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Do you also believe in the Pha Pun Dao tale?

If so, don’t you want to have someone too?

We have only forests and wildlife on our minds.

All of us dedicate our lives to protect them.

When I come back from Bangkok next time

I will never forgive the person who did this to her.

No one wants something like this to happen.

That party claimed it was an accident.

You’ve just undergone a heart transplant­.

How does it feel to have someone else’s heart inside you?

I want to know who gave me this miracle.

I’m just curious who the donor was.

I want to become a volunteer teacher.

Do you have any idea how rural and uncomforta­ble that place is?

Chief, this is Mr. Tian, the new volunteer teacher.

You seem too delicate. If you don’t think you can live here, just

I’ll find someone to take you out of here.

I’m good here and I won’t leave any time soon.

What’s the deal with you and that teacher?

You seem to be taking care of him quite specially.

Isn’t this a forest officer’s T-shirt?

The officers’ wives here wear them all the time.

If you think that coming to this village is already a great

and that you can carelessly do your job

don’t call yourself a teacher.

you might face a lot of things that make you discourage­d

to the point that you want to give up.

So I want to use this opportunit­y to do something for others.

and everything for people here.

If I have to die like my father did

Don’t forget those who care about you too.

Without me, the chief wouldn’t have been in trouble like this.

I told you my duty is to take care of you.


They say if you go up the hill on the last day of the year

and count one thousand stars to wish for love

It doesn’t matter if you cannot finish counting one thousand

You have already made Torfun’s wish come true.

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