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operation Ganymede considered as one of

the most expensive journeys into space

has now been officially closed attempts

to re-establi­sh contact with the three

spaceships have been unsuccessf­ul after

having failed in their swing by maneuver

behind the planet Jupiter a highly

ambitious undertakin­g the United States

agency NASA as well as the Soviet

contact Space Station's have abandoned

the project there has been no sign of

life from any of the spacecraft for the

last six months the return of the three

seven man space ships 21 astronauts who

were to have carried out a manned

landing on Jupiter operation Ganymede

has been expected to return in two and a

half years the General Assembly of the

United Nations under whose patronage of

which this internatio­nal mission for

peace friendship and understand­ing among

the nations had been conducted rose to

their feet at the beginning of today's

session in memory of the missing space

pioneers before returning to the day's

agenda the united states congress has

stated that all future funding for space

efforts has been discontinu­ed for now

one to lab one to lab sixty Seconds to

burn out of break Drive countdown to bf2

z20 check Biosystems in conversion­s of

all systems to manual operation over

Roger prepare energy reduction after 12

v a2 over lab 2 1 countdown on B after

zero check Biosystems for energy

reduction 12 5 a2 over hey Don what you

see nothing it's clear we're still on

the landing path flying straight into it

1 2 lap nuclear reactor will be jettison

on approach to space station middle one

of the burnout computer will start a new

countdown to be over Roger all around

that convert all energy consumers to

board current Roger starting with the

program for navigation­al control running

free for corrective commands okay flight

path analysis all path data inside red

line will reach position Raju at zero in

12 seconds altitude thirty thousand nine

twenty okay maintain earn-out on go

seven six five maintain on co no

critical parameter one zero burner path

correction approach Space Station l1 or

speed ground zero space relativity 3901

for km/s accelerati­on zero okay fine

baby here we come go for path correction

drinking water content tank path

correction is swinging onto orbital path

hey it's a blind angle you want see

accept Italy 45 35 45 temperatur­e 56.8

feature zero poppin a p20 pump on manual

perspirati­on urine collected want to say

water regenerati­on okay all collectors

from automatic to manual algae tanks

algae tanks 1 & 2 are 0 UV light out

heating turned off group systems

converted to manual co2 converter CO 2

converter switch to minimum and nothing

seems like they can't get around what

they doing up there alright Don don't

get excited okay just get it through to

the capsule if they wait till the end of

the path direction it'll be too late

are you nuts Macklin cutters to shreds

if you bug them about that ok then I'll

tell them you're losing your marbles

gone you better stay where you are

you'll see it soon I'm calling her what

are you doing keep your hands off the

intercom or I'll cut off the line

Doug turn it on we will never get this

yeah I for one want to see it

burnout path corrected okay in Earth's

your pulse is over 120 here is this much

we are in return position sacred a

circular orbit over central Africa

jettison reactor in 180 seconds prepare

to dock on land ferry troll outer

housing units afar we along assistance

conversion lab / lab to one all energy

consumers in bio system ready for

conversion from reactor to abort current

/ beginning phase countdown to be

countdown for conversion running there's

no echo no echo no there's neither space

station nor orbiter inside no one's got

us on the screen the orbit will be along

even without radio contact we're on time

they'll be on time we have 42 hours

early haha after a four and a half year

flight man we're there nine eight

conversion of energy supply yellow light

bored supply converted to battery

current get ready for explosion

countdown of reactor now running to be

over beause it turns the ship around

minus ninety degrees or even hundred not

yet on countdown another twenty minutes

we'll be talking then we get a run

position in Reverse take a look at the

view and see if you can see anything

this is one jettison reactor in 60

seconds mag stop action reactor redline

functions all functions are okay there's

no orbiter in sight we're in orbit the

orbit will be there there's no radar

echo not even from l1 space station but

radar belongs in the garbage along with

the rest of this lousy ship we are right

on schedule and we are in position okay

I just hope someone comes out to pick us

we're forty two hours seven minutes to

early that's all accounted for I just

had to get a move on with a red carpet

the reactors hot and running separation

is SOP as soon as we get into orbit then

docking maneuvers we haven't had contact

in 900 days don't worry they know we're

coming they've been watching us all this

they ain't watching [\xa0__\xa­0] our

transmitte­rs dead NORAD can locate

objects the size of my thumb up here in

space they can only locate what they're

looking for think of all the gorgeous

girls in front of their television sets

waiting for you oh yeah if that reactor

goes off we're without energy we don't

need any more we're on schedule

now that the orbiter is you forget that

radar set of yours it's defective the

countdown continues running they stopped

it automatic remains on goal release

brackets brackets released open circuit

breakers so could break us open close

refrigerat­ion valves refrigerat­ion

closed jettison system ready to fire and

we stay on go five four three two one

reactor separated all systems okay

energy from supply section battery

I got an echo and radar iron it's just

the reactor that's all it is sure it's

just one echo but it means the radar set

is looking if we turn the ship around

and will point the emergency antenna

straight to earth one to lab one to lab

returning plus 154 degrees grab a look

from the hatch boys and enjoy the view

Kostas ition control on it's on give me

the computer readings and follow the new

for instructio­ns thanks Mac you're all

hard how about that old guy knew exactly

well you're back what happened nothing

much we didn't miss anything have we

the orbiter hasn't shown up l1 hasn't

contacted us yet we're stuck here so

all systems are off gotta save energy

there's enough for a couple of hours

move Don will be all right yeah we gotta

go out and adjust the antenna those Sun

paddles that shut off auxiliary energy

reserves soda sells a lot go dildo well

at least we can say goodbye lab two one

Don's okay he's awake I'll switch the

bio telemetry over to you so you can

we're going upstairs over Roger

go ahead this is either to one antenna

some paddle extended over I read you

evil we're sending out an emergency call

Jenny me too - Capcom enemy to the

Capcom position as planned or in Earth's

GSS of central Africa Ghana Mesbah a

visa vie de colina de karim antibodies

device Collini positio poblanos in the

eye AHA bright AAS nor the Flitz energy

and oxygen reserves 20 hours the bio

contact with l1 p.m. you're busy because

ammonia that bothered songs on a besides

they're not answering transmitte­rs

working our signals going out maybe if

they opened their ears I haven't heard

as or seen us for the last 900 days our

Capcom Cape Kennedy on the western

downstairs they should hear something

Wendy Eva calling Eva come in please

over knock Mac what's up point it to the

western horizon lean it 10 to 12 degrees

latitude early over Roger 10 to 12

degrees towards the western horizon or

is a lousy piece of junk that's what it

is a piece of junk how well it got us

I'm not expecting my president or your

first secretary to the party to welcome

us personally but I do expect some

son-of-a-b­itch to be there waiting for

have you ever thought that you've got a

first secretary to the party now or that

you might have a freely elected

president after four years four months

three days anything is possible

comrade all sake it sure is it sure is

commander let's give it another try it

we only got the two quarts frequencie­s

one more Mayday and hallelujah then all

here come our great heroes after a

billion kilometers in outer space and

four and a half years away welcome home

home from the most hazardous journey

ever the longest flight our [\xa0__\xa­0]

civilizati­on ever put in the skies where

that got him cheering crowds yeah sure

we put our heads on the Block writing

these pieces of scrap iron throughout

well the two-bit morons I get a big

charge out of watching us break our s

and some goddamn midnight television

news show that lose the clowns Mayday

Mayday this is Kenna me to Ganymede -

Mayday Ganymede - calling anyone who's

listening please reply over made the

enemy to back the five Sofia's gonna

medevac Danny Mitzvah May Bosnia stick

idiot series 1000 milliwatts carry you

papa radnik Danny met the a delimit

Mayday calling ground stations Capcom

Kelly Mitzvah missive at Capcom

Christ our frustratio­n tolerance is zero

it's funny I always thought dawn was the

only neurotic that we had around here

if we knew this we could have saved our

voices 900 days four times a day course

data flight analysis all the critical

not a signal from ground radar of course

we knew magnetosph­ere around you here

yeah we expected but as it looks as

though what do you think wait don't

forget we're early and if there's still

no answer then land oxygen reserves

chrissake then please stuff together

twenty-one hours for five men for the

who knows the orbiter could get up here

but that's not the way it's going to be

my friend one two all hands neva get

back in the ship get backs and order

emergency I want everybody up here on

the dump and make sure that all the

we got one chance we're going down we

programmed the capsule for cargo crash

but that's suicide ether teen 600 is our

cargo program payload transport without

crew we're not supposed to be here let's

just hope the damn thing functions the

system isn't planned for this kind of a

load the system doesn't give a [\xa0__\xa­0] our

bodies aren't failed to take it

our fathers survived this sort of thing

oh yeah they used another technology if

we get down who's gonna find us at sea I

say we stay here and wait how long 20

down all right get ready to abandon the

capsule off speed in the data position

course mango and run my sake get your

seatbelt on the Ganymede biosamples

everything stays where it is including

notes samples and souvenirs the bio

samples are the proof they swear they

are at your belt on the medicine kit

at all position course those are

throwing lots for collective Clint's

countdown is one box type box type empty

lot extracting air knife set flight path

parameter and fight atlantic lock empty

interior pressure stable navigation okay

all systems and subsystems on go all

hatches locked all valve systems are

ready to go all valves closed seven

remaining feeders all contacts cut

countdown stays on go we're on a one-way

straight down check survival systems

refrigerat­ion oxygen pressure all on go

select riding a rollercoas­ter capsule

drive system you don't know where you

can and accelerati­on drive on go burnout

in 35 seconds activate separation of

capsule separation activated all systems

green light here we go well it's the

last leg of the journey helmets on and

we need it I'm getting it out is

everyone okay you can feel your 150

oh yeah that's what you think we're down

are we what the hell else would happen

alright can you fight sense off you make

where's the orbit it's a good thing I

learned how to swim should be easy to

13600 read it for yourself all systems

inoperativ­e everything on zero plenty of

ships at sea one of them will pick us up

we'll send out an SOS with what

Don get your may Westhoff why round back

when the hell are we no houses towns

just desert we'll find out where we are

done the important thing is it we're

still alive so what we're on our way

we'll head north why North all right get

all right men get ready to pull out

we're staying here there's nothing out

there but a lot of deserts we can't stay

got to keep moving huh how far do you

think with it we're staying Mac if you

have the will to survive you'll survive

whoever gives up is lost must have

courage and self-confi­dence to conquer

your own weariness always stay in

command of the situation and never let

it take you over first listen and

survival training stinking theory I'm

I'll go alone if I have to without water

Thanks I've got something hey won't last

year I'll Mac you'll burn it up in a day

I'll send you a postcard from New York

Mack Mack they're bringing the water we

haven't got much we walk along the coast

the isalud 8c border with a plastic tent

where's dawn yeah it's getting dark it's

he isn't coming he stayed there all

alone he's got water and supplies for

one day for more than that at least

three we better keep moving we'll wait

here he won't come he must who are not

going on Mac if we stay here the Sun

will fry our brains out we'll wait

Jupiter Jupiter to our ships

hey why gone gone Mac you're right Mac

don't you freak out on us now there's

bound to be somebody around here they

might see our signal after all it is the

planet Earth well I'd go easy on those

I've still got four flares left

just continue the test you can't even

hold out 14 hours you may be a good

scientist but an astronaut never come on

yeah okay step out of it done here drink

you lose too much fluid that's enough

stiff you little shot that'll calm him

No what's the matter take it easy

nobody's gonna hurt you come on

someone's gotta be where the hell is

everyone come out you come others

where are the people hey they're all

hiding I think we're the little green

Mexico five years old what did you

expect did you think they were going to

come out with banners and Garland's

children strewing flowers and singing

that they recognize us from television

when we took off look in the mirror five

they ought to put us on pension

the next contestant is Steve Cunningham

the $10,000 question be seated you can

win yes you can win a trip to Jupiter on

Ganymede to there and if you're really

lucky you can win a trip back where are

we the west coast of Mexico that is not

precise the unfortunat­e contestant has

only five points the return trip to

earth I'm sorry you lost that you're

about as funny as a crutch here here

we're hundreds upon hundreds of little

children's filthy fingers have been here

of all the lousy places in this planet

to land we had to pick here this guy in

a desert so where are all the children

with their filthy fingers we had east

till we get to this road right here then

we take the road all the way to San

Diego San Diego the USA 100 miles or so

for the crew the get'em etudes its foot

foot it's a bit longer the road Mac

he'll be traffic son-of-a-b­itch we made

it back we made it the road to San Diego

honored I found water water I found

water he's telling the truth we're

giving everything water come on it's on

system was open get that little bit

it's like rotten fish see you eat algae

no deserted village no wall just this

cistern we're not taking any chances

we've got a disinfecti­ng water give me

what's in the box dawn give it here

you ass you were totally of everything

on board you disobeyed my Co neutrals we

have of life on Jupiter I gave you and

LA for a half years and 16 men dead I

would have never left the ship about

Mack you listen to me no excursions

unless I'm in charge I'm busy right now

those photograph­s of the approach that

craters fill with liquid pure

suppositio­n let me check it out

no dawn it's the only way we'll ever

know if I'm right or wrong we've got a

thousand things to check out Don but not

as important as this could mean his life

on his planet everything in its own time

dawn we've got nothing but time we

haven't got enough time and you haven't

got enough patience choked and Josh will

be finished with a passive sighs ometer

in about an hour is that right this is

chook be done in half an hour

shucks yeah Mac you and Josh will be

going with dawn to this crater lake he

wants to take a look at about two to

four miles back on our landing path you

and Don you take all responsibi­lity to

yeah there it is what a picture that's

almost impossible I know in liquid form

it's 74 below up here what is it then

it's boiling like a volcano it only

looks like it probably methane and

ammonia how do we get down there we

don't too far my rope ladders are too

I'll hook up the winch line and you can

lower me down nice and easy wait Josh

we'd better tell Mack first you might

have other ideas I don't believe what

you want to go down there not

particular­ly I'm an exobiologi­st not a

if we find amino acids nucleic acids ATP

then the entire mission will have been

worth it I don't know 14 min already

dead Josh here hi fellas hey it's a

cinch just hook me up to that towline I

can go from ledge to ledge as you let me

down no I don't like it I think we'd

better call Mack wait why do you want to

call him he's a commander he made me

responsibl­e call him he'll order us back

my plants don't fit his program it's not

his program it's the missions program

we're not supposed to make it up as we

go along we've been going for two hours

we'll need two hours to get back if we

stand around here talking for two hours

that'll be the end of our oxygen supply

and Mack will never okay a second trip I

have no proof of whatever that is down

there the lines long enough I'm going

down in ten minutes we'll know for sure

the winch is all set get ready sure you

want to do it absolutely okay

including my oxygen tank I only weigh

about 65 pounds here you know Don I

still think we're making a mistake not

telling Mac about this yeah yeah yeah

Chuck let out the Rope go ahead Don give

me a sign for stop and go okay okay go

all it now let's stop stop let me get

I can watch him okay let him down slowly

let it out easy okay little faster now

good that's it keep it going keep going

hold it right there everything­'s fine

okay let the light out slowly

keep going keep going let the light out

a little faster what come on that's good

okay I'm hanging free let her out

and down okay oh the chug is down Josh

what's the ground like sand and pebbles

mostly but it'll hold me just fine

I'll start checking that liquid out now

careful you don't fall in haha okay

color is green like chlorophyl­l

temperatur­e twenty-sev­en point three

degrees Celsius it can't be right Josh

that's what it reads twenty-sev­en point

three degrees analysis water methane

hydrogen ammonia carbon dioxide hey done

the biomolecul­e detector is activated

you sure you're not mistaken Josh

absolutely I have a reading on three

Chuck now you can tell Mac and the boys

what we found hey Josh how you coming

with the bottles I'm filling them at

various depths pumping without a filter

labeling everything that's great Josh

fill the last bottle from the bank it

might have microorgan­isms in it got Jeff

almost finished you better get ready for

the ascent go ahead sug what about the

bio detector still above three it is

chlorophyl­l there are protein molecules

all over the place sure sign of

organisms of some sort Josh you're the

greatest come on up that's enough sug

take it away sending up the instrument­s

and bottles first hold that stop what's

the matter Josh no it's nothing go ahead

take her up but be careful the overhangs

they're like glass their sharpest knives

easy take it easy careful joke Josh hold

your hand taut okay Don it's almost here

keep it going just like that got it well

you got what you wanted now I guess you

can forget about me down here ain't

nobody gonna forget about you Josh ready

Josh you tell Chuck just how fast you

want to go okay Chuck keep it going at

this speed right coming up that's great

Chuck just like the elevators back home

okay all clear keep it going at this

that's it easy wait wait a minute hold

it stop [\xa0__\xa­0] better josh Josh where is

it the pressure line oxygen rip Toby son

Josh turn off the peel turn it off hear

pressure you three I'll tell you what

I've got him on the rope then you hold

us up okay when I give you a sign you

Chuck be careful these damn rocks are

they they made here over to Academy to

Road Academy - come in please over this

is gonna meet - I read you this is done

Josh and Shinagawa falling into the

crater the dead visit received

Brod that's it the road to San Diego

fill Japan Road colored with sand

up north get to the border here

things'll be look different we'll see a

lot of table yeah sure we will maybe why

do you say that what are you thinking

everything­'s deserted town's roads keep

so what are you getting at skin's burnt

look red blisters why coz of the Sun

idiot that's why what else could it be

possibly what else look at me I don't

we were mostly in the shade protected

during the day but it's gonna get worse

nothing but artificial life for years

we're moving north we're getting closer

to the border and it'll get worse

radioactiv­ity is that what you're

thinking why not I don't know but do you

I can't proved yeah is there isn't there

radiation makes to be getting us all

hysterical God would have thought but

from where a burned-out reactor

somewhere in San Diego or somewhere else

it's a crazy idea we should be wearing a

protective clothing but the course would

you mean we're wandering merrily across

radioactiv­e country that's what you mean

that's what you think nuclear war our

country burn out destroy you bastard

I'll kill you you son of a [\xa0__\xa­0] I'll

anyone what do you want get no no

you fly it back and you can do it make

it crazy suck my your greatest

ah welcome we're very proud of you done

astronaut and scientist Donald George

Don and George from the European ESA

reporting on operation Ganymede to go

here you go are the rest of the crew

diaper scientific research the dream of

journey to stop give a family family

it's part of a universal I don't the

hey match the pieces top Asian thirst

exhaustion burned up in the atmosphere

is nothing into what was the greatest

moment of the mission takeoff

we had a feeling we were doing something

I share will you'll be making more space

biosamples from crater lake and what

were your other smaller first deadlocks

the earth keeps moving away from you and

then the sambar behind you better all

our systems wanna magnetosph­ere was

stronger than we anticipate­d did you

no no why not no one was into that way

well then what did you do for sex

I know that's part of the test yes

pull yourself together Dom it's only a


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