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Uncle! Who asks for 50-paise \nnowadays­?

And, Who is the 'Uncle' here \nYou or I?

Shri. Shantipras­ad Dwarkanath \nBhargav

Hey! Here comes the 'Idiot'! \nHere comes the 'Idiot'!

I didn't buy Paneer today \nPaneer not on the menu today!

Sunday morning in 'Basera'..­.\nHappy young ones, Bona Sera!...

Hey! Hey! Hey!\nIt's a beautiful day

more (Hawaa) breeze, \nless (Chappal) slippers

And, look at his, dirty, green \n

Shut up, stupid! \nSlave, servant!

Idiot! get the grocery"\n­"Idiot! Cook some food!

Hey Neha? Look, at your puny self \nbefore looking for a slave

Uncle is size 'XL' -- \nWill be difficult to handle

Prashant? \nIf your brother wasn't so cute

How is your Sunday? \nAre you having a fun-day?

Yes \nThere is cricket match \nwith team-'Base­ra-2'

So Mr. Chhota Why don't you \ncome and have lunch with us?

I am cooking something really \ninterest­ing

Oh! Everybody is at home \nSince it is Sunday, Isn't it?

So, Are you going to open batting?

Hey! Hello! What happened?\­nWhere are you?

I had promised her the tickets\nf­or the David Guetta show

How can I get 3k for the tickets?

Get it from your a loan?

No way, Yaar! \nDad himself lives on loans

Hey! What 'forget it'?\nShe will go if someone else!

Hey! Is she going around with you\nor catching a taxi?

Hey kid, no more comments, OK?\nYou are kid, behave like a kid!

Hey 'quarter'!­\nListen to your elder brother

And, why are you crossing our way?\nGo! Go elsewhere. Go!

Junior-Pra­shant!? raise your bat in \nthe field, not here. Go!

Yes. I'll go. I'll go\nto play the match

Look at this - Rs.50/- per player,\ns­hield money

Go on. Tell me. Do you?\nYes, Do you?

Your kinds..\nw­on't find a place on the team

Whiling time on a Sunday\nCa­lling everyone a 'loser'

The whole world is an 'Idiot'\nO­nly you guys are smart!

Keep sitting around \nI'll return after winning the match

10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, \n90, 100

I'm warning you Chhota, \nto shut up? OK?

Hey!, Something is \nbetter than nothing!

Get your Guetta account going,\nat least

Hey, why does Dad get in to\nvideo-­conference at lunch-time­?

Where to? Dad will get mad,\n

Hey! Are you trying to please Dad?

Do you think you will get \nRs.6,000 for that Guetta concert?

Huh! If you have to, then please me!\nI have it..

Oh Yes! Can we talk about it, Sir?

Oh Mr. Ranjan! I am so tired \nI couldn't sleep last night

Oh! Alright. No problems, Sir! \nSorry to bother you

Report is ready and \nI wanted to share with you

Thank you, Sir \nSorry to bother you

'De Lucia' is delicious, Yes \nA little bit expensive, but

Don't worry? \nWe will negotiate, right?

Right! Right! Right!\nI am talking to him

For 10 minutes, He'll dance!\nIt­'s a Royal Wedding, Mr. Kapoor!?

Don't you worry \nWe've got PR too!

Page 3 - Quarter page \nRight then. Bye

And, can we go ahead with lunch, \nif you are done?

I've been a telephone operator\n­since morning

It's either the florist\no­r the decorator

balance payment, balance payment..

Is it a Biryani or Fried-rice­?\nIs it Khichdi or Pulao?

Yes, Poornima! \nAlright 12th is fixed

Aha! At last! \nWhat took you so long?

And, let the Sunday lunch \n- begin

Wow!!! Bugs-Uncle­!\nYou're the best cook in the world

Uncle, I want to be your son \nPlease adopt me

When you eatum - eatum \nDon't talkum

I am only changing upholstery \nNot the sofa!

The fuss is about this, the estimate?

Rs.17,000/­- for men and material \n

How can it be done for less?\nIt'­s only men and material!?

Tomorrow, it'll be matching curtains\n­It doesn't end!?

You know, Yaar\nI am seriously strapped for cash!

Aha! There you go again \n'Your-mo­ney', 'My- money'

I got to toggle 4 credit card\npaym­ents this month

And the minimum dues are \nRs.22,00

Then, there's EMI, groceries,­\nservants

It's never ending and \nit's never enough

Am I showing-of­f?\nIs this upholstery is to be hidden?

Not at all!\nIt's your bosses who sit on the sofa!

You keep flashing your \n6 wrist-watc­hes before them

Every conversati­on, every argument has\n

No. In fact, I'd like you to wear all \n

May be then they could show us \na better time

Guetta Concert? \nWhole world is going!

Here, the struggle is on for the tickets

It is so far off in the first place\nlik­e, back of beyond

If we have to watch him\non the screen there

we'll watch him on VH1 next week

And who wants to tell the whole world \nwe were there, yaar

You thief!? You opened it? \nAren't you ashamed?

You opened kid-brothe­r's piggy-bank­\nHow could you do?

What is it? Does Dad-Mom know this?

Now, How are they connected to this?\nThe­se are mine. Mine only

SIP\nSyste­matic Investment Plan - SIP

SIP - Systematic Investment Plan! SIP

You'r either a fool, \nor are a total fool

Go on, ask - Meaning? What is it?\nDon't feel shy

What's there to spoil Dad's Sunday?\nT­here is no theft here

OK? So, now you ask for the meaning

Look. What do you think I do with\nmy pocket-mon­ey?

Birthday cash envelopes,­\nFeeling-­good pocket-mon­ey

Cricket shields, Grandma's allowance

Rs.100 on every visit of Rooma-aunt­y

You too receive all these, \nDon't you?

Hey! But, What is this after all?

Difficult to explain to \na broke like you

OK. Tell me one thing --\nWhat is money?

Money means, basically \nhaving the freedom...

You get lot of girls, guys even...

Everything begins with money \nand ends with money

Something that you need for \nbasic survival

The more you think about money, \n

lack of it, and thats just depressing

your life, almost, unless you want become\n

You don't need money to be a happy\nYou need love to be happy

This is money \nI add, You subtract

Hey wise guy, too big for your boots, \nAren't you?

Can you add?\nTake this and add up

Being older, you looked down upon me

This is my longest-di­stance runner \nPaan Singh Tomar !

He has been running for \n4 years for me

after adding and adding and adding\nth­is will get so big

I would have sipped so much that\nther­e will be a big pond

When I grow-up like Granpa-Gra­mdma,\n

Enough! Enough! I've understood \n

You'll fall off the chair if \nI'll tell you who

Why the suspense?\­nTell me right-away

Somebody who hasn't changed \nhis slippers for 4 years, him?

That vegetable buying contaminat­ed fool?

How can he teach someone about money?

Don't read a book by its cover, Brother\n

That Idiot with plastic veg-basket­??

Breaking News... Breaking News..

Shantipras­ad Dwarkanath Bharghav \nke Views...

Simple life \na son, a daughter and a wife

His address \n24/7, welcome happiness

Yes. Yes. I'm telling you the truth

The Bhargav who wears half-pant?

One who strolls around with a basket?

Where you are parking my money? \nAnd why?

No. No. Don't tell me \nabout past performanc­e

No. Will you drive a car \nlooking at the rear-view mirror?

I'll continue with \n50% debt & 50% equity

Hey! Why are you mixing \ntwo separate things?

Why are you mixing \nInvestme­nt with Insurance?

Term-Insur­ance is right \nfor covering risk

Take it to those \nwho don't know it

You're my well-wishe­r only, \nAren't you?

Are you watching what's happening? \nCan you see the trend?

It has been sliding for the past week \nWhat're we waiting for?

Be fearful when others are greedy \n

Push-up the equity \nNow is the time!

No. No. \nYou cannot offer me a job

No worries. That's alright \nNo Problem!

Ah haa! A very good Sunday morning \nto all of you

Good Morning Sir. Good Morning Sir

Sir!? \nHey! No! No! No! No! No!

I don't like 'Sir' \nSir is not good

Hey! Why all this? What happened?

'Idiot' is good \n'Cockroa­ch' is very good

You know? When I was a young boy,\nWe too had a bench-gang

And a gentleman \nAshley Fernandes, very strict person

When he used to pass, just the way I do,\n

He used to get frothing furious, \nHe used to get mad

So. No ladyfinger­!?\nNo cauliflowe­r!?

And today, I actually bought paneer \nRs.230/- per Kg.

Hey, guys! You all look very sad !?

At times food and music works like magic

So, What do you say? Anti Pasta, \n

No Sir. No Sir \nSorry Sir

And, I thought, I made an offer \nyou cannot refuse !?

Sir, Jhelum, Flat No. 6, C-Wing

I have to push him Uncle \nHe just wouldn't come.

Where are Aunty, Nayan and Sammy?

They have gone to Pune \nTo attend Film appreciati­on Week-end

Please make yourselves comfortabl­e

Really wonder, what we used to\nthink about you

That, my home would be just like\nmy Hawaii slippers, Isn't it?

Worn out and tattered!?­\nThis 'Idiot' is an absolute broke

But, remember,\­nIf you buy things that you don't need

one day you'll have to \nsell the things that you do need

I have learnt from Warren Buffett

Did you know who Warren Buffett is?

Memorize the name, search on Google\nAn­d, eat the Fruit of Wisdom

It's time for the food and music \nI promised you

Follow me into the kitchen \nCome on Skullcandy­?

Sir. . . But, . . How did this work?

Sir..your life?\nYou do nothing, it appears

Still, everything is in control?

Hey! Did you say - I do nothing?

Clearly, you haven't stepped into \nthe kitchen, my boy

Come on. Help me \nStir the sauce

You know. You must never let the \nsauce sit, for too long

It becomes heavy \nIt starts to burn

And the flavour does not spread \nas nicely as you want it to

So, all your hard-work, effort \n& struggle, goes for a toss

You must remember, to keep stirring \n

Don't let it settle down - \nneither the sauce

I have a bank account, in which I put \n

I believe in saving it's just that \nI can't save

Savings represents the \nboring part of your life

probably like the later part when \n

I myself haven't saved as such, \nas my parents have done it

I don't have money at the \nend of the month to save up

I mean, the money you don't \nspend and that you keep aside

If you keep money in the cupboard

or put it in a piggy-bank­,\nor save it in the bank,

It settles.\n­Sits like a..... sauce

You teach the same money to walk\nI will show you

Then, it will start to walk \nlike this, like this

And then, it will start running!

So exercise! Exercise your money..\nM­ake it strong

Make your money work hard for you!

Sir, how do you make all that money\nin the first place?

Drop-by-dr­op \n"Little drops of water make a mighty ocean

That's when I started thinking \nabout money

How to maximize it? How to multiply it?\nHow to compound it?

When I kept it in the cupboard\n­I never earned anything - Zero!

When I deposited it in a bank,\nI get fixed interest

But it's like cricket. 1s and 2s\nSafe, but not match-winn­ers

What do you do for 'match-win­ning'?

4s and 6s. Absolutely correct!\n­That's the way to go!

So, remember. 1s & 2s, 4s & 6s, \nthat's your winning combinatio­n

Sir, 1s & 2s are understood - \nthe fixed interest

Sir, You started thinking all this, \nso early in life, why?

I too should be independen­t,\nNo?

Independen­ce means dignity\nI­ndependenc­e means security

Why expect anyone else to look-after you?

When you can look after yourself\n­With a little planning

Shares. . , Dividends. . - the stuff like this

Investment is - invest your money

I haven't invested in anything yet

I will never invest my money using \nmy brain

I don't do investment­,\nbut like

me going to college is an investment­\nfor my father

when I look around, \nWhat do I see?

Face full of worries \nHeart full of tension

No time to talk\nNo time to live!

What kind of life is that?\nToo much stress

My cooking would suffer,\nM­y music would suffer

And, at this moment guys, \nyour Pasta is suffering

Sir . . But. . How does . . .

When you have to eatum, eatum, \nDon't talkum

Don't save what is left after \nspending­,

spend what is left after saving

Plant that seed of twos and \nfours and sixes,

what a catch \nAs wisdom finally wins the match

Take Pappa and Mummy to the Bank.

I am going to the market.\nT­hank you.


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