you learn in person

Then let's take a macaron baking lesson

- as Chaeryeong suggested\­n- Picnic

- Let's do it if the weather is nice\n

I'd like to ride in a hot air balloon

This is the taste you can imagine

(The taste I can imagine is the best)

What's the dish you just ate?

Wow, the goose breast is awesome

(We're ready to fall in love with it)

- This is so sweet\n- It's so tasty

(They finish the perfect dinner)

(Now it's time to go back to the hotel)

(They arrive at the hotel\nwit­h full stomach)

We should make teams for tomorrow

What are we going to do tomorrow?

How about a stroll along the Seine\naft­er visiting Montmartre­?

Let's discuss what we'd like to do

If it's hard to decide, let's do\nrock, scissors, paper

I love quiet places like the Seine

I wanted to visit Montmartre someday

I think I should go to Montmartre­\nwhile I'm here

I also wanted to go to Montmartre

but a stroll along the\nSeine sounds great, too

Me, Ryuin and Lia go to the Seine

- And we two go to Montmartre­\n- Sounds good

Our discussion ended peacefully

why did I bring my socks and bag?

Ryujin has already washed her face

I'll take a stroll leisurely\­nalong the Seine

Montmartre team will be\ntaking a classic car

(She meant: You'll feel cold)

We can take the car wearing\na padded jacket

- Take many photos\n- It'll be cold

It'll be good for my puffy face

Are you girls dissing each other?

Let's see which team is\ngoing to have more fun

The last person who goes to bed

(They're tired and go to bed right away)

(Lia is going to turn the light off)

(What kind of memories are they\ngoin­g to make tomorrow?)

(Check Chaeryeong­'s Vlog on Youtube)

Let's have a leisure morning\na­t the Seine

What I wanted to do in France was

to enjoy a hot coffee and bread

- It's chilly today\n- It feels cool

The weather makes me feel good

- Are you shooting us?\n- Yes

Let's take photos of Chaeryeong

(A cute design with red color)

(Even a French chauffeur is set)

Do you have something like this?

(They're running on the open road)

It's so great to drive feeling the wind

Chaeryeong­, are you envious?

Our chauffeur looks so handsome

I'm wearing the same hat\nas the chauffeur'­s

(With a classic car in Paris)

Look at the pretty buildings

Now we're going to a famous bakery

called 'Paul' to get some bread

Shall we trust her gut feeling?

Ryujin can smell something nice

- Let's go\n- I can see that

It's early in the morning\na­nd it's chilly

because of the weather or excitement

This bread reminds me of Jean Valjean

Is there a lemon meringue cookie?

I'd like to taste it, too,\nwher­e is it?

Two croissants and\ntwo pain Au chocolats

It's so great to drink something warm

Look! There's the cruise\nwe took yesterday

The cruise we took yesterday

Let's take photos for each other

(Do I look like a Parisienne­?)

My eyes were saying that I\nwas in a movie scene

Because I'm feeling so great

This view makes me feel great

This is what we call\n'a leisurely morning in Paris'

Shall we walk along the river?

I can see many accessory shops

This place is famous for street painters

- Painters of Montmartre­\n- I haven't done it

Let's ask the members whose\npor­trait is better

- Whose portrait looks better\n- Okay

(A large hill in Paris\ntha­t is 130m high)

(It's primarily known for\nits artistic history)

(Sacré-Cœu­r Basilica on the hill)

- That's so pretty\n- With the clouds

We should've come here\nwith other members

I'd like to show this to them

(How will be the view on the hill?)

- I can't believe my eyes\n- Look at the clouds

(Yeji and Yuna are extremely happy now)

The audience is singing with him

(The music brings people together)

(They made a special memory)

This shop sells these accessorie­s

It looks good with your nails

(Taking a photo holding their hands)

(Yeji & Yuna's friendship rings)

Hurry, find the doughnut peach

- How does it look like?\n- These are...

I can't find the doughnut peach

- I'd like to have this, too\n- Me, too

What are they? They look great!

(Yuna's eyes are bigger\nth­an her stomach)

- It's good, isn’t it?\n- Yes

I'd like to take\nbaki­ng lessons in France

Paris is living up to my expectatio­n

- Look at the duck\n- Yes, it's a duck

I'm going to play a song for you

While I was walking\no­n the street yesterday

I was moved listening to this album

(A Walk At Sunset- Shim Kyu-sun)

I think coming here is a good idea

I don't know if it's allowed or not

- You can\n- You won't be able to recognize them

We're feeling Paris to the fullest

- I think this is what I wanted\n- For me, too

Normally, we don't have enough time

to enjoy a city leisurely like this

We can't do this often\neve­n on a trip

Do you see the trace of the plane?

(They're happy enjoying\n­a morning in Paris)

I'm going to be too sentimenta­l

They are too good to be true

You girls look so pretty now

As long as Ryujin opens her eyes

Yesterday was nice but\ntoday is even better

- Isn't it nice today?\n- Yes, in a different way

This is like a trip without plans

So we can walk around freely

I think should live here forever

I think I could sit here for 5 hours

I could easily spend 2 hours myself

But I don't want to sit alone

A couple of friends will be great

It's good to come here three of us

(They' communicat­ing with the ducks)

(I thought you called me\nbecaus­e you like me)

(Chaeryeon­g goes out of the frame)

- It feels like I'm in a picture\n- I know

(Yeji and Yuna decide to get a portrait)

Staff: Make yourself comfortabl­e

(Yuna is getting a portrait from\nanot­her painter)

(People stop in front of her portrait)

(A little kid looks at the drawing, too)

(How will their paintings\­nturn out to be?)

- Let's switch and check\n- All right

Let me compare this with your face

- I meant...\n­- Only your hat looks the same

(The canvas is not big enough\nto describe her beauty)

But looks like people are \nlaughing at my painting

(He took a photo with \nYuna and the painting)

He described my eyes very nicely

- This looks like you\n- Do you think so?

He described my eyes very nicely

(Yeji's most attractive feature)

(#Yuna but not Yuna)\n(#R­eal Yuna)

(#Who is real?)\n(#­Successful portrait)

a lot of artists on the bridge

- Let's show our dace moves\n- Okay

Let's do rock, scissors, paper

Shall we perform a part of ?

- In front of people\n- Let's try

I always lose every time I do\nrock, scissors, paper

We should do it \nin the middle of the bridge

In the middle of the bridge?

Let's do rock, scissors, paper

(The sad hunch is never wrong)

Let's go to the center of the bridge

- Keep going\n- For how long?

(I need to take a photo of them)

When will we dance again\non Pont des Arts?

Wow, that's our double Decker bus

I can see my love, Eiffel Tower

(Chaeryeon­g's love, Eiffel Tower)

Oh, we're going to touch the tree

- Look at these buildings\­n- So beautiful

Look at the pink building \nbetween two houses

(Paris' beautiful buildings)

Double deck bed...Did I say 'bed'?

Double Decker bus is worth trying

Can we keep going like this?

How was your visit to Montmartre­?

- We enjoyed Paris leisurely\­n- Did you?

We didn't eat macarons on purpose

We didn't have time to eat macarons

I didn't eat them on purpose

I'd like to bake macarons and

(Le Cordon Bleu- One of the best \n

(It offers 1 day baking courses\nf­or the public)

Look, our name tags are there

Even the pencil looks pretty

Did they prepare only for us?

How do they pronounce \nYeji's name in French?

My name will be really difficult\­nfor them to pronounce

- Do I look funny?\n- You look very nice

I think I should make Bibimbap

You really look like Jang Geum

Yuna's blond hair will \ngo well with the hat

She looks like a Korean chef

Saying, 'What did you do to your food?'

If you were bad at baking, I'd

Yuna looks like a \npart timer of McDonalds

Because of my hair, probably

Yuna is a part timer of McDonalds

And Yeji's like a strict chef

I'm really looking forward to it

How about we start the class\neat­ing them?

- Don't put your nose too close\n- So pretty

The chef will be as sweet as dessert

Hope the chef is sweet like macarons

(Finally, the chef is coming)

Are you wearing rings or bracelets?

Let me check if you're ready

Don't tie your apron in front

(They tie each other's apron again)

You're here to learn \nhow to make macarons

I'm Fabrice Danniel and I'm going to\n

(Today, ITZY is going to learn \nhow to make macarons from)

(Fabrice Danniel, who is \nan acclaimed pastry chef)

We're going to make passion fruit \ncaramel macarons

The person who does the best \nis going to get a prize

I'll evaluate your macarons and \ndecide who will be the winner

(Who made the chef surprised?­)

(Scoffing, dirty play and betrayal)

(The second destinatio­n, Deauville)­\n

The house looks like a picture

(you can see only on Paris et ITZY)

There's still many things to try

(Paris et ITZY)\n(Fe­bruary 4th, 8 pm)

(Yuna's behind the scenes)\n

How will her painting look like?

She'll be surprised if she sees mine

This is my first portrait in my life

The painter was very kind and gentle

He even took a photo with me

(Even though I didn't like the painting)\­nI couldn't say anything

(I'm laughing, but not laughing)

I'm going to show this to my mom

(Yuna's behind the scenes \nfeat.por­trait- THE END-)


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